Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew Single Serve, Black (49989)

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker, Grind and Brew Single Serve, Black (49989)

Grind and Brew Fresh Coffee Every Day - The key to great tasting coffee is using freshly ground beans. With the Single Serve Grind and Brew Coffeemaker, you can grind your favorite coffee beans and brew immediately. Freshly Ground Coffee for a Single Serving - Brew up to 16 ounces of fresh coffee with the Single Serve Grind and Brew Coffeemaker. Just fill the bean chamber and press the Grind/Brew button. The coffeemaker will automatically grind the beans and dispense the grounds into the brew basket. No scooping required!.

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Comments / reviews:
 My Keurig bit the dust, and since I hadn't really been using packaged K-cups lately and instead grinding my own beans and putting them into the empty K-cup things, I was open to other coffee makers. I knew it had to be quick & easy, but I also really wanted fresh. I grind coffee beans each morning to get the freshest taste. This Hamilton Beach Grind and Brew really caught my attention, because I could grind my coffee beans AND brew my coffee all in one step.

Here are the pros and cons:
- With one press of a button, my coffee beans are ground and then my coffee brewed. No more grinding the beans in my grinder and transferring to the coffee maker
- Virtually no cleanup. Besides rinsing out the filter, which is very easy to do, it is self-cleaning. No more cleaning my grinder, and the grinder in this thing rinses itself.
- You also have the option to just brew the coffee, not grinding it
- You can put in exactly how much water you want/need to make exactly how much coffee you want. This is better than a Keurig, which has specific settings you must use (8-oz, 10-oz, 12-oz, etc.) with no in-betweens.
- Coffee brews more slowly than a Keurig. This is a PLUS to me because when the water goes through the grinds too quickly, you lose some flavor. I feel like the water coming through more slowly gives me better-tasting coffee.

- The grinding machine is LOUD. I made a video of this to give you an idea. This isn't too bothersome to me because when I make coffee, no one is asleep, but forget about hearing your TV or having a conversation while it's running. However, the amount of time the grinder is running is minimal. It runs twice. When you first press the button, it grinds for less than a minute. Then after a quiet time, it grinds again for an even shorter time.
- I usually end up with a few coffee grinds in my coffee. Not many, and I just pick them out, and it doesn't happen every time, but most of the time.
- I do not use a tall travel cup, but instead a mug. This is probably why there are a few coffee splatters outside of the mug on the countertop.

Please note that this machine does not come with the travel mug shown in the stock photo. However, it does come with a scoop, and it tells you how many scoops of coffee beans you need.

Overall I really like the machine. On a busy morning, it saves me lots of time of grinding beans to make my fresh coffee. The cons I mentioned aren't bothersome enough to me to ever make me stop using it or not recommend it....but just be aware if they are issues that would bother you.

I bought this for my wife, who drinks 1 cup of coffee every day. I occasionally have one as well. We love this unit. The coffee is cheaper that the cassette type makers, and is freshly ground every morning. It is mostly self-cleaning. It does not have a timer, and does make some noise. Both of those are because of the grinder. Coffee grinders make noise, some more than others, but they all make noise. I don't find this one very loud, but my wife waits until I wake up before using it anyway. A timer on this would not be practical. If you wanted it to come on early so your coffee will be ready when you wake up, then the noise of the grinder might wake you. If it were to grind the coffee the night before and then wait to perk in the morning, then the grinder couldn't run to clean itself. So she puts in the beans and water the night before. In the morning she presses the button and in just a few minutes, fresh ground and brewed coffee. When I want some it does 2 cups at the same time. There is a fine silt in the bottom of the mugs, that's because it is ground and there will always be a fine silt unless you add a paper filter, but who wants that? You can also use pre-ground coffee if you want, but that gets stale within hours of grinding. You can't use this to pre-grind. If you need a coffee maker with a timer, or want something that uses expensive, non-recyclable cassettes so there is no cleaning, then this is not for you. If you want a fresh cup of coffee and don't mind waiting a few minutes, then I highly recommend this. If you need to make a lot of coffee during the day, get something with a pot.

