Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25142 with 50-Foot Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cord ECOA010

Greenworks 16-Inch 10 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25142 with 50-Foot Indoor & Outdoor Extension Cord ECOA010
Powerful 10 Amp motor delivers enough power to cut through tough grass
Durable 16-Inch cutting deck gets the job done quicker and more efficiently
50 ft. extension cord
14 gauge cord

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Update: The mower also works great for mulching. It is very easy to change from mulching to basket. The mulching plug is very easy to use.

I shop regularly at Amazon and frequently read and rely on customer reviews, but I hardly ever write one. I have been mowing lawns for 60 years and have always believed you need a 5 HP gas mower to mow grass. Period. But times change. I wanted to try an electric corded mower to see if it would help with several issues. Until last month, I had never, ever used anything but gas. This 16" mower exceeded all expectations. I gave away my old mower, gas cans, air filters, and tossed the oil changing pan and a bunch of other stuff. I am never going back.

This particular mower is very well designed. I do not know how well it will hold up over time, but based on three mowings of heavy, wet, tall northwest spring grass, I think the build quality is very good and I expect it to last. It has plenty of power to mow grass. It is very easy to change mower height with one control. The mulching plug is a welcome addition (but mulching will have to wait for drier weather.)

I did not expect the grass catcher to work at all, but it not only works great, it works better than any other one I have ever used. There is an impeller (or something) mounted above the blade which may have something to do with filling the bag. Also, the smooth curved surface of the underside of the mower may have something to do with it. Anyway, the grass catcher bag fills with heavy wet long grass until the bag is full. Completely unexpected.

Here is a hint for everyone: I was looking around the shed for something to clean the underside of the mower. I did not want to use the steel scrapers I used on my old mower. I found a rounded plastic tool my wife must have purchased for gardening. It is perfect! I used this: Fiskars Fiber Composite Soil Scoop (7068).

If you have never used a corded electric mower, here are some thoughts which might help. Things which are easier with this mower than my old gas mower include: lighter, much less vibration, much quieter, much easier to start, no gas, no oil, no air filter, no tuneups. To start, you press a button, squeeze the bail (just like your gas mower). That is it. No bending over, nothing to pull. It just starts up and keeps running until you release the bail. The main adjustment is using a cord. You do have to learn how to manage the cord and devise a new plan to mow your lawn. It took me three mowing sessions to be comfortable with all aspects of mowing with this mower. You will probably learn faster than I did.

Thanks to all of the reviewers of this product and many more. Thanks also to Amazon for hosting the reviews.

( NOTE - I added a few more Customer Images to the gallery for this product; many of them have additional notes included. )

UPDATE - It's been a few weeks since my initial, glowing, 5-star review. (included below) Since then, I've had a chance to mow my entire yard again completely; I also loaned the mower to a friend to try and even mowed my neighbor's yard to try it out under various conditions. So far, I haven't found a single hidden flaw with this mower, yet I continue to be impressed by more features of the very thoughtful design.

First of all, I finally tried out the grass catcher bag. I had SO underestimated how useful it is! It really should be called a vacuum bag; it puffs up like an old Hoover vacuum cleaner as the mower sucks up everything in its path. Using the bag instead of the mulching plug, the vacuum effect also makes the mower work like a Flow-Bee, sucking the blades of grass upright so the mower will cut them more precisely, and it also helps catch straggling blades of grass along the edges. Best of all, it completely eliminates the need for any sweeping (or dreadful leaf blowing) along walkways, streets, or driveways; the mower vacuums everything up, leaving the area perfectly clean and manicured, like the lawn just walked out of a barbershop!

I was also surprised at how much the vacuum bag can hold; the mower chops up everything finely and blows it all to the back of the bag; it takes much longer than I expected to fill it up. The bag is remarkably simple to attach and remove from the mower and exceedingly easy to empty, it also easily unclips from the heavy steel frame so it can then be turned inside-out and rinsed clean.

It's important to know that if you attempt to mow grass that is particularly wet, it may tend to accumulate around the blade. (as can happen with any mower!) This mower is normally very quiet; so if it seems to slow down or start to sound noisier than usual, stop and turn it over to see if there's an accumulation of grass around the blade. If so, simply remove it manually before proceeding.

I discovered an additional benefit of the folding handle when attempting to mow under a tree with low hanging branches. When temporarily folded down, it becomes possible to mow beneath such obstacles. Larger mowers and/or mowers without easily folding handles could never do this! The manufacturer probably doesn't officially sanction using the mower this way, but if you're careful, it's a another wonderful feature!

More and more, the benefit of the smaller size and light weight of this mower becomes apparent. With the cutting height shifted into high, the little mower gobbles up weeds and even moderate brush as it maneuvers in and around, over and under, various obstacles and edgings. The medium setting delivers a beautiful cut for most of my yard, but then you can tailor it down like a "bald-fade" to achieve a tightly cropped putting green look.

