Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25012 with 50-Foot Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cord ECOA010

Greenworks 18-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25012 with 50-Foot Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cord ECOA010
Powerful 12 Amp Electric Motor delivers enough power to cut through the toughest grass
Durable steel 18-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently
50 ft. extension cord
14 gauge cord

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Comments / reviews:
Very pleased with this. I was worlds biggest skeptic. Ordered this to cut grass that needed badly to be cut a month before i got it. Grass was 6-10 inches long very healthy very thick. Had a week of rain 3 days before i cut it. Now at that high i didnt even try to mulch it. set deck height to middle setting. And the adjuster is great adjust the one side it raises them all. Usining 100ft. 16/3 10 amp ext. cord it powered through every bit as well as any 6hp or less gas mower. Even better when it got to the thick stuff cause it cant kill the electric motor like it can a gas one. and it chopped through like nothing for regular cutting this thing will be a breeze. I mulched it all on lowest setting one hour after i cut is first time and i didnt rake the yard first mulched it all and it did that nicely too. Very very very impressed with this little mower. and it weighs like 20 pounds. Super quiet. Looks kinda cheap cause of color scheme but it is solid all metal chassis with a plastic top over motor. Weel mounts and brackets everything important all metal.
Loved it. You will not be disappointed with this if you buy it. Plus totally stoked that i wont need gas or oil or to pull start it or f***k with it at all really. And that is very nice. Wheel it out plug it in press button and cut grass.

I cut almost 2 feet high grass in a back patio area very easily. this came out of the box ready to go with only the handle having to be tightened ( without tools) I plugged into a 16 gauge 100 ft extension cord . the mower cord has for some reason only a 2 prong plug but my 3 prong extension fit into this no problems.the manual also states only to store indoors and dont cover with a plastic sheet but in my case i have to store outside and i did order the boss lawn mower cover ( also on amazon) to store on my back patio..of course ideally stored indoors to prevent moisture ruining electrical components.aside from that i am pleased with the power of the mower and the mulching blade cutting so well, i only had to rake a minimal amount of cut grass.

I like it so far. You have to put a handle on. It take about 3 minutes. I didn't think it was going to cut good because I away's hear bad thing about electric motor's buthe it cut the grass really good. It not really loud. It starts right up and all you have to do is push and hold the button then pull the lever back. This is the reason I want to electric because I was so tried of trying to make it start up. This motor fix that problem. The only con is the cord and making sure you cut it. It cut as good as my gas motor. My front yard was really high and it worked great. I would have took pictures but forgot so I took some of the back yard.

First of all, I own a Scott's 16" reel lawmower that I've used for three cutting seasons and really love. But this season I decided to keep my reel mower as a spare and to try something new.

I didn't want a gas driven mower, and I wanted to try an electric one. Electric mowers have been around for generations, and are starting to make a much deserved comeback.

But I noticed with a lot of these modern electric mowers, that they are cheaply constructed, many seem to be 90% plastic. I really wanted an old fashioned, mostly metal construction electric lawnmower.

After doing some research, I discovered this GreenWorks 18" 12 amp corded lawnmower. I've used it a number of times and I'm very pleased with its performance. It weighs about 50 pounds and has a nice, solid feel to it.

I would suggest that if you order one of these, that you carefully remove it from the box and check all aspects of the machine to make sure there is no damage and that everything is working properly.

I like the fact that this mower has seven height settings to cut grass. That's right - seven settings. The lowest setting cuts grass at 1 5/8" and the highest at 3 1/8". Be sure to use an extension cord that has the right amps. Anything lower than 12 amps can damage the mower. If possible, you might want to buy an orange or other brightly colored extension cord since these, at least for me, seem to be easier to see while cutting grass.

Overall, the mower is pretty quite, much quieter than most gas mowers. And I would suggest cleaning the mower after each use, but make sure the mower is unplugged for safety's sake. Also, the handle folds forward from the middle which helps make the mower more compact and easier for storage.

I'm hoping to get a lot of grass cutting seasons out of this little green electric lawnmower.

My lot is about 65 ft by 125 ft and is about half covered by my house and landscaping. So not a huge lawn to mow. This machine takes care of it very nicely. Before I had a corded Black and Decker mower (humorously/unfortunately named a "lawn hog"), and it was good for about 10 years, but I got tired of how loud it was. Also the B&D was mostly made of plastic. This Greenworks mower is a definite step up for me, and I'm not ready to shell out for a rechargable one yet - especially for a lot this size.

Handle height and start mechanism are both good for me. the large wheels help it move smoothly. The mowing height adjustment works well. Doesn't bog down too badly in longer grass.

