Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract 77 Multi-Surface Pro Hardwood Floor and Carpet Cleaner Machine FH50240

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This carpet cleaner features CleanSurge boost to easily clean spots and heavy-traffic areas and pressurized edge-to-edge cleaning to loosen dirt and stains The Autorinse feature minimizes cleaning time

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We have two rescue dogs. Cute little girls, but poorly housetrained. If someone is around, they'll ask to go out. If no one is nearby... Well, let's say two dogs and a light beige, Berber carpet is not a good mix. For years, we depended on our Bissell ProHeat Upright Cleaner until a key component failed. (A gear broke off.) While it had been a good workhorse for about five years, it was time for a change. I had been intrigued by the Hoover spinning brush design and dual tank system over Bissell's spinning roller and single bucket with a bladder inside. I read favorable reviews and I guess it's only right that I add mine.

I love the dual tank design of the Hoover vs. the singe tank with a bladder of many Bissell models. The two tanks of the Hoover pull out of the machine very easily. To be fair, the single tank of the Bissell was easy to remove and replace, too. However, Hoover includes a removable top to the dirty water tank to facilitate cleaning. The problem I had with Bissell's bladder system was trying to clean the darn thing after using it. I never felt as if I could clean its unexposed nooks and crannies.

As far as pushing and pulling the machine across the carpet, I prefer the Bissell over the Hoover. The Bissell does its work on the back stroke, as you pull it towards you. The Hoover MaxExtract 77 uses a push and pull system. The push movement cleans while the pull stroke rinses. Having a Berber carpet means having a very low pile carpet. I was surprised how much effort it took pushing the machine forward. Remember, once filled with water, both of these devices are hefty. They're sucking and scrubbing your carpet as you move it. I'm a big guy (over 6 feet tall and 200 pounds), but using either of these machines will wear you out by the time your done.

As for how well it cleaned and dried the carpet? I think it's a toss up. I remember being impressed with the Bissell when we first bought it. I am very impressed with the Hoover, too. It removed lots of nasty, puddle stains. I think the Hoover left the carpet drier than the Bissell and equally clean. I've also used the big cleaners you can rent from the grocery store. Both the Bissell and Hoover give equal or better results. Both of the home models are easier to use than the rental units.

Water and soap use. I felt as if I was changing the water more often with the Hoover than with the Bissell; though this is arbitrary. If you don't use the CleanSurge on every cleaning stroke, the soap reservoir seemed to last for two complete tank fills. I used the 32 oz. bottle that came with the cleaner. It was a 2x concentrate that loads into the clean water tub. It was very simple and accessible to fill the soap reservoir and clearly marked with where to fill with cleaner and water. It holds 16 oz. of 2x cleaner per filling. Our Bissell model had a separate container for the soap. I like Hoover's method better. Easier to fill. The caps are easy to screw on and off.

On each filling of the wash tank, without using the CleanSurge, I was able to clean a 4' x 4' square area. Then I had to stop, empty the dirty water tank and refill the wash tank. After two tank fillings, it's time to refill the soap. I cannot say one model uses more or less soap than the other. With either one, you go through LOTS of soap!

Spinning brushes versus a roller brush, which is better? You got me. Both seemed effective. I am very impressed with the Hoover's spinning brushes and do not regret the change in technology. I think the best guidance is to consider other factors.

ProHeat Bissell versus Hoover's MaxExtract. With Bissell, the instructions said to fill the reservoir with hot water, then start the unit for two minutes to give the heater a chance to warm up before using. It would leave the carpet moist and warm. I didn't see where the Hoover recommended a water temperature. I used hot water and I was happy with the results.

All-in-all, the Hoover MaxExtract 77 met or exceeded my expectations. It's dual tank design is very simply and much preferred over the Bissell's single tank with a bladder design. As for durability, I can't rate that yet. I've only used the Hoover twice. If it lasts as long as the Bissell did, I'll be happy. The MaxExtract has extra features I haven't tried yet. I haven't tried the detachable hose yet or its spinning brush. It won't need to do much to work better than the Bissell. I found the Bissell hose system worthless and ineffective. Also, the Bissell model I owned wasn't designed for tile or hardwood floors while the Hoover was. I haven't tested this aspect yet, but I'm looking forward to giving it a go soon.

