Comments about Great States 304-14 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawnmower

Great States 304-14 14-Inch 5-Blade Push Reel Lawnmower

Product Description

Great States 14" Reel Mower. A clean, precise, scissor - like cut for your lawn, NO fuel needed! Skip the gas. Skip the oil. Skip the fumes. Skip the cords. Skip the noise. You don't need any of it, not when you've got the man-powered 14" Mower from Great States. Smooth-spinning blades, easy-roll wheels, and height adjustability combine to deliver the perfectly-groomed look you want, no hassle required! A classic: 3-spider, 5-blade ball-bearing reel made from alloy steel for a reliable cut; 10" wheels with ball bearings and radial rubber tires roll easily with increased traction; Easy height adjustments from 1-1 3/4"; T-style handle with cushion grips for comfortable, easy operation; Hard enamel finish lasts long and prevents rust; 14" cutting width; Tool-free assembly. Weighs 21 lbs.; Order yours today! Great States 14" Reel Mower

From the Manufacturer

"Great States 14"" Reel Mower

  • 3-spider, 5 blade ball bearing reel – Made from ally steel
  • Easy and tool free assembly
  • Easy to maneuver - Lightweight at only 21 LBS!
  • Easy height adjustments
  • T-style cushioned handle for additional comfort
  • Hard enamel finish last long and prevents rust!

A clean, precise, scissor - like cut for your lawn, NO fuel needed! Skip the gas. Skip the oil. Skip the fumes. Skip the cords. Skip the noise. You don't need any of it, not when you've got the man-powered 14"" Mower from Great States. Smooth-spinning blades, easy-roll wheels, and height adjustability combine to deliver the perfectly-groomed look you want, no hassle required!


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So, recently bought our first home and it came with 2/3 of an acre. We try to be green friendly and bought this guy. Let me preface this by saying we originally ordered it through Home Depot, since it showed it as in stock and could be picked up today. There is a system glitch that when your order this mower through them, you actually get a Scott's 16 inch mower. Whatever, brought that guy home, assembled it and immediately shoved him back into the car and returned it. The Scott's was hard to push, took 3-4 passes on ~2 inch tall grass (and had it on the lowest setting of an inch). Very. Tedious. And if it was that bad on the mostly tame areas of our yard, much less the slight urban jungle along the property lines, we were not destined to be friends.

Came to Amazon and ordered this mower again, knowing I would actually get what I ordered. This one a) has less parts to assemble b) the handle part is harder to assemble, but once you get it in place, you know this thing is really solidly built c) Moves like a champion d) Cuts on a single pass

Let's elaborate on those last two bits some. 2/3 acres of mowing, I can get it done in the amount of time it takes for me to briskly walk the lines. Single passes, no going back. Thick grass, thin grass, whatever. Tall thick grass? Maybe 2 passes. But internet review, how tall and thick is tall and thick? 5-6 inches tall and thick like the most determined batch of weeds you have ever seen. 2 passes knocked it down to my setting of 1/2". I'm impressed, and will definitely keep it cut down to make it easier.

What this mower DOES NOT do? Mow over sticks, twigs, pine cones, mulch, and rocks. Not even almost. With a running start, it might conquer a twig 1/8" inch thick, or it will lock up and stop moving. Coin toss. So rake the yard if your is covered in trees like my yard it, trust me, you will save time in the long run.

Easiest way to unclog and not waste time when it does lock up? I pull the blades backwards with my shoe and this dislodges whatever has jammed it without the dramatic flipping over the mower, picking out whatever it is, flipping it back over maneuver.

Hope this review helps those with larger yards!

Love this thing! I've never had to mow a lawn before, so I can't really compare how well this works on my particular lawn compared to a gas or electric mower, but I do love that I don't have to fuss with oil changes or troubleshoot electrical issues.

It's very effective and gives a sharp and uniform cut, even on slightly sloped/bumpy ground and tall grass (my lawn was about a foot high for the first mow). It was very simple and quick to put together; the only troublesome part was snapping on the e-rings. I ended up using a hammer to lightly tap them into place.

It took an hour to finish the whole lawn the very first time, and now with weekly maintenance it takes just 15 minutes. I highly recommend this if, like me, you have a pretty small yard. It does get stuck on twigs and such (very easy to remove from the blades though), so you'll have to clear away all of that first.

If you already know you want to switch to a reel mower you can stop reading and buy this one. Heavy quality, has worked smoothly for an entire season so far. Great price. Classic design that doesn't need improvement.

