French Press Coffee & Tea Makers 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)--Best Coffee Press Pot with 304 Grade Stainless Steel & Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass--2 Free Bonus Stainless Steel Screen in Package

French Press Coffee & Tea Makers 8 Cup (1 liter, 34 oz)--Best Coffee Press Pot with 304 Grade Stainless Steel & Heat-Resistant Borosilicate Glass--2 Free Bonus Stainless Steel Screen in Package

What kind of coffee press won the hearts of all coffee lovers? The most reliable & durable coffee press in the market: 1) The best heat resistant borosilicate glass--your SterlingPro coffee press will work much longer for you. 2) The unique double screens system---no more grounds in your coffee. 3) Solid packing--no broken gifts to your family members and friends. What is the worst coffee drinking experience? Coffee grounds in mouth! That is why SterlingPro introduces the innovated and unique double screens system which is the only one in coffee press market. By adding the second screen, the primary screen will touch the glass wall more tightly and evenly. At the same time, the second screen will filter the tiny grounds which pass through the primary screen. No more grounds in your coffee by using SterlingPro coffee press. You will love it after using it. Your loved ones will appreciate it and think of you happily every time when they enjoy the coffee from your gifts, SterlingPro coffee press. 2 pieces bonus stainless steel screens(over $25 value)---free!! When you receive SterlingPro coffee press it will be delivered in a solid packing and it comes along with 2 pieces extra screen. The limited quantity for this valuable bonus. Please check the reviews of this item, you will find our SterlingPro French coffee press is "great as wedding, house warming, retirement & birthday gifts for coffee lovers". We are pleased to announce: this French press has been rated as:"1 best seller","1 most wished for" & "1 gift ideas" in coffee press by amazon.-The real 1.

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased this French press to replace the one with a beaker I had accidentally cracked. I selected the Sterlingpro model based exclusively on price and what appeared (from the reviews) to have satisfactory quality. I have been using it daily now for a month, and I write this review to report on my use of this French press. I have used a French press for over 40 years.

Overall: this is an excellent product for the price. Characteristics of this press which attract my attention:

"Tightness:" There's probably a better term for this, but I'm referring to the way everything fits snugly together, especially the lid (while brewing) and the screen as it is depressed via the plunger at the end of brewing. Also, when cleaning the plunger, I partially unscrew the housing which holds the screen. The machining of the parts is accurate, resulting in a tight-fitting assembly which comes apart for cleaning without exhibiting any wobbliness.

Position of the stainless steel housing: the beaker is held in place by two stainless steel rings, fastened to four vertical bands which extend below the beaker to form small feet. In French presses I have previously owned, one of these vertical bands is sometimes positioned so that it is exactly opposite the handle. This positioning is a design flaw. My Sterlingpro press avoids this error.

Here's why it makes a difference: no French press - including the Sterlingpro - will ever ~completely~ remove particulate matter from the brewing. Even the most coarsely ground coffee will contain fine bits of coffee which the strainer simply will not remove.

For French press fans, this is NOT a problem! We love the earthy, robust punch of a French press brew. HOWEVER, the very fine silt that is still present sinks to the bottom of the beaker by the time the brewing is finished, to lie calmly on the TOP of the screens. If one decants the resultant brew ~carefully~, almost all of this silt can remain in the beaker.

Here's where the positioning of those bands is critical: if one of them is directly opposite the handle, then it lies immediately below the beaker as it is being decanted. This makes it very difficult, mostly impossible, to see the residual sludge as the beaker is being decanted. The Sterlingpro, however, does not place a vertical band of stainless steel in this position, allowing one to easily see the small amount of sludge remaining as decanting is coming to a conclusion, and so enabling the brewer to stop decanting just before this sludge departs the beaker.

Yeah, I know - picky, picky, picky. But, I've been using a French press for about 40 years now. Plenty of time to develop all sorts of pickiness.

The screens: this product uses a dual screen, the first press I've run across that does this. Additionally, the box contains an EXTRA pair of screens. When I first examined these I wondered if they were too much of a good thing. But, the plunger depresses without any muss or fuss, and except for the inevitable micro-bits of ground coffee which no screen system will every remove, the resultant brew is totally free of visible grounds.

