Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Greenworks 20-Inch 12 Amp Corded Lawn Mower 25022

Powerful 12 Amp motor for getting the job done ; California Proposition 65•Robust steel 20" cutting deck offers highest performance and durability•3-in-1 feature provides multiple options for grass clippings from rear bagging, side discharge and mulching capabilities for versatile needs•Single lever 7-position height adjustment offers range of cutting height from 1 1/2" to 3 3/4" for the perfect cut on all types of grass•Wider 10" rear wheels and 7" front wheels makes it easy to maneuver around uneven terrain and around your flower beds

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Comments / reviews:
This is my first electric mower. I have roughly 1/2 acre of grass to mow. I took it out today to mulch up some lingering leaves from last fall and it worked great, plenty of power, and I don't really mind pulling an extension cord.

One note though, it is not sealed, the motor gets very dirty during use. I suggest opening up and cleaning regularly with a blast of compressed air or a leaf blower. The screws don't come out easy - I'm going to replace them with quick release pins so I can throughly clean mine up after every use.

I've had this mower for a little over a year now. It has served me and my lawn well.

A little backstory about why i chose to go with an electric mower: My weekly chore growing up was having to cut the lawn at my parents (1/3 acre); my parents had a craftsman mower which had powered wheels and ran on gasoline. The powered wheels were nice to have because the backyard had a slight downward hill to it but I hated dealing with the gasoline. I disliked having to go refill (albeit occasionally) the gas can or getting gasoline on my hands while trying to fill the mower with gas. sometimes, I would spill a little gas while trying to fill the mower. Not a dealbreaker but it was just annoying.

I bought a new house recently and this lawn is significantly smaller (1/8 acre) and pretty level so I decided to give this corded mower a try. Plus, my neighbor across the street, whose house was situated on a similarly sized plot, used an electric mower and he told me that he's never had a problem.

The toughest part about using a corded mower is figuring out the best way to maneuver/cut the lawn without having to constantly adjust the power cord. Once you get that down, you will enjoy using this mower - it's got enough power to handle lawn mowing and even the occasional wayward branch. It's easy to maneuver and switch between bagging/mulching. I like how the top half of the handle is held by easy-release brackets so that you can fold the top half of the push bar when you store the mower. The craftsman one my parents had did not have this feature and the mower took up much more space in their shed. It's easy to adjust the height of the blade, there's only one lever to adjust.

Here's a couple of tips for those considering doing the switch to electric mowers.

1.Buy yourself a nice extension cord that will A) stand out from the lawn color and B) reach from the power source to the farthest corner of your lawn. I originally used the "outdoor" extension cord that i had for the christmas ornaments which was a dark green color. While I never had a mishap running over the cord, it took more effort trying to locate it as I was mowing the lawn. I switched to 50ft BRIGHT ORANGE power cord and have been using it ever since.

2. Figure out the best way to mow based on how your lawn is situated and where the power source is. NOW MEMORIZE THAT PATTERN. It took a few mowing sessions for me to determine the best way to mow without having to constantly reposition the power cord but I've got it memorized now and I just follow that same pattern every time I mow. I don't mind that its a corded mower one bit. Generally, its easiest to start at the point in the lawn that's closest to the outlet and end at the furthest point from the lawn. I keep the cord between my two legs while I mow so that when I do the U turn at the edge of the lawn to do the next line of grass, the cord easily follows behind the mower.

All in all, this is a great mower at a great price, its got all the power and features that one could need. It is a little quieter than a gas mower so for those of you go-getters who insist on mowing the lawn at 8am on Saturday when the rest of the world is sleeping in, your neighbors will thank you.

I bought my first electric lawn mower when I bought my first house in 2004. It was a Black and Decker MM675 with a flip-over handle. That lawn mower served me well for about 5 years and never let me down. Then, one day I used it when my lawn was too wet and the motor started to smoke as it bogged down on wet grass! I could no longer get the MM675 model, so I went to Home Depot and "upgraded" to the MM1800, the 18" corded mulching/bagging mower from Black and Decker. Immediately I was dissatisfied. It didn't feel as strong as my old mower, was more unwieldy, and had this awful plastic shroud that made it hard to maneuver. Everything on it felt cheap, and two years later, it died on me while mowing grass that was not that thick.

