Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ401C 14-Inch 28-Volt Cordless Push Lawn Mower

MOW WITH JOE! Ditch the cord and gas, and cut the grass with MJ401C, the completely cordless counterpart of Sun Joe’s best-selling MJ401E electric mower. Perfect for small to medium lawns, the environment -friendly, battery-powered mower's durable steel blade cuts a crisp 14" wide path with precision in a single pass, and features convenient 3-position manual height control to quickly tailor your turf to just the right height. When you're ready, simply insert the key, press the safety switch, squeeze the trigger and go! Collect the clippings with the 10.6 gallon bag, and detach for quick and easy disposal. Plus, MJ401C is driven by a long-life, peak performance rechargeable 28-volt lithium-ion battery, and mows over 10,000 sq. ft on a single charge, for the ultimate in cordless convenience. And when the work day is done, simply plug in and power up. Blast past the limits of the extension cord with cordless power and performance - and Go With Joe: the MJ401C 28-volt 14-inch Cordless Lawn Mower from Sun Joe. Get Equipped.

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After breaking both my arms several years ago, I could no longer deal with the regular lawn more and the pulling on the cable, the weight , or the maintenance . I read up on quite a few rechargeable mowers and I settled on this one because of the 28 pounds , and because of the 14 inch space across, which made it very easy to store in my garage near the outlet for the charger . I used this mower the other day after it was charged for four hours, and it worked perfectly and it was exactly what I wanted . I have someone who mows for me as I have a lot of property , but I was looking for something to use in between times , and in areas that grow faster than others . It also is great for mulching some leaves rather than raking . If this sounds like something you are looking for I highly recommend it . Also the material the mower is made of is very easy to clean with a long handled brush .
A Z....... Russell Kentucky

I've only had this a few days but have given it pretty good workout. Let me say....I really don't have a lawn...I have more weeds and wild grass on 2/3 of an acre with lots of trees. I frankly thought I might be sending this little guy back. But this little champ took on those weeds and never looked back. They get pretty tall too and the machine lets you know when you need another run at the tallest stuff....but it does cut it.
I recently sold my lawn tractor as I no longer find it fun to maintain and have converted other tools to battery and no long have cans of gas sitting around. I have respiratory problems not much stamina. The battery outlasts me....does the yard with power left over. In fact when put back on charge it indicates nearly 60 percent left. Amazing. Fussy for me with lots of emptying the small catcher but have ordered the diverter as grass clippings on the ground are no problem for me. I love this little guy....helps me maintain my own place a little longer and good exercise too..

I was quite impressed and surprised with the power on this thing. My lot is only about a tenth of an acre, but the battery indicator showed 2/3 charge remaining after I was finished. I was almost disappointed that I ran out of yard to mow! I only had to empty the waste bin once, and this is very quick and easy to do.

The mower is easy to assemble and can be carried or moved easily with one hand. It starts immediately with the push of a button. Before this mower, I was using a reel (manual) push mower and was frustrated by how poorly it would cut thicker weeds. This Sun Joe mower went through 90% of the thicker weeds without even auto-selecting a higher power setting. On the rare occasions where it did go in to high power mode, it easily cut through the thicker weeds.This thing is so quiet, you could probably get away with mowing your lawn at any time of the day/night without annoying your neighbors.

Sun Joe has surpassed my expectations so far with this mower. I will update after a few months of seeing how this holds up.

I rarely write reviews, but this one deserves it. I'm a small woman, about 5'2", and admittedly I'm not very strong. I had a gas mower that I would spend HOURS trying to start but I was too weak to get it running and by the time I would get it started, I would be so tired I could barely push the heavy thing. Finally admitting defeat, I reluctantly decided to try this mower with no high hopes at all. However, I am delighted. I assembled it in 5 minutes, brought it around to the backyard and sat there terrified to try and start the thing. At this point my grass was above my ankles. However, the mower started like a boss and mowed that grass down with absolute ease. I had to start it several times as the grass was so plenty that I had to dump the bag every few passes and it started flawlessly every single time. Also, it's so light that I finished the lawn without even breaking a sweat, and never did I have to recharge. So happy!!

Solid product. Definitely for small yards. Make sure that you charge it the full 4 hours the first time you open it.

Wow! I have a huge yard with hills and different levels and tons of corners and this machine rocks it!

My older male neighbor came out and took a picture of me mowing my lawn and laughed at me saying You're never gonna mow your lawn with that toy! Well... He was wrong.

