Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 25322

Greenworks 16-Inch 40V Cordless Lawn Mower, 4.0 AH Battery Included 25322

Whether it's the noise, the fumes or hassle of maintaining gas powered tools, this G-MAX 16 inch Mower makes it an easy transition to battery operated tools. Reliable, easy to use and low maintenance, this mower does a great job in small to medium size yards. The 16 inch cutting deck, 2-in-1 feature and 5 position cutting height makes this mower ideal for those who are looking for ways to trim down on their carbon footprint. There are no pull cords, no messing with gas, and zero maintenance from season to season. A simple push of the power button and you are ready to start cleaning your yard from the neglect. The handles folds down easily when you are done for compact storage or easy transportation to and with up to 45 minutes of run time, there are no more excuses not to go green.

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Comments / reviews:
NOTE: This is for the 20" mower only! Apparently Amazon merged several mower sizes into this one product.

My wife and I wanted a mower that wasn't as loud and noisy as a gas mower, didn't require burning oil, and didn't vibrate as much. This mower fulfilled all of our wishes. We have a 1/3 acre lot, and this mower with two batteries works just fine. The only time we need to recharge the batteries half way through mowing is when we wait way too long between mowings, and the motors need to do some extra work to chop down the tall weeds. This mower is fairly easy to push, since it is much lighter weight than a gas mower. We also bought the electric trimmer that uses the same battery system, so we were sure to buy that kit with an extra charger and battery. Sometimes we use the extra battery, but it is nice to have just in case. Overall, I would buy this again and am quite satisfied.

Update 5/17/2014-
Still using this mower all the time, and it still works great. I've taken to only using one battery at a time, and keeping the other on the charger while mowing. Not sure it makes a difference, but I like it anyway to take a little break while mowing to switch batteries. When done mowing, I do tip the mower on its side and clean the underside. Some more expensive mowers have a water hose attachment to clean the underside, but I'm not sure I would spray water into the motor on this unit. :-) Using a stick works just as well, and seems to keep things working better.

Update 9/25/2014-
So, I may have let the lawn go a little. I ignored the grass for a few weeks thanks to overtime at work, family matters, and just generally being lazy when I got home. The grass in the back yard made it up to a good 8-10" tall. I thought for sure I would need a gas mower to power through that. Sure enough, my battery powered greed thing powered through it. Sure, I had to empty the silly bag way more often than I wanted (I never mulch), but the mower never stopped mowing because it was too thick. I'm still impressed, and still happy. Only thing I'm looking for is a grinder to sharpen the blades. Apparently a set of two replacement blades cost less than a "jackson" on Amazon with Prime shipping. I've found if I wait until the afternoon to mow when the grass is more dry, there is no need to clean the underside of the mower. Still 100% satisfied with this device, and 100% recommended.

Owned this mower for two years and I love it, right up until it didn't start this year. Did some investigating and decided to order a new switch that is on the body of the mower (under the cover). Unable to find the greenworks part # for the switch I contacted greenworks for 'troubleshooting'. The only help I got was that I needed to order a new 'cable' (the cable that is connected from the pull back handle down to the switch I mentioned earlier) even though I had repeatedly told them that the mower would not start depsite manually depressing the switch by hand. I requested it least twice on the phone to be transferred to a tech to help me test each component of the mower with a multimeter - but the only response i got was how i needed a new cable.

Greenworks must only train their customer support on that ONE cable as a solution, that was the only response i got from the company both on the phone and on email.

If your 25302 suddenly stops working, replace the power switch board (part # 36202486-1 $4.92 at, that's what fixed mine. Don't bother calling greenworks, unless your cable really is the culprit. i also ordered the switch just as a precaution ( part # 36301289).

Now I'm mowing again, yay!

This is a great mower! It's powerful enough to get through my rather thick grass even when I've let it get taller than I should. I LOVE having a quiet, efficient, easy to use mower that doesn't belch smoke or required me to buy gas! The two battery system is great - I can do both my front and back yard twice before both batteries are exhausted. They charge quickly. Plus, the batteries can be used in other GreenWorks devices, which is super convenient and avoids buying more batteries.

I did have a problem with one of the batteries a few weeks after I got it, after having used it a few times. But I called customer service, on a Sunday even, and they sent me a new one, no problem. I saw some bad reviews of their service, but they were great for me.

We bought this mower last season and were happy it with it right away...but I decided to wait a bit before posting a review. We have a 1/3 acre property, mostly flat with a few small to moderate hills. Our grass is not usually particualrly thick or lush. Both my wife and I enjoy being active, so pushing a non-self-propelled mower is no problem. This does a great job cutting evenly and mulching finely. It's quiet, starts with a push of a button. We got the two batteries, one larger and one smaller, and that works very well for us. Typically, I can cut either the front or the back with just the larger battery. Although you can put both batteries into the mower at once, I tend to just use one, and then if it runs out, I can pop it in the charger and let it charge while I use the other. This AM, our grass was unusually thick and lush, and I wanted to get it cut even though it was still wet. The big battery did ~90% of the back before pooping it, so I just switched to the smaller one and finished. I was concerned with batteries not holding charge, but after a year, this does not seem to be a problem. I was not very good about charging the batteries over the winter, but they still seem fine. The mower has held up well, with no areas of concern so far. I also feel fine with gettting out there 9 AM,as it is considerably quieter than gas mowers - although there is still "moderate" engine noise - it's much less than a gas mower. I'm really happy with this mower!

Great product for us - no more dragging electric lines. Runs on charged batteries!

Great mower. I bought this for a new house with a large yard. Old house was on a very small lot and I had an under powered worx 24v mower. It got the job done but lacked power to mulch well.

