Comments about Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 2 Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70825

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 2 Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70825

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Never wrap a cord again with the hoover windtunnel2 rewind Bag less upright vacuum. The auto rewind cord retracts in seconds making it easy it easy to use more often with less hassle. It's designed with Wind Tunnel 2 technology that lifts and removes deep-down, embedded dirt with 2 channels of suction.

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By Hoover

Comments about Hoover Vacuum Cleaner WindTunnel 2 Rewind Bagless Corded Upright Vacuum UH70825
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Comments :
Love this vacuum already. We just received it today and it was super easy to assemble. First use and it blew me away with how much dirt and dust it picked up from my bedroom carpet. I vacuum 2-3 times a week with my old vacuum which was a 12v Kenmore Elite, after 7 years of vacuuming every other day with the old vacuum; I used this new Hoover Vacuum once today and it picked up all this in a 12x12 carpeted room that was vacuumed often!

Really great vaccume for the price. It is super powerful and picks up as much dirt as my mom's dyson does. The pet piece works great at picking up cat hair from my couch. My only reason for not giving it 5 stars is that I sucked up a strap on a book at accidentally and the vaccume started smoking and burnt up my strap (see picture). Another time it sucked up a piece of carpet and again started smoking I had to quickly turn off the vaccume and pull the carpet out and wait for the vaccume to cool down so now I am extra careful about where I run the vaccume and how close to edges I get of my rooms.

Super simple to put together. There is literally one screw, with a tag attached to it telling you exactly what you need to do (unscrew it, put the top bit on, screw it right back in). The suction is great, the internals are easy to clean, including the filters, and the attachments are very functional. I like that the attachments fit over the tube, instead of inside, as it makes the extension tube smaller and easier to manage. The cord winder is lovely and saves so much of the hassle of vacuuming a small apartment, where I only need 10 feet of cord, but I need that amount to change from room to room to avoid getting tangled on stuff.

So far, this vacuum is amazing! I've only had it for a week so this is based off of vacuuming everyday since I've received it. I have four cats and I've gone through 3 cheaper vacuums over the years. The amount of hair this things picks up is crazy but not only hair, it sucks up crap I didn't even know was there!!! I have the most beautiful vacuum lines and carpet that feels like new, I'm impressed! Now, let's see how long it hold up. If this vacuum can make my carpet new again it's worth a try. The ONLY con if I have to pick one - is that it's a tad heavy but it might do some good to move those muscles anyway.

My $40 Bissell from Walmart finally stopped working and I wasn't interested in gambling on a new filter that would cost $20. I have had such bad luck purchasing ~$100 vacuums that don't seem to work and just eventually push dirt around instead of retaining good suction. This vacuum has been so great! It makes our old carpet look new and shampooed, and makes it feel so much softer. Apparently we've had a lot of dirt deep in the carpet that we just got used to over time and this vacuum was deep cleaning our whole house for us. I had to empty the canister about 5 times in my first use. Great quality, love the attachments, and works fantastically. I love how the filter is washable so I don't have to buy new ones to replace it. So happy that the cord wraps itself back up. I love using this vacuum. So happy with this purchase.

ONE screw to put it together, excellent suction, easy to use and I love the cord rewinder. No mess bagless emptying. I AM VERY IMPRESSED WITH THE $75.00 PRICE FOR THIS CLEANER. I WOULD BUY IT AGAIN!!!!

This vacuum cleaner is fantastic!! The suction power is incredible - sucking up kitty hair long before I get to it. it sucks up kitty litter and sand without spitting some of it out the back like my pet-specific vacuums have done. This vacuum sucks up dirt & hair along the baseboard (on hardwood floors) just by going headfirst against them. Many have commented that they wish the cord were longer. I had to change outlets 4 times but given the layout of my house that is what I expected. The only thing that could make this better for me is if it had a headlight. Even without it, I highly recommend this vacuum to anyone who needs one!!

I have had this vacuum in the past and loved it. I only gave 4 stars as it has had some design changes that had to be made by someone that rarely uses a vacuum. It works great and still really like this vacuum. My complaint comes from 1) the on/off button being moved from the top of the handle to half way down the back side 2) the release button on the tank seem lower quality 3) the hose on the back has no support. But I would still purchase again as it works so well and is light weight.

This product makes sense ! I recently returned a bissell because not only did it brake in my hands on day 1 but the design made no sense. The power button placement on the bissell was akward and to empty it was a hassel. This vac is so easy to empty with a push of a button right over your garbage can and the cord rewind is nice as well. Also the container where the dirt is kept is fairly large so you can just keep going room to room and i do own a dog and it seemed to pick up his hair pretty well. I really like that its not too heavy and bulky as well only need one hand to get it downstairs! Good product !I was always a fan of hoover

Wow this product is working really good. I have the other kind of hoovet vacuum and i loved it. It never lose suction its been 6 years and still working even some parts of it are broken but still work good. This one so far is good and a little lighter than my old one

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