BLACK+DECKER CM2040 40V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20"

BLACK+DECKER CM2040 40V Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower, 20

The BLACK+DECKER CM2040 40v Lithium 3-in-1 Cordless Mower features (2) 2.5 Ah - 40V Max Lithium Batteries for 30-45 min of mowing time. This mower offers mulching, bagging and side discharge for multiple mowing modes. The variable speed motor allows conserving the battery for greater efficiency and runtime. The EdgeMax deck design allows cutting up to the edge of fencing and flower beds, providing a clean and manicured lawn fast. This mower also features a 20-inch wide cutting patch, with a 6-setting height adjustment that allows choosing the height of cut between 1-1/2 Inch to 4 Inch. It has a 15 gallon nylon collection bag that allows you to check fill levels. This mower is backed by BLACK+DECKER's 2 year limited warranty. What's included: (1) Mower, (2) 2.5Ah - 40V Max Lithium Batteries, (1) grass bag and (1) manual.

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Comments / reviews:
I was tired of gasoline mowers with gummed up carburetors. Gave up on the last two and decided to try this BD battery-powered mower. Read a lot of the reviews, so already knew a lot of the pros and cons. I'll throw a few observations of my own that you may want to consider. My initial rating for this mower was a 3. However, after using it for several weeks I upgraded the rating to a 3.5 and rounded it up to a 4. For background consideration, I live in the south in a subdivision with a very thick San Augustine lawn. The first time I cut the grass, it felt like I was pushing one of the grandkid's toys around the yard. It's very lightweight. The grass was dry and the fully charged battery cut the front yard and about 1/3 of the back yard ... at the highest level setting (7). The second battery finished up the backyard okay. Shortly after mowing, one problem became apparent ... a lot of blades of grass weren't cut ... enough to be readily noticeable. Bummer. A few days later I cut the grass (it was a bit wetter this time) with the setting lowered to 6. Big difference now in the battery life. Didn't complete the front yard before the battery died. Had to use the second battery to finish the front yard and only completed about 1/2 the backyard before that battery died. Uh oh. Problem, especially if you only have the mower with the 2 batteries provided. Fortunately, I had an extra battery because I'd previously bought the BD battery-powered weed trimmer and blower combination. However, had to charge the batteries some to complete the edging, trimming, and blowing. Not particularly pleased at that point.

Initial pros: lightweight, easy starting.
Initial cons: battery life, incomplete grass cutting

As I began to experiment with the batteries and equipment more and more, I came to realize the battery gets really hot powering the mower. When it's depleted it has to cool before it will recharge. I tried various methods to speed up this process ... even wrapping it up and putting it in the freezer for about 40 minutes. It seemed to speed up the cool down process, but now I just put the battery in the shade to let it cool down. Since the two 2.5 amp batteries and the one 2.0 amp battery I have are all interchangeable, I now begin by using a 2.5 battery with the trimmer and trim first. The trimmer doesn't heat the battery up like the mower, so when I'm finished with edging and trimming the front and backyards, that battery is immediately put back on the charger and begins charging. Then I'll grab the remaining 2.5 battery and put in the mower, and use the 2.0 when the first battery dies. Usually I'll throw in a few breaks during the work, and by the time I need the first battery I put back on the charger is sufficiently charged to complete the yard (including the blowing).

Now back to the incomplete cutting of the grass problem. I examined the grass still sticking up and found blade marks on the grass. So, I knew the blade was contacting the grass - just not completely cutting it. After a bit more thought I removed the battery and starting key so the mower couldn't energize, and flipped it over. Problem identified. Very dull blade, and I do mean VERY DULL. Looked like it had never been sharpened. Absolutely no danger of cutting yourself with that blade.Took it off, sharpened it, and put It back on. Works much better now. I've noticed it still misses a few blades of grass, but not any different than the previous gas mowers.

Final observations ... This mower isn't nearly as powerful as a gas mower. However, it is sufficient to cut this thick San Augustine grass. I actually like the finished look now ... the light weight of the mower doesn't leave the deep wheels tracks like the heavier mowers and tends to leave a nice smooth finish to the lawn. Using this mower with the other BD equipment I have and the additional battery has made this a workable situation for me. However, if you are in a big hurry and/or have a bigger yard, then you'll find this mower with its batteries to be a bit of challenge.

