Comments about Mr. Coffee JWX3 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

Mr. Coffee JWX3 5-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker, Black

Set the Delay Brew feature up to 24 hours in advance and get ready to wake up to a freshly brewed pot of hot, delicious coffee.

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I've read in some of the comments that there is not a hot-plate here, that it's "just" the thermal pot that keeps the coffee warm. Well, my hot plate is working just fine. It also turns off after an approximately one hour. I love this little pot and it's just perfect for my husband and me. We get up at different times. With this pot it is just so easy for me to have my two cups, prepare the pot for when he gets up, and then he can have a fresh two cups of coffee also. It's also nice for making a cup for late afternoon or dinner. I like that it doesn't take up near the space that the other pot did. It is just so much neater on my counter. I can now place this smaller coffee maker in a more convenient location. The other coffee pot seemed to take up quite a bit of space (needed pull out and rotate room to fill water tank). Filling the water was a hassle as I had to pull the whole thing out from under the cabinet and turn it around in order to get the water in the tank. I found the "perfect" measuring cups set and use the four-cup container to fill this pot. They have the long spouts with the stabilizer catch which catches on the side of the pot and with the long snout, pours into this pot perfectly without dribble. This pot is the perfect height for under the counter. I like the heavy thermal pot (so much easier to clean), I'm saving by not using as much coffee, and it looks really nice. I haven't used the programmable function as it only takes four minutes to make coffee. It will take more water than four cups, I fill the container pretty much to the top, and use 1/3 cup of coffee, and my coffee is strong the way I like it. My husbands kicks it back as he likes weaker coffee. I'm glad I switched and ditched...the old pot. UPDATE: I still love this coffee pot a couple of months later. In fact, I like it more today than when I first wrote the review. I've saved a lot on coffee. I'm only sorry I didn't go downsize sooner. Making coffee couldn't be easier or faster. And one pot enough for more than 2 very large cups of coffee! Update: Went belly up this evening. I am not a happy camper, but it's on sale... and I love it so much, I just bought two more.. one as a back up. Hopefully, I'm just unlucky in the one I purchased. I really love this pot.

I have had no problems with this machine, and most of the other reviewers in the 3-4 star ratings have made some pretty accurate comments. I question the importance that some other reviewers have made about some aspects of this machine.

My negative comments:
1. The owners manual is far too complex and poorly written for a relatively simple coffee pot.
2. Their advertising lists 5 cups. Nonsense! Nobody drinks out of a 5oz coffee cup anymore. Expect 25oz of brewing capacity.
3. The carafe does dribble a little bit down the side if it has a wet exterior and is rather full. If dry and not full to the problems. You do need to avoid excessively fast pouring to remain accurate. Mr. Coffee needs to get their act together and extend the pour spout about another 1/2" to eliminate the dribbles. This is not a problem if you are at your kitchen counter, but would be a huge problem if your were refilling your someone's cup while they were holding it in their lap.
4. The corners of the water-fill area are a bit tedious to fill, but not difficult.
5. The clock and digital display is recessed rather deeply into the case. This makes you bend way over and look at it on the level of the cabinet in order to see the "PM" sign and all of the numbers. Annoying, but not really a bad feature.
6. The button labels could be simpler. They are in english, so why not "set brew time" and "activate delay brew" instead of "set brew" and "delay brew", which seem a bit ambiguous to me. Incidentally, the delay brew time CANNOT be set until you select "off". The owners manual does not mention this, which might incline an impatient person to pitch it out as defective.

My positive comments:
1. This is a very quiet machine, and it makes very good coffee. It perks hot enough to be good, not hot enough to qualify as espresso or "burnt".
2. The filter cup has a neat little valve at the bottom that allows you to quickly remove the carafe and pour a cup, then return it with no leakage. It prevents leakage on the way to the sink or trash can, too. I don't doubt that other reviewers who had problems with water leaking out onto the counter simply didn't understand how to install the carafe under the filter. It's actually quite easy.
3. There is a built-in timer that turns off the burner after one hour after the brew. This will prevent "left on" accidents.
4. I LIKE the pouring accuracy of the carafe, when it is not dribbling down the side. I also prefer a metal carafe, although they will cool off quicker than glass when removed from the burner. This pot will NEVER get broken and need replacing.
5. I have not experienced any "burning" of coffee. It's WATER, and the carafe does not boil off the coffee when left on the burner. If you pour off nearly all the coffee, then return it to the heat, you should expect it to boil off the coffee and scorch the bottom.
6. The filter cup uses standard small filters, available almost everywhere. In fact, it uses the same filters that fit our 20 year old "Mr. Coffee" that finally died.
7. It is a fairly attractive black & stainless appliance. If you want something that isn't made out of plastic, warm up your wallet and spend a whole lot more.
8. This is an ideal machine for single or small servings. It has no problem making a quick 16oz dose of coffee, or just 5 oz if you are crazy enough to make one that small.

