Greenworks 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included MO40B411

Greenworks 17-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included MO40B411

Get ready for spring this year with the Green Works 40V Max System.В  This efficient cordless battery platform gives you all the power you need to tackle your yard.В Kick gas to the curb this spring and go green: No Fumes, No Mixing, No Maintenance, and No Pull Cords.В Life gets easier with Green works; let us help you take the work, out of yard work.

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Comments / reviews:
My mower showed up today in the box just like you would pick up at the store, The box was in good shape with no damage. The mower is basically put together, just fold out the handle and if you want side discharge just snap that piece into place. If you want to use the grass catching bag just remove the plug in the rear of the mower and snap the grass catching bag in place. The mower shows up ready to mulch you just need to charge then insert a battery and a red key into the mower. The mower has an easy height adjustment lever the raises or lowers all 4 wheels at once. I charged the 2Ah battery in about an hour and then ran the mower for 25 minutes on that battery in sorta tall wet grass and a few weeds with no problems at all. The battery still has some charge left I just quit because it was getting dark. The mower ran strong and quiet, I am happy with my first running of this mower it never did bog down on me it was easy to push and it is light weight for a mower. I will finish up the yard tomorrow and if it runs like it did today I will be happy.I just wish it was made in the USA, Dewalt please make a lawn mower in the states.

Six star amazing!

Ordered yesterday: received today.

I'm a 66 year-old male. I've been in a power wheelchair for 10 years from a severe case of Guillain-Barre syndrome that left me with a 45% total body disability rating. The GBS left me with about 50% of normal grip strength bilaterally and nerve damage and loss of strength in my forearms as well.

A neighborhood teen has been mowing my yard for years using his lawn tractor.

Just yesterday, a landscaping crew finished installing 150 feet of sidewalk across my front lawn and down the sides of my house. The walk is made from a combination of a pea gravel bed between staked, treated 2 X 4's and over 500 12 X 12 concrete step stones form Lowes. Red and white checkerboard pattern. I can now do yard work and not track in dirt on my wheelchair wheels.

Well, it occurred to me that I would not want my yard boy riding the lawn tractor over my walkways so, after researching all the options, I bought this mower for HIM to use.

Well, when it arrived this morning, I cut the box open to get to the charger and batteries so that I could have them ready for him.

When the larger battery charged fully in about thirty minutes, I thought I would see how powerful the mower was with a brief test push.

To my UTTER ASTONISHMENT and PURE DELIGHT, I was not only able give it a "test push," but, steering my power wheelchair with my right hand on the joystick and the mower with my weakened left hand and arm, I was able to mow my entire front lawn! The mower is TRULY that light and maneuverable! I'll get the back yard tomorrow - and not because the battery gave out but because my out-of-shape arm did. I have a 1,517 square foot house on a 5,00 square foot lot, by the way.

When I removed the large battery immediately after mowing, I returned it straight to the charger. Not only was it not too hot be recharged, it was barely warm after mowing in 91 degree southeast Georgia summer heat. It was fully recharged in 30 minutes.
It made less noise than my bathroom fan or rangehood fan and had plenty of power for my overdue centipede lawn gone to seed.

For the wheelchair bound who have retained full upper body nerve function and strength this thing will be a snap - including the 20 inch model. I'm handling my 19 inch model with ease. For wheelchair bound users with even less strength than me, there is the 16 inch model.

I can get by with the handle as is but I will be looking to modify the handle slightly to better suit my needs from the seated position in the wheelchair.

NOTE TO GREENWORKS: I represent a tremendous market among the disabled for this mower. PLEASE consider making an optional handle configuration that is ergonomically right for thousands of potential users in power wheelchairs.

By the way, no longer needing my lawn boy, I will easily recoup the cost of this mower in one full growing season.

This thing represents a whole new ball game in cordless mowing and a near miracle for the wheelchair bound. SO FAR, I highly recommend it.

Jay Moreno
St. Marys, GA


I just mowed my lawn first time of the season. The mower is still going strong with no problems whatsoever.

I purchased this product because I didn't want to fuss with gasoline, oil and everything that goes with typical gas powered lawn mowers. I hate yard work - immensely. The last thing I want is to be out there any more than I have to with a malfunctioning or faulty piece of equipment. I also hate spending a fortune on someone else cutting my lawn so I purchased a full set of GreenWorks lawn equipment on Amazon.

The results have been spectacular! In addition to hating yard work and being lazy, I am also rough on equipment. I'll give a human TLC but I expect to throw machinery at anything and watch it muscle through. If you look at the pictures attached you will see some of what I put my lawn mower through. The grass was up to the knees! Keep in mind that you can't just power through in a straight line. You have to be sophisticated at work it a little with the bag on but it will chomp it all down just the same.