I decided to try to leave the Black and Decker world and see what else I could find.

Bear in mind, I did not consider gas because I don't have the room to keep fuel around and I have a modest size yard. I did not want cordless battery power because I didn't want to have to keep batteries alive (some require charge/discharge cycles all winter) or buy new batteries.

Corded lawn mowers are a fine solution. Many complain about "cord management", but here's the trick. Your lawn never changes. Unless you are a professional landscaper (and if you are, buy a gas mower), then you always mow the same lawn. So the trick is to come up with a mowing pattern where you mow away from the outlet and never trip over the cord. Once you have a pattern, stick with it and you can mow quickly.

Which brings me to the Greenworks 25022 20" electric bag/mulch/side discharge mower. It costs a bit more than the Black and Decker, but what a difference. First, the deck of the mower is metal, not plastic! That means it is thinner than the B&D. Also, with more metal the top is not covered in bulky plastic. I have a sewer cleanout stand-pipe in my yard. My Black and Decker MM1800 could never mow close to it so I always had to get out the weed whacker. I was amazed that the Greenworks 25022 could mow so close that there was no need to come back for cleanup. I did it all in 1 pass.

The amazing thing is that the mower is 20" instead of the 18" of the B&D, meaning I could mow my lawn faster with fewer passes, yet it could also get closer to things due to the smaller shroud over the blade.

Other nice features include very large rear tires, what might be the largest in the industry. They make it far easier to maneuver than models with 7" or 8" wheels. Cord management is a snap with a nice pig-tail cord that secures nicely. The B&D model didn't have a pigtail, just a plug on the device itself, and the cord was harder to keep in.

This mower also permits side-discharge. I normally just mulch, but it is nice to have that as an option in addition to bagging.

The mower activates with a simple bar that has a 1-button safety. The safety is easy enough to use to not be obtrusive and the bar is full length so you can grab it from either side.

The height adjustment of this mower is far higher quality than the B&D height adjust. Strong metal controls with positive stops made height adjustment a snap.

For the space limited, the handle folds very easily. The middle bar doesn't even need to be unscrewed as there are folding posts to "snap" it into place, and the screws on the bottom are retained in the unit when it folds so there are no parts to lose.

I am a happy convert from Black and Decker, and recommend you give this mower a try!

Update from November 2011:
When I first reviewed the mower, I commented that I was just mulching. This weekend I gave the bagging feature a try because I wanted to mow up the leaves all of my yard. If you mulch those you just make a mess, so I needed to bag. The bag installed easily - just lift the spring-loaded back door, remove the mulching plug, and the bag has 2 hooked to secure it. The bag filled up quickly which was to be expected given the large number of leaves I was mowing, but it was easy to empty. One thing I quickly noticed - the bag is narrow enough to fit between the handlebars. As a result, I could pick it straight up without bending over and pulling all the way back. I spilled less clippings and got it emptied far faster. The bag is obviously well thought out and rounds out a great tool that I recommend with no reservations.

Update from Spring 2013:
The mower is still going strong. Just another note - I abuse this thing. I leave it chained under my deck all year long since I don't have a garage or a tool shed. It sits in the rain, the snow, the heat, and the cold. Amazingly, every spring I plug it in, squeeze the handle, and it starts right up. Can't say that for even lots of gas mowers. Still gets my recommendation!

Update from Spring 2014:
I tried a Black and Decker mower this year that was battery operated. It lasted 2 weeks and died when the blade hit a root and bent 90 degrees. I went back over to my Greenworks 25022. It's started to rust a bit (yes, I still keep it outside), but I plugged it in and cut my lawn in a snap. Still a happy customer!

I was surprised how well it worked. Our grass had not been cut for at least 4 weeks and was thick and long. The mower had no problems getting through it as long as we were patient. When it hit the thick patches the blade slowed down. You do have to adjust and pull back to avoid shutting down the mower. It came pretty much assembled. All I had to do was attach the handle to the mower unit. We ordered a 100ft extension cord which can get in the way at times. Once you get a system down it becomes less annoying. You can adjust the height of the blade very easily on the side using the lever. I would prefer this electric mower over a gas mower or battery power mower just bc you don't have to stop when you run out of gas or the battery runs out.