The screens clean easily. After brewing, I run hot tap water over the screen assembly, unscrewing it six or seven turns - enough so that the plate over the screens can rotate and I can flush larger pieces of ground coffee away from the screens. I do not need to totally disassemble the plunger to perform this cleaning. Running hot tap water is sufficient, and this avoids damaging the very fine screens.

Overall, the design of this press is excellent. Also well done is the execution of that design. I've though hard about what is do not like about this product, or what suggestions I might make for improvement. French presses are not complicated things! Every press should be as well done as the Sterlingpro, but many are not. So, I recommend this one without reservation.

By the way, I paid for this product myself. It was NOT provided to me by Sterlingpro.

It was only until recently that I discovered the wonders of press coffee. As a person who just made instant coffee for years with microwaved water, then moved up to a drip coffee maker, I have now have finally graduated to this little beauty. So what makes having a coffee press so special you may ask. I'll fill you in.

The taste: Smooth, rich, and ever so flavorful. This coffee press makes a wonderful cup of coffee. Watch in wonder as the translucent, freshly made coffee pours slowly into that seasoned cup of yours that deserves better.

The experience: There's something to be said about making something that feels so delightfully raw, yet ever so practical. Don't be derailed by cynics claiming that making coffee in a press is a hipster thing, they can keep their venti $5 caramel macchiato. There's no better feeling than making yourself a rich cup of coffee and showing it off to your friends and family.

The cost: 30 bucks is a steal for a coffee press of this quality. If this review doesn't convince you, read all the other 5 star reviews. They speak for themselves.

The design: Look at it, it's so damn pretty. It'll look great in your kitchen, and people will think your fancy as hell.

The only con I can think of is the cleanup. The coffee grounds will be at the bottom when you're done, but the mouth of the beaker is so wide, you shouldn't have a problem cleaning and disposing of them.

If you're new to this, I'd also get a water kettle and possibly a thermos to transfer the coffee when you're done. If you keep the coffee in the press (as cool and fancy as it is) the coffee will continue to brew and you will have very strong coffee in the end. If you're put off by the process of making coffee in a press, don't be. You'll have it down in no time. Personally, I made the coffee too weak the first time, and too strong the following time. But for me, third time was the charm. Believe me, 8 rounded teaspoons per full beaker does the trick. The whole process takes me about 5 min, tops.

Well, hope this review helped you out in making your decision, and I hope you will enjoy this press as much as I have.

The SterlingPro French Coffee Press is beautiful, all bright shiny stainless and glass, with a black handle. It looks great on a counter. But it's not just important to look good; it must make a great cup of coffee. The SterlingPro comes through, for sure. It is well packaged for shipping. I've been using a small press that is easy to find in the grocery store, and their instructions made terrible coffee. The instructions that came with the SterlingPro will ensure you a perfect cup of coffee every time. I use one coffee scoop of coffee for each 6 oz. of water (coarse ground works and tastes best), heat the water to just below boiling, or let it sit for a bit if you do end up boiling it (I heat mine in a Pyrex measuring cup in the microwave for a minute and a half), slowly pour the water over the grounds in the press, stir it gently, put the lid on with the plunger at the top, let it sit for exactly 4 minutes (any longer and the coffee starts to get bitter), slowly push the plunger down, pour, and drink the best cup of coffee you could ever make. The double screen means no coffee grounds make it into your cup. Your cup will be especially tasty if you grind whole beans just before brewing your coffee, although I usually grind about a week's worth at a time so the noise from the grinder doesn't wake my husband. The frame that the glass carafe is in has a nice bottom on it that, if you bump the corner against the counter accidentally, keeps the glass from breaking. My only complaint about this press is that I wish it was just a little bit smaller, maybe a six cup. No plastic like my other small press means no plastic taste, just a pure excellent cup of coffee.

I bought this French press in order to easily make overnight cold-brewed coffee. Out of the box, this product was very easy to figure out how to use as the top was neatly assembled along with the pot. I had no issues with cleaning the base and the press prior to its first use.