So, if your lawn looks normal and just needs a little off the top then this mower will run with the best. Light, easy to handle and lasts a good while on a charge (I bought multiple equipment so I ended up with 3 batteries). If you are like me then this will also get the job done but know that the more you ask of it the faster the battery will drain trying to accomplish the task. On a standard size lot once I get the grass short (again!) I can hedge trim; weed eat the entire perimeter, driveway and walkway; mow front and back; and blow all hard surfaces on three fully charged batteries in 45 minutes.

I bought this lawn mower some time back and it is always been a great mower. But, all good things come to an end and my lawnmower quit working but I found it was still in the warranty. So I called the company and they told me where to take my mower to have it repaired, which I did. However, in my case the mower could not be repaired so they shipped me a new one at no cost. What a great company!

When I took my mower to the company for repair I also had to take my batteries with with me. So Greenworks informed me that I was going to be receiving a new mower they told me to go back to the repair company and pick up my batteries. After I got my batteries back I quickly realized that they had not given me back the same batteries that I'd left with them. One of the batteries was no good. So I called GreenWorks and told them about the battery switch. So what if they do, Greenworks sent me a new battery, no charge. Great product great customer service thank you Greenworks.

After using this mower on my medium sized yard I am very satisfied with how it performs. At first I was trying to mulch and had it set on the second lowest height, which made it run at full speed and drained the battery way too fast. The next day I finished the second half of the lawn with the bagger on and on the third lowest setting. The 4Ah battery was only half drained when I was finished with the front and back of the yard (about 1/2 the total yard). So by my calculations only using the 4Ah battery with the bagger on I should be able to finish the whole yard (about 45 minutes) without using the second battery.

I love that it is so much quieter than my old gas mower, and it is just as powerful if you use an appropriate height setting. It sounds like a box fan set on High, which is nice. I can listen to music in my earbuds without blowing my ears out now, and I don't feel like I have been wrestling a bear when I am done with the lawn because there is less weight and vibration.

I actually look forward to mowing the lawn now!!

It is great! I have a very small yard and it is perfect for doing the yard. Most of the time I can do the yard with one charge. However there have been some times when the battery did not last. I bought an extra battery.
I was amazed at the power of the mowing. It is as powerful as a gas mower and sometimes it seems more powerful! I like that I can turn it off and on easily. This makes it easy to maximized the battery/power. It is very quiet so I can mowed early in the morning. The battery charges quickly and is easy to put in and take out.
I am so glad I did not buy a gas mower!

I'm going to compare this to my previous lawn mower: Toro 22" Recycler with Personal Pace. I'm replacing this mower as I like the idea of batteries instead of gas. I have used this twice since getting it. Once in 5 inch high grass, and then in 7 inch high grass (same yard). Both times I used the bagging feature, so I do not have experience with the mulching or side chute features.

Below are what I find to be the major points in lawn mowers, and how this mower compares to a high quality gas mower (both retail for about the same price).

The main point in buying a lawn mower is of course mowing the lawn. Both mowers have shown to chop threw tall grass without stopping (while in bagging mode). You can hear the RPMs of the Greenworks mower rev up when needed, then back down when the grass isn't so thick. Reminds me of a gas mower, but in reverse (with gas, the motor bogs down instead of turning up). Once thing I have noticed with the Greenworks mower is that it seems to leave random blades of grass standing all over the lawn. This point goes to the Toro (albeit only by a small margin).

When mowing, I prefer to not get too sweated up. In using the Toro for 5 summers, the personal pace feature made it a breeze. I never got tired, and rarely even broke much of a sweat. The Greenworks mower is approximately 30 pounds lighter, but is not self propelled. Even with how light it is, it's harder to push, especially up inclines. It's a bit easier to turn and pull backwards than the Toro, but not much. This point goes to the Toro.

I also like a mower to be easy to use. The Toro has always started for me on first pull. The Greenworks is just a button. The Toro is easier for switching to/from mulching/bagging. The Greenworks is easier for changing the height of the mower. Where the Greenworks wins this category is in stopping the mower. Release the bar, and it stops. This makes it faster/easier to cut power and clean out near the blade if needed.

A lawn mower should also be easy to maintain. This category completely goes to the Greenworks. With any gas mower, you need to winterize it (in this part of the country). You need to replace oil in the spring. You need to clean the air filter. None of those things are needed with a battery powered mower. However, both mowers need to have the blade sharpened for optimal cutting. The Toro's blade is straight, making it a bit easier to sharpen. The blade that comes with the Greenworks isn't. Maybe I can find one that is.