One additional note about this particular model, the MaxExtract 77 appears to have more spinning brushes than other models. Look carefully at the photographs of this model vs other models. The MaxExtract 77 has a front row of six spinning brushes and a second row of five brushes.

I have cleaned living room , 3 bedroom carpets, my 2) 5' x 7' area rugs that are in my entry which has hardwood floors.. my cars' floor mats, the carpet in my car., my tile, my carpeted steps , my living room couch and love seat..
I absolutely love this multi surface cleaner..
I've had no issues what so ever .
Here's the best things about this machine...
There's one canister you fill with Just water.. There is a cylinder inside that canister for your cleaning solution..
So you can spray your solution going forward and there's these tiny brushes that circulate to scrub your surface.. Then once you have cleaned it... When you go backwards you spray just water to rinse .. That way your carpet is cleaner and feels better because you've rinsed the cleaner out of the carpet.. So it's not stiff.. вќ¤пёЏвќ¤пёЏвќ¤пёЏ
There is a dirty water container too...
I have another steamer made by a competitor that has a heater on it.. That's it..
But this Hoover is not only a steam cleaner with the hot water you put in it.. But a shampoo'er too...
So if it heated the water too.. That would be great..
I seen others have had issues with the little green scrubbers.. They are replaceable.. They come off easily to do such.. But I've had no issues with them..
One thing that's a must...
When you go to empty your dirty water .. There is a little screen .. It's red.. And is held in place by a yellow rubber casing.. This needs to be cleaned often.. Just check it when you empty the dirty water...

Wow! This machine really impressed me. I have 3 dogs, one of which we've had almost 4 years and have just now been able to house break her. Our carpet was so bad that we were planning on ripping it out and just use the subfloor until we could afford the vinyl plank flooring we want.
My mom had a Hoover SteamVac that's probably close to 10 years old but still worked pretty good. Although it didn't work as well on my carpet because I have Berber. A few months ago I loaned it to a friend and we all know how that goes... never saw it again. Sooooo, I had to replace mom's carpet cleaner. I did a lot of research, checking many stores and brands, but chose this one because it cleans hard floors too and since we planned on at some point replacing our carpet with hard flooring, I thought this would be perfect. I also liked this machine because it has 11 spinbrush scrubbers rather than the usual 6 on other Hoovers.
I'm having Thanksgiving at my house so I thought I'd try this carpet cleaner out on my nasty carpet. WWWOOOWWW!!!! My carpet has never been so clean in the 7 years we've lived here. I am sooooo happy I bought this!! It worked so well that I don't even plan to replace the carpet any more. I've included pics to show how nasty my carpet was before and how it looks now. (It's really gross, no judgment please!)
So, about the machine:
I like that it has separate compartments for water and solution. The "rinse" option is where its at! I could tell a huge difference from the "wash" passes to the "rinse" passes. The water was black every time after "wash" and still dark brown after "rinse." I will probably be going over it again in the very near future to get more up.
This machine did a great job of getting water and dirt of my Berber carpet. No other carpet cleaner, SteamVac or rented machine, has ever been able to pull so much out of my carpet. It still took over night for the carpet to dry completely but I could tell a difference in dampness after just a couple hours.
I made good use of the easy drain spout for the dirty water. It makes emptying the dirty water so much easier and less messy.
I never used the clean surge button. Didn't need it. I thought it used plenty of solution regularly and if it needed more I just went over the spot again.
I used Hoover Platinum Collection Pet Plus solution from Amazon, Hoover Pet Plus, and Rug Doctor Oxy-Steam solution. My living room is very large and very dirty so I used ALOT of solution. 5 bottles to be exact. I really liked the Platinum Pet Plus. The scent was great. I didn't notice a big difference in the cleaning power of the different solutions though.
I also used this on my hard floors. Even on linoleum it did great! I wasn't ever able to get the squeegee to stay on, but it really didn't need it. Sucked up the water just fine without it. My hard floors felt and looked really nice, and the nice smell was a bonus.
Cleaning: This machine has to be cleaned when finished using! I clean out the dirty water tank. I remove the brushes, take off the brush cover and spray everything out with the sink sprayer. I also take off the nozzle and clean that up. While shampooing, I have to keep an eye on the filter going into the dirty water tank. It doesn't take long to get clogged with gunk. This machine would be clogged with dog hair in no time if I didn't clean it after every use.
Some reviews said their machine leaked. I have not had this trouble at all. I've used it twice since I got it 3 days ago and haven't noticed any leaks at all. I can't speak to the longevity of it yet but hope it lasts as long as the old SteamVac did.