What makes me recommend this press with 5 stars is the fact that I used regularly ground (finer ground) coffee the first few times as I didn’t have any French press grind on hand. Because of the double screen system, it successfully filtered out regularly-ground coffee with no particles left behind! I love the convenience because I don’t have to make a special trip to my favorite roaster if I’m in a pinch and need to use coffee from the grocery store, and it made the smoothest-tasting coffee that I have made at home.

As a bonus, a replacement double-screen filter is included, though with the sturdy assemblage and ease of cleaning, I don’t foresee needing it anytime soon. This is a great press, particularly for first-time users like me.

Really liked this Coffee Press. I owned a cheaper one before and it started to let grounds back up into the coffee after a few uses. This Press is working great and is very durable. Looks great too! I would definitely recommend this coffee press!

I would consider life incomplete without coffee.

Okay, so with that overly dramatic intro, let me just say I really like coffee and I know what a good cup is and isn't. If you're looking for a superior cup of coffee, as far as method of brewing is concerned, you simply cannot beat a french press. Yes, there are other good ways to brew a great cup of coffee e.g. Large Pour Over Coffee Maker Set - 5-Cups (27oz/800ml) of Perfect Hand Drip Coffee - Tough Borosilicate Glass Carafe - Reusable Paperless Stainless Steel Mesh Filter. Plus FREE Coffee Hacks eBook but none are superior to a classic french press. It's simple, straightforward, and incredibly effective. Enter the SterlingPro. The truth is there are many good french presses nowadays, of which the SterlingPro is only one, but it consistently ranks very highly among the vast majority who use it, and as a diehard press user for nearly two decades I can confidently recommend it as well.

When you're shopping for a french press, a few things it may help to consider:

There are three main parts of a french press that ultimately matter. the carafe (body), the filter mechanism, and the lid/spout.

The first thing to consider related to each is the construction. What is each part made of? Plastic, glass, or metal? All have pros and cons. For example, in the context of the SterlingPro, since its glass it is obviously more fragile than metal or plastic. Also, it won't retain heat like a double-walled stainless steel press would. How does it work? Does it have a double filter like the SterlingPro? That will help prevent excess grounds from finding their way into your cup. What is the lid like? Does it swivel? Will the lid/spout allow for consistent, controlled, and easy pouring?

Regarding the SterlingPro, the carafe is borosilicate glass, the lid is swivel-type combination of metal (on the very top) and plastic; it pours well without dripping. It has a dual mesh all-metal filter mechanism.

Here are some other helpful questions to ask before making your french press purchase:

Do you have an aversion to plastic parts? Then that will significantly restrict your options, because relatively few presses are utterly plastic-free, but they do exist and most of them are excellent. Do you want to let your coffee stand for two hours while keeping it hot? Then a double-walled stainless may be your best bet (although I would recommend decanting instead of leaving in the press to avoid the bitterness that comes from over-steeping). Are you worried about dropping it? Then you may gravitate toward plastic or metal. Do you have particular sensitivity to any grounds whatsoever being in your cup? Then you'd probably prefer a double filter.

There are other small details that will add up to significantly affect your personal valuing of a given press. Unfortunately, those things (like the "feel" of the construction or how the lid swivels) are difficult to assess before owning and using it. However, consider that in places where coffee originates (e.g. Colombia, Costa Rica, etc.) they use primarily very low-tech methods such as basic heat sources (even an open fire), a mortar pestle, and rudimentary filters (e.g. cheese cloth) to create the very best cup(s) coffee on earth, so I would encourage you not to get lost in the questions and details but rather find a press with consistently good reviews (such as the SterlingPro) and start enjoying a superior cup of coffee, because nearly any french press will far out perform most brew methods.

A few final thoughts: Although coffee is obviously a matter of taste and opinion, use high quality coffee and water. Don't buy Folgers in a can, boil some tap water, and expect a french press to give you a religious experience. Also, make the effort to get a grinder, a thermometer, maybe a timer and some kitchen scales (see links below). Then research how-to's on french press coffee, experiment a little, and then when you're sipping a truly great cup of coffee while having good conversation with somebody you care about or reading a good book you may indeed consider it a religious experience.

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My wife and I are coffee lovers, but as we've gotten older we've gotten more and more dissatisfied with the various electric coffeemakers available. It was difficult (sometimes impossible) to regulate the strength of the coffee, and none of them made the coffee as hot as we liked. We've probably bought seven or eight different coffeemakers over the past five years, and not been satisfied with any of them.