B&D has a winner with these 40 volt products! We had a gas mower that needed to be replaced and bought the CM1640 last year to try an electric and it has performed very well with clean cuts and really excellent battery life. Now, they have this one which gives a 20" cut and adds the ability to mulch, side discharge, or rear bag. Assembly from the shipping box was a matter of minutes consisting of attaching the handle and inserting a battery. I gave it a test today on some really thick grass with it in the mulch mode, and the results were outstanding. A clean cut with the clippings going back thru the blade and into the lawn well chopped up. I never did run the battery out in this chore, and did not need to retrieve the spare battery(40 volts and also fits the B&D trimmer & chainsaw) from it's onboard compartment. This mower replaced a gas self propelled model and this one is easier to mow with despite the fact that it is not self propelled. It is very light and just heavy enough to feel like a real tool without requiring much effort at all to keep the grass mowing chore to be more than just good exercise. It stores in it's own foot print with easy to fold handle. So, we like the fact that it starts with the press of a button and does an excellent job on your lawn with a quite, no drama experience.

So, I've read all the reviews I can from every site available. I researched this lawn mower as much as anyone possibly could. I didn't want to throw away my money, lord knows you need every penny you can get lol I received it a couole of days ago and I tried it out today. I simply love it! It's not heavy, it's not hard to push, it's very quiet and it cuts great. I have 3/4 acre. It's not all flat and it's certainly not all grass lol ( lots of weeds in there) I had it put together and cutting in about ten minutes. I didn't use the bag I just started cutting.
I'm not one for directions and I was able to attach the handle and poof it was done. Took me a minute to figure out to push the Button then pull the handle but other than that no issues. I have the weedeater and blower in black and decker so I have extra batteries. It took me three batteries to cut my lawn. Now I wasn't taking my time I was moving it. I was on a deadline so I was moving. Now if you are the type that likes to just slowly move along your going to need more than two.

No more sciatica after mowing my hill!. I'm a 5'2" female, 60+ yrs, and I like mowing the flat part of the yard, but it just became too difficult to mow the hill (lengthwise, for safety) with my push mower. Last year I bought a self-propelled, which made mowing the flat even easier, but it was just too heavy for my arms to control the mower's tendency to tilt sideways on the hillside. This Black & Decker battery-powered mower is perfect . . . iy only weighs about 40-50 lbs, so it's super easy on the flat, and very controllable on the hillside. I can enjoy mowing again! My front yard takes almost the full two batteries due to the hill and very thick St. Augustine on half the lawn due to lots of sun. Then I recharge and mow the back, which is shady, with about 1/2 of one battery. A snap . . . thanks, so much, Black & Decker.

This battery powered lawn mower met all of my expectations! I have been using it for a month now and I have not had any problems with it. I have used it exactly as directed and it gets the job done each and every time I cut my lawn. My lawn looks just like it would with landscapers here, without the price and inconvenience of having someone else in your back yard.

This mower has a variety of different grass length setting to fit whatever length of grass you desire. It is extremely lightweight and easy to push through my lawn. I only use the mulch setting to give my lawn the extra nutrients from the clippings, but there is also a bagging and side dispense option. The bag also comes with the mower as well.

It is extremely easy to assemble and it takes about 30 minutes to an hour. Instructions are clear and easy to read. It comes with 2 forty volt batteries that you can use for other B&D items that need a forty volt battery. The batteries charge quickly and are easy to install. I was able to cut my front and back lawns on one battery. This took about 40 minutes. I fully charge the batteries after each use and store them for a week until I use them again.

This is a great product that requires minimal maintenance as compared to a gas mower that you have to maintain just like your car.

I've used this item for about 1 month (4 cuts) and I have to say that I am happy with it so far. It takes both batteries that come with this mower to complete my yard ( approx. 35 min mowing time ). However I do use that second battery for weed eating as well, and have yet to run out of power doing that. To me the best part about this mower would be the noise level, I could mow at 6 am and not have to worry about waking up my neighbors who live basically with in a few feet of my property. This may be a pricey mower, but it will pay for itself by the end of the mowing season.