So far this has worked wonders for me so far. take a look at the pictures I've uploaded and you can see stains it has removed and the black water from all the dirt it has removed. I use a Kirby vacuum and have always thought it did a great job until I used this. I also used this to clean the carpet in my car which was also stained and dirty. I used the hose attachment to clean this and it worked perfectly.
Clean up on this is easy as pulling the bottom tub out and you can pour the dirty water out. When your all done you can open up the dirty water tub to easily clean out the inside. I have found every feature on this was made for ease of use and cleaning.
If my review helps you click yes below.

Update DEC 28 2016: The Hoover is still working great and helping to keep my carpet clean. Ever use seems to pull out even more stains, though some that have been set in for years still remain. I guess I can't really blame it for not getting out stains that were in the carpet when I moved in 11 years ago.

ok, not sure about this thing. I was super excited to use this when I got it delivered. I put it all together and after reading all the directions and a few tutorials on YouTube I was ready to roll. I purchased this one for the hardwood floor attachment, why not right the price was good and seemed to get good reviews. So I took out the floor squeegee thing that you attach to the front of the cleaner. It mentioned clicking it in firmly to the front, mine did not "click" in at all, it actually looked barely attached. The second I started to use it, the squeegee was falling off on every stroke. super annoying. I am hoping that it is simply a defective part and I can get a new one, if not I will most likely return it. Which sucks because I really wanted to like this bad boy..

My old faithful spinscrub widepath finally died after many years of great service. Needed something to replace it and after much looking decided on this machine since I liked the fact it could also do carpets. The "replacement" for the old machine was is the spinscrub deluxe which is not nearly as wide but does ok at cleaning. Yes, I own this one also. The 77 will do a great job on carpets, but she ain't perfect. I like the tanks on the machine since they are pretty large and hold a lot of cleaner/ detergent/dirty water, but don't think that means cleaning a lot of area without emptying and refilling. I think that's part of the reason it does clean so well is that it drowns the carpet, agitates the heck out out of the carpet fibers and the redeeming quality, it has AMAZING suction. I would have to guess it reclaims at least 85 to 90 percent of what it dumps out and what's it sucks back up is horrifying even when the carpet doesn't look that bad. If you understand that part going in you'll probably be happy with the machine on carpet. On hard floors, it dumps way too much water/cleaner. Again, does a great job cleaning the floor(mainly tile and laminate) and the suction again redeems itself. It would really be nice if you could control the amount of water/soap the machine dispensed, but you can't. My old widepath did a great job on hard floors and probably used 1/4 of the water/ soap. It also had much smaller clean/dirty water tanks. Seems on hard floors, best method is to move very quickly. Brushes are moving very fast, so not sacrificing cleanliness.
Pros: great suction(really, really great!)
Large tanks
Easy to clean machine
Not overly noisy
Great results

Way too much water used for hard floors
**** Hoover pay attention to this****
You morons used zinc plated screws on the INSIDE of the dirty water collection tank. This is completely STUPID and whomever at your company made this decision to save a few cents should be terminated immediately. After 6 months of use with approved Hoover cleaners used, I noticed these screws were rusted so bad they appeared ready to fall off. In actuality they weren't as bad as they looked, but were in really bad shape for only being 6 months old. I went to a bolt supply company and bought enough stainless steel screws to replace them all for 19 cents. On a $299 machine you couldn't put 19 cents worth of stainless screws where they were needed to ensure a long life for the machine???? If these screws rust through, the lid on the dirty water tank would fall off leaving no way to reattach at that point. That was a really bad idea.