This 40v mower is really powerful. Did my 1/3 acre yard with 1/2 battery to spare cutting at the lowest deck height to get rid of last years thatch.

It was plenary powerful and mulched incredibly well. My fears this would be under powered and that I'd need gas are totally wrong.

I was tired of spending a small fortune on biweekly yard service. It was always a justifiable expense though. I keep a clean house and am a pretty handy mom but I'm just not the type of person who's going to struggle with a gas mower. I've never had luck with starting, using, or maintaining them and gave up long ago. Always heard great things about electric ones and my oldest son just turned 12 so he's old enough to handle a majority of outdoor chores. I was just about to order a Ryobi from Lowes (put my cc info in and everything) but at the last second realized that it was such a great price because IT DIDN'T INCLUDE THE BATTERY. And after more research realized most affordable options don't. Looked around for another week and happened across this model at a great price (a month an a half or yard service). It's awesome, wish I had done it years ago and here's why:

- Light enough for a 12 year old to unpack, so rest assured you can move this thing around wherever you want.
- 12 year old assembled it himself. Directions are very clear and all you really need to do is attach the handle and a bag or mulch attachment.
- It came with the batteries so no additional expense. Both batteries were charged in just a couple hours and we were able to get to mowing.
- Incredibly easy to start and push. The boy did the entire yard himself without any prior experience.
- Bag included did great, only had to empty it once on a .25 acre lot (on a previously maintained yard though, we weren't mowing down a country field or anything like that). Bag snaps right off and right back on. Again, the boy did it all himself.
- The biggest selling point: IT IS SO QUIET! Honestly, slightly louder than a box fan. If your inside you won't hear it at all. If you like to do some early morning mowing, you don't have to worry about waking the neighbors.

I'm so impressed I might buy additional equipment that can run off the same batteries.

Purchased this mower after fighting with corded GreenWorks mower, as cord maintenacne while mowing really slowed me down. This mower is great, and the larger lithium ion battery completes my front, side, and a third of my sizable back yard. The smaller 2 amp battery then kicks in, and I can complete the entire front, side and backyard on a single charge of the 2 batteries. The charger will charge the large battery from dead to full power in 20 minutes, so if you have more than an acre, you will be able to keep exchanging the charged batteries without waiting for the charge.

The only con that I have is that the mowing deck with the dual blades does not mow as close as I would like on the lowest setting. And, edge work is difficult with the dual blades. If I were to make the purchase again, I would likely order the single blade mower, as the dual mower's cut is not a even or precise as my older GreenWorks corded, single blade mower. I do love the battery operation and the easy and manouverability of the mower, it is not as heavy as the corded mower, and I get the job done in less time.

This is one great mower! We have used a 130 pound Twin Blade mulching Troy-bilt mower for 15 summers, but at age 66 (nearly 67) it's just too much to maneuver when the self-powered aspect is not availble (getting it in and out of storage shed) and starting it with a pull rope is difficult.

So we gave it away and bought the GreenWorks TwinForce G-Max. It's better than we expected, even though we supply the propulsion power. It's only 40 pounds, so even pushing it on our steep side hill is effortless and it does a good jot cutting our thick lawn.

This is a quiet machine.
This is a sturdy machine.
This is a flexible machine.

I'm not dreading getting it out, putting it away, nor pushing it around.

We have a large corner lot, and bought an extra 40V 4amp battery and charger, and we have been getting through with half or three quarters of the second battery untouched.

We like the regulated speed on the blades, and that back shield is great because I can cut the lawn in shorts without things splattering my legs.

We are mulching grass (not catching it) and it's doing a great job. I'd recommend it for anyone in our age bracket who needs to down size and doesn't want to wrestle with starting and maintaining mowers. It was costing us $150 every 2-3 years just to take our other mower in to rebuild the carburetor and replace plugs and filters.

That's behind us now…

Addition: June 7th, 2015
I've added 3 pictures of how I solved the flap dragging underneath (when doing mulching). It takes 10 minutes, two pieces of string and a piece of duct tape. Just cut a patch of grass the depth you want, then run the mower up to get the string length correct. I taped the string to the flap with it sitting in the lawn, then tied the string loosely to the knob on the side handle. We still fold the handle for storage and the handle doesn't interfere with the string at all when folded.

You will see where the mower is on the pavement, it is about 1½" high, but on the lawn it just coasts at the height of the grass…

I unhook the strings if I'm catching (very rare that we catch the grass))

**Edit** We received email/phone communication shortly after leaving this review. Greenworks shipped me a new mower within a week or two, free of charge. It was a super straightforward process, so it's clear they stand by their products. No issues with the new mower.

We utilized the mower less than 10 times without difficulty. We keep it inside of our garage when it is not in use and it has not be used in or exposed to any adverse conditions. We store our batteries inside the house in a climate controlled environment. This morning, when we loaded the batteries and attempted to start the mower, both the mower and the batteries started smoking. The mower did not start. We promptly removed the batteries and returned them to the house. The mower continued to smoke for at least fifteen minutes. After letting them sit for a couple hours, one battery shows a full charge when using the charge indicator button and when placed on the charger. The second battery does not show anything using the built-in charge indicator, but shows a full charge when placed on the charger. Although both batteries were only in the mower for a few seconds, both smell like an electrical fire as does the mower. We were not able to identify any visible damage to the mower. After waiting for eight hours, we tried both batteries in the mower, but there was no response or indication that the electrical system is functioning. We are concerned about trying again, due to the potential fire hazard. We believe that there must be some faulty electrical component in the mower and that it may have caused a short or damage to one of the batteries.

Prior to the incident, the mower did effectively cut our lawn. Combined battery life was approximately 1 hour.

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