American Lawn Mower 1415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Hand Push Reel Mower

American Lawn Mower 1415-16 16-Inch 5-Blade Hand Push Reel Mower

Product Description


  • 4 Spider with 5 blade ball bearing reel
  • Unbreakable steel side plate
  • Easy adjustable cutting heights
  • Composite wheels with radial tread tires
  • Cushioned flair style handle

Keep a small lawn trimmed and neat with the American Lawn Mower 16" Full Feature Reel Lawn Mower. It features a welded shrub bar to push branches out of the way and an unbreakable steel side plate for durability. The height of the 16" lawn mower is easily adjustable so you can get the grass length you want. Light weight and easy to use. The green and quite choice for your yard.

In these modern times, where channel surfing is rapidly becoming the nationВ’s most popular sport, the American Lawn Mower Company suggests to return to a simpler time with this hand push reel mower. The mower runs solely on manpower, thus saving valuable resources such as gasoline, oil, and electricity while simultaneously eliminating the noise and air pollutions frequently associated with fuel-run lawn mowers. Additionally, this mower combines necessary yard work with exercise, improving both the userВ’s lawn and cardiovascular health. Owners of hand push mowers also benefit from a lack of fuel expenses, and may also save by allowing grass clippings to mulch for natural fertilization.

This hand push mower provides best results when used on grasses no longer than 3 to 4 inches high. Regular lubrication of the bearings and blades with WD-40 further the success of this mower. The mower features four spider five blades, ball bearing reel. With an adjustable four-section roller, the mower has a cutting length range of 1/2 to 2-1/4 inches. Both the reel and blades are constructed from tempered alloy steel and are held in place by an unbreakable steel plate. The cast iron wheels measure 10 inches in diameter and the mower covers a width of 16 inches. The mower weighs 32 pounds upon shipping with some assembly required.--Jessica Reuling

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Comments / reviews:
Bought this because I have a fairly small yard, didn't want to deal with trying to find a cheap mower on Craigslist and pay for the maintenance, and any time I mow my toddler wants to help so I figured this would be safer. I've had it a few months and its great. Easy to put together, cuts the grass well.

Cut: Some reviews mentioned it doesn't cut as well as a gas mower. I think you just have to be ok with all the grass not being the same length and there being places that don't cut perfectly. This took some getting used to, but as my yard has grown and filled in, I've started to prefer it. Come spring, the yard will look like the outfield at a baseball stadium.

Weight: I usually mow with one hand, so I can hold a beer with the other. Occasionally, I'll end up having to hold the toddler and mow. i.e. this is lighter and more nimble than a gas mower.

Looks: You're spouse/family/friends/neighbors will laugh at you. Be prepared. But, as you whisper around the yard and it starts looking like a professional job, the cackling will... ya so they'll still laugh at you. I swear its worth it though.

Noise/Safety: Won't cut sticks, throw rocks, get hot, make noise, etc. Essentially all the things that make walking around your yard behind a gas mower unpleasant, this won't do. I have conversations with my wife and daughter in the yard while I mow. The other day, my daughter fell asleep in the Ergo carrier while I mowed the yard. Try that with a gas mower.

I took it down 1/2 star because I think there are better rotary mowers out there that have wider coverage which probably makes mowing quicker. But, that's really being nitpicky. If you've never used a rotary, this is a great starting point and well worth it.

Holy Manoly. Susan here. Put the thing together in ten minutes (had to find a small spanner to keep hold of the bolt head while I turned the knobs on tight for the handle assembly).

I'm going to add four photos to this review to show you just how long our grass was/is ... and how much little old me got done in 25 minutes.

It's 90В°F outside and I had to come on in. Notice I DID wear a hat! Great way for me to drop 10 lbs (one of the reasons I bought the little thing). Great arm exercise and stomach too ... not to mention the legs with all the walking! Will put sunscreen on later on.

Don't worry, I WILL NOT be cutting all 2.34 acres with this! (We have a SCAG mower that needs a repair hence a quick eighty-buck purchase delivered in two days!) I am REALLY pleased with it straight out of the box. I didn't adjust the cutting blade height ... I just pushed it and away I went! I did have to go over some areas twice -- no surprise -- the grass is L-O-N-G so I did a few overlaps too, just like I would with the power SCAG mower in dense areas.

I like the way you can pull it backwards on its rear rollers (keeping the blades off my concrete patio!) so you can move it to store it. Yes, it's light enough to lift and carry but obviously KEEP your HANDS away from the blades. Nuff said.