This guy is awesome. I have a HUGE yard and very little money. Last year (first year of divorce) I could only afford a second hand 12" push reel and the lawn took 8 full hours. This year I had enough to buy this mower but I admit I was scared to do so. I could not afford to lose the money either. Well it is super light, easy to push (after modifications) and cuts like a dream. I had to make an adjustment, which once I did I knew it would wipe out the ability to return if it was garbage, BUT without the modifications it would not work. There is this weird, hard plastic flap that is on the back end of the mower and when you push it, it lifts the mower and the cut is uneven. Very strange. So I cut it off. Other than that weird plastic thing it really was take out of the box, attach handle and go. The blade is not sharpened out of the box either and this made me think I needed to order a sharpener now but it cut perfectly. That surprised me. This mower works as good as any expensive mower out there, If you are on a budget you cannot go wrong with this guy. The lawn now takes me 3.5 hours.and i oftern use my meidong e6 noise cancelling headphones when cutting the glass with this,Make the task so much more enjoyable,They sound great. yes, it is not expensive but look not cheap, also recommend.Meidong E6ANC Bluetooth Headphones Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Wireless Stereo headphones with Microphone, Ergonomic Design for Kids Adult-Black Whew, so much easier with it. Enjoying my spring now.

Fifth update to review: Today is July 15. I received the correct part. Time is very valuable to me and the time I spent dealing with customer service was a lot more than I expected. However, the product is very good, and ultimately the customer service did come through. So 4 stars, I guess.

Fourth update to review: Today is Saturday June 25. Bad news: I received the same wrong part I received before. Now I have 3 wrong parts and, worse, I have to pay the shipping to return them. The mower is not useless without the right part, but I can't mulch without it, so I have to empty the bag frequently. The mowing job is more than twice as long. I would happily pay someone else for the part just to avoid customer service. I have wasted more money in dealing with service than I have paid for the equipment. Ugh. The way I look at it at this point is I paid $193.81 for a mower that worked for 2 years. I think I will give the old mower to goodwill and hope the new one lasts more than 2 years.

Third update to review: Today is Monday, June 20. Good news: The rep from Sunrise called me before I had a chance to call them.. so I did not have to wait "on hold." They promised the correct part would be sent, and gave me a number to a repair shop that can check my mower. The repair shop is 17 miles away, which might seem far but in my area in rural Michigan it's not that bad. Just fyi... the flap at the back of the mower should not stay up, like in the picture. There are springs at the flap hinge that force the flap to remain closed. Maybe that's why the plug flew out of its hole. Anyway, at this point I think I would not get a Greenworks mower unless I had a backup mower and enough time to deal with repair shops and and customer service calls. If you're a busy person, maybe hire a service.

Second update to review: Today is Sunday, June 19, 2016. Yesterday I received the wrong parts. I also received a voicemail from Sunrise Tools in Canada. I guess Sunrise Tools does customer service for Greenworks, I was impressed they called on a Saturday morning, but when I returned the call in the afternoon there was no answer... not even voicemail. I will try again tomorrow but I am not looking forward to taking an hour off of work for a broken lawn mower. I have to assume the call will take the better part of an hour since that's how long the last call took. This problem is so bad that I bought a second mower. I just couldn't let my lawn overgrow too much longer. The first mower was $193.81. The second mower was $168.54. I bought it at Menards because I needed it that day. Plus I figure 2 hours (so far) of my time for customer service... this mower is getting expensive. I can get a service to mow my lawn for $25 per week. (Saginaw, my area, is a very inexpensive place to live!) It's about $300-350 per year.... plus I save all the mowing time. I'm starting to think it would be cheaper to just hire the service. The pictures show (1) where the mulching plug goes and (2) the two parts. The top one is the right part (taken from the new mower), the bottom one is what they sent. Maybe they sent the wrong part because they had the wrong manual, I don't know.

