Comments about Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional (Certified Refurbished) (Red)

Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional (Certified Refurbished) (Red)

The Certified Factory Refurbished Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away features two vacuums in one. This powerful upright and portable Lift-Away make vacuuming quick and easy on both carpets and bare floors. You’ll find this vacuum completely versatile. It’s armed with swivel steering to maneuver around furniture, features a power nozzle with LED headlights, and includes a brush roll on/off to provide superior performance. The Rotator also features a Multi-Level Filtration system. In-box accessories include a pet power brush, crevice tool, and dusting brush. An extra-long, 30 ft. power cord allows you to clean large spaces effortlessly. It’s even exceptionally quiet, so you won’t disrupt your household.

Comments about Shark Rotator Lift-Away Professional (Certified Refurbished) (Red)
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Comments :
I love this vacuum and I'm off to buy some additional add-on attachments to make it even better. Here's the really great thing, though -- as good as it is, the vendor here deserves top marks for standing behind the product. After using it the first time, I noticed that the main aluminum tube had dents in it. Sizable dents and they are clustered right near the fulcrum point for tipping or moving the unit by the upper 'wand' handle. I was worried about it eventually breaking with use and, the more I thought about it, being 'refurbished' shouldn't mean getting anything with dents at all.

I contacted the vendor, supplied pictures and then we worked together to find the correct part number and a place where they could order a replacement for me. Which they did and it arrived and fit perfectly. Job well done, folks!

Back to the 'cuum . . . the wee-beastie (it's actually not *that* small) has far and away the best suction of anything I've ever used excepting a few shop-vacs. Suck the feathers right off your parakeet, if you get it too close. Won't do the parakeet much good, either. Seriously, the chamber where all the stuff ends up will fill up fairly quickly the first few times you use it because you'll be pulling up buried grit and grunge from the depths and distant corners you never knew was there. Here's the thing: you have to keep on that bin because you won't notice it's full by losing much suction power. In fact, the only time I noticed was when I'd done several rooms is that it stopped picking up small rocks or heavier things that it had been. That's when I found the bin was p*a*c*k*e*d. but it had kept on sucking things in.

The main unit has a large head that doesn't go under a whole lot. So I quickly developed the pattern of going into a room holding the wand with a suitable attachment and carrying the unit in my other hand. I work the outside perimeter getting under things and into the hard-to-reach places. Then switch back to the floor portion and work the open spaces on the way back out of the room. I'm a guy and I don't have any problem carrying it for awhile but you could also easily roll it along with you and only pick it up to get it over ledges, light-weight carpets or throws that are too flimsy for this vac's power and to do the stairs/steps.

That's the other feature that I really like. NO BAG. The bin holds quite a bit, clips out easily so you just take it to your main garbage, click the bottom button and w-h-o-o-s-h, five pounds of fur, leaves, webs, litter, dust, dirt, rocks, salt . . . you get the point . . . drops with an audible 'thud' into your refuse bin (I recommend you do this outside or in the garage and not in the house . . . blow-back from the crud-landing can put a bit of a cloud up on impact. oh, yeah, you should probably keep your nostrils away from it, too). 30 seconds out, dump, shake, close and back in and onto the next room.

Like I said, I love this unit. I got it because I *hate* the S**rs drag-a-long that can't roll over its own cord with flipping over, doesn't pick up much (as if that wasn't obvious by now) and can't be pulled in a straight line behind you because it obviously loves to run into the antique furniture, instead. I realized that the reason I didn't help with the vacuuming -- when life gets so busy that we fall behind in that short of thing -- was because my wife loves that vacuum as much as I hate it. So I went out, did my own research and came of up this -- then found the refurbished model available on Amazon. Done. Ordered, received and used. She has her's and I have mine and the day will come when we both be cleaning with them and neither of us has to do the whole house. Just as it should be . . .

Now that I've done the upstairs (main) part of our 1700 sq. ft. home (plus the carpets in front of the door in the garage and around the dog kennel in my studio) a couple of times, I can basically run through and do it all without have to empty the vacuum bin until I'm done. So, yeah, I was pretty surprised at how much 'catch-up' I had to do because I always thought we kept a pretty clean house.