As soon as I received this. I brought it out to my backyard. Pushed it back and forth across, up, down, and around the hill. Yes! I was right! Change thinking on hills. Going light is the answer.
I own one of the best commercial self propelled mowers there is. The self propulsion does not degrade. Steel deck, 6 hp. It weighs 110 pounds. It's tough to use on my hill. The mower always wants to roll or slide downhill. I can look straight over at my backyard neighbors second story, even with my ground floor. All the decline in elevation is in my yard. That's in 50'. Even going straight up hill. I have to use more strength with the commercial self propelled to keep it straight, than I have to with the B&D. B&D's website lists this mower at 43 pounds.
Now if it's an extreme short uphill climb. Like a bank of some kind. Where you just push it up. Then let it come back down. I think the self propelled might be better. It's just too much. But on most hills like my yard. Nobody mows up and down anyways. They mow back and forth. Dropping down the hill with each run. Even with my hill. Pushing this uphill seems easier to me than controlling my self propelled going uphill. This B&D is wonderfully light. Enjoyable to use.

I'm 57, male. Had my share of health and injury problems in my life. Need to keep things as easy as I can. That's why I went looking at these cordless electric lawn mowers.

This 2040 versus the new 60V B&D. It appears to me that the 2040 has a lower center of gravity. The 60V has the batteries sticking up. I think that's to appeal to people who like the looks on the competitions higher voltage mowers. I think B&D got it right in the first place. I need the center of gravity as low as I can with my hill. I also rationalize that keeping the center of gravity low, is smart, from an engineering point of view for a push mower.
The new 60V B&D battery, and others. Have you gone and looked in the store at some of the stuff with these higher voltage batteries? The compartment is huge. Looks like a small shoe box. I think it's getting a little over the top on size. I'm thinking, when the market flushes out. There will be settlement in a smaller size battery like this 40V.
Part of the reason I got a B&D. I have an 'old' 12V lithium drill. Wasn't the best. But it is the best for me. I love it. I think B&D was using their noggin and continue to do so. I also have a B&D dust buster. I did buy the B&D 40V trimmer/blower combo with this. I think they're good enough. I think B&D uses their noggin.
I can't believe some of the reviews I see and read. As if there is undermining by competition going on. Have you seen some of the comparisons? Obscenely obviously bad. One of a competitors mower through tall wet grass. Are you kidding me? My self propelled commercial will leave that looking awful on one pass. They're trying to say that cordless electric is no good? I don't think so.
Seen the critique of not mowing nice and even and smooth? Who are they trying to kid? Talk to anybody working in lawn care. Even a greens keeper at a golf course. The only way to get really straight cut is to use an old fashioned rotary front blade. The kind you sharpen like a knife. With those you can only mow so high. You also need to make sure your lawn is flat. Fill in any imperfections. That's how to do it. This type of revolving blade just ain't gonna do it. Ever notice you don't really sharpen the blade on this type of mower? You just make sure it isn't rounded. That's all. Take reviews, comparisons, and such with a big grain of salt. I spent too much time looking at that stuff.
Looked at a very popular 56V mower. Even the self propelled version. That self propelled is something like 76 pounds? The 2040 is 43 pounds. The non self propelled is 48% heavier than this 2040? Are you kidding me? I want as light as I can possibly get.

Want to add. The 60V B&D. It appears you must put both batteries in the mower. It will switch when one goes low. With the 2040, you don't have to carry the second battery in the mower. I want it as light as possible. I can walk in the garage to get the second battery when the first runs out. My yard ain't that big.
Back when I got my drill. I looked up info on Lithium Ion batteries. I suggest anyone look up info on them.
I just bought this home last summer. I hadn't owned an actual house with a yard in many years. Memories of mowing as a kid, in Houston. Self propulsion degraded. Pushing the mower. Sweat dripping down my face. Stench of gasoline and exhaust. Grass all over me. It was awful. When thinking on this house. I had dreams of buying a 20 foot wide bank of mowers like they use on a golf course. Hook up a four wheeler. Pull it out of my custom garden shed. Run once across the yard. Then back. Park it. With a sign on the shed that says: I hate mowing lawns. ... Well finally all that has changed.
This mower is wonderful. It's more like the noise from a quiet vacuum cleaner. Almost feel like I'm grooming the lawn instead of hacking it up. It is truly enjoyable to use. It's more like taking a nice stroll in the yard. Get a little cardio. No stress. No more nightmares of mowing the lawn. Life is good again.
There is much competition out there. I'm happy with B&D.