As I gained more experience with the comfortable, well-balanced "feel" of this mower, and the way it's so easy to adjust the cutting height for a precision cut, it began to remind me of the Andis Master Hair Clipper I bought not too long ago. Arguably the most respected hair clipper in its class, the truly beloved Andis Master is famous for delivering a very precise cut, and for having a beautifully balanced feeling that is delightful to use. (comparing a hair grooming product with a lawn grooming product makes sense, doesn't it?)


I'm very pleased with this Greenworks corded electric mower. The 16-inch cutting width is slightly narrower than "full sized" mowers; if you're looking to cut a vast expanse of lawn as quickly as possible, then choose a larger product instead of this model.

1- Smaller size and weight make the mower very comfortable to use, carry and store. Fits through narrower areas and around obstacles easier than larger mowers.

2- Quieter and less vibration than other electric mowers. (MUCH quieter than gas powered!)

3- Well-balanced handle has a soft padded grip, is height adjustable, and folds down instantly for storage.

4- Power switch requires two hands to start for extra safety, but then holding anywhere along the handlebar will keep it running.

5- Excellent height adjustment mechanism; large "gear shift style" control on top of mower moves smoothly and easily locks into the desired position.
IMPORTANT: Move the control to its highest setting when you first start out; adjust one-step-a-time lower until you reach the desired cut.

6- No assembly required, boxed with no superfluous packaging.

7- Thoughtfully designed and solidly built. Compared to other brands of electric mowers, this guy is and excellent value; I'm impressed!

CONS: (considerations, actually)
1- Smaller than larger mowers, will take more walking to mow large areas.

2- Grass catcher bag has limited capacity; when using that feature, the bag will require more frequent emptying. (but it'll be easier to do)

3- Needs electricity and an extension cord long enough to reach all areas to be mowed. (an otherwise identical Greenworks mower is available in a battery-powered model #25242, priced a couple hundred dollars more)

MORE: For a few more details, please see the Customer Images I posted on the product page, noting some of the mower's details before and after I used it for the first time.

This mower is perfect for my yard and a weekly upkeep. Mower is light and easily moved. More like a vacuum cleaner than mower. Cord takes a little getting used to, but I learned to lay it out to the far corner of yard and roll it up as I move closer to source. Height adjustment works great. Can set it to cut grass short, or go high to keep clover in check. 10 Amp motor worked fine with 16" blades, and it means less worries about using a long cord. You can use up to 150' with a 12 gauge cord, or with the standard 16 gauge to 50'. I tried it with a 50' 16ga cord on the end of a 100' 12ga cord and it worked fine too. Was able to handle foot high grass. Was surprised how much easier it is to use due to light weight. Even though only 16" blades, it is easily moved back and forth so a large area can be covered fairly quickly.

UPDATE: Needed to contact customer service for a problem. Called 888 number which is all over product. Wait was a little long, but referred me to a local repair shop for free repairs under warranty, all I needed to do was bring receipt. Wish I could give GreenWorks six stars now!

GreenWorks 25142 10 Amp Corded 16-Inch Lawn Mower
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen, let us discuss why you would buy an electric lawnmower over a traditional gas powered mower or a non-powered mower.
I have a smallish back yard that I have to mow. I have previously tried to mow a very similar yard with the unpowered mower and ended up spending more time going over the exact same area than I felt was appropriate. Those things are designed to do something by hand that we now do with a traditional mower way more efficiently.
Let’s move onto gas mowers. I have a small yard. HA! So to me, storing fuel and oil for the lawn mower seemed like an unnecessary risk, even if it is a small risk. Plus, I would have to travel to the store to get the fuel from time to time.
Now onto the electric mower, of which I have seen two types. There is the plug in kind (which this is) and there is battery powered. I looked at both and although I really liked the idea of battery powered and no cord to run over, I decided the additional cost and the environmental impact the batteries make didn’t translate to worthwhile for me.
I purchased the 10 AMP Corded GreenWorks mower and overall I am very satisfied with the performance. It can mulch the grass or you can attach the supplied bag to it and catch all the clippings. Normally I just mulch it.
It folds up fairly well and is fairly light so I am able to carry it into my small shed and store it under a cabinet.
I have had some issues with the level adjustment. It might be my fault from hauling it around, but it is difficult to raise and lower it after less than one year of owning it.
The only other complaint I have is, that at 10 AMP is slightly underpowered and seems to struggle with taller grass. You just needed to move a bit slower. If I buy another it will be the more powerful model.
In conclusion, if you need a mower and you have a smaller yard, then purchase this. You won’t be disappointed once you get used to the vacuum sound it produces and learn how to cut with an electric mower.

If you found my review helpful I would appreciate that you click the “Yes” button to let me know that I am providing useful information to you and others.