 This is a great little mower! It was easy enough to assemble, the mower is already put together you just have to add the handle. Very easy to push. I only had two issues: 1. Even the tiniest twig can stop this puppy. I had to rake first and even still I found myself having to pick sticks out of the wheel. 2. It is hard to get the perimeter of a building mowed. The wheels stick out a few inches from the mower which left a line of un-mowed grass around the building.
The included video is one-handed, so that is why I had some issues pushing. With two hands it works great!
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 This is one of the best purchases I've made in a long time. I grew up using a heavy old-fashioned reel mower, so I thought I knew what to expect. However, as you will see in this video, this newer model is much lighter, easier to maneuver around, and cuts grass like a dream!

This mower was easy to put together, just be sure to pay close attention to the included instructions. I didn't need any tools to assemble mine.

This mower is 14" wide, which isn't much more than one foot wide. If you have a small-medium area to mow, this mower is a great choice! Just keep in mind, that if you have a large lawn, you will have to do more trips across your lawn than you would with a larger gas-powered mower.

I highly recommend that you rake your yard before use. This is a fine mower and it will cut your grass well - but it is not a power mower and it doesn't cut through twigs and branches very well. It will jam up if it catches a twig or branch, which can be annoying if there are lots of twigs or branches in your yard. Unjamming the mower is easy - just rotate the blades backwards gently with your foot. I discovered that this mower won't cut down really tall weeds - it just pushes them over, as it did when I tried to cut a weed down in this video. (I'll just have to dig up or pull out those tall weeds!)

The greatest thing about this mower is that it isn't a gas guzzling, pollution spewing, noise making machine! There's no more gas or oil to purchase, and and all you smell is your freshly cut grass!

Solid mower. I just moved into a new house and the grass in front was literally a foot high. Obviously a mower like this is not intended for such high grass, but it was able to cut it down nonetheless. The first patches were difficult, but once I cleared some room to get some momentum, it went very quickly. On a lawn with normal growth (say, 3-4"), this mower will be fantastic. The only reason I give 4 stars instead of 5 is because small twigs will cause the mower to stop. When I say small twigs, I mean even something as small as an inch in length and 1/2 cm wide. You have to manually remove the twig or other obstruction before continuing. Still, that's a minor nuisance compared to the noise from a regular mower.

This review is for all the people out there who have been wanting to switch from a gas mower over to these manual mowers. Do it. I was told it doesn't cut even, it's harder to use, but none of that is true. I actually prefer the look of my lawn to a powered mower when I use this guy, and I'm done mowing my lawn by the time gas mower has been primed, refueled and started.

The product itself: I don't have any experience with any other mowers to compare, but I'm pleased. It doesn't kill any of the really tall weeds as easily (takes another pass or two). Next time I buy, I'll go for a wider span just to get more grass at once. Yard is perfectly small enough that it doesn't matter. Great, easy product.

It's a great product.

Hi, I'm Kevin. This mower works really well. And in my profession, I've seen a lot of front yards. This mower cuts grass like the best of them. And I don't lie. It's right up there in my top 10 favorite rules.

I've read some reviews that people were hopeful that an $80 mower assembled in minutes would cut grass similar to professional baseball outfields. If you believe that is possible and don't already attend an LDS church, I'd like to talk to YOU! I can even come over and demo the lawn mower for you! I don't work for the company or anything, but I do have colleagues all over the world. So if I can't personally come over I can probably find someone who can. Let me know and I'll describe the uniform so you aren't surprised.

But seriously - for $80 this is a good mower.

Love this thing! Does exactly what I wanted. It gives me exercise while cutting my grass. Yes you may have to go over the same area a few times, yes it can difficult to push at times...for my 3 year old! It's not gas powered or self propelled. I used to use the real metal ones when I mowed the lawn growing up and I loved it then too! Why would I get anything else? If this one ever brakes I will buy the same one again...I mean come one I would have to buy this one 6 times before I paid for a decent gas powered one! Mowed my front and back lawn the other day and it wasn't a chore but a delight! Thanks Amazon! Love this thing! :)

Talk about getting a good workout! I have a condo with a small backyard so it didn't make sense to invest in a gas mower. Unfortunately there is no direct access to my backyard from the outside, so I have to keep the push mower in my garage and carry it through the condo to get to my backyard (and it's a little heavy and can drop grass on the way back if I don't clean it off well enough).

Sometimes it's a bit hard to push (and I'm a strong woman), but overall I like cutting my grass this way. When I neglect the yard for too long, though, I have to get the weed whacker out to cut the grass, as it's nearly impossible to push the mower through grass with any length to it. But the push mower definitely cuts the lawn more evenly than does my weed whacking skills! It's sort of fun to go back to the old-school way of doing things!

Works well if your grass is not super long. If it's just a medium length it works great! Don't let your grass get out of control! Lol! I think I will get the catcher since I had to rake all of the cut grass!

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