Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System with XL Ninja Hot & Cold 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler and Recipe Book (CF112)

Ninja Coffee Bar Single-Serve System with XL Ninja Hot & Cold 22 oz. Multi-Serve Tumbler and Recipe Book (CF112)

The next-generation Ninja Coffee bar is a single serve Coffee system-complete with a variety of brew types and sizes you can't get anywhere else. There's even a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities. Plus a host of delicious Coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the Comfort of home. And it comes with the Ninja XL hot & cold Multi-Serve tumbler for hot or Iced coffee-big enough for you, or brew for two. Pod-free single-serve brewing gives you the freedom to use any brand of Coffee and to adjust the amount of grounds used-allowing you to achieve unlimited variety and personal customization of your Coffee drinks. Ninja's patent-pending advanced thermal flavor extraction technology allows you to unlock the full flavor potential of your favorite ground Coffee and enjoy a hot, great-tasting brew with variable levels of richness. Classic brew provides a smooth, balanced flavor from your favorite Coffee; rich brew's intense flavor stands up to milk, creamers, and flavorings; and over ice brew makes the perfect Iced Coffee that never tastes watered down. Ninja's signature brews, cafe forte and specialty, take Coffee to the next level. Cafe forte is a full-bodied cup of Coffee that amplifies your coffee's unique nuances down to the last Sip. Specialty brew is a Super-rich concentrate that can be combined with frothed milk to create bold, decadent coffeehouse-style drinks-hot or cold, layered or blended.Our Ninja Coffee bar system features an integrated frother that lets you brew, froth and drink in your favorite mug. In just seconds, you can transform hot or cold milk into a silky foam topping for all your favorite indulgent Coffee drinks.Only the Ninja Coffee bar system has Auto-iQ one-touch Intelligence technology, which draws just the right amount of water from the reservoir, based on the brew size and brew type you choose. And for the first time ever, the Ninja Coffee bar system offers XL settings for both Cups and travel mugs.

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Comments / reviews:
This review is for the CF097, which is almost identical to the CF112 Single Serve system. BY appearances, I can't tell one bit of difference in the hardware and controls between the two. The only difference that I can see between the CF112 and CF097, is that the 097 comes with only two brewing containers, which are a 6 cup insulated metal carafe and a 6 cup clear plastic carafe (to be used for brewing iced coffee). And on the 112 control panel, I see that it contains the icon selections for "Half" (Carafe) and "Full" (Carafe) options, implying that the 112 can also brew the larger quantities if you order the larger two carafes that come with the 097. The full carafe option brews 43 oz.of coffee. So, I believe that all of my review points below will be pertinent to the CF112, certainly as it relates to the features and how the Ninja Coffee Bar functions. And since I saw no reviews on this model number, I thought it might be helpful for you to evaluate this overall system, based on my hands on experience with the slightly different CF097. So, here goes.

I am in awe of the thought that went into the design and features of this coffee maker. Flexibility and versatility for anything you wish to do, resides in this incredible machine. Although all exterior parts are plastic, the unit appears to be well built, and it is certainly attractive enough to enhance kitchen decor, sitting on the counter top. Actually it is quite an eye catcher. There are so many features, that it is hard to decide where to start.

But first I want to say that the difference between this latest version of the Ninja and its predecessor, is the predecessor used a hand held agitator, to manually plunge an agitator up and down in a dedicated vessel for its "frothing" action. This machine improves on "frothing" by integrating a powered mixer arm and whisk (like a milk shake mixer), which swings out from the body of the new Ninja, to accept the frothing attachment, which attaches and detaches, with a twist of the stem.

First of all, the machine has what Ninja says is smart technology built into it, so there is no guessing on your part, on how to get the best cup or carafe of perfect coffee, whether your tastes run from a basic (classic cup or carafe) to a more stout and robust brew which can stand up to added ingredients such as cream, milk, sugar and liquid flavorings, without tasting diluted with those additions. The forethought that went into this machine, matches the perfect balance of quantity of coffee grounds, to the amount of hot water which will be delivered, for the type of specialty drink you wish to brew.

