Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, 1-Quart, Black

Takeya Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker, 1-Quart, Black

Taste the difference with TAKEYA's Cold Brew Coffee Maker. The traditional hot brewing process releases undesirable acids and oils, resulting in bitter flavor and acidity that is intolerable to many. With cold brewing, only the naturally delicious coffee flavors are extracted, leaving behind the bitter oils and fatty acids, creating a perfectly balanced, smooth extraction of concentrated coffee. Once brewed, concentrated coffee can be kept fresh in the TAKEYA airtight Cold Brew Coffee Maker for up to 2 weeks and used for both hot and iced coffees.

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Comments / reviews:
I purchased this to make cold brew coffee at the office. My coworkers and I were going to the local siren at least 3-4 times a week for our afternoon pick me up. It was starting to become a serious drain financially. We all chipped in to get this pitcher and take turns buying beans. Get them ground for a French press, or super coarse, and you'll have a pretty good replica. The instructions for making cold brew are pretty easy. Of course you'll get some micro grinds that will make its way through the filter but that's to be expected. If you're OCD about it, you could pour it through a strainer or paper filter. Or just let it settle and pour gently. We've seriously cut down our caffeine expenditures by 50-75%. Now if we could figure out a way to order out less :)

I really love this thing, I used to visit Starbucks twice a day for cold brew and now I save cash and time. It took me a few batches to figure out how to get great coffee out of this thing, but once I got it I was very impressed.

Couple things I noticed that may help you out.

1) Use good quality medium to dark roast.
2) Fill the coffee filter all the way with coarse ground coffee.
3) Use filtered water.
4) Let the water coffee mixture sit out for the first few hours, preferably in the sun, before placing it in the fridge.
5) Let the coffee brew at least 20 hours, anything less will be watery and not great

1. Once you get the hang of it, amazing coffee results.
2. Very quick to prepare, easy to use, and easy to clean
3. The carafe fits in my fridge door

1. As some reviews point out, even with a coarse grind, there may still be some coffee grounds in the coffee.
2. The spout is finicky, and if it is not aimed just right coffee will end up on your counter when you pour.
3. You can only make 32oz at a time (which on the other hand always ensures that you have relatively fresh coffee)

extremely easy to use and clean. Like it's ridiculously easy.
Sturdy product, I intentionally tossed it while empty and full just to "test it" doesn't leak and didn't break.

Low capacity of fluid.

So for anyone new to cold brew use this, I highly advise it. Use it as you wish... However...
What I do is:
Brew coffee for about 20-30h.
Pour coffee into large container.
Mix milk, creamer, and flavouring into container.
Drink it all in one go cause it's so delicious... Kidding. It last me a day or two. But I drink a lot of coffee.

Now, remember cold brew coffee is extremely potent. (I'm a chemist... Trust me)
It is way more smooth and while I haven't tested the caffine content it seems higher, or maybe that's cause I drink more.

Now, again I remind you it's potent. Add about 1:4 water to coffee and when done brewing dilute coffee with regular coffee, milk, or whatever.

Highly advise using cold brew in place of hot coffee on all occasions.
Heat it up if ya want hot coffee. It's still great.

I like the size of this for a single person. I unscrewed the filter from the lid, threw in 1 cup of coursely ground coffee, screwed the filter back on, put in a little more than 3/4 container of distilled water, put the lid on, and put it into the fridge for 24 hours.
I did do a pour-over the first time to bloom the coffee, but it wasn't easy to manage the water pouring and all after and didn't do much beyond just doing it the way I did in the above line.
I really enjoy it, nice and compact, and looks nice. The filter material is thin, but I haven't ripped it.. just feels thin and possibly fragile. It washes out without issues and didn't fall apart when doing it, so that might just be my imagination.
The lid seals it tight, and it looks presentable when I take the filter out and go to work with the container full of cold brew coffee.
A very small amount of residue was at the bottom, but it was almost invisible unless I really looked. I didn't taste any residue while drinking, so it was very small amounts of powder/dust.

We've been hearing over and over again on how amazing cold brew is, how it's life changing, and how you'll never go back to normal coffee. While the last part is definitely not true, the former two are.

Let's be honest here... we're lazy sometimes. We've been using a Keurig for years because ... well ... it's convenient. It's also wasteful as heck. Yes there are a few places that offer recyclable K-Cups, most are not recyclable at all. This means they're all being tossed into landfills cup after cup of coffee.

We've had a bag of ground coffee in our fridge since Christmas. We just don't brew coffee normally because, like I said, we're lazy. Plus it's summertime, so who wants HOT coffee? Certainly not us! We decided to get in on this "cold brew" craze. It's been love at first steep.

The way you use this contraption is to fill the clear portion of the container MOST of the way (I leave ~1/2 an inch from the top) with FILTERED WATER. We use the water from our fridge b/c it's the best we have. The instructions state the amount of coffee you should use in terms of TABLESPOONS, however by the time you convert it out, it ends up being a CUP of coffee grounds. I'm bad at counting, especially when it's something boring like 16 tablespoons, so we decided to make a paper funnel and pour the cup in all at once. Screw all the pieces together, and give it a good shake. The instructions don't say this specifically, however about halfway through I give it another quick few shakes, which changes the clarity considerably. After 12-24 hours, pour the brew into a container, and dilute with another liter of water. This is important because what comes out of the coffee maker is a CONCENTRATE. Because of this, you wouldn't want to drink it straight.

