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A few years ago the Turing Robotic Industries company was presented by model of the Turing Phone smartphone with exotic functionality. But almost at once I have given on bankruptcy and the novelty has even not reached shops. Recently it has become clear that as commercial structure, Turing Robotic
Became presented to Lenovo Phab2 Pro by the first smartphone supporting Project Tango technology from Google. The ambitious platform of augmented reality gives to the mobile phone the chance "to feel" the environment. Except the Phab2 Pro smartphone, the company has presented to public two more
In life of many users of mobile phones sometimes there comes the moment when there is a wish though at several o'clock to send the gadget where far away. There are also those in whom only one his look already causes irritation. Runcible – the experimental smartphone developed to Berkeley, the
The Apple Company has patented the device which is switching-off the iPhone cameras during the large-scale concerts. The patent has received the name "System and Method of Data Acquisition through Infrared Connection by the Camera Intended for Detection of Images on the basis of Visible Light".
The Famous unmasker of illegal activity of the American intelligence agencies Edward Snowden works on creation of a protective cover for iPhone informing the user that listen to him. In a cover the measuring device controlling signals from internal antennas of phone will settle down. Development
With the advent of new power-intensive smartphone applications like popular nowadays Pokemon Go, users feverishly look for opportunities to prolong time of operation of the battery from charging up to charging. According to the chemical engineer of the London university college Paul Shiringa,
Just became known: the Internet giant Google stops for indefinite time realization of Project Ara – the ambitious project on creation of the first-ever modular smartphone. As report informed sources, in such a way, Google intends to bring order among the numerous hardware projects. Development
Has founded Internet giant LeEco the Chinese businessman Jia Yeting 12 years ago. However, then the company was called LeTV and its primary activity consisted in granting media content, like in what YouTube and Netflix are engaged. LeEco continues to develop this undoubtedly "pot of gold" also
to Almost all of us at least once in life dropped the mobile phone (the tablet, the smartphone or a MP3 player) in water. As a rule, it brings us many problems on return him to "life" by means of the simple devices which have appeared near at hand in a type of packaging with rice, the hair dryer
The First child of the Human Media Lab team was the ReFlex smartphone which reacted to case bends, leafing through pages of the virtual book. Now they have gone further and have developed a prototype of symbiosis of a musical instrument and a flexible communicator. According to doctor Royel
In the market there were very many high-quality smartphones which don't concede once elite production of Apple. We will compare flagman smartphones of different producers. The purpose of this short review – to reveal not who is worse, but who is better. BeCompact has told about advantages of top
by the Microsoft Company has taken out the patent for the mobile device which will be able to be displayed from phone in the tablet and back. The patent application has been submitted in October, 2014, but his approval has taken place just now. So far information on a new gadget isn't enough,
In the Netherlands town of Bodegraven is created the crosswalk at which the LED tape duplicating the traffic light is established is created. This innovation is specially designed for the users who have "buried" in the smartphone. Nobody denies the fact that the smartphone – outstanding
According to a recent research of the British physiological society, for adult residents of Great Britain loss of the "native" smartphone delivers much more unpleasant experiences, than notorious Brexit. During the poll it was offered to its participants to give an assessment of degree of the
At the majority of prestigious modern smartphones displays are manufactured of the Gorilla Glass glass, though firm, but fragile and sensitive to blows and falling. As a result users often appear before a gloomy dilemma: to buy new or to spend seriously for repair of an old gadget. Approximately
The Average gadget contains up to 25 various sensors and the majority of applications don't need special permission for access to them. The competent hacker by means of this hole can analyse behavior of the user and calculate the code entered by him with 70  % accuracy at the first
Is considered to be that children of the powers that be don't know in anything refusal. However this statement doesn't concern successors of the richest person in the world of the founder of Microsoft Bill Gates. He frankly admitted an interview to the British newspaper The Mirror that didn't
Of Technology of virtual and augmented reality can soon mix up, having generated a new type of visual content. Which will be perceived by the person without special points or special fonts, and just like that, at a view of the screen. The description is very indistinct, but in RED promise to show a
to If to simplify the smartphone to the level of a simple communicator is invented, having excluded work with resource-intensive applications, then the most expensive task there will be a transformation of an analog signal in digital. That is, radio waves in small letters, pictures and sounds in
It seems that the end is put to a long-term dispute of scientists on harm/harmlessness of radiation from mobile phones. The conclusion drawn by experts of World Health Organization claims: frequent use of the mobile phone can constitute health hazard of the person up to development of oncological
by Group of researchers of Universities of Calgary, Waterloo and Dartmouth College (Canada) has developed the modular smartphone consisting of three gadgets – the basic and two peripheral. His main plus is that several people at the same time can use it. From the main module the user can
the Chinese company TCL which possesses the known BlackBerry brand, has just presented the new BlackBerry Motion model which, at last, has decided to refuse key feature of phones of this brand – QWERTY keyboard At the new smartphone the 5,5-inch display with the resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
In the run-up to the Mobile World Congress exhibition there are more and more announcements of novelties some of which become the real surprises. The CEO of the company Bullitt Group, St. Petersburg Stephens, has in plain terms said: his partners from Land Rover are dissatisfied with present
Simple Android device which hasn't strongly changed from last year. At the price tag in 279 euros the buyer is free to choose between several variations of configuration and covers. of Nokia 7 Plus the Younger fellow of the Nokia 8 model, the smartphone with "flagman experience", but at
Second on power the Chinese producer of ZTE Corporation mobile phones announced the beginning of sales in the USA of the new ZTE Tempo Go smartphone, the first of the Android Go series at the price of 80 dollars. About a sensation in this case out of the question. ZTE Tempo Go concerns 100
has appeared the American political activist Pras Michel declared start of the new social and financial Blacture platform. For her use you need the Motif smartphone with the Zippie operating system which is constructed by the principle of a blockchain. All information on actions of users of
The Team of revolutionary scientists from the Austrian university of Saint Pelten has laid out for general access the development of SoniControl. It is a firewall analog for work with a little-known communication channel between smartphones – ultrasonic tags. Our gadgets strive to overhear us,
Falling of the smartphone brings to any owner a lot of unpleasant emotions — that is why producers of gadgets actively develop various defensors on this case. The original device was developed by Philip Frentsel, the 25-year-old student of the university Aalen (Germany), future expert in
We are witnesses of total penetration of Wi-fi into our vital space. Wi-Fi everywhere – in cafe, trains, planes, cruise vessels, at our place. Moreover, quite recently Comcast corporation — one of the largest American Internet companies, began "to turn" the routers which are in private use
All of us at least once dropped the mobile phones. But if for one it came to an end practically without consequences, then others paid for the oversight with the burst display or the case. The Apple company has decided to protect the buyers from similar troubles. And it must be said, even in it the
In four months from the moment of receipt in sale of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have managed to earn reputation though faultless devices in the technical plan, but very "shaky" on durability. Recently the TechRax channel has gained popularity what periodically arranges strength tests, improbable
Today in Las Vegas the annual international exhibition of CES 2015 consumer electronics starts. But producers even before official opening have begun to announce the new products. And South Korean company LG — not an exception. The successor of LG G Flex, absolutely new smartphone with the