A lawn mower also needs to handle the full yard before running out of power. This is pretty much a non issue with gas mowers, as having a gas can on hand is standard. And refilling it is generally easy. But for a battery powered mower, this is a bigger worry. It takes me 45min to 1 hour to mow my lawn depending on how many times I need to empty the bag (how long the grass is). Both times I mowed I blew through the 4A battery about 3/4 of the way through, and then popped in a second 4A battery (from my chainsaw). This second battery rand down to about 50%. If I had a larger lawn, this would be a problem. OF course, with batteries, I don't have to worry about spilling gas all over. For me, it's basically a tie.

If I were to stop here (which is where the major points end), the Toro would actually beat the Greenworks, and I may be considering returning it. But below are a few important smaller considerations.

I have three kids, all under 4, and most of the time I mow when they are in bed. The gas mower didn't bother them too much, but did have an effect. The Greenworks is so much quieter, I could mow in the morning before people woke up and be ok. It's truly quieter than a vacuum cleaner. There is no engine noise, just the spinning blade. Sometimes I wonder if the neighbors think I'm using a toy mower. Big advantage to to the Greenworks.

I don't like smelling like fumes. So not having a gas engine pumping fumes all over me and my clothes is another big win for the Greenworks.

Finally, storing a lawn mower in my current garage is kind of tight. The Greenworks is shorter (mower portion), skinnier, and can be easily folded down. Another advantage for the Greenworks.

In the end, I will be keeping the Greenworks. It's a fine mower that gets the job done. I will be missing the self propelled action though.

I wanted to wait until I'd mowed 3 - 4 times before writing a review. I have wanted a battery-operated mower for years. I've followed reviews and prices closely, and for a long time concluded that they just hadn't hit prime time yet, and were especially unsuitable for a less-than-carpet lawn. Three summers ago, my gas-powered mower died and I gave up on mowing my own lawn. Fed up with a shoulder-wrenching string pull that I was never confident would start (and frequently did not), dirty gas cans and rags in the garage, and walking in a cloud of exhaust and excessive noise, I was happy to delegate this task to someone else, even if I had to pay for it. But I continued reading reviews.

Fast forward three years, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I had already had a good experience with a GreenWorks string trimmer I had purchased last year, so had some confidence in the battery power. This machine had great reviews and sounded like a good fit. As others have stated, it's pretty much ready to go out of the box. Not so for the batteries, although I admit to being over-anxious and took it for a spin on the partially charged batteries included. I was a little taken aback when I initially saw the size of the mower deck. Nineteen inches is pretty small, especially when you start to do the mental math across your lawn. For this reason alone, this mower may not be suitable for a large lawn unless mowing is your favorite form of exercise. Combine the deck size with the fact that the batteries have a limited charge, my lawn is probably on the end of the spectrum for suitable lawns for the DigiPro. I have an average size lawn that takes about an hour to mow (or a full large battery and 25% of a small). The batteries require several hours to charge - even more if you don't properly seat them in the charger because you're in a hurry :-( Be sure the red charger lights come on when seating them. The batteries do have their own indicator lights, but I find that the button to light them doesn't operate cleanly, and requires a little manipulation to engage. The older battery that came with my string trimmer has a much better indicator button (they aren't compatible).

But after all that, I got to the fun part. Starting a mower with a button is literally a dream come true. No second-guessing whether the mower is going to start today; one push and it whirs up ready to go. There is a slight hesitation between the button press and firing up, so be sure to give it that moment to engage (we're talking seconds). It is markedly quieter than a gas mower, but I honestly would not call it quiet - it's a relative assessment. I would not go out and mow at 7 a.m. on a Saturday, but I'm not wearing ear protection with it, and as someone who is overly-sensitive to noise, I find it a comfortable decibel level. It is very easy to maneuver, as it is much lighter than a standard mower, with far less metal in its construction. My old mower was likely faulty, but it got hot enough to burn skin, something I have not observed in this machine. Turning corners is easy, as is pulling it forward and back in trouble spots. It's great for slopes as well (Although there is a hilarious document accompanying the mower with a paper "tool" you can cut out and use to analyze your slope to determine whether it is safe to mow. Honestly, I don't know what this country has come to if we can't determine whether a slope is too steep to mow without using a paper diagram to measure its grade. But it sure explains a lot.) As I previously stated, I cannot complete the lawn on one battery, but I could never complete the lawn at my former home on a single tank of gas. And it's far easier to retrieve the second battery and pop it in than it was to wheel back to the garage and fill the hot mower with gas...assuming I had remembered to refill the gas can. I used the bag the first time I mowed, and it was fairly simple to clip in and unclip when unloading. The latter times I mowed, I used the mulching feature utilizing the plug that fills the opening where the bag would be. I don't find this to be a great fit, as I always have to clear out a lot of wadded clippings at the end of the mow. Not a big deal though, and it doesn't seem to affect its efficiency.

