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Comments about Shark Navigator Vacuum (NV22S)
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I have waited 6 months to post my review for this vacuum. I purchased to replace a Dyson Animal that I had for less than 5 years. That vacuum was fine (albeit heavy and overpriced). I purchased this vacuum on the recommendation from my cleaning lady. We have 3 dogs (2 that shed terribly) and a combination of wood floors, deep pile carpeting, throw rugs, and tile. I wanted something that was lightweight and maneuvered easily. I do a quick vacuum about every other day to every third day to pick up hair and my cleaning lady does a more thorough job once a week with this vacuum. It is bag-less and has a fairly small container for the dirt. I am fine with emptying it more if it means good suction. The hose attachment is quite long. I wish the cord was a bit longer (the Dyson Animal had a very long cord). For the price, ease of use, and performance, I would choose this many times over the Dyson.

The vaccum was a lot nicer than expected. It was really simple to put together and I was already using it five minutes after unboxing. My apartment was cleaned before I moved in, and the carpet looked clean but this vaccum pulled up a lot more per hair and dirt than whatever was used before. Considering the price and the five year warranty from shark this is a really good deal.

Been using this Shark for about 3 months. I was very displeased with it at first till I realized that it has two modes, "wood floor", and "Carpet". Once I flipped the red switch all the way it was AWESOME. I would consider this a 'light' vaccum with better than normal suction. The two stage dirt trap is very useful and nice. Larger objects that get pulled in will stop at the middle section of the trap while dirt and smaller particles will go to the bottom trap. This was useful in retrieving my daughters socks that got pulled in while going under the couch. I was quite surprised the sock made it through because on traditional vacuums it would have gotten stuck.The brush roller does pick up hair and I've cleaned it off three times. Be careful with wires on the ground near your TV and surround sound speakers.

I bought this Shark after lots of research and a recommendation from a friend. The Navigator was a great price and, with my Prime membership, it arrived two days later. I am so very happy with my purchase!! This thing is all it says in the description and more! The ease of assembly enabled me to try it out right away. The suction is amazing! I thought my 5 yr. old Bissell bagless that broke did a good job, but I was astounded at what this Shark picked up! I also love not having the darn carpet height adjustment--the Shark does it automatically. The quick flip of the switch to turn off the brush for the bare floor cleaning is fabulous. It does a fantastic job on my tile floors, and it is so effortless to switch from carpet to hard floors. The Shark is lightweight and so much easier to push than my old Bissell--really helpful with my bad back and arthritic hip. Also love the ease of removing and emptying the dust bin--it comes off with the touch of a button and empties from the bottom with another button press. I emptied it into a plastic bag easily and with no mess whatsoever. It also has a slightly narrower cleaning path than other vacuums which makes it a lot easier to maneuver and get into tight places. In my kitchen it even fit under the fronts of the cabinets and got into corners very easily. I love my new Navigator and am very pleased with its overall value and performance!!

I bought this particular vacuum for my grandma because she needed an "updated" one and was overwhelmed by all the choices. Since I was so satisfied with my shark navigator that I bought many years earlier, I bought her one as well. I knew the minute I dropped it off and she would give it a try, and was right. She said it was easy to navigate and she was embarrassed by the amount of stuff that she was able to suck up with the new vacuum. I have had mine for almost 7 years now and only had to have the cord replaced because I accidentally stepped on it, ripping it out. I have three dogs and a home with a mix of tile, carpet and rugs. I love how easy it is to go from each of these without much extra effort. I vacuum multiple times a week and my original vacuum is still going strong. I think Shark is amazing!