Finally, we've found the solution to good (and hot) coffee--the French Press. Once we got the process down ( which took one night) we can make two cups of coffee in less time than it takes for an electric drip pot to do its thing. The strength of the coffee can be regulated bu varying the amount of beans we use, and by preheating the French Press with boiling water the coffee stays hot right into the cup.

Two caveats, if I may. One--this is billed as an eight-cup Press. It's not. Depending on how full we fill the cups, we can get three to four cups out of a brewing. If you regularly brew coffee for a larger group, you'll need a larger Press.

Two--if you're going to make coffee with a French Press, do it right. Don't use ground coffee from the store. Invest in a burr-type coffee grinder and an electric kettle that will heat the water to exactly 200 degrees. Both are available from Amazon.

Then buy freshly-roasted coffee beans. If you don't have a local roaster, there are places on the internet that will deliver beans that have been roasted within the past 48 hours.

You'll finally experience coffee that tastes as good as it smells.

for the longest time I have been convincing myself that coffee is just coffee, and no matter where it came from or how it was made impacted anything about it substantially enough to consider trying another method of brewing. WOW WAS I WRONG!!! I have made just 2 cups of coffee from this French press, and immediately right off the bat, I tasted something that I have never tasted before, GOOD COFFEE... I started doing research on different ways to brew because my keiurig was just not doing the job properly. I use organic coffee and I experiment with different brands for my best flavor. I have yet to ground my own beans so I don't even know what that is like yet, but just using my pre ground beans in the SterlingPro French press, made a world of difference in taste and texture (and by texture I mean it doesn't feel like flavored hot water in my mouth). after the first sip, I fell in love and I will probably NEVER touch that keiurig machine ever again unless I am in a pinch. a press does not take much time at all, boil water, pour, sit 5 min, DONE. I landed on this particular press because it looked like a modern, elegant way to make coffee and it had spectacular reviews. it is very solid and sturdy, and other reviews say that they have a black plastic handle that looks tacky, well it doesn't, it looks exactly like the picture with a stainless steel ball handle so don't worry about that. the double screen technology is a must in any press, and this one seems to have set the bar for other French Presses. I had not 1 spec of grounds in my coffee. the keiurig gives me a muddy coffee cup and a more bitter taste on my last drink. ZERO grounds. I highly doubt I will try another way of making coffee unless there is a way to make coffee with unicorn tears filtered through a pink Floyd t-shirt, but this is a close second for me. I was sold at the first sip, and I am stuck until the last

My wife and I recently restarted using the French Press to make coffee at home because we wanted to enjoy freshly grounded coffee and wanted the extra jolt to keep up with the kids. (Oh what a difference it makes!) We took out our old French press, which we used sparingly, but sadly saw it crack within a month. We mourned for its loss for some time and then searched for its replacement. After much indecision ("Pressing 'Add to Cart', then deleting it from the Cart, and then doing the same thing again and again), we decided on the SterlingPro French Coffee Press. We were drawn to it because it was:
1. Simple in design, yet aesthetically pleasing enough to to adorn our even simpler kitchen counter and dining table.
2. It was well reviewed, and for good reason.
3. It seemed to do what it was made for.

Once we got it in the mail and tired it for ourselves, we were not disappointed. The SterlingPro is solid. The quality of the materials is high, especially the carafe. We also were pleasantly surprised by how effectively the filters kept the grounds from going into our mugs. Unlike the previous French press, this Press produced a wonderfully smooth and clean cup of coffee. I appreciate that I don't need to floss out grounds of coffee from my teeth...thank you! Lastly, the French press comes with replacement filters. The replacement filters showed me that this company cares about the consumer and wants them to enjoy the best cup of coffee for as long as possible!

I like the feel of a metal press more than a plastic press, so this product seemed like it was worth a shot. At this price point, the product performs very well. I have found the metal to be of decent quality and the glass hasn't broken (unlike many other presses bought on Amazon). I like that you don't really need to clean the metal cage, as it has no contact with the liquid. The other parts are easy to clean and everything is holding up well after almost 6 months of daily use.

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