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With rapid development of information technologies for users of global network there was relevant a problem of maintaining anonymity on the Internet. At the same time the anonymity is necessary not only for malefactors, but also quite law-abiding citizens for example, for gaining access to the
The Internet seriously was fond of applications for copying of personal photos under different tasks, and one more thematic service appeared recently. The tool created in Laboratory of the Massachusetts technological university will be able to change the image of a human face in a
Developers from Bagaar studio decided to aggregate and visualize all defects of design of interfaces for the websites which they happened to face. And during work added also several new elements. The website for people with strong mentality of which cannot almost use — became
In the Friday number the Wall Street Journal newspaper reported that one of the main symbols of military power of the USA – their Naval Forces (US Navy) already several times for the last one and a half years were attacked by the Chinese hackers. In particular, contractors of Naval Forces
The authorities of the American "gold state" as earlier called California, discuss the concept of a new tax. They are offered to impose those who use text messages for communication in networks of mobile communication. The reason is simple and eternal – the budget of the state lacks money.
In the light of political differences and mutual threats "to disconnect Russia from the Internet" among the western IT specialists even more often there is a question: and what it actually will turn back? In particular, whether will leave so, by an example of economic sanctions what similar
On YouTube service there is a tradition in the end of the year to do a selection of fragments of the most popular videos for the last year. It is called "YouTube Rewind" and usually collects positive reviews — however this time everything went on the contrary. Emergence of "Rewind-2018"
In April, 2017 Elon Musk said that his Neuralink company to the 2021st will create technology for treatment of injuries of brain. In two years before he promised to bring capitalization of Tesla to the level of Apple which then cost $700 billion. And plans to transport to Mars one million
The movie "Home Alone" remains not one decade cult Christmas history, and therefore it is no wonder that in Google chose it for advertizing of new festive updating of a Google service Assistant. Remembered also about Macaulay Culkin, the leading man in the legendary movie which grew, relaxed and
China it is known around the world not only as one of world leaders in economy, but also extremely tough authoritative censor. Users of Twitter who began to be detained and interrogated for tweets on this social network recently became its next victims. You should not forget that Twitter in
Since there were social networks and the person and his personal data became their main resources, people invent all new are capable to keep anonymity. The most radical – to remove the accounts or at all to write nothing in the Internet. However recently international team of researchers in the
There passed those times when games like "Farm Frenzy" were analogs of a solitaire or browser toys for the missing office employees. Recently there was the 19th part of the Farming Simulator project which more than one million copies were sold out in the first 10 days. And now this game about
We live in such time when existence of any electronic intelligent device (for example, the connected thermostat or the Wi-Fi camera of safety) assumes a possibility of its breaking. It is about the Internet of things — and, as practice shows, the thing is "cleverer", the worse it is
Today does not represent a problem to combine work of people from different corners of Earth – there are messengers, video chats, robots avatars, etc. However all of them, in fact, only separate tools for communication and exchange of information. The concept of the Dataview VR project suggests
Whether tracking of position of users of social network who represent, from her point of view, danger is justified? According to the recent report of Facebook, the social network, most popular in the world, is positive to it — and already actively keeps such shadowing. As reported the
The researcher from the Texas technical university Ashley Landrum visited two last meetings of adherents of the theory about "Flat Earth" and studied how information on this doctrine extends on the Internet. It turned out that 99 % participants who adjoined the movement in the last several
The developer and experimenter Mark Kelbryugge started Expensive Chat online chat with extremely unusual feature. Here the publication of each symbol costs 1 cent, and money is used real, not virtual. Different types of cash cards are for payment taken, and the main idea sounds so: how will
The large companies can understand sympathies of users for stand-alone successful applications and services, but it does not influence adoption of corporate decisions. Business aspires to profit and advance, closing outdated or unprofitable projects. Who will remember Google Reader now? And how
The premiere of the Microsoft Edge browser was held along with Windows 10 — July 29, 2015. However in the next three years of Edge did not manage to take the worthy place in the market of desktop browsers. "Correction of mistakes" was completed by creation of the new version of Edge
Being guided by the principle "it is better to show once, than hundred times to tell", the weather channel Weather Channel (USA) last year began to add the graphic representation of to releases what announcers of the audience warn about. One of the last releases became virus and outright
Judicial proceedings between the Pinkerton Consulting & Investigations company and game publishing houses Take-Two Interactive and Rockstar will not be. The first withdrew the claim after developers of the game Red Dead Redemption 2 reasoned the position. It concerns that the name "Pinkerton"
You for certain faced check of access to any service through I smoke – the simple tool for elimination of bots from real users. Actually, CAPTCHA abbreviation will also be decoded as "completely automated public Turing test allowing to divide computers and people". But here to you the reverse
Verner Hertsogna the Visions in Nyon film festival in Switzerland the famous director Werner Herzog gave several interviews in which approvingly spoke of pirates. Not everyone, but those who are engaged in distribution of cinema products and other media content. The director directly said: "If
There will take place reset of the franchize "Child's Play" devoted to the recovered toy murderer by the name of Chaki next summer. The trailer of the new movie from this Universe the other day appeared in Network and gives an idea of how there will be a new opposition of people and the monster.
As reported last week the director of the CIA Gina Haspel, the department headed by it will be registered in Instagram already in the nearest future. By the way, CIA already has accounts in Facebook and Twitter that reflects its quite certain interest in the growing influence of — social
The author of the well-known cyberpunk novel "Neyromant", William Gibson, after an exit to screens of the blockbuster of David Cameron "Strangers" wrote to it continuation. This scenario won certain fame among fans, but was not realized – the Hollywood producers gave preference to material which
The Ministry of Defence of Japan recognized lag of the country in the field of cyber security in this connection announced a number of innovations. First, it is planned to increase the number of experts on civil service in this sphere. Secondly, within a year it is necessary to develop the
Recently on Twitter there was a new bot of "Existential Jungle Bot" which activity looks parody and deprived of sense. It, allegedly, translates sounds of various inhabitants of the jungle into human language. The problem is that at the exit the nonsense because neither birds, nor animals
The Weather company belonging to IBM foretells that in 2019 about seven large hurricanes which can provoke natural disasters will fall upon the USA. In such conditions the invaluable help to victims and rescuers the technology emergency can render Wi-Fi of communication of DuckLinks. The season
The American editions quote the statement of the colonel of U. S. Army Paul Haverstik, the director of the Defense Media Activity program. On an official action which took place in April in the Fort MFA, the State of Maryland that publicly was indignant with lack of an opportunity to learn how
The main thing in advance of any startup – to make an impression on potential buyers. The startup of Square Off took a traditional game in chess and in all seriousness promises to bring her to absolutely new level. The matter is that in the new version chess moves themselves on a board
The word "censorship" in the second half of the 2018th in clear sounds from lips of politicians, is approved in media and already rigidly beats the Internet. In such conditions for those who wish to keep independence and freedom of action as a gift from heaven – news about a release of the first