I bought this to replace one exactly like, which I'd used & abused for many years. I love the smaller, more manageable size of it, as it's a space saver, and I'm practically the only one who drinks coffee in the family. The Stainless Steel carafe is a nice alternative to glass, as I find it keeps the coffee hotter & fresher much longer (and won't break during washing). The only downside to this coffee maker is that the heating plate (under the carafe) can tend to get permanent burn marks if water/coffee drips on it when carafe is removed. That being said, it's still a remarkable quality coffee maker at a very reasonable price.

I've lost count of the 4-5 cup coffee makers I've owned, and, sure, they all basically do the same thing, but this one has a couple of advantages that I really like, and a drawback or two. First, it makes a fast pot of coffee, which is great, but the downside of a metal carafe, for me, is that you can't see the coffee in the pot. There is a water-level window on the side, but with a glass carafe you can see the coffee from pretty much anywhere in the vicinity. I didn't realize how often I looked at the pot to see if the coffee was done.

Another advantage is that it takes regular 8-12 cup paper filters, instead of the 4-cup filters that are sometimes hard to find on the store shelf. The basket is deep, which means I can heap the coffee in when I need it to be strong. Also, a definite plus for us Southpaws, you can pour the water in from either side. Behind the basket are triangular spaces in the back corners on each side, so it's easy to pour in the water from either side. At the same time, other reviewers have complained that the spaces are too small, but it's a fair trade-off to be able to pour the water in from the left.

Overall, I'm very pleased with this model of Mr. Coffee, and prefer it over most of the others I've owned. I would, and probably will, buy it again.

We upgraded from the 4-cup to the 5-cup. We like that the controls are up higher, on the coffee maker. Our 4-cup controls were down at the base, and we frequently bumped it and turned it on by accident. We like that it fits perfectly on the counter, under the cabinet, and we can leave the lid open to dry over night.

Only down side is that the 4-cup basket really DOES NOT work with this machine, even though it's advertised to go together. Maybe it's the flow of water? We've tested several amounts of coffee, and it always overflowing the grinds, unless it's just two scoops. So we end up with coffee grinds everywhere, including in the coffee pot.

I do have some other coffee making devices (espresso, french press) but my wife and I decided that we need something that can brew good old filter coffee. This Mr. Coffee device is small enough to use the #2 filters (and save on coffee), and it's the right size for our family of 2 adults (as our kid is still too young to drink coffee). The programming feature works great but we don't use it often as it does not take much time to brew the coffee (just 2-3 minutes) and it does not make much sense to spend some time remembering how to program this thing when you can just press a button in the morning.

After all, a great device. Purchased it a few months ago and no problems so far.

I am happy with this coffee maker. I worked in a few coffee shops and I am kinda picky about my brewers.

The MR.Coffee Jwx3 5 cup has lived up to my expectations.
This is not top of the line but once I got my method down (easily done) I was able to brew a consistent pot with no problem.
I can get three small cups out of this or 2 larger cups. perfect for me and my wife since we seldom drink more than 3 cups each.
the timer stays on warm for 1 hour after brew and I have yet to have burnt coffee at the bottom if I leave less than an inch to top off my cup.

all in all I am happy with this brewer, it has a removable basket to clean out extra grinds if you make a mess and takes smaller paper cup filters not the cone filters.

feel confident buying. I would buy this again if I had it to do over. home this helps someone

I was a keurig user for a while because of the hype and the fun k-cups available. I found it quite wasteful to keep throwing away the plastic cartridges. I just needed something simple and compact for my morning coffee and tea. This little guy is perfect and it's a great deal.
It has the time and an immediate brew button. It also has a delayed brew button so I can set it to make my coffee as soon as I wake up. Brews about four cups in about 2 minutes. My only complaint would be the time display doesn't light up. But I have my watch on me daily and I never wanted any more bells an whilstes on my kitchen appliances.
I'm really glad I have this, would reccomend to a solid coffee drinker like myself.

This coffee maker will only brew a maximum of 20 ounces or 2.5 cups (notice the 4 cup Pyrex measuring cup is larger than the carafe in the photo). This model is very similar to the single serve coffee makers in some hotels rooms. It works as described, brews quickly, pours well and keeps coffee warm for an hour and then shuts off. It is however, smaller than what I expected which is why I gave it 4 stars instead of 5.

Nice, small counter top unit. Brews quickly, makes good coffee. Little awkward to fill reservoir, pot tends to drip when pouring from full if I'm not careful. Overall good product for a guy who only needs 2 mugs of coffee in the morning. It makes approx 24 oz at the max...

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