It lasts way longer than thirty minutes and it's so light you can run with it and maneuver around corners and could never do that with a regular mower!

This is a paradigm shift in lawn mowing...people will be buying this just to mow edges and tight spots or just for the sheer pleasure of it!

It's so light and quiet that you have almost none of the usual mowing fatigue. It's so light any kid could use it if you could trust them not to cut their toes off. And the forty ish minute battery limit is a blessing really.

One tip: when it kicks into high gear turn it off and clean it out right away or you will drain the battery faster.

Hats off to the Chinese for reinventing the lawn mower and thank you Sun Joe.

I purchased this mower with a bit of apprehension, but it has proved to be a little workhorse! Lightweight and easy to use. Lots of power. Only issues has been the back flap - the wet grass is not coming out of the back and is bunching-up under the mower. But I can easily shake it free. Happy I bought this mower.

This is a VERY nice LITTLE lawn mower for a SMALL YARD. I have a mobile home and it is very good for that. Forget the grass clipping catcher and spend the extra for the Sun Joe MJ401E-DCA Side Discharge Chute for MJ401E Discharge Chute. Nice and quiet but the charger does NOT go off automatically when the battery is charged so you need to beware of that. I have only used this once and see that the owner needs to be careful to not throw it around and be careful with it. People need to keep in mind it is NOT FOR MEDIUM OR LARGE LAWNS unless you want to take a couple days cutting a larger lawn. It's like a cute little green toy but need to keep that out of mind and respect it.

Used it for the first time today. I have a medium size lawn and two smaller lawns. Granted the lawn was not very high, as it is mowed every week, but this little guy did a great job. I used it for about 20 minutes, and I still have all of the lights for the battery indicator, indicating it still has at least 60% of the charge left, so I am thinking I can probably cut my lawns twice on a charge. Based on the reviews, I thought I would have to charge it mid way to mow all of the lawns, so I am pleasantly surprised. I never let it get revved up. If it started to, I would turn it off and go slower over an area. That probably helped with the battery. So for me, since I plan on mowing every week to keep it under control, this is a great little mower for the job. I love that is so light weight and even with the hill on one lawn, it was not tiring at all. It is also really quiet. I purchased the 4 year warranty that was offered on Amazon, and since the battery cannot be removed, it looks like the warranty will cover the battery, so that takes away that worry. I am very happy that I decided to take a chance on this mower instead of buying a corded model and have to deal with all of the hassle of the cords. At least for my lawn cutting needs, it looks like it was the perfect choice.

Update. I just finished using it for the second time, and I was able to cut all of my lawns for 2 weeks on the initial charge I do not let the lawn grow tall, and I avoid letting it rev up. I am still impressed with the little mower. I did have one wheel change height the first time, as some have experienced, So I put small wire ties through the coils of the adjustment tension springs so they could not move. I do not think I will ever change the adjustment away from the middle setting, and if I needed to, I could easily cut the wire ties. It worked flawlessly today after I installed them and I did not have to worry about a wheels slipping and chewing up my lawn.

My neighbor asked me what I was planning on doing when I debuted this puppy, 20 mins later he had no questions. If you have a small yard that roughly takes you about 15-25 mins to cut, and its manageable meaning you don't generally allow your yard to be overrun by weeds and tall foliage, then this might be the mower for you. The hassle of getting gas and oil is eliminated with an electric mower. I have been using it for about 2 months after my other electric mower died. This one is much smaller with a smaller cut radius and a smaller battery, but it still takes care of my front lawn and a good bit of my back yard before needing a charge. It is very light, it almost looks 'toy like' which is why my neighbor made the statement earlier, and when you first handle it you will doubt its ability to cut, but fear not.

The height can be adjusted by changing the wheel axle placement, there are two settings that you can vary based on how high or low you want the front/back to sit respectively. The clippings bag on it is very small, you will be dumping clippings a few times while cutting. If you suffer from back or joint issues and can't push around a heavy mower, then buy this for yourself. It is also important as some have stated to make sure that you tighten the blade BEFORE you used this, it is a very light plastic that is used for the frame so just be mindful. They recommend allowing it a full 6 hours charge before use, and like I mentioned earlier you can probably get about 30-35 mins out of it if you are using the highest speed.

Good mower, I bought the protection plan because its a product that will eventually need servicing, my hope is that I can get at the least 3 seasons out of it.

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