If you use an electric or gas mower and are still trying to decide if you want to switch, we did this year and are ready to sell the gas mower. Pros: so quiet, so easy to just start mowing, takes up less space in garage, so easy to stop and start mowing if you need to move things out of the way or take a break, scissor cutting mechanism gives a cleaner look to the freshly mowed lawn - it doesn't look butchered as it does with a power mower, it looks very natural. Cons: only cuts while in forward motion so this makes it kind of a pain working into corners and tight spaces, never cuts everything, especially taller weeds like onion grass strands - often had to go around with string trimmer and clean up, cutting width is narrow, absolutely must keep up with grass, you can't let it get too long or you won't be able to mow.

A funny aside for you - one of my neighbors ran into me one day and not sure how it came up but they said "but you are a vegan, right?" and I said, "No, I'm an omnivore." to which they replied "oh, but we see you out there with that manual mower . . ." Apparently using a reel mower = being a hippy = being a vegan. So just be forewarned! LOL.

I was a little concerned when I purchased this due to some of the negative feedback including: difficult assembly & adjustment, handles bending due to light weight, inability to cut long grass, and possible quality control. I was very pleasantly surprised.

Assembly & adjustment: One reviewer mentioned that you needed to be mechanically inclined to assemble. This is simply not true. The actual mower is assembled, you just put on the handles. Instructions are very easy to follow. You get 4 pieces of aluminum tubing, 3 bolts and washers, and 3 plastic wingnuts. You literally put 3 bolts into the handle (one bolt is 10 mm smaller and goes up top which is clearly indicated) and snap the assembled handle onto the mower securing with a couple half washers. It took me under 2 minutes to assemble. Adjustment is via 4 flathead screws. Mine came calibrated perfectly but calibrating would take a couple rounds of trial and error. If you purchase this device and have no physical impediments you can be mowing your yard in under 5 minutes.

Flimsy handles: I did not experience any issues with this. Handles are heavy weight enough to deal with the light-moderate amount of pressure I applied while mowing.

Long grass: My patch of grass was horribly overgrown. Lawn was probably 8-10 inches with some tall weeds. The lawnmower would occasionally get gummed up in the grass and I would just pull it back and go over the same patch. It cut cut the grass well with 2-3 passes. Some tall weeds would just get bent down. I can just pull those though because they have thick stems.

Quality control: I did not experience any issues.

Overall, this is an excellent mower at the price. I only have a 30 x 20 patch of grass making this ideal. I would not want to use this as the only mower for an acre. It would take forever. I was able to do my patch of grass in about 15 minutes. I would recommend this to anyone who has a smaller lawn who doesn't need to get a gas powered mower.

I love this mower. I have been struggling to mow my entire medium-size lawn with an 11-inch Weed Eater because I can't use a gas-powered mower (respiratory issues), and larger trmmers with a wider path are too heavy for me to hold. I didn't want to buy an electric mower because I'm really just afraid of mower blades. I tried to find an electric wheeled walk-behind line trimmer but apparently nobody makes one. I had investigated reel mowers several years ago, but was finally told by a salesman for Sears Craftsman reel mowers that the mower could not handle St. Augustine grass, which is about an 80% component of my lawn. So I gave up the idea.

Then, about a week ago, after I had just begun researching reel mowers again, I noticed my neighbor tinkering with an old, very rusted-out reel mower. Really, really rusty blades. I watched his five-year old son mow a swath of grass the same as mine, with St. Augustine clippings flying everywhere, with that old rusty mower. I thought, "If a five-year old kid with an old rusty mower can handle this, surely I can too, with a brand new mower." I asked if I could try it, and was amazed at how easy it was. You do need to get it going fast, because it cuts better with the blades spinning fast, and you have to go over it often, but it was loads easier than the method I had been using. The brand of the mower was Great States, and it was a 16-inch mower, one of the ones I had saved on my wish list at Amazon.

I just walked back in my house and clicked the link to buy this directly from Amazon. I got the sharpening kit also.
The mower arrived very promptly.

One thing I'll mention--When attaching the handle to the reel, just loosen the lower two wing-nuts on the assembled handle and you will get enough play in the two sides of the handle so they will easily fit onto the reel, I had assembled the handle as per instructions and did not know how I was going to get it onto the reel before I thought of this, because I am certainly not strong enough to have compressed the two sides together to fit. Once it's on, you can just re-tighten the wing nuts. I really think this should be in the instructions, as it gave me a moment of panic to see that the handle was not going to fit on the reel in its completely assembled condition.

The mower is so peaceful to use. No cords or gas to hassle with, no exhaust fumes, no batteries to charge, no loud noise, no dangerous blades, no projectiles hitting your ankles (or face). When I was through with my small front yard, there was this velvety green carpet of mowed grass that was so pretty. My back yard was grown up with grass about a foot high, and this mower just took most of it down. Of course, I had to go over most of it, but I was surprised that the mower could handle it at all. I thought I would have to use the electric trimmer first. I am really happy with this purchase, and am so thankful to all those who gave so much helpful information in their reviews.

