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have succeeded the Kaspersky Lab has disclosed scales and model of work of the new malicious software called by "PowerGhost". It attacks mainly corporate networks and infects everything, from personal trackers to server complexes. But PowerGhost doesn't interest contents of memory of these
Among the negative which has overflowed the Internet, the special alarm is caused by live broadcasts of suicides on social networks. According to World Health Organization, suicide attempts around the world happen each 40 seconds, and the considerable share is the share of youth aged from 15 up to
Appears thoroughly to draw the ATM absolutely optional to install on him skimmers, to blow up or abduct him by means of the steel cable tied to the car. The Russian bank community has appeared in the face of the next cyberthreat again. The new virus is aimed at theft of money not at the clients
Self-expression through painting – the worthy purpose, but most of us have nearby left from children's technology of drawing "a stick, a stick, an ogurechik, here and there was a little man". In a prompt century of development of artificial intelligence of time and desire to perfect skills there is
to the Vast majority of Internet users is still sure that hacking is certain highest computer "pilotage". But it already far not so. Without effort it is possible to find a set of free hacker utilities, video lessons by means of which the average owner of the computer at small "training" is able
Mark Zuckerberg announced a package of measures, designed to stop and delete quickly unacceptable content. This decision became reaction to severe criticism of Facebook where there were two video topics with murders which have managed to look at hundreds of thousands of users before they have been
Less than two years has passed since the beginning of implementation of the joint project of Microsoft, Facebook and the infrastructure company Telxius on laying of the transatlantic fiber-optical Marea Internet cable 6600 km long which has connected the cities Virginia Scourge (USA) and Bilbao
to After through the territory of this state the destructive hurricanes "Irma" and "Maria", on 83  have flown by; there is no % of the territory of Puerto Rico any communication. The situation is so close to catastrophic that the Federal commission on communications of the USA has authorized
Internet access became for millions of residents of the USA the same requirement as existence of housing, pure and other benefits equated to human rights today. However after closing of tens of enterprises Detroit from the capital of the American automotive industry has turned into the dying ghost
In the real space nobody your shout will hear horror, but in this simulation it is only convention – you cry out to yourself on health. There are also other sounds which help to create, pile on the agony. Certainly, the atmosphere of primitive fear, you will be brought straight to the habitat of
by last month on shelves of Online stores, including also Amazon, the book by Nick Clark Vindo "The Feed" has arrived. She narrates about the world of the fast future in which technologies are so developed that wireless communications were succeeded by connection of the Internet directly in a
Early in the morning on February 11, 2018 while system administrators dozed at the end of a night shift, the unknown team of hackers has cracked a code of a plug-in "Browsealoud". They have added a little-known mayner of cryptocurrencies there and have left, having accurately swept up watching.
Of BBC Studios has agreed with the Narrativia company which possesses the rights for works by the writer Terry Pratchett, about registration of a franchize for shootings of 6-serial series. The descent can't embrace the immensity, and from more than 40 books by Pratchett, devoted to "The flat
has appeared If you suddenly didn't know, Duolingo is the known free Internet service for learning foreign languages. He is suited in such a way that in process of development of language users begin to participate in the translations of various documents, websites and articles. And now
The other day is developed insider information from office of the mayor New Orleans has leaked out into the American mass media. A certain employee from the press service who retires, has told journalists that the city authorities won't begin to prolong the contract with the Palantir project. The
representatives of the Philips company announced this week the beginning of practical testing of technology of data transmission of "Li-Fi". For a running in typical office zone with high load of network devices – the residence Icade, the French investment company in the sphere of the real
Susan Vodzhiski's , one of top managers of YouTube, has provoked at the beginning of a month small scandal when has told that video service will consider Wikipedia as a source of "content of questionable content". Say, there are too much theories of plots and deception is under construction on
On the Internet have passed Today number of the websites for 1,8 billion and grows every second (official data of the service). Not important, for what reasons you can want to create the own website – but today it is very simple to make it. To services of
The American TV company The Weather Group announced the joint project with The Future studio on creation of an interactive TV show of a new format. Have taken a traditional weather forecast which by means of a cursor of Unreal Engine is going to be turned into the mixed reality as a basis.
This unusual history lasts almost 7 years. In 2011 a crested macaque of Naruto, the inhabitant of the Tangkoksky reserve that in Indonesia, I have stolen the camera from the photographer-naturalist David Slater and could take several selfies which then have scattered on the Internet, and were
by It is no secret that many Internet users sicken when reCAPTCHA Google once again suggests them to pass a "humanity" test. The next version of an algorithm – reCAPTCHA 3 looks in this sense much better. In the early version of 2009 to visit some websites, users had to prove that they are
Last month the IT sector has plunged into a condition of slight panic because of entry into force of the General regulations of data protection of the European Union (GDPR) what a number of the companies was simply not ready to. Same month there has come time to exhale and indulge in a relaxation
The Most part of all important processes in the world of the future will pass from real space in digital, and de facto it already occurs in front of our eyes. From here it is easy to draw a logical conclusion that businessmen will transfer to the virtual reality (VR) not only documents, but also
for In family of the Firefox browsers replenishment, the special version under the name "Scout" which will use the full-scale voice interface prepares. It isn't announced yet, so far it is only leak from an internal meeting where Scout have shown to chiefs of departments. So far system crude and
For the first quarter 2018 the Facebook corporation has gained income in the size of $11,97 billion. At the number of 1,45 billion users of a social network we receive $8,25 for the person for today. Or only 33 dollars a year, but in Facebook emphasize that they never sell data directly, and the
to in San Francisco Recently the new startup of Necto which to a descent has attracted more than $1,5 million investments has begun to work. This organization is engaged in creation of systems of Internet access of "the last mile". So the conditional piece between the main optical fiber and
The WiSpear Company with the headquarters in Cyprus has presented at the ISS World and Eurosatory exhibition the categorical decision for those who want to become quickly and resolutely a hacker. Everything that can be necessary for you, is mounted on the chassis of the ordinary van which is called
Recent rumors that the Facebook company trains the "clever voice assistant", the competitor of Amazon Echo and Google Home, has generated natural fear. But whether the social network will spy on users and in the real world to influence their life on the Internet? The vice-president of Facebook for
MAREA — will be called so a transatlantic fiber-optical eight-pair underwater cable which will connect North America to Europe. Initial capacity of a cable – the 160th terabyte a second that guarantees him the highest speed of transfer among already existing transatlantic cables. MAREA will be
The Team of scientists of the Stouni-Bruk university (New York) by means of a special algorithm has analysed about 10 million statuses and comments of 65000 users of Facebook who have previously given on this consent. Poll has shown that the women in communication much "is warmer and more
the 47-year-old American Sanford Wallace is an owner of the unusual title "king of spam". Mailing spam messages became for it really obsession which has brought him to prison plank beds for a period of two years and a fine of 310 thousand dollars. In his "asset" of 27 million spam messages which
This summer thousands of UAVs up will rise by Drone Expo Show. The exhibition of so impressive sizes should be seen with own eyes. Organizers invite all fans of drones 13 and 14 of August in KVTs "Sokolniki". That you a uvidite:zrelishchny show of drones on which professionals worked. Music,