I took it out of the box and cleaned the whole house.

The attachment hose comes out so easily, and the rest of the machine follows me around when the hose stretches instead of toppling over like my old one. And the suction - Oh the suction!! It's so easy to move, especially when the brush is running - kind of like those pull-mowers, you know? And the hum is just soothing (though the cats still do not enjoy it), not gnarly, but calm.

After cleaning the floors, I had to find other things to clean. The little room fans! They're all dusty from summer use and about to be put away. I can vacuum those. Voila - clean. The couches! Gotta try the furniture attachment, right? OMG - the furniture attachment actually works! (That particular piece on my old Eureka was a joke.) What else....let's seeeee....CLEAN ALL THE CORNERS! There has been cat fur and dust in this hard to reach corner for a year and now it's GONE! What else, what else....

Basically, this is one bleeping well-designed machine and I expect it to be around for a long time.

I'm in love with my new (refurbished) Shark! It's powerful, easy to use, and the perfect size! Super easy to navigate around furniture and under tables without having to move them, and emptying the canister is a breeze. The handle has three settings (bare, low carpet, high carpet- all of which work perfectly) & the power button. There's even a light indicator if the brush gets caught up. The only con to this purchase was seeing how much junk came out of my 'clean' carpets. First run through the house gave me 2 full canisters (sick!).

I would highly recommend this unit to anyone- and if this baby ever dies on me, I'll be buying a new one stat!

Super Suction and super clean. My dad had gotten a shark rotated and just raved about it. I am like that's great, glad you are so happy over a vacuum. I have a built in vacuum and it seems good. Then I visited my dad and he was so excited to show me how nice his shark vacuum is and made me try it (I was like, I am not in the market for a vacuum ) and then I felt the pull of the suction and he showed me how easy to pull apart and clean. So after I went home and asked coworkers what they use at home and recommending Shark rotated. Then I saw part of the infomercial for the lift away and thought that looks almost perfect. But the price had stopped me cold since I really wasn't on the market for a vacuum anyway.
Then one day while looking at Amazon I noticed this refurbished one so I bit the bullet . This thing is amazing. I have a couple of cats and a dog. Even after vacuuing with the previous one this Shark will pull dirt and fur and hair out of the depths you didn't know you had. Just watch for when you fill the canister because you do not lose suction. The one drawback I do see with this lift away vs the regular rotator is the size of the canister for the dirt to go in I think because it is the lift away not a big deal but you don't realize it until you take it out to empty and clean. I am impressed with how great it is to vacuum my furniture with. I totally recommend this if you are considering a vacuum.

I've only had this one day FWIW here's my take. This is a well designed machine and I ran it last night in my daughters room. Even though I had recently vacuumed and then shampooed the carpet the Shark still got an unbelievable amount of cat hair and debris. This thing has good suction and with a little push the powered brush will pull the vacuum across the room like it's accelerating. The dust bin is a bit small but should be fine once the initial vacuuming is done a few times.
This is a refurbished model NV501 and it looked new except a slight cloudiness to the dust bin and a small scratch in the red chrome of the dust bin. The bottom dust bin door seal was pinched when the seal was installed and I un-creased it, this left a very small gap which leaked a bit of dust. I called the Amazon seller who offered to send a new dust bin, I said I only need the seal. They referred me to Shark, so I called thinking this would be a PITA. Nope, Shark was easy to contact and a new dust bin is on the way. They don't stock what would be a cheap seal which would have fixed the issue for a couple dollars, instead they're sending a complete dust bin, cool I can repair the seal with a tiny piece of gorilla tape and will have a second dust bin, sweet. The customer service experience was great, the product is great, what's not to like?

