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Large stainless steel bowl for Sunbeam & Oster mixers
EligantГ© Premium Coffee Dripper - Stainless Steel Our pour over coffee filter cone is of the highest quality in the industry. Unlike others coffee drippers our finely woven steel can keep out even the smallest of coffee grinds. This in turn gives you the best TASTE of your brew. Paper coffee
Kabalo trusted quality housewares. An elegant and stylish cafetiere, ideal for any coffee-lovers. Large 800ml capacity for approximately 8 x 100ml cups of coffee.
This is an essential product for making Dhoklas. High quality material has been used by Ckitze to create the best product. The stainless steel material is great and helps the durability of the product.
Induction hob compatible. Safety value. Gasket release vent (GRV). Body and lid made of premium quality stainless Steel. Unique Bulged Shape Ergonomically designed handle. Stainless steel capsule bottom.
Preserves vitamins and minerals which are usually lost with conventional cooking methods. (Pressure cooking retains important water-soluble vitamins and minerals lost in conventional cooking so meals are healthy and delicious). Reduces cooking time up to 70% so you will be using less energy and
Personalize your Fitbit Alta fitness tracker with this distinguished replacement. This attractive metallic mesh band features premium stainless steel mesh and magnetic clasping that adds a touch of class to your look, yet is durable enough to tolerate the toughest fitness
Swap your band, switch up your style, wear fitness your way.
Comfortable, durable materials make these bands yourВ go-to accessory through exercise, sweat, work and beyond.
Attractive, well made, gives you a more precise fit while being more comfortable.
Personalized Your Fitbit Alta
Compatible Model: Special design for Fitbit Charge 2 Only, Tracker is NOT included. Personalized Your Fitbit Charge 2 watch with this refined replacement premium wrist band, replacement strap makes your Fitbit Charge 2 a totally new classic and pleasant look. Dimensions: leather band Fits for 6inch
The Sunbeam/Oster 022802-000-000 Stainless Steel Bowl (Large) fits models 2356 2357 2358 2359 2367 2368 2369 2377 2381 2384 979-28 979-23 01401 1-40
Large locking stainless steel Sunbeam Heritage mixer bowl. Fits Sunbeam Heritage mixer models 2346, 2347, 2348, 2349, 2351, etc.