VonShef BLACK 250W Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater, Dough Hook, 5 Speed and Turbo Button + FREE Balloon Whisk

VonShef BLACK 250W Hand Mixer Whisk With Chrome Beater, Dough Hook, 5 Speed and Turbo Button + FREE Balloon Whisk

VonShef Black Hand WhiskThis is the ultimate kitchen appliance if you love baking and cooking. Our VonShef Hand Whisk offers functionality at your fingertips!

With an impressive 250W motor and turbo setting you can effortlessly whisk, mix and knead effortless to bake and cook. Theimprovedspeed settings are all thumb operated, meaning the device is super easy and convenient to use.

5 Components
Our VonShef Hand Whisk comes with 5 impressive components that allow you to do a variety of cooking techniques at great ease and convenience.
The durable chrome dough hooks make mixing dough and heavier cake mixes easy.
The chrome beaters are perfect for whisking egg whites, creaming ingredients and for light cake mixtures or batters.

5 Speed Settings
Five impressive and improved speed settings and turbo setting allows you to achieve high quality results from your VonShef Hand Whisk as you can select what speed suits your ingredients.
For whipping cream and egg whites our speed five would be great whilst a slower speed would suit stirring gravies and mashing vegetables.
With five speeds plus a turbo boost this mixer allows you to adjust the power as required - from the lightest souffles to the toughest of dough mixtures this is the mixer your kitchen deserves!

Not only does it do the job but the VonShef Hand Whisk is stylish too; stunning and sleek black and silver design.
The VonShef Hand Whisk also benefits from a compact and light weight design that allows you transport it easily.

All of the accessories included with the hand mixer are all dishwasher safe and easy to clean, leaving you more time to bake and less time scrubbing.

• 2x Beaters
• 2x Dough Hooks
• 1x Balloon Whisk
• 1x Electric Hand Whisk - 5 Cable length 5 feet
Specifications Wattage - 250W
Dimensions - 7.2 x 4.3 x 3 inches

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Comments / reviews:
This is an amazingly powerful mixer. It whipped up egg whites in no time. It's fairly quiet, but I was a little disconcerted by the air coming out the back, and I totally understand why it is. It's just that my previous mixer, which I've had since 1969 didn't do this. All in all, I'd recommend this mixer to anyone wishing to purchase it.

I love my mixer! I'm surprised it didn't come with a case but it came with a whisk and yeast hooks. For a great price too! I'm so pleased! I'd recommend this to anyone. I've used it several times since purchasing and it's amazing!

This is a simple, lightweight hand mixer. I like that it isn't complicated and that it doesn't weigh very much. It has the different attachments so that I can use it to make several different things. This mixer works well and I have not had any issues with it so far. It arrived on time and in perfect condition. I would definitely recommend it for easy mixing.

Bought to replace an 18-year old Sunbeam hand mixer so we'll see how well it holds up. The lowest speed is a touch too fast for my needs, and the highest speed quickly turned heavy cream into butter! But I like it.

not a bad unit but the beaters are kind of flimsy so if you do mashed potatoes with them good luck. I can't seem to find stronger blades that I can order or I would do it. The unit needs to be powered off once you are done or next time you use it, it will start spinning as soon as you plug it in, not good if it happens to be laying on the counter. Other than those two issues it seems to have enough power and is easy to use.

Mixed real mashed potatoes and several mixes with this for Thanksgiving. Worked great, is lightweight and would make a good gift for wedding or housewarming. When I first opened the box, I thought the beaters looked thin, like wire instead of the old fashioned flattened metal ones I was used to seeing. But I didn't have any issues with them, work just fine.

I bought this because I have no counter space to hold the stand alone with bowl. It's so easy to use and surprisingly lightweight. My 8 year old daughter is able to use it without having it go crazy inside the bowl with one hand. It's also not loud which I truly love as well. The item came on time as well. Welcome addition to me and my daughter bonding experience.

This has fantastic power! I cook and bake enough to have a large stand mixer but I don't have the storage room. Glad I took the chance on a brand I was not familiar with.

This mixer just arrived in the mail. I got two different ones and one of them I will be giving to my mom who needs a new one. This is a black and gray color mixer that is very stylish looking. It comes with two mixing attachments, two kneading attachments and a whisk. It has five speed controls and a turbo setting. I am pleased with this purchase.

Disclosure: I was given the opportunity to purchase this item at a free or discounted price in order to give a review of the product. I am in no way affiliated with this company.
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5 stars – This is a nice product!!
4 stars – I like it, but there are some issues with the item.
3 stars - It was okay, but I would probably not purchase again.
2 stars – There may be worse products to buy, but you can definitely find better ones.
1 star – I did not like the product, I wish I had not bought and would not recommend.

Great little hand mixer. Good price. The attachments could be a little thicker/meatie,r as they sometimes don't feel strong enough but they have not broken while I've used it so that is positive.

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VonShef Black Stand Mixer The Stand Mixer is the ultimate kitchen appliance for baking lovers. A powerful 1200W motor helps you can effortlessly whisk, mix and knead, batter or dough with its planetary mixing motion. This Mixer is stylish with a sleek black design and also benefits from sturdy