The flavor of the coffee is pronounced, but not overwhelming. It's not bitter at all. My parents go the same coffee as I did and their reaction was, "It was just OK." The cold brew made it amazing. We keep our cold brew in a plastic jug after brewing (the ones most ppl use for KoolAid) and shake it up. Typically this sort of thing stays good for about a week, so we should be good for a while.

The only problem I have with this is the filter portion is kind of narrow, so it's difficult to get a *good* clean for it. Granted you can rinse it out really really well, but giving a scrub without specialized equipment isn't possible. I would have also preferred glass instead of plastic, because I feel like less flavor will seep into the plastic for a later time/date. The rubber on the handle is ... awkward. It almost looks like it can/should come off, but at the same time you can tell if you do remove it, you'll likely never get it back on.

I wasn't a big coffee drinker, but I can't stand the smell of regular coffee pot and the way it permeates everything in your house from clothes to furniture and etc. So I had been looking into cold brew, unsure of if I'd like it or not, and I felt liek this was the most reasonable ption for what I was looking for, based on my research.

+Easy to use. Just grind your beans coarse, put them in the filter, fill with water, and let it sit for 12-24 (I've let it go as long as 36) hours!
+Parts come apart, everything goes into the dishwasher for easy clean up
+Small size fits in the fridge with limited problems
+BPA free plastic. Durable and safe!
+Airtight seal on the pitcher is excellent. You can leave it on it's side

+Coffee is supposed to be highly concentrated but the coffee comes out an iced-tea colored brown rather than the black I've seen in pictures and videos. I tried different beans, different coarseness. It all comes out weak. Very drinkable and tasty, but weak.

To sum it up, this is an excellent device for what it is. But if you are an aficionado looking for those much tastier flavors cold brew claims to provide, you may need a stronger set up.

Great cold brew system! We had been putting off getting one for so long. We have a keurig and simply put brewed coffee in the fridge overnight. But as our keurig seems to be dying, it was time to explore other options. I wish we had done it sooner! This system is so easy to use - add your coffee of choice and water, place it in the fridge and wait for the next day. That's it!! So easy, great tasting coffee that goes far enough for both of us. It easily fits on a shelf or the door. We're considering buying a second because of how much coffee my husband drinks or if we have company.

After a couple weeks of use I've noticed a flaw to call out. When inserting the filter into the water the grounds sometimes pop up to the top of the filter. This causes the grounds to get stuck and not submerge fully into the water to brew properly. I'm not terribly picky and haven't noticed a huge difference in taste or quality. The fix is easy - insert the filter into the water slowly and if needed tap the filter firmly on the side of the carafe. With a firm tap the grounds should fall to the bottom of the filter. Given that this isn't an issue when brewing a full carafe, an issue every time we brew, or a noticeable difference in taste/quality, I'm leaving my rating as 5 stars.

I don't actually make my cold brew coffee in this pitcher, but I do use it for storing my nectar of the gods. I honestly can't say enough good things about these pitchers. I own at least 12 of the 2-quart pitchers that I use for keeping iced green tea. They seal tight and are rather durable. I like how you don't need to completely unscrew the lid in order to pour out some of the contents. A worthy purchase.

Bonus info on cleaning:
If you're keeping high acidity beverages in your Takeyas such as coffee or tea, you'll notice a build up of stains over time. The best way to clean your pitchers and make them look shiny and new is to use a healthy amount of baking soda and hot water to scrub the inside. Works great!

If you look at others review about damage or issues don't be scared because most of the damage is either done by the person using this cold brew or shipping. I don't know why people give 1 star for damage items received in the mail when it's the carrier that damage the item not Amazon or vendor.

Anyways, I bought this and got a chance to use it. Label states 14-16 tsp. I used 14 and while you have to remember you will still need to water it down but really all depends on your type of coffee beans. I love dark roast and it came out nice and a little strong so I just poured some water in to lighten up the flavor.

WARNING!!! WHEN TIGHTENING THE LID DO NOT OVER TIGHT!! A reviewer stated his lid handle broke. It broke most likely because he'she over tighten it. There is a silicone seal that will do its job.

I love cold brewed coffee! The biggest problem with making iced or cold coffee was the watered down taste that I had when I added ice to freshly brewed coffee. Takeya solved that problem!

This product is incredibly easy to use, and the coffee is delicious! All it takes is some coarsely ground coffee, water and time to brew. I followed the directions, placing the coffee and water in the Takeya. In less than 3 minutes, I had the Takeya loaded and set it in the fridge to brew overnight.

While I missed the smell of fresh coffee brewing the next morning, I got over it pretty fast when I tasted the cold brew. So happy to be able to enjoy my favorite hazelnut brew without the acidic taste. I am thinking about buying a second one so that I can have a cup or two in the afternoon.

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Product DescriptionThe cold-brew process is known for delivering smooth, low-acid coffee. Since the grounds never come in contact with hot water, the result is a less acidic, less bitter flavor. Steeping the grounds in cold water releases only the most aromatic flavors and the concentrate created
The cold-brew process is known for delivering smooth, low-acid coffee. Since the grounds never come in contact with hot water, the result is a less acidic, less bitter flavor. Steeping the grounds in cold water releases only the most aromatic flavors and the concentrate created from the cold-brew
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