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Cuisinart SM-55DH Dough Hook
Brand New in Box The Cuisinart DLC-019ATX-1 Dough Blade fits models MP-14N DFP-14N DFP-14BCN MP-14 DLC-7E DLC-7FPC DLC-7M DLC-7SP PRO14 DLC-7E DLC-7 DLC-7P DLC-7FPC DLC-7SFP DLC-7M DLC-7SP DLC-2014 DFP-14 DFP-14BC DFP-14BCW DLC-2014N DLC-3014 DLC-3014CH CUSTOM14
This is an O.E.M. authorized part.Fits various Cuisinart models.OEM Part Number CHM-DH.Fits the following models: 3066 3067 3093 3094 3111 3112 KF140 KF186.Item is manufactured in United States.