After getting tired of Tassimo continually discontinuing our favorite flavors, I've been wondering what to replace with. I could've gotten a Keurig but was also looking for a more eco-friendly system. When Amazon Vine gave me a chance to review this, it seemed like a potentially suitable appliance to fit my need, so I snagged it. I'm so glad I did.

This system isn't as convenient as a Keurig or other similar systems with disposable pods/cups; however, you get to choose your favorite coffee beans that aren't available in pod/cup forms, like artisanal beans. You put some scoops of beans (for us, 4 scoops for 16 oz), pour the same amount of water in the tank, close everything, then push "grind & brew." It's very convenient but does require rinsing to emptying out the grinds, instead of removing the K-cup like for a Keurig - not a huge price to pay to drink your favorite brand of coffee.

This is basically a drip system with an enclosed grinder. The dimensions are:
-15" tall with an additional 6" necessary for the top lid to open - that's where the coffee beans go. With everything closed, it fits under my cabinet on my kitchen counter, but to use it with whole beans, I have to pull out the entire unit. If you already have ground coffee beans, you only need 3" more (totaling 18") for the water container's lid. I can open the water lid when this brewer is under the counter for brewing ground coffee, but if I want to grind my own beans, I don't have enough space.
- 7" wide with an additional 4" needed where the built-in filter container swings out. That's where the filter is and where your ground coffee goes.
- 9" deep.

It's a bit bigger than I expected, but my 16oz Contigo Autoseal travel mug fits under it, so its tall size makes sense. There are two places where the coffee drips, so make sure the collecting container is wide enough if you plan on using it for one mug/cup. Every time you brew, you pour the desired amount of water into the mug/cup of your choice, then pour that water into this coffeemaker's water storage area. The coffeemaker won't stop brewing until all the water is gone, so there is no leftover water.

It takes longer than Keurig or Tassimo. From grinding to the auto-shutoff when brewing cycle completes, the entire process took a little over 5 minutes for two scoops of coffee beans for a regular mug-sized coffee (10oz??). No one should be annoyed by that because Keurig and Tassimo use ground coffee, so you should be prepared to spend some time waiting for this coffeemaker to grind the beans. It is loud, with two 30-ish second cycles of grinding within the 5+ minutes of total brewing time. But unless you pay hundreds of dollars for a grinder, no reasonable coffee grinder will be quiet. Also, unlike our Tassimo which has a blast of steam at the end, there's no foam on top with this Hamilton Beach. None of these are negative enough for me to deduct a star.

As long as you expect this to be louder (since it has a built-in grinder) and takes longer than a Keurig which uses ground coffee, this is a wonderful alternative to a Keurig. Not only can you conveniently brew your favorite artisanal coffee, you're saving the environment from K-cups and T-discs while saving money per mug - those cups/discs are expensive. My only suggestion to the manufacturer is to allow the coffee bean container to swing out instead of loading by lifting a lid or allow the lid to open without requiring as much vertical space so the coffeemaker can fully work under the cabinet. (Again, not negative enough to deduct a star.)

This is exactly what I was looking for! If you want a single serving of fresh ground coffee this is what you want to get. I have been using mine daily for months without any issues. Its also incredibly intelligent. I forgot to put the filter basket lid in once and it knew and wouldn't let me make a mess. I forgot to put water in once and it just ground the coffee and stopped without trying to brew. I am soooo much happier with this machine that I would have been with the expensive k-cup machines. With this one you can make the coffee how you want to, more beans, less beans, mixing beans, whatever. You can't vary the grind though, which is not very fine but not overly course. It makes great coffee!

I got a good deal on pre-ordering this item while it was out-of-stock on amazon. Have been using it for 2 weeks now and i'm quite happy with it.

Don't know how long it will last, but i have been taking good care of it. After each brew, I leave the lid (of the grinder) open to let it dry out, since if the grinder is wet, the coffee beans won't drop down into the grind chamber. I also dump the used ground coffee and rinse-wash the filter as soon as i can to keep it clean and not moist (leaving the lid open when not in-use). Also, using tap water can cause deposit in the water chamber, so bottled/filtered water is better.