Update to review: Today is Tuesday, June 14, 2016. On Monday I waited 19 minutes on hold to talk to someone about getting to get a replacement part called a mulching plug. I had the name and part number ready because I had the manual but the customer service rep (CSR) had a manual older than mine and the part numbers were not the same apparently. When I finally finished the call my cell phone said I had spent 47 minutes. Terrible. A lot of that time was the CSR going back and checking for correct data.

I bought this mower July 3, 2014. This review is written June 11, 2016.
I never had an electric mower before. Love it. For a small yard without obstructions between the lawn and the power outlet, it's definitely the way to go. The first year, two of the nuts shook off their bolts. I replaced them with new nuts and no problem since. Just yesterday the plastic mulching plug fell out of its hole (the hole in the back that you can use to catch clippings) and the blade ripped the plug to smithereens.I will call Monday for a new one. The point of this review is: this mower is convenient but it is not 100% maintenance free. It is, however, MUCH less hassle than the gas mowers I've owned in the past.

I bought this to replace a riding mower which was too big for our yard and I did not feel comfortable on it. Took about 10 minutes to get used to using it, but becsuse I never really had to mow before, getting used to the cord was not difficult. This machine is light weight, cuts well, and very easy to operate. I have a bad back but need to get as much exercise as possible and with this machine I feel very comfortable working with it and getting the exercise I need. I was going to hire someone to do my yardwork but I am certainly happy I did not do that. Husband always did it all, but recently passed, and I am 67 years young so with that bring said I would highly recommend this lawn mower.

Right out of the box the only assembly required is 4 hand torqued screws for the pushing arm. Two at the base and then two quick release clip style mid way up the arm. Note: For quick release make sure not to over tighten because during latching it, it could be too tight and break the latch. Besides that this is a BEAST! Example: My lawn was 10in + high and thick. Broke out the new lawn mower was about to mow and it down poured rain. Ugh.... Now I cant mow. :( Wet and thick grass. I said lets test it. The deck is on medium high, and I was going to use the bagging option but wet grass would not be good for bagging so I took the bag off and forgot to up on the discharge option so I ended up doing mulching which is what will kill a mower with high grass. Nope not this thing. Some of the really thick areas it slowed it a bit but didn't kill it. My old house I had a 3.5hp tractor mower with a 42 in deck and it has died repeatedly under these condition. This thing ate it up and kept asking for more. Yes I could not walk at full pace but I was only about half pace and it just tore through it. The only thing is watching the cord. Easy enough. Just work away from the plug with each pass. I never got near it. Plus MAKE SURE YOUR POWER CORD IS RATED FOR AT LEAST 12AMPS AT THE LENGTH OF YOUR CORD! Otherwise you are wasting your time. After I was done cutting a wet thick yard front and back I easily unplugged it and hosed it off to clean it up. Then stored it to dry. Yes it is a work horse. I would recommend if you are tired of gas tanks, oil stains, and pull starts. Lets not forget that cylinder engines dye easy if bogged down. Then you have to clear the debris and pull start it again. The electric will eat through with continuous power. Had it for year now and it still chews through it all. I just spray it all over after each use and put it away dripping wet. Still not upset about the purchase.

This mower chopped through my tall grass like soft butter. The cord required me to re-learn how to use it (I used a corded mower when I was 8, or 9. Quieter than a gas mower, but the cord forced me to exercise a bit more, up/down, up/down. My lawn is 1/3 acre, and I had to improvise with the heavy extension cords in order to reach the entire yard. Most of this mower's features are great, but the only negative I can see, so far, is the lack of a carrying handle. A plastic deck would have made this mower easier to carry into my basement. I'll wipe it down after each use.

UPDATE: 05-28-17 A lot of rain let to a very wet lawn, and tall grass; like 8", or so. I was afraid of being ticketed, but that never happened. I wanted to mow down some of the grass with my weed whacker, but I didn't need it. This Greenworks mower sliced through the tall grass like soft butter--no decrease in performance at all.