There is one crucial design feature, which I believe is the key to Ninja being able to yield a richer and more full bodied flavor in the brew. With most coffee makers, the water heats up to brewing temperature and then immediately flows, in a single stream, into your coffee grounds. However, that leaves quite a bit of flavor behind, since the grounds are hurried in their effusion process (kind of like warming up and stretching before a race or a workout).

With the Ninja, the machine first drips just enough hot water evenly, over the grounds, to saturate them really well before starting the brewing cycle (this dripping starts fairly quickly and continues for about 15 seconds to fully saturate the grounds). This delivery of hot water to the grounds is evenly spread out above the filter and the grounds, through 12 evenly spaced holes in a circular pattern, above the filter basket and grounds, in both the saturation phase and the subsequent brewing cycle. After saturating the grounds, the machine pauses momentarily before entering the full brew cycle. This helps to insure that all of the grounds are thoroughly saturated, to coax the maximum flavor and richness out of them. The entire brewing cycle lasts about 6.5 minutes. Thus, I believe that the real magic in this machine is this very smart pre-infusion design feature. Also, when first turned on, there is a 3 minute pre-heat cycle, with a pre-heat light indicator, which goes out when Ninja is ready to brew.

What is included with this system is the machine itself, the frothing stem/whisk attachment, a 10 cup metal insulated carafe (not dishwasher safe) which can keep your coffee hot for about 6 hours, and a 10 cup clear plastic "over ice" carafe (which is dishwasher safe). There are no single serve cups or travel mugs included. You will have to purchase those separately or use generic containers, of appropriate size, which you likely already have in your cabinet. Be sure to read all instructions to determine which parts are not dishwasher safe, versus those which are, and those which are only top rack safe.

Flexibility is KING in this machine, which blends the best of both worlds... giving you the dual capabilities of both a traditional, "full pot of coffee" machine as well as Keurig style single cup machines. Now you can have both in one.

Following are the features (control panel buttons) which give you a vast range of options in one machine.

I love that fact that you can simply fill the water reservoir to its maximum fill level (6 1/2 cups) and then forget about measuring water for subsequent brewing cycles, until it exhausts its supply. The side of the main water reservoir contains icons and water levels which correspond to all of the dial selections on the main control panel, so that you can always be sure that you have enough water in the reservoir to complete the brewing cycle for whichever size container you want to brew. But do keep an eye on the water level, in relation to the sizes of vessels to be brewed, because you can't let the Ninja run out of water, during any brewing cycle. The machine calculates and delivers precisely the right amount of water for whichever brewing option you choose (explained below), with dials on the front which you turn to select the desired size of vessel.

You can pick from the following sizes of containers, by rotating the top dial in either direction, which illuminates each choice, as it is selected:

a) Regular cup brews 9.5 oz.
b) XL cup brews 11.5 oz.
c) Travel mug brews 14 oz.
d) Large travel mug brews 18 oz.
e) Half carafe brews 28 oz.
f) Full carafe brews 43 oz.

After selecting the size that you want to brew, you then pick from 5 options below, for different kinds of drinks and different intensities of flavor. Note: You must always use a container which is several ounces larger than the selection, to avoid overflow.

a) "Classic Brew", which equates to a traditional cup of coffee, flavor-wise.

b) "Rich Brew", which delivers slightly less water to the grounds, to create a bit more robust and flavorful blend. The main use for this, is when you want to add milk, cream, or liquid flavorings, without diluting the coffee flavor with the additions. Or if you simply like your coffee stronger. I found the Rich Brew to be extremely good, especially when using very high quality beans or grounds (which are recommended to be "medium grind". It is surprising how much better your favorite coffee tastes, when brewed in this machine, versus traditional drip coffee makers, such as my Black and Decker. I think it is due to the pre-soak of the grounds, along with the way the machine's brewing cycle and temperatures work.

c) "Over Ice Brew", in which you use the clear carafe, filled to the top with ice. The Ninja then delivers a much more concentrated brew which is designed to be the perfect level of undiluted flavor, in combination with the melted ice. Very clever and functional indeed. You also have the option to do the "Over Ice Brew", with the other sizes of containers, and not just the full carafe. It is critical in all of these options, to fill your appropriate sized cup or mug with ice, to the top, before placing it under the brewing basket.

d) "Specialty Concentrated Brew", which is the one which you will use when making iced blended coffee drinks or milk blended (frothed) coffee drinks. And no matter what size of vessel you select, this setting only delivers 4 oz of concentrated brew, to be blended into mochas, lattes, flat whites, or cappuccinos.

e) "Cafe Forte", which is basically the same as the above with the exception that it will deliver 8 oz of concentrated brew.