The only negatives are: the ground-coffee filter doesn't catch the really-fine (dust-like) ground, but it is expected with re-usable filter. Also, it's a little noisy while grinding, and it does take approximately 5 minutes for a brew to finish (so plan ahead).

I was using aeropress coffee press before this, which was fine but a little cumbersome. Now the aeropress is only used while I travel (and stay in hotel).

I would strongly recommend this machine if you're a light coffee drinker (thus only need to brew 2-3 times a day). I don't think it will be able to handle heavy usage in an office environment. But if you're using it in an office (with multiple users and repeated brews), the key thing to keep in mind is to keep the bean chamber dry to allow beans to drop freely into the grinder (don't pack the beans tight - just poor them in).

I bought this little device after guilting myself into giving up my Keurig (all those plastic cups going into landfills - ugh!) and it is sturdy, well-made, and easy to use. I love the grind feature, as I think there is nothing like the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and the coffee tastes so much better when it's made from freshly ground beans. Yes, it takes a little longer to remove the coffee and clean the basket every day than it did to just pluck that K-cup out of the Keurig and toss it in the trash, but it is cheaper and greener to use bulk coffee beans.

One thing to note: if you are using the grind feature, it's a noisy little device so not the best choice for an early-morning cup of joe if you have others sleeping nearby, but if you use ground coffee and the brew feature instead, it's fine. The only other downside I have found is that the coffee tends to splash quite a bit if you are using a regular-sized cup because there is too much distance from the dispenser to the cup. I conquered this problem by using a little container to elevate my coffee cup up closer to the dispensing area and now have no problem with splashing.

We bought this to replace our Keurig in order to be more environmentally friendly and we just used for the first time today, and we love it. I read every review, and despite the numerous negative comments, went ahead and purchased this anyway due to lack of other options for a single serve grind and brew. We purchased the extended warranty (inexpensive) just in case we have any issues down the road. I have to say that I disagree with many of the negative reviews. The grinder is not too noisy, the coffee is plenty hot enough, it does take longer to brew than a Keurig but any non-K-cup coffee maker does, and this is why the coffee tastes so much better. For those that say the coffee has a funny taste, it's likely because they did not rinse the interior first. I ran 8 ounces of pure white vinegar through it (let it sit for a few minutes before allowing the cycle to finish by pulling out the plug after 20-30 seconds (see instructions on cleaning), then I ran about 10 cycles of filtered water to make sure there was no vinegar taste. This machine is awesome.

Was dying for the perfect cup of coffee in the morning. I always had to adjust my k-cup type coffee maker. It never seemed to make the coffee strong enough. I found a coffee pod that I settled on, but I knew it wasn't the ideal, full-bodied, smooth and flavor cup I longed for......until I found this baby. It has brewed the perfect cup from day one. I often use the "grind then brew" option, but even with the "just brew" option, the coffee is delicious. I am a happy camper in the morning now. So Satisfying. One thing I have to point out the "grind and brew" option is a little loud, so if your spouse is still asleep and the kitchen is very close to the bedroom, I would opt for the "just brew", it is silent and coffee is just as good. I love that I can have freshly ground coffee in the morning though. My kitchen is a safe distance away from bedroom. Not sure about the neighbors though :).

An update, I purchased this about 9 months ago, loved it (it is noisy) but made a good cup of coffee FRESH. It broke and I called on the warranty and they replaced it no questions asked. (sent picture of cord cut off and $13) Very nice.
BUT in the time while waiting for the replacement I STILL needed coffee! So I used my old coffee grinder, a funnel, the V shaped filters and my gas stove (to heat water) and lived without the noise and had a great cup of coffee.
BOTTOM LINE when this breaks again I will use my grinder, funnel, filter and stove! It is quicker, quieter and just as good!

I really like this coffee maker as it does exactly what I want: makes a great single cup of fresh ground coffee. Its very easy to clean and accommodates various sized cups, mugs and travel carafes. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the noise. I measured the grinding phase at 90 decibels at one foot away from the unit. It scares the crap out of my cats and dog...and I don't run it while anyone in the house is asleep.
The bottom line is that the coffee is _so_ much better than what my Keurig was giving me.

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