Tips: dilute your cleaners way beyond what the bottle says to. Especially on carpets. On the hard surface cleaner, I use 2 capfuls per fill and still does a great job with no sticky feel. On my bottle of Hoover carpet cleaner it says for machines with separate soap bins not to dilute cleaner, follow this and you will have way, way, way too much soap in your carpets. I use an old gallon water jug and put maybe 6 oz of cleaner and fill the rest with water. Fill the soap bin with this solution and have had great results without over soaping the carpet.
Even though I am critical of this machine on a few aspects(sorry for my rant, paid $224 for the machine, shouldn't have to replace screws) it does a really good job. Overall I am happy with it and the results are awesome. I cannot say enough how powerful the suction is on this machine.

And as other reviews stated, the squeegee works really well, until it falls off. Haven't used it in a while and still pulls water off hard surfaces with ease. I'll over look that since it has enough suction to overcome that.

I bought this, then read all the negative reviews and got worried. I'm a proud dog mom of two big girls in a decent sized apartment, and my carpets take a beating. I just used this for the first time over three high-traffic areas and I must say I'm impressed. An old pet stain that survived a visit from Stanley Steemer came out, and a spot where I stepped on a packet of hot sauce also came out (don't judge me, I'm in my 20s). More than anything I'm amazed at how dry my carpets are after use. Barely damp to the touch. It works as it promises to, easy to assemble, easy to take apart and clean. It is heavy as heck, but for the great job it does I don't mind. I'll update when I use the upholstery cleaner.

Upholstery cleaner gets an A++. Took out a couple embarrassing mattress stains from my nearly new mattress. Being a girl sucks sometimes.

Edited to add: As time goes on and I'm able to tackle more of my apartment, I'm more impressed with this machine. I started out with carpets that a professional would probably advise replacing. I vaccuumed thoroughly, then used a rubber broom to really remove all the dog hair and little "numies" that hide in carpet fibers- then gave it a few passes. You'll find a pattern that works for you; I've been using a sequence of sweeps- wet, dry, wet, dry, power surge, dry, dry. And my carpet looks and feels amazing. I'm so confused by the negative reviews! But, I haven't tried it on hard floors yet.

UPDATED 8/31/2016: So two years later, this little guy is still going strong! The front piece came off during a move and I ran it into a vacuum repair place for help reassembling it. It still works amazingly well, and now that we are in a house with travertine tile throughout, I use it on hard floors where simply mopping wouldn't do. Love this little machine. Great purchase.

Very impressed with this piece of equipment. I have never owned a carpet cleaner/shampooer in my life. You wouldn't find it hard to believe after you saw my carpets- unshampooed after 11 years, post 2 dogs, one raised from puppyhood (insert "ewwww" here). Not like it was a health hazard, but my light mushroom colored carpets were closer in color to the mud they are grown in (ok, not that bad).

I shampooed the carpet using the cleaner that came with it. I think it was very effective, but too strong of a scent, not unpleasant; the scent faded within a week. It took two cleanings (remember, 11 years, 2 dogs, oh, and I forgot one cat.... plus two kiddos) to get it to look mostly normal, which is quite impressive for the lack of care my carpets had before. The second time around I used Hoover Expert Pet carpet cleaning solution (NOT a concentrate). Very mild odor, just as effective at the concentrate that came with the machine.

