Comments about Phoenix French Press 34oz Coffee Maker model H601L, Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass Pot, Double screen press, with 2 Bonus Screens.

Phoenix French Press 34oz Coffee Maker model H601L, Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass Pot, Double screen press, with 2 Bonus Screens.

MAKE THE WORLDS BEST COFFEE With a PHOENIX French Press HAVE YOU HEARD about the Qualities of coffee brewing in a Phoenix French Press? WANT GREAT Aroma? WANT WONDERFUL coffee flavor? WANT TO SEE your coffee brewing? WANT A QUALITY brewer not plastic or chrome plated? LET US SHOW you how Coffee brewed in a PHOENIX FRENCH PRESS gives you all those features. MAKES GREAT coffee with all the flavor you deserve because you use your own Coffee Grinder and Fresh Coffee Beans and YOU pick the type and Flavor. STRONG Beautifully Designed Phoenix French Press with stainless steel surrounding the Borosilicate glass so no worries and it looks like a piece of art on the table or the counter. HEAT resistant Borosilicate Glass allows you to see coffee brewing with no outside taste, will not stain and cleans easily with just a little soap and water. YOU CAN MAKE up to 8 cups or 3-4 mugs of the most Aromatic and Flavor able Coffee you have ever had. You chose the beans and the type, grind them the way you want and the Phoenix French Press will give you the Cup of Coffee you Desire. BUBBLE PACKED for undamaged delivery so you can start making that wonderful cup of Coffee right away. TWO REPLACEMENT screens at No Charge for added years of NO grounds in your coffee. SMELL THAT AROMA PHOENIX is so Confident in our Premier QUALITY and DURABILTY That we offer a one year Warranty and 60 day No hassel return policy. THESE SPECIAL prices may not last so add a PHOENIX PRESS to your cart and click BUY NOW! THE PERFECT Gift for All Your Coffee Loving Friends and Relatives, if they love coffee your gift giving problems are Solved, order today. IT MUST last to have Value and it must have Style to earn a place in Your Home. GREAT CUSTOMERS-GREAT PRODUCTS-GREAT VALUE

Comments about Phoenix French Press 34oz Coffee Maker model H601L, Stainless Steel and Borosilicate Glass Pot, Double screen press, with 2 Bonus Screens.
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Comments :
First off, I bought this press outright and did not get it free or at any discount (like some reviewers have). This is a gorgeous press and very sturdy. I made a comparison to the various Bodum models found at my local retail store and I'm glad I went with Phoenix. There's nothing wrong with Bodum, its just that the Phoenix feels sturdier in overall construction (due to the all metal carrier and handle) and its also a lot fancier looking IMO. It's very stable while filling and pressing. The press is smooth and the double screen presses out the grounds better than the single screen models. It pours nicely (no dribbling) and the round base fits perfectly on my Ozeri Pronto scale. Cleaning is simple. 2 bonus filters and a plastic scoop are additional bonuses to this nice press. I expect this press to last me a long time.

The BEST french press ever! It's sturdy, the liquid stays hot for a very long time, and it's absolutely beautiful. Easy to handle, great design. When my old one broke, I agonized over which new press to get, spent literally days researching all the different ones, and finally chose this one. I'm SO glad i did, it's perfect. What more can I say? Get one, you won't be sorry. And no, nobody paid me to say that. And yes, i paid full price for it, it's worth every penny.

I got this for camping and it work wonderfully. I do not like boiled coffee. Of course, you need to use a good grade of coffee to go with the french press.

Use this almost every day. Only make one cup so haven't put a lot off coffee into it but works great.

Beautiful and sleek!

A great quality french coffee press. I've owned one before it gave out after years and years of use. I do not own a coffee pot so this is an awesome substitute to make coffee in. It is really just an old style coffee maker like people would use when we didn't have coffee makers. It takes a little time to make the coffee but it makes it taste better than a drip pot I think. You just put some hot or cold water in it and some coffee and press down slowly to make sure you get no particles of coffee in your coffee and it makes it. A great product to anyone that likes a little old fashion in your house. This french coffee press is even better than my old one because it came with extra screen filters and a coffee scoop also it is made of stainless steel. A all around very durable french coffee press that will last my husband and I for years. Received at a discount for my honest unbiased review!

I received this product at a discount in exchange for my unbiased review. This is a fantastic french press. The problem with almost every press I've ever used is that grounds leak through the filter and leave me with a cup full of grit. This press uses two filters to mitigate this product very effectively. I make my coffee by heating the water (cold water) on the stove to 176 degrees so as not to burn the grounds, then I pour the water slowly over the coffee in the press. I leave the press for about a minute before very slowly pressing down. I then leave the press again for a minute before pouring the coffee. This process ensures that there is no burnt taste and results in a very smooth flavor. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking for a better quality cup of coffee.

I have never owned a French Press,let alone used one. But I have always WANTED one. I love coffee. It is my lifeline, my blood. As someone once told me,if you want the best cup of coffee you have ever had, with rich, bold flavors, you need to have a cup of coffee from a French Press.

Well, that person wasn't lying, and this French Press delivers that deep, bold, rich flavor you would expect to find in a small Parisian cafe.

The French Press by Phoenix is a piece of art itself. Heavy glass surrounded by shiny metal with a sleek handle make this press a conversation piece. I love everything about this French Press and I'm wondering why I waited so long to get one.You can see it all in the video below. I did receive this product at a discount for my unbiased review.

*Edit* I realized the problem was with my terrible attitude, not the product itself.

This device really shines when used for steeping loose leaf tea. It definitely catches everything you don't want in your tea before it's poured. The filter does a great job, and the slotted area catches everything else.

It makes superb coffee. Far better than I've ever had, even with terrible city water. The taste is smooth and luxurious. I think it filters the water differently than my other French presses. I could be wrong.

Anyway, I've saved quite a bit from using bottled water for coffee and tea. I really appreciate this more as time goes by.

The filter works well, combined with the slotted pour spout attached to the lid.

Note: I received this product free for *honest* feedback. The price was perfect! Since I like to entertain, this is a good size for everyone to be served.

Also, it is lovely to look at. I guess with a French press, I've come to expect some degree of hassle, but there has been nothing about this press that actually had any bearing on its effectiveness and use.

I got this press at a crazy discount, which is part to as why I am writing the review. I was never asked by the company to, but saw that others were and figured since I got it at a great price why not return the favor? I really like this press a lot! I usually use a siphon when brewing coffee, but I like to have a variety of methods, especially depending on origin. Grab a back of Colombia or Ethiopia and brew it in this oress. The double filter helps keeps the grounds out so you get the nice floral and fruity elements of the ehiopian, but can still get the bold flavor of the Colombian. Definitely the best press I've owned to date. My only tweet is that I wish the lid would lock in place, it makes for an uneven press sometimes when the lid slides. Thanks for the great product otherwis .

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