To use the frothing feature and attachment, you swing the frothing arm out from the body of the Ninja and attach the frothing whisk. You will pour cold milk, or hot milk (microwaved for 45-60 seconds), about 1/3 full (more or less, according to taste preference) and then submerge the whisk to just below the surface of the milk and hold down the "start" button on top of the frothing arm, to whip the milk into a "froth" by introducing air into it. After which you will add your brewed coffee, in a mix ratio that you prefer, being sure that your "combining" vessel is large enough to accommodate both the frothed milk and the brewed coffee. You will then see 3 layers, with the bottom being un-whipped milk, followed by the middle layer of coffee, and the top layer of frothed milk. Next, insert a spoon and stir lightly for a perfect "flat white" blend.

Other features:

a) Removable water reservoir and lid, which are dishwasher safe.

b) Permanent micro-filter basket which does not require a paper filter (biggie for me), which is removable for cleaning. If you do use a paper filter, you first remove the permanent micro-filter basket.

c) A swing down platform for cups/mugs (larger vessels and carafes simply rest on the floor of the Ninja).

d) Programmable brewing cycles for delayed start. You can program up to 24 hours in advance and then just leave it on a repetitive start cycle (same time every day), or you can push the "Delay" button to interrupt the normal routine, after which you will have to reprogram back to what you want.

e) A cleaning cycle. The Ninja has built in sensors to detect the buildup of calcium or scale, at which point the word "Clean" on the control panel will light up. The clean cycle uses white vinegar and water and takes about 8 minutes to complete. I doubt this will be needed if you are using distilled water, since it contains nothing that would build up. And for the best flavor, the instructions suggest distilled water or filtered, although it is not necessary if you are satisfied with your tap water.

f) A "two sizes" scoop which stores handily in a recess on the side of the Ninja. The instruction book tells you how many "Large Scoops" or how many "Small Scoops" to use for each size selection on the control panel. And it also tells you "in tablespoons", in case you lose your Ninja scoop, which snaps into the side of the Ninja for storage.

g) Drip stop lever, which you slide, to shut off the flow, in order to interrupt a brewing cycle to extract a cup of coffee before the larger vessel cycle is finished. Doing this, you have to momentarily remove the vessel that is being used. And after you get your quick cup of coffee, you re-insert whichever sized vessel you were filling and then slide the lever back to the open position.

h) I love this one...a wonderful Menu/Recipe book which features 20 different recipes (see attached picture), allowing you to be your own Barista, creating your own Starbucks coffee at home. There are 11 hot coffee recipes and 9 cold. The book tells you exactly what to add to the mix for wonderful specialty drinks to shatter the boredom of the "same old, same old". And after viewing these recipes, you can quickly imagine all sorts of variations and flavors which you can concoct by letting your imagination run wild, along with a trip to the flavorings aisle in the grocery store.

This machine is a real game changer, when you want to quit paying 6 bucks for a specialty cup of coffee. And if you have well insulated metal containers, you can fill a "big bad boy" to the brim and take it to the office for hours, of hot or cold enjoyment. HINT....The best affordable metal insulated containers on the planet are less than 10 bucks at WalMart..."Ozark Trails" brand in a 32 oz and a 20 oz size (think Yeti 30 to 40 dollar containers, for a fraction of the cost with the same performance). You will find them in the sporting goods section at WM. So with the Ninja and the Ozark Trails, you just slashed the cost of your favorite coffee drinks, to take on the road, and good for all day long. From experience, all summer long at poolside and on the lake, in 100 degree heat, the Ozark Trails can keep iced drinks undiluted for hours, without any noticeable ice melt. Same true for hot drinks, which will stay piping hot for hours. You will not regret the purchase of this very sensible machine.

