Greenworks 20-Inch Replacement Lawn Mower Blade 29172

Greenworks 20-Inch Replacement Lawn Mower Blade 29172

Greenworks, 20-inch Mower Blade for Greenworks 20 inch Electric and Cordless Lawn Mowers, Model Number 29172

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Comments / reviews:
I bought this as a replacement because the Ryobi blade was more expensive and out of stock at my local store.

The one key difference is this blade has a drop at the end which ends up mowing about half an inch lower. This is not a problem, unless you're already maxed out on mower height to mow your lawn. I inspected the GW mower at the store and looks like it positions the motor slightly higher to compensate for the blade offset.

That being said, if you mow your grass somewhat short this blade performs noticeably better than the Ryobi blade. It really mows nice, and the better performance is realized particularly when bagging. When mulching, it feels like the mower more easily "fills up" and starts to bog down, reducing the battery run-time substantially.

This is my second blade on this machine and this is the first electric lawn mower I bought.
What a kick a$$ machine. This cuts better then my gas ones and I have had several over the years.
I have to keep reminding myself to use this as a vacuum, so I don't run over the cord.
The blade is sharp and does a great job of cutting the grass.
Best price here with free shipping.

Well I just installed this fast and easy on my Greenworks 25022 20 inch mower fast and easy. I just Googled the manual (could not find mine) and looked at the simple instructions how to remove old blade and install new one. 15 mm wrench needed. Just wear a pair of gloves to grab it firmly to tale off and put on. Have not tested it yet but it is sharp and seems to be an exact duplicate replacement for the original blade.

Got advice from the seller of the mower to get this blade to replace our old one since sharpening didn't work anymore (ran over quite a few rocks). Very inexpensive fix, less than a minute to change out. Works great.

Fit my Ryobi electric mower with the 20 inch blade. went right on and no issues, mows like a champ.

Just installed it and the fit is perfect. Didn't look like it had ever been used and was still shrink wrapped.

Cut my grass with it for the first time and it might as well have been a couple of ninjas under there doing the work! Superb.

It cuts grass. It is for a cordless mower. I can't say I am excited when I have to mow, but the original blade to my mower had developed holes in it. This replaced it. Yay mowing..

I looked everywhere (8 stores) but could not find a replacement blade for my Yardworks electric mower. I could not even find it at the store where I purchased the mower, even though they still had the exact model of mower in stock. I was hesitant to buy this since it says it is GreenWorks, not Yardworks. The blade is identical, and it is the same part number. It was exactly what I needed.

Got this for my electric CRAFTSMAN...
Fit perfectly...
For any electric mower with "half circle" on the blade

E-Z install and cuts crazy good...highly recommended.

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