After getting it last night, I'm giving this 5 stars. Assembly was very simple. I used it today on our lawn which hasn't gotten a trim in a month or so. It ran smoothly, and cut most of the very long grass, which surprised me (I've had a reel mower before that usually just bent and flattened the long grass). For such long grass, I gave it two runs over but it might not have even needed the second. I got caught up on some small sticks and twigs but for the most part, this mower handled the lawn debris and terrain well. I read another reviewer saying the smaller size was nice because it's more manageable. I definitely agree- I was able to use this mower easily even with a baby attached to me with a baby carrier. The portion of the lawn that is mowed in the picture took about 15 minutes to do (keep in mind it was really overgrown, and the attached baby probably slowed me down some).
Best of all, I love the sound it makes!
I can't yet vouch for how well it'll hold up and how easy the maintenance is, but it feels like the blades will hold their edge for a good while.

This is not a lawnmower for Type A personalities or couch potatoes. If you want efficiency and perfection, best to move on. However, if the act of mowing the lawn is reward in itself, then this is the perfect mower for you. It is very relaxing and also a good workout. I would recommend this mower for people who care about the planet, enjoy spending time outdoors and who live an active lifestyle.

TIP: When the mower gets stuck on a twig (AND IT WILL), flip it over and the force of flipping it over and flipping it back usually dislodges the material. Alternately, have a garden tool on hand to poke out the item.

I was able to put this mower together without any tools. That was nice. It took about five minutes.

If you are one of those people who lets your grass get too long, this mower is not going to work well for you. You will suffer. You will have to go over the same patch several times to cut the extra long grass. Let that be a lesson to you.

Even small twigs stop this thing hard in its tracks, yes. True. But those are much easier to clear from this mower than from a gas mower. A gas mower also might chuck a twig across the street and through a window. A gas mower might heave a small stone into a passing car and take out a bunch of nuns. This mower won't. It will just stop in its tracks.

This is the ideal mower for a small lawn. But then again, if you feel like you don't get enough exercise in your life, perhaps you could use this on a really big lawn and kill two birds with one stone.

These are sharp blades, and while stored in the garage or tool shed the blades are exposed. You will probably want to warn any small children in the vicinity not to play with it, and to stay away from it entirely. If they fall or step on it, there will be a trip to the ER in your immediate future.

You never have to worry about a more expensive gas mower springing an oil leak or running out of gas again.

It also rinses off with a hose in about ten seconds.

I purchased this mower after looking at reel mowers for several years - we had one when I was a kid, but I was hesitant to buy one because the one we had cut terribly. However, we are really committed to being environmentally friendly, and I was really tired of the corded electric mower we've been using for years.

After using this mower for a few months I really am happy I purchased it! The mower was easy to put together - my 7 year old and I did it in about 10 minutes. It cuts well, is easy to push, and is very quiet. My kids (ages 7, 10, and 11) can all use it fairly easily. It does cut some of the weeds fairly well (especially clover), but does not cut the tall stuff like dandelions and those things like little skinny wheat. We are going to treat for weeds and I think that will take care of the problem. It cuts a wide swath - almost as wide as our electric mower. And no annoying cord to constantly rearrange or confess to the husband when you accidentally mow through it!

My only complaint about the mower is that the foam cushioning on the handle started to peel off after the first use. We've probably used the mower 7 or 8 times, and it's almost all peeled off. I'm not sure why they bothered putting it on there in the first place, but the mower works fine without it, so I'm going to peel it the rest of the way off and use some handlebar tape in its place.

I use this reel mower just to cut a relatively small section of St. Augustine grass surrounding my patio; the rest of the lawn is Bermuda and I leave that to the gas mower. I chose this particular model because of the small size and ability to use a high setting for the grass. This mower has gone through a full season (about 8 months here) and I'm pretty satisfied with it.

The mower came with instructions (see photo below) that suggested this wasn't a good choice for cutting either Bermuda or St Augustine, but it worked well enough for me. It absolutely mowed my Bermuda with ease; some of the thicker St. Augustine was more of a challenge but I probably let it grow pretty long between mows. I don't have many rocks in the yard, but there are occasional small sticks that fall from the trees and yes those will bring the reels to an immediate stop---with the handles ramming into you!

I had never cut grass with a manual mower until I got this one, and I've found I do enjoy it. Good exercise, a satisfying cutting sound, and the grass looks a lot better than it used to when the gas mower and edger were doing the trimming.

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