Comments about Black & Decker Gizmo Twist Mixer 2-in-1 Cordless GM100

Black & Decker Gizmo Twist Mixer 2-in-1 Cordless GM100

Twist Mixer

Comments about Black & Decker Gizmo Twist Mixer 2-in-1 Cordless GM100
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Comments :
We had a similar mixer for years. It was one of our favorite appliances. We had a great deal of difficulty finding a suitable replacement.
We tried all the department stores and kitchen appliance shops and couldn't find what we were looking for. We finally went to the internet.
We wanted one that hung on the wall and did not just sit on the countertop. It' appears to be one of it's kind on the market. We love it.

When I first received the original B&D cordless mixer from my kids many, many years ago I thought that this was just one more kitchen gadget I wouldn't really use. Then I used it to make satiny lump-free gravy and was immediately hooked on it. Over the next several years I found many more uses for it and wore it out. When I went to get a new one they had been discontinued and no longer were available--I missed it terribly! When the updated version, the Gizmo Twist, came out I was literally overjoyed and, again, over several years wore it out. Thankfully, it's still available, and I just got another one. They are very durable...I just use it so much for so many things...whipping eggs, cream soups, gravy, puddings, sauces, salad dressings, beverages, etc. Having it mounted on the wall makes it so convenient to just grab and use, especially since it's wireless. I love the Gizmo Twist Mixer and hope Black & Decker keeps making them forever!

I bought this to mix a powder in water. A fault in the add showed it with a stirring attachment, but it does not come with one. The place that sold it through Amazon agreed to provide the attachment free, which was nice of them. It turns a bit slower than I was hoping for, but it does work OK. I've had this for a few weeks now, and I use it for about 5 minutes a day. The batteries have yet to need a charge, and they show no sign of needing one. The best thing about this thing is that it takes only a few seconds to clean -rinse the stirrer under the tap. It does not get any easier. I'm keeping it.

I bought it to replace an old Gizmo that bit the dust. The old one was 7 or 8 years old and the battery would not hold much of a charge anymore so I replaced it with the same thing because it is convienient and works well for all the things I need it to do.

This is a great product, everyone should have one.

I ordered this for my parents as a replacement for the one that they had had for quite some time. They are very happy to have found another one as they were not able to in the stores in our area. They enjoy the convenience and easy clean up with this product.

I have had this item in my kitchen for over 20 years. I love the versatility of this mixer with with different attachments. I am not disappointed with this product. I purchased these two for my sons who love to cook as well.

We bought this gizmo many, many years ago. We use it for scrambled eggs and to mix other lite foods. It died:( So, we looked for it on Amazon and guess what, they had it. But, our first one came with a mount for the wall that held everything and came with a third mixing arm. This version only had 2, so we use the old mount and now have extra pieces to blend with. Love it!

I just bought the new Black and Decker Gizmo twist mixer 2 in 1 cordless GM 100.
I love this mixer. I had a cordless black and decker mixer for years . In fact 30 years and it finally gave up about a year ago. I have been looking for something to replace it and the Gizmo popped up on Amazon. It is everything I wanted and more. I do think it is more powerfull than the old one. So I can't say enough about Black and Decker and their portable mixer product! If you need one I recommend it highly.

We had one of these little mixers in the early 90s, and it finally died a couple of years ago. They are extremely handy for mixing up soups and anything light - actually they do pretty good for mashed potatoes. The only problem with the newer version is that it does not have a holder for the mixer to put on the cabinets, walls, etc. close to an outlet. Except for the small problem, it's a great gadget.

Because I tend to use it instead of using a traditional mixer etc. and since I have found them (many years ago) I will always use them!

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