Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, DRX5

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, DRX5

Set the Delay Brew feature up to 24 hours in advance and get ready to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of hot, delicious coffee.

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[4.5 stars]

Buying a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker is like buying Kleenex tissue, or a Frigidaire fridge, or (once upon a time) a Xerox copier. I.e., you may be quite sure you will get something of quality. And so when my trusty old Mr. Coffee began to show signs of burnout (I think I bought it back in the last century)I never hesitated to replace it . . . with a Mr. Coffee.

And here it is. Arrived right on time and in perfect shape.

Now, let's look at the specs from the product description, with my comments added:

4 cups x 5 oz = 20 oz of liquid

OK. Well, this is rubbish, of course. You probably have your favorite coffee mug. So let's say that 20 oz liquid = two mugs worth. (I mean,
seriously. Does anyone drink coffee out of a 5 oz cup?) Anyway, two mugs worth is what you're going to get when you fill the machine to the
mythical four cups.

On/off indicator light lets you know when your coffeemaker is on or off

I should certainly hope so!

Removable filter basket lifts out for fast and easy filling and cleaning

Indeed it does.

Brewing pause 'n serve lets you pour a cup of coffee while the coffeemaker is still brewing

Why so it does! Although I doubt I shall ever use this feature, it's good to know it's here.

Dual water window shows the amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling

Totes amazeballs. Best window on a coffee maker I've ever seen.

Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

Nothing is enclosed in bulletproof plastic. No "peanuts." Yay.

And in addition, there's a delay timer, for those who like to prepare everything the night before. Just set the clock (which is easy. Just set the hour and the minute--it starts to go immediately without your having to press, say, a "program" key or something to let the clock know it's time to start. (You'll see when you turn it on it's set for, inevitably, 12:00 a.m.

Then, when you set the clock, press "set delay." Set the time you want the device to start. Then press "delay." You're all set.

I should tell you, too, that the temperature of the brew is just right, for my tongue (but I add cream, so . . . ) Grains from the brew process do not seem to find their way into the carafe. And, it shuts off by itself after an hour, like all good electronic devices should do when they're not needed.

So, why only 4.5 stars? Well, while the machine itself seems to have been designed by Dilbert or Alice, the pointy-headed guy must have got in the way and had Wally do the lid. The catch is awkward. The basket must be inserted just so, and if it is, maybe it'll snap tight.

Or maybe you'll have to wrestle with it a bit.

So all in all, you won't be sorry you purchased this product--a bargain at $20.

Warning: You'll have to buy filter papers or a permanent filter separately--I opted for the permanent filter. Yo! Mr. Coffee CEO. Throw in a permanent filter with each machine. Buy 'em in bulk, so you only have to charge customers a couple of bucks more. Take a bow.

I love this little coffee pot! To use, I fill my mug up with water, pour it in, use 3 level tablespoons of freshly ground coffee and brew. I pulled out the pause 'n serve plug so it can brew directly into my mug. My mug fits perfectly, it's a 16 ounce stoneware, so no problems having it on the warming plate. My mug is from Blue Eagle Pottery, just google it, pricey, but it's the perfect mug.

I'm going to take a little time out of my day to talk about something I feel strongly about. Indeed, I'm sure many people in the northwest and across the country are passionate in regards to this subject.


I must start by mentioning that in my early college years, I drank copious amounts of this tasty beverage. So much, in fact, that I became completely dependent, and resolved to quit consumption of all caffeine, a resolution that I maintained for roughly 8 years.

You read correctly. Eight years, no coffee.

However, upon my return to Seattle, where I was surrounded by amazing smelling brews and beans everywhere I went, coffee made its triumphant return into my life. I still vividly remember the cortado that broke my will and sent my palate to caffeinated heaven.

Now that we're current on my fascinating history with coffee consumption, let's move on to what I really want to address: making coffee.