Ok Amazon, I've been a good customer for nearly two years now. Today I received my shark nv501 r. I assembled it in five mins, double checked instruction Manuel, and put it to work. I've owned four vaccines in three years, and been disappointed. I found this on black Fri, it's the one I always wanted, but it cost alot. This one is refurbished, but it looks brand new! There is not one flaw on it! I also got the pet model with accessories, at an unbelievable price!! It's the red one, very very pretty! I vaccumed my entire 1000 sq ft apartment, I was not even the least bit tired. My new Electrolux, I had to take breaks because it was hard to push. ALSO, this shark, true to their advertising, amazed me with what it pulled out of my "clean" carpet. I'm extremely pleased with this purchase, I LOVE this vac. I'm not parting with this one! Thank YOU Amazon, for my favorite and best deal I've gotten to date. Love the headlites!!!рџ?Љ I'm so impressed with this deal!!!!рџ?Љ. SHARK NV 501 pet model!!! The best there is, and again an absolutely fabulous price!! Thanks!

I received my refurbished shark yesterday and immediately put it to work. I just vacuumed a couple days before and my floors looked clean. After going across the rugs one time with the shark, I couldn't believe my eyes. The canister was half full of dirt and dog hair. I have a thin entry rug that liked to be sucked up and stop the brush with my old Kirby but the shark sucked everything off the rug but left my rug on the floor. The shark definitely is NOT a good vacume for plush thick carpeting. It should have a height adjustment even though it says it works on all heights. I tried using the suction control ring to lessen the suction but it wasn't enough, I still had to push it like a snow shovel full of heavy snow. The description of the product says it includes the canister caddy which I thought was the 4 wheeled roller non tipping assembly that you put the canister on. All the you tube videos called it a caddy so I was disappointed it wasn't included. I love that there are no bags and emptying the canister is easy but wouldn't recommend dumping it indoors. I opened my door and let the wind take it away. The swivel isn't all that helpful for me but maybe it'll grow on me. I love how light weight it is compared to my Kirby. I found that one of the headlights is burnt out on day one but I still have 3 more so I guess it's not a big deal. I don't vacume in the dark anyways. I store my vacume in the entry closet with my good jackets and I found bag vacuums seem to develop a smell after a while, I'm hoping this one doesn't do that since there is no bag. I don't like wearing jackets that smell like dirty vacume bags. Over all a good product and I hope they send me a caddy. :)

Love it! works great easy to move around and I always use the portable mode, very nice. If it had or if I could find the carpet height adjustment it would be an easy five stars. I would buy it again and recommend to a friend.

I intentionally vacuumed yesterday so that when this arrived today, I could see how much it picked up that the other left behind. As I suspected, the Shark really a good way! In fact the dust cup was half full when I was done. The "old" vacuum was only a year old. But this kicked its tushy. Assembled in under a minute and the swivel is great. I also like the simple push buttons to activate/deactivate the brushroll for hard floors. I would have given 5 stars but the vacuum is quite heavy and when I used the wand with the canister still attached, it had a tendency to tip over.

I've had Shark in the past & liked it very much. I let a couple of other brands words on "packaging" distract me for a while. When I knew I had enough, I looked to Shark & again, I'm so glad I had my own positive memories of the quality I have been missing! I have cleaner carpets again, now even easier to use over everything I've seen or heard of on the market. This Rotator model is amazing & I've never seen a more "prettier" darn vacuum cleaner in my life! I'm serious... I've even had neighbors who have seen it before I get to put it away & my kids at different times who have seen it, anyone who has seen it makes a comment on how nice looking it is for a vacuum! I agree & when I tell them it's almost self propelled & lights up too, I get the raised eyebrow sometimes! But, this Shark really is the best by far as I just had hip a replacement, and have suffered for yrs with chronic low back pain, accompanied by knees. I've had to adjust everything over the yrs to keep pain to a minimum & house cleaning is a much slower and steady process now. The quick releases allow me to still be able to get everywhere a dust bunny thinks it can hide! Behind, ceilings, blinds, under & suction is so strong no matter which easy onboard tool I use! I hated tools before, too hard for my hands/wrists or just took forever! I may have to move slower, but my eyesight hasn't diminished a bit, so I can see what most people ignore. I wish everything was as easy as vacuuming is now. I definitely recommend this Shark Rotator, to everyone!

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