Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-inch In Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-inch In Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn Mower

Clean up your yard this season easily with the Troy-Bilt TB370 163cc 21-Inch In-Step RWD Self-Propelled Lawn mower. The TB370 rear wheel drive self-propelled lawn mower features the all new In Step variable speed drive system. In Step naturally adjusts to your speed, providing precise speed control and delivers more traction over rough terrain. Easily raise and lower cutting height with the single-lever height adjuster. Equipped with a 163cc Briggs & Stratton engine, the Tri-Action Cutting System and the capability to side discharge, mulch or bag, this lawn mower gives you added versatility to handle any yard. Equipped with a ReadyStart Choke System with no priming required. Plus, a cutting range with six settings ranging from 1.25-3.75-inches. This mower has 8-inch front and 11-inch durable rear wheels. Troy-Bilt offers a 2-year limited warranty on the TB370.

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Comments / reviews:
 Highlights of my Video Review:

1. This is my first time receiving a lawnmower by mail and it was actually very easy!! Lawnmower arrived safely, no issues at all.
2. Putting it all together was very easy and pretty self explanatory. There are good manuals provided as well. You just need to put the handle and bag on, clip the cables on, put oil and gas in it and you're pretty much set to go.
3. It started right up with just one pull - which really was impressive. All the times using it - it always starts right up with just one pull and it roars to full power right away. Not like our old Toro which usually takes 3 pulls and takes a few minutes to warm up and get to full power. The motor on this thing is absolutely excellent and impressive.
4. Super easy height adjustment - just one lever adjusts all 4 wheels at once - unlike our old Toro which has a lever on each wheel.
5. Large gas opening so you can see the gas as you fill it up - unlike the Toro which has a smaller opening and we always end up spilling some gas because you can't see when it gets full.
6. Bag area has an actual "Chute" design to direct all the clippings INTO the bag - this is awesome because our old mower always had clogs right at that junction between mower/bag and so when you remove the bag, it always makes a mess.
7. Bag is very lightweight and good quality.
8. Excellent mulching - cuts it down to really small pieces, better than the Toro did
9. Deck Wash - attach your garden hose to the deck wash and it easily washes it all out
10. Rear Wheel Drive - a period of adjustment may be needed if you're used to front wheel drive, but once you get used to it, works very well.

Overall - an Excellent Lawnmower in every way. Can't think of any complaints whatsoever. Has lots of improvements over our old Toro mower. High Recommendations for this Product!!

If there are any questions, please feel free to leave me comments below and I will do my best to answer them. Thank you!

 The Troy-Bilt TB370 has a ton of great stuff going for it: Assembly out of the box took me less than 15 minutes from start-to-finish. I love the way they ship this thing nearly completely ready to run! Instructions weren’t awesome, but the pics are good enough to get it done. Oil was included in the package and getting the level right was probably the “hardest” step. Note: they include regular oil but I definitely recommend using full synthetic. I used the oil they included but will swap it out at a later oil change.

The first start took two pulls, and every cold start since then has taken exactly the same. I’ve never pulled more than twice to start this, and half the time I pull only once. The tension in the pull is light: you won’t strain yourself trying to start this mower.

The cut is solid! No long blades left over and the 20” deck works edge-to-edge so you’re making less passes over the same area. Anything that decreases the time I spend cutting grass is 5-stars. :-)

Single handle to adjust the height works perfectly. The deck has a hose clean-out which is also pretty wonderful for end-of-year clean-up and winter storage.

The self-propel system is interesting at first. It works and has plenty of power and quite a bit of speed if you like to slow-jog while you mow (I do not). The odd part is the handle… as you walk forward, your hands push on a lever that determines the speed of the mower. Walk faster, the mower moves faster. In principal this is genius. In practice? You need to mow a couple times for practice using this.

As you hit bumps, the mower may dip and change the pressure on the speed adjustment bar that you hold. When this happens the mower may speed up (a lot) or slow down (a lot). I found my first mow to be a lot of start and stop as I adjusted to how the speed handle works. After the second mow, I’m smooth as silk with it.

Love the tires on the mower; They are softer than most and grip much better than the hard plastic ones on our last mower. It mulches like a champion! Our last mower left clumps everywhere and the Troy-Bilt leaves nothing (even when I wait a bit too long to cut. Did I mention I hate cutting grass?)

This Troy-Bilt has taken my weekly cutting from “miserable” to “this isn’t so bad”. This is the absolute highest compliment I can give a mower. :-) 5-Star machine, I expect it will last and keep our lawn looking great for years to come.

I've been mowing grass for 59 years (!) and this is easily my favorite mower. Great "out of box experience." [Swing the handle up, connect it, put the grass catcher bag on the frame, hook it in, pour in the oil (included) put in some gasoline and start it. Total time: 15 min, 11 of which was to decipher the diagrams in the booklet.] I bought it because I had a front wheel drive lawn mower that was heavier and the self-propeller just way too much work for me at my age. But this mower: you really do just lean the top bar forward and start walking. No pushing at all. Everything adjusted properly from the get go.

My husband is very very happy with this Troy-Bilt. Our property is a hilly 1.25 acres that he mows in sections over the course of the week during the summer months when it grows so fast you can practically see it growing (we live in FL). He previously had one of this model that he used heavily and really liked. It was damaged when he allowed someone else to use it, and then couldn't find it in any of the local big box stores. He bought and returned other brands and other types (front wheel drive,rear wheel drive). What he likes about this particular model is the In Step movement. He feels it's not forcing him to walk/work at it's speed, but rather, it works at his. He feels safer going up/down our terrain and finds it to be less taxing that the others he's tried. Amazon's had a good price and of course fast delivery. In fact, he decided on NOT having it delivered in 2 days to give himself a little break until our son in law would be here to put it together and help catch up on the grass cutting. :-)

Working well so far after ~3 months of use on ~1/2 acre lawn. I find the walk-behind mechanism much more comfortable than two lever models I've used in the past because the lever to keep it running fits right into the handle. It is quite responsive to changes in your walking speed.

One pull will start it 90+% of the time, and it has never taken more than 2 pulls.

The bagger hasn't seen much use, but it is effective. It has to be emptied 2 to 3 times depending upon the length of the grass. Mulching works well if mowed regularly.

Setup was very easy and there was no damage in shipment.

One lever height adjustment is great.

No cons to date.

This is a great mower. It does the yard like a hot knife going thru butter. The only complaint are the miserable instructions that accompany the unit. Confusing would be an understatement. It took me about 30 minutes to figure out how to set up the unit. It should take about 10 minutes. Once I got it running, it's a gem of a machine. I would recommend using Mobil 1 5W-30 if you live in the Northeast or an area where temperatures vary significantly.

Great lawn mower, purchased to replace another name brand mower. B&S engine performs
perfectly (better than the Honda) could not be happier with this purchase.

Runs great. Easy assembly

still trying how to understand how the self propel works

Arrived on time and in perfect condition. Had a ding/tear in the carton, but the mower was unmarked! Assembly was a piece of cake. Mower handles great, especially for an old man like myself, with a bad back!! Am able to control this with one hand, easy to back up, relatively easy to turn from a stopped position, cuts grass and picks it up very cleanly. One pull to start! My other mower(s) required multiple pulls and various "Navel quotes" before they would start!!! Very please with this mower and would recommend it without hesitation!!

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