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There passed only a year since subsidiaries of the Chinese electronic giant BBK Electronics – Oppo and Vivo began a race of "full-screen smartphones". Now the first of them is ready to present already absolutely new type of the frameless curved display. So far Orro presented only a prototype: it
Apple presented three models of smartphones which together have to occupy a niche of leaders of the company. All of them are identical visually and use iPhone X stylistics (all front panel is the continuous touch screen). A difference, first of all, in sizes – iPhone XS diagonal 5. 8 inches,
Various cards – credit, visiting and other – are still an integral part of life of most of the working Japanese. Taking into account it the famous Japanese producer of hi-tech products from ceramics and consumer electronics the Kyocera company developed "card phone" KY-O1L which finds room in a
In March California became the 18th state which granted the right to users on independent repair of smartphones that assumes existence of the corresponding instruction from the producer and a set of necessary spare parts. The problem consists that millions of Americans who became owners of
CEO of Xiaomi — Lei Juan presented a sign novelty of the — company in Beijing; Mi Mix 3 smartphone. Version 4G will become available in domestic market at once, and version 5G will come to Europe in the first quarter 2019. 93,4 % the front panel occupies the display – big AMOLED
After the expectation which dragged on more than for a year, the holographic RED Hydrogen One smartphone will go, at last, on sale on November 2 at the price of 1295 dollars. As sellers two largest American telecommunication Verizon companies and AT&T will act. To alleviate so solid financial
The idea that the smartphone has to receive a folding design and to become more compact, already whole decade soars in air. But except several concepts and prototypes of attempts to realize it was not yet therefore the Royole Corporation company has a chance to become history. It released the
The Royole company definitely drew attention to itself, having presented the first-ever full-fledged folding FlexPai smartphone. More precisely, in the spread-out look it is the tablet, and here in put – the smartphone. It is possible to buy by the preorder the device only in China, however to
"Project Fi" started a few years ago at last developed to the level of full-fledged service and now carries the name "Google Fi". All this the same virtual mobile operator, however now he got support of the majority of platforms and versions of phones. The exact list of models is unknown, but
The Russian Internet giant Yandex once again declared itself, having presented the first smartphone "Yandex. Phone", accompanied by the promising slogan "Phone with the I". The main idea of the new Russian gadget – to bring together under "one roof" signature services Yandex in mobile option.
On December 10 the Samsung company presented a novelty — Galaxy A8s smartphone. The very first impressions about the new gadget were focused for the past day on three elements – the latest display with an opening for the front-facing camera, the main threefold camera and the Snapdragon 710
The Chinese company Doogee developed the unusual modular S90 smartphone to which no tests are terrible. It is much better than the budget devices, but does not seek to compete with leaders. S90 model by default goes in extreme execution, conforms to the civil standard of protection IP68/IP69K
The cofounder and the president of Xiaomi Lin Bing published in the Chinese Weibo microblogging service the short advertizing video with the detailed description of folding phone, two-piece. In comparison with other similar gadgets, new phone looks is much more practical. It is worth specifying
The Energizer company represents on Mobile World Congress (MWC) of 26 new models of mobile phones with several flagman opportunities – sliding cameras, powerful batteries 18,000 mAh and folding displays. Novelties will become a part of four ranges — Power Max, Ultimate, Energy and Hardcase.
Independent analysts found large-scale abuse of the functional tool for the IOS platform. It is about technology of "reproduction of a session" from the Glassbox company. It is quite legal and is widely used by many companies for studying of efficiency of application of the applications. As
Probably, 2019 will pass under the sign of smartphones with flexible displays. After Samsung with its Galaxy Fold the version of such device was submitted also by the Huawei company. It favourably differs from the competitor in the mechanism of a turn of the Falcon Wing Mechanical Hinge screen
The Power Max P18K Pop smartphone presented in Barcelona at the international Mobile World Congress exhibition by the Energizer company deserved some of the most ambiguous estimates of salon. The reason for that – its extremely uncommon technical characteristics. It is worth beginning with the
Google offers a compromise to make the OK Google function safer. Instead of giving the chance to users completely to unblock devices, function of voice compliance will limit action already in the nearest future "OK Google". Now it will only open the interface of the voice assistant on the
Operational reliability of the ordinary mobile device – a concept not abstract, we daily use it, at least, several tens of times. With the advent of gadgets with folding screens of the requirement to reliability considerably extended. For example, many owners of the "book" Galaxy Fold
Modern smartphones are rather well protected from unauthorized penetration into their contents. It is known that at numerous introduction of the wrong password iPhone it is rigidly blocked and to get into it it will not turn out even at specialists of FBI. And how to be if the speech about the
A few years ago the Turing Robotic Industries company was presented by model of the Turing Phone smartphone with exotic functionality. But almost at once I have given on bankruptcy and the novelty has even not reached shops. Recently it has become clear that as commercial structure, Turing Robotic
Became presented to Lenovo Phab2 Pro by the first smartphone supporting Project Tango technology from Google. The ambitious platform of augmented reality gives to the mobile phone the chance "to feel" the environment. Except the Phab2 Pro smartphone, the company has presented to public two more
In life of many users of mobile phones sometimes there comes the moment when there is a wish though at several o'clock to send the gadget where far away. There are also those in whom only one his look already causes irritation. Runcible – the experimental smartphone developed to Berkeley, the
The Apple Company has patented the device which is switching-off the iPhone cameras during the large-scale concerts. The patent has received the name "System and Method of Data Acquisition through Infrared Connection by the Camera Intended for Detection of Images on the basis of Visible Light".
The Famous unmasker of illegal activity of the American intelligence agencies Edward Snowden works on creation of a protective cover for iPhone informing the user that listen to him. In a cover the measuring device controlling signals from internal antennas of phone will settle down. Development
With the advent of new power-intensive smartphone applications like popular nowadays Pokemon Go, users feverishly look for opportunities to prolong time of operation of the battery from charging up to charging. According to the chemical engineer of the London university college Paul Shiringa,
Just became known: the Internet giant Google stops for indefinite time realization of Project Ara – the ambitious project on creation of the first-ever modular smartphone. As report informed sources, in such a way, Google intends to bring order among the numerous hardware projects. Development
Has founded Internet giant LeEco the Chinese businessman Jia Yeting 12 years ago. However, then the company was called LeTV and its primary activity consisted in granting media content, like in what YouTube and Netflix are engaged. LeEco continues to develop this undoubtedly "pot of gold" also
to Almost all of us at least once in life dropped the mobile phone (the tablet, the smartphone or a MP3 player) in water. As a rule, it brings us many problems on return him to "life" by means of the simple devices which have appeared near at hand in a type of packaging with rice, the hair dryer
The First child of the Human Media Lab team was the ReFlex smartphone which reacted to case bends, leafing through pages of the virtual book. Now they have gone further and have developed a prototype of symbiosis of a musical instrument and a flexible communicator. According to doctor Royel
In the market there were very many high-quality smartphones which don't concede once elite production of Apple. We will compare flagman smartphones of different producers. The purpose of this short review – to reveal not who is worse, but who is better. BeCompact has told about advantages of top
by the Microsoft Company has taken out the patent for the mobile device which will be able to be displayed from phone in the tablet and back. The patent application has been submitted in October, 2014, but his approval has taken place just now. So far information on a new gadget isn't enough,