Comments about Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover - Durable BBQ Cover with Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric, Large, 64-Inch

Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover - Durable BBQ Cover with Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric, Large, 64-Inch

Classic Accessories Veranda Premium Grill Cover, Large, 64-Inch

Comments about Classic Accessories Veranda Grill Cover - Durable BBQ Cover with Heavy-Duty Weather Resistant Fabric, Large, 64-Inch
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It's nice to find a good quality cover at such an affordable price. The last one we bought at the store, made of basic nylon material cost $10 and completely disintegrated after a year. This grill cover costs only a bit more and outshines the cheaper ones. We really could have done better with the next smallest size, but strangely enough, that size was almost twice as expensive. Although a bit large, it serves the purpose. The materials are sturdy, and the handles make it easy to remove. The bottom corners can be secured to prevent the wind from getting under the cover and possibly blowing it off. The color blends nicely with outdoor furniture and looks much better than the typical black or dark green covers.

have had many grill covers but this is the best one I have gotten. There are my extras with this from the wheel straps to the vents. I use this on my Kenmore 4 burner and it fits nicely. I will be showing my friends and I am sure they will buy one also. I will also be shopping for other outdoor covers and they have a nice line of them.

Pros Fits my 4 burner Kenmore Grill, Nice Looking, Secure fit, Wheel Straps, Pull Bungee at the bottom, Built to last, Thick Fabric, Light in Color so no fading

Cons None

Bottom Line: I would recommend this to a friend

I purchased this cover in the Spring of 2015 and had it 2 1/2 years before it became unusable. It covers my beloved Weber Genesis in a sunny location but is stored with the grill indooors over each winter so the actual exposure time is less and no cold, snowy winters. It fits very well and the handles are great for making removal easier. The material is high quality, although as the cover aged, it became stiff and then brittle, finally ripping in several locations. I can't remember if the bottom was brown on the old one but it was a pale green at the time of death....probably faded. The pocket near the top was not useful for me. I store items in the grill base but anything in here would be removed with the cover, which seems inconvenient. I do not need the tie down straps along the base because the grill close to me house and not subject to much wind. I give three stars for the cover because It did not last as long as I hoped. But, I added a star because Veranda honored their three year warranty and sent me a replacement cover prompty at no charge. Realistically, getting two covers for what this item costs is a big bargain, even though Veranda explained nicely that one warranty cover was all I should expect. That seems more than fair. I have had Weber covers in the past and they cost double this one, although I think they lasted 4-5 years. Truthfully, for the price, I think I would buy another even with a shorter or no warranty. And truthfully, no fabric stands up well to weather except maybe super expensive Sunbrella. That is better, but still breaks down from the sun. If your grill is located in a shady spot, maybe the cover would last for three years or more.

Absolutely love this grill cover. It is NOT flimsy at all. The waterproof polyester material is of good quality and well made. I love the length of it as it practically comes to the bottom of the grill (Nexgrill) is long enough to cover the extra tank that sides at the side. It easily slips on and off and fits comfortably. I LOVE the price. Truly excellent value. I will buy more of these as gifts. Everyone would love having one of these to protect their bbq grill. I find this cover much easier to use than the custom/brand-specific ones you can buy for your grill. They are usually too snug and I end up fighting with them to get them back on the grill. They don't get used.
UPDATE: I have owned this grill cover for over a year now and it is still fantastic. It has held up really well. It is outside year-round in all weather and hasn't degraded at all. In fact, I'm buying another one in a larger size for a new grill. These covers are excellent quality and value.

Mixed reviews on this product had me 2nd guessing, but since I like to make up my own mind, I ordered it anyway. Seems plenty heavy enough. Well made seams etch. Buckles to hold it in place all work. Will have to wait and see how it holds up to time and weather now. Using it at the campground to cover a new grill that we'd like to get a few years out it instead of buying a new one every year. I will come back and update review if this doesn't hold up as expected. Kansas wind can be tough on things to. If you don't see an update then she's holding up just fine and I'm a happy camper. Price was very comparable to cheaper made models also.

Bought this, it fits our older 6 burner with side extensions Brinkmann grill just fine. It looks good and we haven't had to treat it with water repellent so far. (i.e. water beads up on it for the past 2 months). Time will tell how well it holds up. NOTE: I rarely get more than 2 , maybe 3 years out of a BBQ cover - thats ANY brand (not counting Sunbrella fabric which I'm not going to spend for). Our BBQ is, of necessity, stored outside on our deck exposed to elements.

UPDATE SEPT 2017: Our Brinkmann grill croaked. We purchased a 4 burner Weber E-410 to replace it. This cover works/fits that Weber E-410 grill also. It's * slightly * big (I've had the wheels catch on it a time or two) but it doesn't look bad.

This is a heavy duty cover at the price for little more than what you would get a cheapo cover from Walmart. It feels heavy. There are pockets. There are handles. There is a draw string at the bottom of the cover to help keep it on your grill during storms. There are straps you can put around the wheels of your grill to help keep it on during a storm. But with the weight of the cover and the draw strings, you will probably not need to use the anchor straps around the wheels. My cover stayed put during monsoon season. This is high quality stuff. I wish I had purchased this to begin with before getting the cheap one from Walmart, which deteriorated from the desert sun, developing holes and tears, and constantly blew off of my grill.

Looks and feels solid. I don't get much direct sunlight at all, so I am figuring this will not dry out or get brittle like some others have said. After a full grilling season of rain, heat and shade, it's exactly as I bought it.
Only reason it doesn't get 5 stars is that I wish it were a little shorter. It touches the ground, and then some. I would have like a little space so that air can get under it and dry out any moisture from rain and dew. Folding up the bottom may be ok, but then water will pool in it and I don't need to provide any homes for mosquitoes.

This is the 3rd of this exact grill cover I have purchased, highly recommend! The first did end up ripping after about 5 years of heavy use (pulling it on and off every day) but I loved the color and quality. I purchased a second, smaller replacement since we had taken the side shelves off our grill to fit it in a compact condo balcony. Now we have a HUGE grill that came with our new home so I purchased the large one again. Great price, thick fabric, protects the finish of the grill and I love that it isn't an ugly black plactic cover. Highly recommend!

This XXL grill cover is the best. It is made of very good, strong material that should last a long time. It has zippered pockets that are very handy. The sew-in handles and ties are great. I have a very big grill and this fits very well. The first cover I have had that is actually a little big. It comes down all the way to the wheels. The price was great, nearly half what a smaller cover would cost at big box stores. I would highly recommend this cover and anything from Classic Accessories Veranda style. I plan to purchase covers for all of our outdoor furniture now.

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