Only in California can one purchase a lawn mower in the middle of December and find themselves still having to mow their lawn. My older Black and Decker finally started showing its age, and after calculating the cost of replacement parts, I figured it would be easier and cheaper to purchase a whole new mower rather than to have to buy and fix the old B&D. I'm really quite happy with this purchase. Knowing that I didn't quite need a wide mower, I settled for the 5" narrower GreenWorks corded mower. This mower is lighter, easier to maneuver, and works just as effectively as my old mower when it was in its prime. The unit is much easier to fold down and store, and I like how the unit is not quite as loud as my old mower. One notable improvement on the GreenWorks vs the B&D is that the little flap that keeps rocks/grass/dirt from kicking up is made of plastic instead of rubber. On the B&D, that flap wore down and broke off incredibly quickly. I noticed this one not only stays in place better, but I can move the mower back and forth as needed without having to worry about it getting sucked down under the mower. One downside to this mower is that the collection bag is much smaller. This requires me to unload a lot more frequently (particularly when I have long grass to mow!), and the bag is not quite as easily removed as the B&D. The bag issue alone is worth the dock of star, but I'm thinking if I didn't have a point of reference, I wouldn't have known that bag removal could be that easy.

Overall, if you're looking for a good lightweight mower that is plug in, this is a good one to consider. It mows lawns evenly and effectively, and the smaller unit is great for my easy to maintain front and backyard lawns.

This is my first electric lawn mower. I've used it 3 times and I am very impressed with it so far. It was very easy to assemble right out of the box. I would advise paying close attention to the brackets position when you are raising the handle. Just be sure the latch is lined up correctly, I didn't see the position was twisted when I first assembled it. I LOVE the fact that it folds down flat and it saves a ton of space. The unit is very light weight and super easy to use. Running it on the lawn was very similar to vacuuming! I didn't break a sweat when I used this mower, usually I'm quite tired after using a gas mower.

I found it very simple to get my yard done quickly, switching from the mower to edger and blower all from the same power source was very convenient. The height is very easily adjusted with one hand. It is very simple to turn it on. Just hold the start button down and pull the lever. That's it. No more sore shoulder from pulling on the string or having to run to the gas station for fuel. I Love it! I have never been more motivated to mow the lawn!

I have a pretty large yard so I needed to empty the bag about 4 times per yard. The bag is smaller than the one on my previous mower however I kind of like it for that reason. Since it is smaller it is easier to remove from the mower, dump and reattach.

I did a lot of research on mowers and I am glad I bought this one. I haven't had any issues. Its nice and powerful for it's size. Great Purchase!

I have owned other electric mowers in the past, chose this one due to the extra long warranty. The mower was delivered quickly, well within the stated timeline given by Amazon. No real assimbly required, even has a handle on the top of the mower itself to use to lift it out of the box, tighten the handle using some useful attachements which will allow you to quickly unlock and fold the handle down again when necessary. Another great feature is the wheel hieght lever, quickly ajusts the height on all 4 wheels at once. The mower is light but powerful, I quickly mowed my yard, which is about 1/2 acre. I have not used the bag yet, the mulching function of the mower is outstanding. As a woman, I love not having to deal with gasoline, oil, trying to get the darned thing started, and those mid-summer tune ups that cost more money. No problem with the cord once you get the hang of it, the trick is to loosely coil your cord statigically where you are going to start mowing, then mow away from the cord going from side to side so that your cord is always behind you and on the lawn you have already cut.

Very easy to open, assemble, fold, store and operate! Light and easy to move. Has pro's and cons:

- Relatively quite
- It worked very well on my tall grass
- Lightweight
- Just the right size for 1800 ft3 of yard
- Has good maneuver.
- Bag easy to deal with

- You have to deal with the cord. not too big of a trouble for me. I used a 10 gauge cable and it did not work with the grip this machine has to hold the cable. The manual says 16 gauge for 50 ft.
- I have a hard time turning around with this machine, has low flexibility, when you go forward and hit the fence, you should back out a long way to do a U-turn.

No pros no cons:
- I just cut mowed the lawn with the highest height, still looks too short. But tried the shortest cut and it cut to the dirt! Heads up!! Start with the highest cut and see how you like!

Took me about 45 minutes to mow 1800 sqr ft of yard, 400 in the front, 1300 other places, moving cord and emptying the bag many times since my lawn was too tall.

Very happy with it. very satisfied.

I really liked this mower. Its lightweight that even my Mom can use it, it has enough power to get the job done, and its also a lot less noisier then a gas powered mower. Its pretty convenient you can adjust the ride height of all four corners at the same time with one handle. The only assembly needed was tightening the handle bar in place since its folded when shipped (No tools needed). The grass bag/catcher has more then enough capacity. I had to empty it out three times for my yard size.

Paired with: US Wire and Cable 14/3 100-Feet SJTW Yellow Lighted Extension Cord

Received this yesterday. Came out of the box 3/4 put together, had to attach top half of handle & tighten a few screws....easy-peasy! I had to use a string trimmer on my yard a few days ago because it was so high (10") since I had not cut it yet this year. So after assembly of mower, took it out with grass catcher attachment on & went over the yard again. WOW!! it picked up all the cut grass & help even out the lines that showed from using the string trimmer. The grass catcher was FULL! So I bagged it up to dispose of & sweep the mower off & wheeled it into the garage. All done!! I live in a townhome & have a very small yard but after having rented for 26 yrs. & not having to mow a yard, I recently purchasing this place, I had to get back in the game & this worked wonderfully. Especially like the 4-yr mfg. warranty & the electric start, at 68, I didn't want to deal with a gas mower & the pull cord, etc.

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