I purchased this system on my own and was not given the item to review. I just got this a few days ago and I think it's a great unit! What I really love about it is that it's single serve without the commitment to pods/k-cups. I am the only coffee drinker in my home and this has been SO ideal for me! The coffee is hot, and tastes GREAT. I especially love the cafe forte option. The coffee does not taste bitter or over extracted.

I would HIGHLy recommend this unit. I have tried them ALL. From Bunn to Cuisinart, to Keurig. I think this is worth the money and you won't be disappointed!!

I love this coffee maker! I had a Keurig and wasn't too impressed, I mean the coffee was good but nothing special. With this, I can froth the milk and make the coffee stronger if needed or I can have a large cup of iced coffee.
I will never go back! It is just wonderful.

Date of purchase: 02/03/2017. Date of review: 02/08/2017. Price paid: $111 at Bed, Bath and Beyond (on sale for $129 and then used a 20% coupon).

I have been drinking coffee for about 23 years. I started out way back in the day with McDonalds coffee, then donut shop coffees (actual donut shops - remember those?!), Village Inn coffee and then in my early 20s, specialty drinks like mochas. When I got my own place in 1998, I had a little four-cup coffeemaker and even tried out one of the early pod models - a Black and Decker machine. I took the B&D machine back because of the horrible plastic smell.

For most of my 20s, I just drank coffee from my four-cup Mr. Coffee and I liked it. I am by no means a coffee snob or aficionado; I don't grind my own beans, I drank Folgers and liked it and I didn't know the difference between roasts. In my 30s, we got a Keurig in the office and I. Was. Hooked. Got one for home and never looked back. The Keurig was perfect for me since at that time, I only drank one cup of coffee per day. I'm now up to three cups a day, but anywho... Kcups have typically cost between 45 - 60 cents per each for me. I often buy store brand Kcups to save money.

I still drink "foofy" drinks, too: mochas, lattes, cold brew coffee. However, I have finally reached a point where I'm tired of paying $4.65 for a small specialty latte.I rarely buy iced mochas or lattes anymore, as I feel they are even more of a rip-off.

I was at Bed, Bath and Beyond a few weeks ago and saw the display and infomercial for the Ninja Coffee Bar. I was intrigued. I went home and researched. Heavily. Within a week. I brought home the single serve Ninja Coffee Bar with frother. Woo and hoo!

Setup was pretty easy, though you really do need to make sure you run that cleaning cycle through - twice. First thing I noticed was that the Ninja was a lot slower than the Keurig. It also seems to take more time to heat up before it's ready to brew. Neither one of these points cause an issue for me.

I dove straight in to making a specialty coffee, the honey lavender something-or-other from the recipe book. I used Dunkin Donuts ground coffee and followed the recipe to a T. It *looked* amazing, but it tasted like crap. I couldn't figure out if it was the coffee or the creamer I'd frothed. I eventually isolated the problem - the frother. The frother is a plastic piece with a metal wire whisk down the middle that snaps on to the Ninja. Being that I have a particularly sensitive sniffer, I asked my SO to smell the frother piece - he definitely noticed the smell. I Googled around and sure enough, there are a number of people who have issues with the frother. What's weird to me is how the smell of the plastic (or metal) could transfer to the milk/creamer. But it definitely smelled funny. I contacted Ninja via Facebook and they told me to call their 800#. Called the next day and the rep said it would be easiest to just return the machine and get another one. I would have thought maybe sending me a non-toxic frother would be a better solution, but I packed the thing up and exchanged it that night.

The frother on the new machine has a slight odor to it, but doesn't seem to be transferring the smell to the milk I am frothing. If I notice it again, I'll just take the whole thing back and be done with it. But, for now, things taste OK, but I'm just trying to get used to non-Keurig-tasting coffee!

I eventually wrote Ninja via email and asked for them to send me another frother, which they did. This one (the 3rd one I've had) does not have a smell to it. But, neither frother (the 2nd one that came with the machine or the 3rd one that was sent to me) is transferring any smell to the frothed liquids, so we're good, even though one of them still smells funny.