EDIT: I'm not sure a self propelled would be better pushing it up a bank. Then let it come back down to you. I just finished mowing my lawn at the last of sunset. Noticed it's so easy to do that push, roll back. Or where you push, pull it back. Getting under bushes, etc. It's so nice for these small movements. A breeze to maneuver.
It was 87, cooled down to 74 by the time I was finished. Didn't even break a sweat.
I'm getting to where I don't like this mower, I love it.

I purchased this unit after having excellent experience with B&D's li-ion powered hand tools (chainsaw, hedge shear, etc) and decided to get rid of my 40-year-old professional grade gas-powered mower and edger. I have a 600 ft2 lawn in Los Angeles and mow it using a single 2.5 Ah battery that came with the CM2040 mover. Even under very heavy growth, I rarely use more than half the single 2.5 Ah battery's capacity. My standard practice is to move the battery from my lawnmower to my B&D 40V string mower after I finish the lawn and use the string mower to trim the lawn edges. I've never come close to needing the second 2.5 Ah battery that comes with the mower, even with this dual usage.

From a storage point of view, the unit folds nicely into a compact size that fit easily under a lower shelf in my garden shed. However, I had a difficult time finding the dimensions of the folded unit...they're not even in the owners manual. So I've attached a drawing with the dimensions to this review. Basically its 34.25 inches from the back of the rear wheels (which is the furthest back part of the mower when folded) to the front tip of the chassis (which protrudes a bit in front of the front wheels). From top to bottom, its roughly 17.5 inches from ground to the top of the folded handle and safety release bar. But the handle could be pushed down another inch to clear a 16.5 in clearance if you had too. My shelf has a 19" clearance, so the mower fits easily under it. And, the clipping bag can be stacked on top of the front of the mower in the same space.

Bottom Line: Works very well for me...light weight, easy to push, quick cut, no gasoline hassle, no pull starting, minimal noise, a pleasure to use, compact storage. Only negative...a bit plasticy ...sort of like a RubberMaid lawnmower...but it works.

I have a small front yard and backyard, maybe 2000 square feet total, and this mower is perfect for the size! I love the quiet compared to the gas mower, and smells better too! The battery LED shows three bars at full charge and there are always two bars left when I am done mowing. No problem at all powering through the thick springtime grass and the cutting was even better than my gas mower so I was very pleased. Not too surprised at the performance because I have a couple other of these B&D 40v (36v) outdoor products that I have been impressed by: a hedge trimmer, a weed wacker, and a chain saw. I actually gave away my gas mower to my son so I would have a chance to pick up this Lithium mower. I am glad I did.
If I should have trouble with this in the future (I don't anticipate that based on my other B&D products) I will be sure and circle back and update this review. I have a memory like an elephant so if you do not see any update, that mower is still running like a champ!

Very satisfied with this mower as it is light, easy to transport and has enough power to mow a special area at home where anything larger is difficult to use. The inclusion of a rapid charger was a bonus as my previous B&D weed wacker had a very slow charger that took a long time and often took too long to complete a task during the same day. Having two or three batteries on hand is recommended for large areas but was amazed at the length of time available with just one 2.5 Ah battery. I have a riding mower for most of the area around our house but it is too big to mow along pathways in the garden. This mower made it easy to keep the grass cut where it wold be impossible with a large mower. Unit has worked fine for this purpose and does a very good and complete job, usually with just one battery. It is not recommended for very tall grass, weeds, woody plants or large areas. Well constructed and small enough to store, as it folds up into a very small space in the garage. Will have to see how long the battery packs last, but so far have not had any problems.

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