Over the past two years, I have joined the quest to make the perfect cup. I know that many of you are partial to espresso mixed drinks, but for me it's a cup of drip made with high quality dark roast beans, served black.

I wanted to find something that surpassed the k-cup machine at work, as the coffee resulting from these machines has only ever been mediocre for me. And so, given that the cheap coffee was made so quickly, I started with the premise that the more time and care taken in making the coffee, the better it will be. This led to the procurement of several different coffee-making devices, as well as many hours and beans spent using said devices. I tried different temperatures, grinds, brewing times, everything I could to try and obtain the flavors I desired in my cup. My results were never consistent, frequently disappointing, and tiresome. Even the brews that turned out well didn't come up to the level of what I expected from the fantastic beans I had procured.

I finally gave in and bought the last device I ever wanted in my home, the device that seemed to stand for laziness and mediocrity.

A Mr. Coffee generic drip coffee machine, $24.99 on amazon.

Its plastic parts are cheap and flimsy, and though the reviews say it'll last a long time, I would be surprised. I finally decided to use it today, and made my first brew of drip with it using the same beans I'd been experimenting with.

The result?


Yes, this post was inspired by a cup of drip coffee from a generic, cheap coffee machine.

And I'm not saying just the best cup of drip I've made, oh no. I'm including every cup of drip I've consumed at the various coffee houses throughout Seattle!

This little champ took my carefully chosen beans and delivered everything I ever wanted from a cup of joe.

After everything I've tried, for this thing to deliver such a high quality brew is absolutely astonishing.

If you have struggled as I have struggled, if you still haven't been able to brew coffee as you wish you could, I say give up. Give in. Instead of nurturing your pride and trying to brew, consuming sub-par result after result, you could be enjoying amazing cup after cup from a $25 machine.

Thank you Mr. Coffee, and I'm sorry I ever doubted you!

I've had mine for two months now and am really pleased with this. I use it just about every morning. For the price this offers a great value - makes a good cup of coffee. Very simple design. It only takes about 4 minutes to brew the whole 4 cup pot of coffee, so I don't bother programming it, it's just super quick in the morning.
I did follow the directions and washed it before using. With that I didn't notice any weird plastic taste or anything which some other reviewers mentioned. Also like any coffee maker I make sure to at least rinse out right away, since coffee sitting in the pot will eventually stain the pot & mess with future coffee taste.
If you are looking to save money by making your own coffee seems like this is really a great economical option with the added perk of being efficient too.

So I've had this for nearly 5 years now and I'm very happy with it!

It's very easy to use. Just add water (it has guidelines to help you see how much you like, I like 2 3/4 cups for my everyday coffee mug), fresh coffee grounds, and a filter, and hit start! Super simple.

Cleanup is really simple too. There's a removable plastic bowl type thing where the coffee filter and grounds sit so it's easy to remove that, toss the filter and grounds in the compost, and rinse out the plastic bowl. I like to rinse out the glass coffee cup too. All in all, it takes a few seconds which is just my style. :D

It has a timer so you can set it for what time you want it to make you coffee automatically. Set the hour and minute. You can go forwards in time but not backwards without looping through all the options. Sometimes I wish there was a way to go backwards, but since I don't change this too often, it's not a big deal.

I do wish it had a wifi feature so I could start it up from my phone! That'd be super sweet. :D

Some people in the reviews have commented about flaking on the heating element that the glass coffee cup sits on. I've had that happen to some degree, but it doesn't seem to make a difference. I don't notice it except when I remove the coffee cup for drinking or cleaning and it otherwise still works fine. It'd be nicer if that didn't happen, but it's no big deal. My coffee is just and hot and tasty either way. ;)

I have since bought an additional coffee maker, only because I want a large one that's good for multiple people who all want coffee in the morning, but I still use this one for just me. It's a very simple one without too many buttons and settings to mess around with. It makes coffee, it does a good job, and it's been going strong for nearly 5 years so far and counting. Thank you Mr. Coffee! :D

I've been using this coffee maker daily for eight weeks now. So far, so good.
As noted by others, the lid to the water/filter compartment doesn't always close securely... or at least there is often some effort to get it to snap into place. That seemed to be a big deal to some other folks. No big deal to me. In no way does this affect the operation of the device. And at this price, were they expecting the build quality of a device costing five times as much?