Ok, I am a self admitted vacuum junkie and also have friends who are as well. That said, this is my favorite vacuum EVER !. I have now purchased three Shark vacuums....all about the same price and same style. I grew up with Electrolux......a hard act to follow I thought, but this vacuum is the last one I will ever buy. The self propelled feature actually pulls it from you. It's that powerful. Its also quiet too. It's easy to assemble, stylish ( I have one in silver for my business and one in platinum for my home ). I also bought one for a friend of mine who was in need of a vacuum and gifted it to her. ( she recently returned home from dealing with bone marrow cancer and doesn't have much strength ) She loves this vacuum, although I have to admit I visit her once a week and vacuum for her. This will motivate you to clean. Obviously I don't need this motivation. lol the accessories are awesome too. The hose is pliable and longer than most and the suction is amazing. I have never owned a dyson but I can't imagine any vacuum with more power than this one. I'm a total convert. I vacuumed with my old vacuum first and then when the Shark arrived I vacuumed again. WOW It feels as though its getting the dirt up from under the carpeting and all this with relatively no effort. It glides beautifully across carpets and floors. Nothing is ever going to make vacuuming fun, but I have to say I feel as though I'm accomplishing something when I use this machine. The carpeting comes up looking like new. I have two dogs, a short haired and a long haired and I have to say when I empty out the canister? I smile knowing its gotten it all up. Crazy? perhaps! but you other dog owners will understand.
Happy vacuuming !

I vacuumed first with my old vacuum cleaner just to see if this new Shark could find any more dirt. I was astounded! The dirt cup filled up after vacuuming only one small room. I had no idea I was leaving all that dirt, litter dust and cat fur in the rug! How embarrassing!

This was sure easy to assemble, but I must admit I couldn't find the dirt cup release until I looked at the manual. It's the large grey button on top. Attachments are so easy to put on, you will actually use them often. Overall it's light weight and very easy to push. For the price, it beats all other vacuums I have ever had for it's ease of use, and especially for it's suction power. This is the best appliance purchase I have made in long time, and I'm sure you will say the same thing once you try it!.

A wonderful machine for a small apartment or condo, the Shark cleans like a dream and gives you evidence of your hard work. It's easy to use and maintain (I empty it into plastic grocery bags, tie them up, and discard), isn't too heavy and fits into a small nook in the closet. This is my second Shark, and the only complaint worth mentioning is that the cord is about a foot shorter than in the previous purple one I owned (I have to switch plugs to finish one of the rooms I could finish before, arrgh). Also, I do *not* recommend using deodorizing powder with this model, I did that in a new apartment with my last Shark and I never managed to get all of it out of the machine. It had a powdery haze inside it until it died.

This vacuum is very powerful, but the cup on it is too small to hold much, so I end up spending as much time emptying the cup as I do vacuuming. The vacuum won't fit under many of my furnishings, because it's too big around, even though that doesn't translate into cup space. It's a cheap vacuum, so I can't be too harsh, but if I had examined it in the store, I would not have bought it. So, you might want to check one out before deciding. If you don't mind moving beds to vacuum under them, or if you want this in addition to another vacuum for spot cleaning, it may be perfect for you.

I bought this model to replace a Shark I had for several years, before it gave up its ghost. I was happy with the first one, and am even happier with this one! It picks every little thing up off the carpet, including all the hair from a short haired cat, a long haired cat, and a long haired dog. It's absolutely amazing! The old one never lost suction, up to the day it died, and I tell you, the new one's suction power is double the strength!! I bought this model because I had no need for the "lift off" or "swivel head" models. Either way you look at it, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND getting a Shark vacuum for functionality, ease of cleaning, and durability. Don't waste your money on inferior vacuums of any price (low end to ridiculousness)!! I guarantee you will be pleased with your purchase of a Shark vacuum!!'

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Breeze room to room with a powerful suction vacuum that cleans every floor type and reaches every nook and cranny. The Shark Navigator DLX is a 2-in-1 vacuum with powered lift-away that transform it from an upright vacuum to a canister vac. The LED headlights illuminate areas underneath your couch
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Breeze room to room with a powerful suction vacuum that cleans every floor type and reaches every nook and cranny. The Shark Navigator DLX is a 2-in-1 vacuum with powered lift-away that transform it from an upright vacuum to a canister vac. The LED headlights illuminate areas underneath your couch
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