My largest concern prior to buying this mower was the effectiveness of a battery-operated mower on a less-than-perfect lawn. I am sure the weakest of mowers could manage on a golf course velvet carpet, but I have what is fondly known in these parts as a "Cape Cod lawn". From a distance, it greatly resembles a real lawn, but it is mostly comprised of multiple varieties of grass-like weeds with pine needles and twigs mixed in, and some broad-leaf weeds that can throw up a 9 inch stalk overnight. This was where I was certain the true test would be. I am happy to say that this little mower performed like a champ through this junk. In fact, the first time I used it was pretty late in spring, and I already had a few sections that were 6 inches high or so, and the mower got through effortlessly. I even ran it up into the long grass on the sloped areas where the lawn transitions to woods. I especially love the fact that, when those annoying pop-up weeds raise their ugly heads between mows, I can quickly run out and do a spot mow to take them out. I never would have gone to the trouble with the gas mower.

This clean and lightweight mower has earned a coveted spot in my impeccable garden shed. I never would have put my gas mower in the shed, as I preferred to keep it on a concrete floor, and wasn't comfortable housing gas tools in a wooden structure. So many good things about this little mower. For the first time in my life, I am looking forward to the next mow!

UPDATE: I mowed today, and intentionally tracked time to give a better example of how much life I got out of the battery. I was surprised that today I was able to do the entire lawn with just the large battery. It took about 50 minutes. I'm not sure why I am getting longer life out of the batteries now, whether perhaps the first few charges registered as full charges but were somewhat less, or whether the grass was more sparse getting further into summer. Regardless, I was glad to do a complete mow on a single battery charge.

An excellent choice for people with smaller lawns. I needed a new mower when my old cordless electric mower's lead acid batteries started to no longer recharge. The Greenworks mower seemed to be a good replacement since I already owned a compatible battery and charger which had come with my Greenworkds leaf blower. I was well satisfied with the blower, so expected good service from the mower.

So far I have got it. The mower cuts well and the battery gets me all the way through, though just barely. The mower is much lighter than either a gas powered or electric with lead acid batteries, thus is much easier to push and maneuver around obstacles. The battery recharges quickly and being able to use the same battery in multiple tools is a big plus. If you hit thick grass, the power automatically increases, though at the cost of much more rapid battery depletion. Height adjustment is quick and easy with a single lever. Battery removal and replacement is also extremely easy and quick. There are three choices for what happens to the grass clippings: a grass catcher bag, side discharge, or mulching. The bag, discharge chute and mulching plug are included. I mulch and have not even tried the other two. Mulching seems to work well.

On the minus side, as mentioned earlier, the battery gets me all the way through my lawn, though just barely. The 2 AH battery that came with my leaf blower is probably not adequate for most lawns. The 4 AH option would probably be a better choice for mowing. I am considering purchasing an additional battery so I can swap them out during the summer when grass will be thicker . The handle folds for storage in a two step operation. I found that folding the top half was extremely easy, but the bottom half very difficult and not worth the effort.

Again, this is a good mower for smaller lawns without the need for buying and storing gasoline. There is also no need to check or change oil or perform other maintenance. It probably would also be a good option if you have a larger lawn, but need a small mower to trim around trees and in tight spaces where a riding mower cannot reach.

Used it the first time today. I'm impressed!! Since I just recently moved and it took some time to decide the mower I wanted. The grass was probably a good 5-6 inches and maybe even 8-10 in some patches. I set the height on 4 and went to it. I got about 45 minutes run time on the 2 ah battery. With the grass being so high, I didn't expect much time on this battery, but longer than I expected. I easily finished with a half charge left on the bigger battery. All together I cut grass for about 90 minutes. Yeah, there were times the mower got bogged down in the high stuff, but never acted like it was too much. Some other reviews have said nothing cuts like a gas mower. In this case I'd have to agree. The lawn looks nice but there are a couple spriggs still standing, I know a gas mower probably wouldn't have left. All in all an impressive little machine, light and very easy to maneuver around trees, bushes and what have you and soooo quiet. You want a nice quiet mover that you're not gonna throw out your arm starting it and will get the job done. Well, this is the one. Glad I decided to get this one. Push the button, pull back on the lever and you're cuttin' grass. Glad I decided to get this one. Although, I will probably get another 4ah battery and use the smaller for backup.

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