One last tip: if you can allow your lawn to NOT look like the close-cropped grass on a golf course, mowing high will slow the growth and protect against the grass burning out during summer dry spells. I mow two notches down from the top height adjustment, and I can typically go about two weeks between mowings. Also when my neighbors' yards are turning brown during the inevitable drought that happens for a few weeks during the summer, my yard still looks green and lovely.

My husband didn't want to keep gas sitting in our little tinder shed to start a fire, and we were motivated to find a mower that was a little more "green" but still powerful enough to deal with the thick crab grass of our north Florida lawn. This lawnmower was practically 100% assembled in the box! It was up and running in 15 minutes and we used a 100 ft extension cord to get it around our medium sized yard. It mowed down some seriously thick, damp grass with one pass while also being lightweight. We completely recommend for smaller yards and for people who don't want to push around a really heavy mower.

I hear these electric lawn care devices are good for the environment. I like the environment, it's where all my stuff is, so that's pretty cool and whatnot.

But I bought this mainly because I am lazy and hate doing yard work. With a corded electric lawn mower, I don't have to drive all the way to the gas station to get fuel. Then I don't have to worry about the fuel going bad because I'm only going to use the thing 5-6 times a year. There's also no oil to change, or gaskets to go bad because it's been sitting around too long, or air filter to forget about cleaning or replacing. Something about spark plugs too, I don't even know.

Go through all that hassle with a gas mower and the stupid thing still won't pull start. Normally I would just quit at this point, but every summer I end up getting notices from the city because the weeds in my yard are a "fire hazard" or some such nonsense. So then I have to call my dad, who's good at this sort of thing and always has a perfect yard. He doesn't say anything, but I feel bad about wrecking his weekend, and I imagine he feels like a bit of a failure for raising such a lazy son that doesn't even have any basic small-motor maintenance skills. Honestly, who's going to be motivated to do any yard work after all that heavy emotional stuff?

So I got this electric mower delivered to my house today and I decided to take it out back just to see if it worked. Plugged it in, turned it on... and ended up mowing my whole back yard like it wern't no thang at all. Took like 30 mins maybe; a fraction of the time it would have taken to even realize that my gas mower (which has been sitting under a tree for a year because I never bothered to put it away last summer) probably needs to be completely rebuilt again.

Also, I'm very tall and have kind of a bad back, and I found this mower to be surprisingly comfortable to use. Push mowers usually leave me hurting pretty bad. The one-lever height adjustment also gets my fat, tired, and lazy seal of approval.

So, yea. If you're not the kind of weirdo that enjoys screwing around with gas-motorized junk, than a corded electric mower is an alternative that is probably even superior. I went with Greenworks because they seem to have a decent reputation for reliability, which is backed up by the better-than-average warranty put on their products.

I have had this going on 2 years now. It has done a great job with what was a weedy lawn, getting through 4" high grass/weeds and only slowing down a little. It has also done a great job cutting new sod and emerging seeded lawn, generating a clean cut and not damaging the new grass or ripping it out. It has greatly exceeded my expectations. I am now looking at "upgrading" to the battery powered version by Greenworks just to save the hassle of the cord. The company has really convinced me on this product (my first with Greenworks). Revs slowed a little in the thickest grass, but so did my old 5.5hp gas mower. No real assembly. Feels solid.

This mower works well but I'd probably have ordered the version with the catcher for about the same price in hindsight. Cuts through tall grass easily and quickly and just watch the cord obviously. If you cut the cord, it's your fault and you're not paying attention to a freaking lawnmower... The handles fold into the mower quite quickly and easily with the quick levers and the thumbscrews but those same thumbscrews easily back themselves off if you don't tighten them down before mowing.

Things that I wish were different: I wish it had a lower cutting height. Great for cutting your lawn down, but a lot of the other mowers from GreenWorks cut to a much lower height. The anti-stress dongle that holds the cord and keeps you from accidentally unplugging it should be able to handle a larger gauge extension cord. I have a heavy duty cord and it won't fit in the little loop so I have to tie it in a simple knot around the bar next to the cord wrangler.

This is a great mower since we don't have a lot of area to mow but it often gets overgrown. The mower goes right through it if you don't bite off a while stripe at once. I think it is a great value for the money and the Greenworks 4 year warranty was easily a deal closer for someone who doesn't want to cleanup a gas mower annually dealing with fuel system issues.

We had an 18 Гё Homelite just like this that burned out its motor bearings after five years. This arrived in a week, is no more expensive than the Homelite and has a better safety-On-switch. I filed and balanced the blade because factory sharpening is about average, but the power of the motor and smoothness of cut is better with a sharper blade. I have a steep, 6' tall embankment leading up from the sidewalk to yard-level and a small mower is better and safer than top-heavy gas mowers of former times.

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