Still, the lid does leave room for improvement. Four stars! Not bad, I like it.

If it doesn't last a satisfactory amount of time I will revise this review. But, as I said, so far so good.

So here's the deal. You want a coffee pot. You want it to make coffee. You don't want to spend more than about $20. This is the coffee pot to buy. Why?

1. Because it's only like 20 bucks. Don't get me wrong. I love fancy appliances. I like the Keurig and the self-cleaning, coffee grinding, water filtering machines. But I seriously don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a coffee maker. I have approximately 20 dollars.

2. It's makes small amounts of coffee. I live by myself. I *might* have the occasional evening/overnight/morning guest. How many cups of coffee do I need? Approximately 2 on average. So a 4 cup capacity is perfect. If you entertain a lot or you have more than 1-2 coffee drinking individuals or you are on the border of needing to seek out Caffeine Addicts Anonymous, then get a bigger capacity. But for me, this is just perfect.

3. It has an super easy programmable timer. I never wanted these electronic doodads on my coffee maker. An on/off switch was perfectly sufficient. But I'm digging this timer aspect here. Just set it all up the night before and have coffee ready in the morning. I've used it for small gatherings as well to decrease my time spent in the kitchen and away from my guests.

4. It doesn't drip extensively. Other coffeemakers of this type end up dripping coffee on the heat plate and then I have burnt coffee on it. This one doesn't do that so much. It will if you take the pot out while it's still making coffee, but not once it's done.

5. IT DOESN'T HARBOR THE MOLD SMELL!!! You know what I'm talking about. You make coffee. Then, you don't make coffee for a week. Then, you go to make coffee again and realize you forgot to clear the coffee filter last week. And now you have a beautiful patchwork of green and white over a black backdrop. Not as poetic when you realize it's mold that's been growing there for a week. So you try to clean it out, but now your coffee has a weird smell and taste to it. This one doesn't really get that. The plastic doesn't harbor the same moldy smell as others I've used. Which is probably my most favorite part of this coffeemaker.

I am so happy with this coffee pot! I had a single mug pot for years and years. It performed well enough, but it didn't have the ability to keep my coffee warm or to brew at a set time in the morning. This one does it all and doesn't take up very much space.

Cons: The cord is pretty short, so I had to get a foot long extension cord. The display isn't back lit, which can make it a challenge to see, but since I use this in a dorm room I am grateful that there isn't a light blasting in my face at night. The lip of the glass carafe has a very strong downward curve. This is great for preventing spills, because it helps you hook the lip over the edge of your coffee cup. It just makes it a little difficult to fully empty the carafe.

Making two cups is enough to fill my oversized coffee mug. I use two coffee scoops of ground coffee. I bought a permanent filter basket to go with this rather than throw out filters all the time. I think that was a good investment!

This coffee maker worked great for a little over three years, and was well worth $20. I got it because it was the most compact, space-efficient model I could find that could be programmed to come on at a certain time. It also has the brew pause feature so you can get some coffee before it's finished without it spilling all over the place. After three years and three months, it stopped doing anything (other than saying it was on), but I'm still giving it five stars based on a price of $20 in part because it may have been my fault-- I accidentally got water in it when cleaning a couple weeks before it died.

I love this small magic machine..yes I call it magic machine coz now I don't have to get up early in the morning to head to the kitchen and make coffee ;). I gifted this to my husband for his bday... and he loves it... I was a bit confused earlier after reading the reviews of whether to buy or not..but I gave it a try.
The coffee dosnt smell like plastic but it tastes amazing. I cudnt find this in Wal-Mart so thanks a ton Amazon for selling this cute lil thing.

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