My mistake the first carpet, the first time, was probably got the carpet too wet, with too much cleaner. READ the instructions: No more than 4 [consecutive] "wet" passes, then you need to do the wet extraction- which I easily could say would be another 4 extraction passes (a single pass is one way, so a back and forth stroke is 2 passes). I had essentially done 2 application passes and 3-4 rinse passes (=6 passes), followed by 3-4 extraction passes (too much fluid, not enough extraction). The next carpet I did, I revised my technique which included less cleaner, more rinsing and less extractions:
Pass 1: Push: Rotate switch in front to "rinse", press "trigger" on handle. Rinse/water only with a quick stroke; just like you get your hands wet before you add soap, I found it effective with cleaning my carpet (this machine can just do a rinse, very important because too much cleaner residue will attract dirt). ***Fill your rinse chamber with HOT water. My tap water is 125F. Instructions will tell you the temperature limit***
Pass 2: Pull: ends up being some extraction of water.
Pass 3: Push; Rotate switch in front to "wash"; add-cleaner pass.
Pass 4: Pull, rinse
Pass 5-8: (release "trigger") Push/pull/push/pull- extraction passes.
Pass 9 &10: rotate switch in front from wash to rinse, press "trigger"; Push and Pull to rinse again.
Pass 11-14: Release "trigger", Push/pull/push/pull to extract the remaining water.
Dry time is around 8 hours, summer time. - my carpeting is very thick/plush.

This process was necessary to clean my carpets. Maybe you won't need as much, and maybe you'll say that such a process is overkill. I did what I thought needed to be done. The results were astonishing. I'd add before and after photos, but I don't want to be publicly shunned ;-)

Also: maintain your cleaner. Rinsing the tanks are easy. But the tedious thing I felt I needed to do is to pick out the fibers from the cleaning brush. If they are clogged with carpet fiber, they cannot clean as thoroughly.
Why buy my own carpet cleaner instead of hire someone? I don't have to prep the whole room for someone to come in; I can do half a room at a time without displacing all my furniture and not have to take time off work.

Only negative: the wheels are now squeaky. ... and that I didn't buy this sooner!

I used the Hoover Max Extract 77 for the first time and my floors are so clean. It got out a spot on my carpet that a rug doctor couldn't get out. It's easy to empty your water and refill. When you do empty your dirty water there is a small screen you need to clean off or your machine will not suck water. I didn't have any problems with leaks. I did have to empty water often. Did a great job on carpets. Took a few hours for floors to dry. Then I used it on my tile, the only problem I had with that was the squeegee would fall off sometimes. It's suppose to snap on but mine really doesn't snap on to well. It got the job done. I thought I had fairly clean floors boy was I wrong. This machine really does a great job. The clean up on it is easy. Very impressed with this machine. I wish the cord would be a little longer. I would definitely repurchase. Hope this helps. I'm not sure about putting it together I had the hubby do it. He said it was easy. Would of gave it 5 stars but my squeegee kept falling off. Going to contact company and will let you know what they say about the squeegee.

I've used this carpet cleaner for over a year and a half and as a whole, I'm very happy with it.

I have off-white carpets with 3 kids and a cat (and a husband who occasionally spills too ;-) ). This cleaner is the only way I can manage the kids + carpet combination. I am constantly disgusted by the grime that comes out of the carpet, but all those feet trekking through the house brings in lots of dirt and spills. I've used this vacuum to clean red Kool-Aid several times, poop ("look mom, I took my diaper off!"), potty-learning accidents, mud, chocolate ice cream syrup, blue popsicle, vomit, and even several stains that were already on the carpet from the previous owner that weren't removed by the hired professional carpet cleaners.

I did use the included carpet soap, though at a much lower concentration than suggested by the "fill" lines on the tank) and haven't bought any additional Hoover soap--I just haven't found it necessary even though the manual/warranty indicates it's necessary to only use Hoover soap. When I am giving the carpets an all-over clean, I either use water alone or water with white vinegar (the vinegar smell will evaporate away very quickly--vinegar is great for freshening/odor removal). For a targeted mess (see the above list of "whoops") I pre-treat the mess by spraying diluted ADVANAGE 20X Multi-Purpose Cleaner (usually lavender, sometimes citrus) directly on the affected area and then use plain hot water in the carpet cleaner to scrub and suck up the mess. I've not had any stains left behind yet.

