Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower With Electric Start

Troy-Bilt TB270ES 159cc 21-Inch FWD Self-Propelled Mower With Electric Start

Troy-Bilt can help you comfortably accomplish your lawn mowing jobs this season. The tb270es self-propelled lawnmower is powered by 159cc OHV engine with push-button electric start for the easiest & most convenient start-up available. Troy-Bilt tb270es lawn mower is equipped with a 21" traction Complete cutting system: a rake bumper to lift grass upright, a specially designed blade for a finer mulch, & a symmetrical deck for superior grass flow, eliminating clumping or patches in your lawn - traction guarantees a clean & even cut in just one pass. Easily raise & lower cutting height with the single-lever height adjuster with variable Speed drive control with four top Speed settings for individualized comfort & control, which allows for 6 different cutting lengths, ranging from 1.25 - 3.75". the 1 quart fuel tank & 1.9 standard bushel capacity grass bag means it's unlikely you'll have to waste time filling up or emptying the tb70es mid-mow. With the 3-in-1 capability to side discharge, mulch, or bag, this lawn mower gives you added versatility to handle any yd. This self-propelled mower is equipped with durable 8" front & 8" rear wheels. The tb270es self-propelled lawnmower from Troy-Bilt is backed by a 2 year limited warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
Arrives in one big box. Just what I expected. As usual delivery was the Amazon Standard quick! The best advice that I can give you right off the bat is look at the first sheet you find and follow the pictures and directions carefully. If you don't the construction can become difficult. Please note the machine does not come with oil installed. If you put gas in it and fire it up right out of the box you will destroy the engine. This is a nice lawn Moore really does a good job easy to use seems well constructed I like it a lot. The fact that the engine is made by a snowmobile manufacturer in my mind says well built engine will last a long time.

The electric start, I thought was really dumb in the beginning. I guess I have always just pulled the recoil starter. Now that I've used it the electric start, push a button, is the neatest thing since sliced bread. I absolutely love it. The battery is completely charged right out of the box. In 30 minutes I was cutting grass. If things change I will edit this review.

Love my mower. So easy to put together and easy to work with. I get the exercise I need and don't feel to wore out afterwards. The push start is a god send for me. The price was just right for me. If you have physical difficulties getting lawnmower started with the pulley this is for you.

Excellent. Does a great job. Attachment for hose to clean it is nice but still need to get underneath to get full cleaning. Other then that in my opinion. Better deal then h.d. or Lowes. Including 4year warranty.

Well built and has a charger for battery to start mower. Quick assembly and sturdy mower

I'm female and 71 years old. For years I've used another brand with a self-start, self-propelled lawn mower. I was worried about ordering a different brand because with the other one I had few complaints. I've got to say, with this one I have NO complaints.

I'm so glad I went ahead and ordered this. For any older person who wants to save money and mow their own lawn, this Troy-Bilt is great.

Even with top of box crushed to top of product, no damage was found when removed from package. READ INSTRUCTIONS, then when I started it up with the electric starter it fired right up, no problems!!!! Have mowed my yard with ease and it is quiet compared to other mowers.

This is my first gas mower in years and I love it. In just a few weeks it has become my favorite of all times.

When we moved onto an acre and a half it became appernt that our old electric lawn mower just would not hack its new duties. We were going to get a rider, but the man at Home Depot suggested that we would be happier with a self propelled. I think he was right.

The front lawns was thick, ankle high grass, and I will say that the first time I moved it I had a lot of trouble with the grass clogging up the works and stopping the engine. However, this has never reoccurred since we started mowing the lawn regularly.

The back yard had a bunch of bushes sprouting up. This machine moved through those twigs and trees quickly and efficently.

Two negatives. They claim this has an adjustable throttle. If you are like me, you are going to end up pulling the handle full back, thus full speed. I would have preferred some sort of throttle that you placed and let go, but I can understand the safety reasons why this is no longer done. As for the safety bar that has to be held back in order for the engine to run, I wish that it had some padding instead of being plain metal. Otherwise, though, I love it

I really like this mower. I use commercial equipment but got in a pinch and needed a quick back up, this is great for a non-commercial. My only negative is after I sharpened the blade I inadvertently did not secure it tight enough. After the spin it kinda tore up the spindle a bit, wish the metal on the part was stronger. Now I can still use it but for a great engine which it has to be put on with some inferior metal, not a great idea. Anyway…the electric start is amazing, I just love that. The mower is great for the homeowner, light-weight, easy to start and use. Bagging system is easy. Easy clean port if you cut over weeds and wet gunk. I'd buy again and would recommend it. Also easy to adjust well height.

The push button starter was missing and then once the helpful CSR I got in touch with said he'd have another in the mail, so I could use the pull cord temporarily. Then I had another little blip in trying to get the pull cord to extend out. I called again and he was able to talk me through the necessary steps. While he was on the phone it cranked on the second try, so I was off and mowing. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing from now on. The CSR was extremely helpful...thank you "K"!!! I appreciate all of your help!

I am very pleased with the lawnmower. Ordering was easy, the price good and it is sturdy and well though out. I particularly like the deck wash feature. I have only had this for 3 weeks, but so far am really pleased.

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