I've made several drinks now and used all of the settings except for the 8oz. "forte" setting. The basic lattes and iced coffees are EXCELLENT. I was very skeptical that this machine could produce a good iced coffee or latte. Despite it brewing 4oz. of hot coffee over ice, it does an amazing job. And the "lattes" even though you're not using espresso, are amazing! I've made them for my family and friends and they agree that they taste better than what you can get in a coffeeshop. I can happily say I haven't paid for a single latte or iced coffee since I got this machine! I have estimated that each latte I've made costs about 75 cents or less. I'm using Folgers Colombian blend and have decided I like that blend quite a bit. I'm even now doing regular coffee in the Ninja and my Keurig is starting to collect dust.


Features (rich brew, classic brew, forte, over ice, specialty)
Sizes (cup, travel, XL)
Frother - it's built in and easy to use
Drip stop feature for us impatient types
Handy scoop that attaches to the side of the machine
Enough space for larger travel mugs under the machine. Also has a little nifty pop-out shelf for shorter mugs.
Taste is excellent, esp if you try out the recipes in the included book! The recipe book is really handy and can help de-mystify this complexity of this machine.
Makes a great iced coffee (this one surprised me)
No plastic Kcups to clog landfills


Cheap, plastic construction. It doesn't feel like a well-made machine at all. It feels flimsy.
Frother does not heat milk. It just froths. I think Ninja is a little mis-leading about this feature.
Check your frother - it might smell and be transferring that smell to your milk when you froth it.
No auto shut-off.

Neutral, but worth noting:

Water reservoir is on the small side.
Ninja takes longer to heat up than Keurig (not a deal-breaker for me)
Ninja takes longer to brew than Keurig (not an issue for me)
Cleanup is more cumbersome than Keurig (frother, used grounds in basket vs. just throwing out a Kcup)

Love it! I've had it a few weeks now and can't get over how much more I like it. I love having control over how much grounds I'm using for my brew. I love the many options. It brews up a perfect cup - every time. I just wish the water tank was larger, but I can deal. Best part is the frother tucks away. No. Best part is that pieces can go in the dishwasher. Nope. Best part is how I can easily make a good iced coffee. Nope. All of it is the best!

Definitely an upgrade from my Keurig! Makes fantastic coffee, any way you'd like it. Takes a little getting used to that its not as fast as the keurig, but worth it. My only complaint, so far, is the cleaning process. It can literally take hours to run through over and over again before the clean light finally goes off. The series of blinks and beeps, as its way of telling you what to do is confusing. I hope they eventually make that part of the process a little easier. Overall, I'm pleased with this machine.

Good coffee large cup sizes. DOES NOT HAVE A TRUE AUTO SHUT OFF. As per manufacture the preheat will stay on for 72 hours for faster brewing unless you turn it off. Wish it has an option to bipass the preheat and have a true auto off.

What I won't start this review with is branding this Ninja coffee brewer a 'Keurig-alternative'. Keurig's system is its own thing, and this Ninja system is frankly, a normal coffee brewer. If you want capsules, get a Keurig. If you want to use coffee grinds, continue reading.

If not obvious from the above, this is a loose-coffee brewing system. Meaning, you have to buy a can of coffee grinds, and use that to brew your cup by placing a cup full into the filter and using whatever setting you wish. The filter is embedded to the front of the Ninja, and has an 'easy pull' mechanism such that it doesn't 'slide out' rather 'coordinates' itself out. The latter being the product of a bit of innovative engineering on Ninja's part.

That being said, this is a mostly plastic machine with stainless steel-like fixtures throughout. It will go with a modern kitchen. There are various settings on the Ninja that will give you different types of coffee output. I stuck with just a regular cup of coffee, and it worked perfectly. I set the setting on normal cup size, and classic brew. I then took the included scoop, put the coffee in the filter housing, and let the machine work. The resulting cup of coffee was very good -- and quick. However, should you want to get it a little darker (called 'rich brew') or non-heated (for cold coffee), you can do these functions as well. These settings will take care of most of your coffee needs.

Setup of the machine is easy enough, however, should you want to get more involved with the Ninja, the manual has a bit of a learning curve. There are many functions to take advantage of here, though if you are simply a coffee drinker with a bit of curiosity for a little more adventure, this machine will provide that. You can froth up some whip cream with the included frother (on the side), or have different sizes/strengths of regular coffee.