I clean the carpet by using a quick forward pass while pulsing the water trigger, a quick backward pass without water, a *very* slow forward pass with no additional water to scrub the section of wetted carpet, and a *very* slow reverse pass to suck out all the water. My carpets are barely damp to the touch following this procedure--dry enough to walk on with clean socks but please no dirty shoes!--and dry within 15 minutes. I never hold the water trigger down, only pulse it, and when I say *very* slow, I mean much slower than you would ever use a normal vacuum. Think snail speed.

When I'm done, I try to move the unit onto a solid floor before turning it off so I can use a towel to wipe up the bits of water that will fall out of the unit once suction stops. Always take the clean water tank off if you're going to let the cleaner sit for a while to avoid any leaking. Try to keep the unit upright so the leaks stay in the reservoir. If you are done using it and want to dry it all out, tip it back on a solid surface floor to let any spilled water out and wipe it up with a towel.

Always rinse out the dirty water reservoir when you're done! I let the dirty tank air dry while fully open to keep it fresh and let the seals recover, before I replace the screw and door for storage. I store the vacuum without the tanks attached, and often with some water in the clean water tank so it's ready to go if I have an urgent spill (see: red Kool-Aid).

As many others have mentioned, it's essential to wipe off the mesh filters. I do this every time I am done by just smearing my finger on the mesh to get off as much fiber and dirt as I can. Every few uses I spray out the front piece that makes contact with the floor to suck out the mess (not sure what it's called) to get collected fuzz out, and pull carpet fuzz/hair out of the scrub brushes.

If it seems like you've lost suction, check that the hand attachment hose is firmly seated in its spot on the back of the vacuum. The hose end needs to be covered in order to achieve suction on the floor. Then re-check the mesh filters. Finally re-seat the dirty water tank *firmly.*

The hand unit isn't amazing though I don't use it much. I did use it once to clean vomit out of my almost-new car. In that process, I used auto upholstery cleaner to target the mess (and stink!) and then did lots of rinsing (spray, suck out water, repeat) with the hand unit. After a good drying in the sun with the windows open, the yuck smell was gone and I could tolerate to be in my own car again. Rinse out the hose when you're done! I sucked several gallons of clean, hot, water through the hose (keep an eye on the dirty tank level) to rinse.

I wouldn't buy this cleaner for the exclusive purpose of cleaning hard floors, but I really enjoy using it to clean my kitchen/dining area that is frequently messy/sticky. It's slower (and obviously louder) than a mop, but the fact that it's immediately dry is appealing so kids/husband don't walk through a damp floor with dusty shoes/feet and leave a tracked mess behind right away. I also have a steam mop, which is great for releasing a stuck-on/dried-on mess, but not so great about removing it rather than smearing it across the rest of the floor--this vacuum is nice in that it doesn't just spread the mess across the whole floor.

I haven't tried this on an area rug, only wall-to-wall carpeting.

My only complaints: 1) the tank screws either aren't coated at all or aren't coated well enough, and are corroding a lot. It doesn't impact functionality yet, but I do worry that will be a liability of this carpet cleaner being able to work well for a long time. 2) The brush speed lever isn't attached very well and it's tough to keep it set to power clean. When I remove the dirty tank, I set the brush speed back to #1 and restore it to #3 power clean after installing the empty dirty water tank next time I use the cleaner.

Overall, considering the price and how well it cleans my carpet, these "complaints" seem trivial in comparison. I bought it as a way to tolerate having carpet until we replace the carpet with hardwood because we wanted to do other house projects first, but it works so well that the carpet-to-hardwood replacement keeps sliding down the project list. In that regard, it works TOO well!

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