I bought this mower for a friend, whose spouse was temporarily disabled and unable to do yard work. She loves it for its light weight and the great job it does on the lawn. She caught on to cord management very quickly. Lovely little machine! How did I know to get it? I'll tell you.

Back in 2009 I decided to try an electric mower after my old push mower burned out. I got the 20-inch model even though the guides said that my 1/3 acre lot was too much grass for this kind of machine. Well I was used to trudging behind a 21 inch mower so I didn't see how a 20 inch would be all that different if the cord would reach. The mower I chose (a Task Force purchased at a local chain store) is identical in all but styling details to the GreenWorks 25022. Even the wheels are the same. It has the same EZ height adjuster, same amperage, everything. It probably was built at the same Chinese factory. Right out of the box, the mower worked very well. I needed 150 ft. of heavy cord to get to every place on my lawn, which is extreme but did not cause me any problems. I suspect my local utility is supplying power closer to 125 volts than the minimum 110.

At the same time I bought this mower, I also purchased a 21-inch gas-powered Troy-bilt as a backup. I quickly came to prefer the electric for its light weight and ease of maintenance. Comparing the two, the gas mower has more power to plow through overgrown or damp grass. The electric can handle overgrown grass, but you have to slow down and the side discharge will clog occasionally. If I had to cut overgrown grass with the electric, I would raise the deck to the highest setting and then cut it again at standard height the next day. It takes me about an hour and a half to cut my lawn with the gas mower, and by the end I'm worn out. The electric takes me about two hours, but at the end I'm still fresh because it's SO much easier to push.

My brilliant repair #1:
Early in the second season one day, I was happily cutting away when the mower lost power and then quit running. Kicking the tires did not revive it, so I put it away after calling it a hunk a junk and finished the season with my new gas mower. I used the gas mower exclusively the next year also, but in the spring of 2012 I took the cover off and gave the electric motor a hard look. A gap had opened up between one of the brushes and the armature, causing a spark to arc across the gap and deposit a layer of carbon on the armature. When the carbon got thick enough the motor wouldn't run any more. I found the owner's manual, called the parts source, and ordered new brushes. They installed easily, and the motor has run perfectly ever since.

My brilliant repair #2
In the 2013 season the safety switch started popping loose and shutting down the mower. I carefully disassembled the switch, found nothing broken or worn, and carefully reassembled it. Since then it's worked perfectly for four years. Just recently it's started doing it again, occasionally, but this time I doubt if taking it apart will fix it. Parts wear out.
Update 7/28/2017: My less than brilliant third repair. As expected, the safety switch continued to pop loose. I opened the case and saw that some plastic bolsters around the kill button had broken off leaving the button with too much freedom of movement. I bought a simple toggle switch (overpriced at $9.50) and installed it in place of the original. Losing the dead-man switch was not a concern to me because I was a grown man before those things were required. However, I also lost the blade brake. Without it, after power shut-off the blade continues to spin like the flywheel it is for at least ten seconds. That is dangerous, so kids, don't do this repair. I'm going to get a second switch to reinstate the blade brake. It will be completely manual, but better than nothing.

As others have mentioned, the choice of cord is critical. Pick one too small for the job, and you'll burn up the rectifier. I think the rectifier is also sensitive to hard use. Keep the RPMs up, don't lug it down in thick grass. A sharp blade will slice through the grass more easily, without bogging down. The blade is easily removed, and can be sharpened with no trouble if you have something to clamp it and a 10 or 12 inch flat mill (aka "flat bastard") file. I'm sure YouTube has videos on how to do it.

Others have also mentioned that the motor compartment is not sealed. Grass and leaves and trash will accumulate in there and potentially cause trouble if not cleaned out from time to time. This service involves backing out the four bolts that hold the plastic cover in place. After removing the cover several times, I have stripped the heads of the soft bolts and can no longer get them out. The buildup of trash may soon cause me to need Brilliant Repair #3; or more likely I'll just buy a new GreenWorks. If you want your mower to last, replace those soft factory bolts with hardened stainless steel versions, and keep the threads lubricated.

One other thing I love about this mower: You can flip it upside down to clean the deck. I promise the gas and oil won't run out of it!

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