A versatile coffee machine that should please most people. Though the quality is a bit too plastic-y, it works well and I have not found any problems thus far. What I have gotten is a consistently good cup of coffee that I didn't have to use a prepackaged 'coffee' insert for.

Works great! It's a good investment when you spend too much on coffee. I didn't want to buy an actual espresso machine because the good ones were over my budget and the cheap ones I had to tamp myself, so this is a good choice for in between. I'm very satisfied with this product!

I love all kinds of coffee and I kept seeing the informercial about the Coffee Bar. I immediately fell in love with all the gadgets and whats-its and caught myself standing in Target picking up this system a few times before changing my mind and putting it back on the shelf. I hesitated, wondering about all the what-ifs and if this was going to be worth the money to buy. After much deliberation over my usual boring cup of morning coffee, I broke down and came to Amazon and ordered it. Why not? Give it a go. Bad reviews aside. Which were mostly silly and didn't sway me at all from not buying it.

It arrived to my home a few days later and I excitedly opened the box cleaned all the parts, read the directions, scoured through the recipe book, ogled over my new frother wand and the huge travel cup it comes with, ran the cleaning cycle a few times, and finally broke open that nice pack of Christmas blend coffee I'd been dying to taste. I've been a amateur barista before at a little cafe, but some of those drinks I've never made in the actual style that the book shows. The one I was most proud of was my caramel cappuccino. The one that looks layered with the milk on the bottom, coffee in the middle, and thick foam on top with a caramel drizzle. I happen to be drinking one now as I write this review.

This machine has buttons for every style in a simple compact design that's easy to use for ANY beginner or pro. As far as I can tell, this machine has lived up to the hype and delivers a beautiful range of coffee and various styles that warms the heart. I love coffee so it's nice to FINALLY see a machine to do it justice. I also have a La Pavoni espresso machine, which is something the Ninja Coffee Bar doesn't do. (Pull shots of espresso) As I do love espresso latte's, I don't find myself missing it anymore since I've used the Ninja Coffee Bar. I'll always love espresso and I'll never get rid of my La Pavoni, but it's taken a backseat for now. This machine is fun and can definitely achieve all it has set out to do. All I can hope in the months to come is that it continues to give me the amazing results it's been giving so far. Don't disappoint me, Ninja.

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The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve and glass carafe coffee system-complete with a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities, a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the comfort of home and it comes with the Ninja XL Hot & Cold
The best coffeehouse in town is on your countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar coffee maker. Ninja’s patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer-tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer has Thermal Flavor
The best coffeehouse in town is on your countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer. Ninja's patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer- tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer has Thermal Flavor Extraction,
The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve and glass carafe coffee system-complete with a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities, a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the comfort of home and it comes with the Ninja XL Hot & Cold
The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve coffee system-complete with a variety of brew types and sizes you can't get anywhere else. There's even a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities. Plus a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the
The best coffeehouse in town is on your countertop with the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer. Ninja's patent-pending brewing technology is designed to deliver better, richer- tasting coffee with variable richness levels that are never bitter. Only the Ninja Coffee Bar brewer has Thermal Flavor Extraction,
This next-generation Ninja Coffee BarВ® Single-Serve with Thermal Flavor ExtractionВ® technology and Signature brew settings Specialty and Cafe Forte prepares single- and carafe-size servings of coffee, without using pods. Since the machine works with ground beans, it gives you the freedom to use
The next-generation Ninja Coffee Bar is a single serve coffee system-complete with a variety of brew types and sizes you can't get anywhere else. There's even a built-in frother with hot and cold frothing capabilities. Plus a host of delicious coffee recipes you can create and enjoy, all from the
The Ninja Single-Serve Coffee Bar System (CF091 series) prepares single- and carafe-size servings of coffee, without using pods. Set includes (2) Carafes-- 10 cup (50 oz.) glass carafe and precise temp warming plate, 10 cup (50 oz.) Ninja Over Iceв„ў Carafe. This next-gen coffee bar system has a
Ninja Coffee Bar countertop brewer features patent-pending brewing technology designed to deliver better, richer-tasting coffee using your favorite ground coffeeExclusive Thermal Flavor Extraction Technology lets you customize brew strength and unlocks the full flavor potential of your coffee with