Sun Joe MJ408E Mow Joe 20-Inch 12-Amp 3-in-1 Bag/Mulch/Side Discharge Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Sun Joe MJ408E Mow Joe 20-Inch 12-Amp 3-in-1 Bag/Mulch/Side Discharge Corded Electric Lawn Mower

MOW WITH JOE. Take back your yard with new gear this year and choose the greener grooming solution that's better for you, better for your lawn, and better for the environment. Say goodbye to gas, oil, noxious fumes, pull-cords, and costly tune-ups! For small to medium-sized yards, the cutting-edge, 12-amp electric MJ408E is your greener, cleaner alternative to get the job done with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. Startup is instant, reliable, and effortless with virtually zero maintenance, season after season. Simply plug in your MJ408E and go! Delivering the power of a gas machine with the convenience of an electric unit, it's durable steel blade cuts a 20-inch wide path with precision on each pass and features a convenient 7-position manual height adjustment for maximum control. MJ408E comes equipped with a detachable 14.5 gallon rear collection bag for quick and easy disposal. The unit is ETL-approved and carries a full two-year warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
WTF is a Sun Joe?! This was my first reaction when I came across this brand. Read the reviews to see if any good ones was a result of a "discount price for a review" situation. Seemed reviews was legit so I rolled the dice.

Purchased a house and needless to say the seller stopped cutting the grass making it look like it was developing it's own ecosystem. I was skeptical about if this Sun Joe could handle the overgrown yard....

I tried to use the bag... big mistake. Felt like I spent more time emptying the bag than mowing the lawn. Took the bag off and I was making progress! That mower is a tough Sun of a Joe! Put the bag on the next week and it picked up the dried grass from the week prior plus the fresh cut. Changed the bag more often but was understandable.

One handle can adjust the whole height of the mower.
Bag comes on and off easily.
Cuts through branches, leaves and acorns easily.

I tie the extension cord around the handle, then plug it to the mower. There a system on the mower to keep the cords from disconnecting but it needed more attention than I was ready to give trying to figure it out.

I am not gentle with equipment and tend to do past recommended use. This mower didn't quit til I was done.

I am a believer in this brand.

Was not able to find a Sun Joe mover in 20" anywhere else but on Amazon. Glad I went bigger. More coverage, less passes.

*UPDATE 2/20/17*

Just a little update. I mowed the yard today and am impressed. This mower is lightweight, doesn't sound like a tractor and is easy to maneuver especially on a little incline that we have on the side of the house and in the alley. The yard looks very nice and this mower was able to mulch all the dried leaves that didn't get picked up without an issue.
It did take a little bit of getting used to the cord but once I had the hang of it, it was smooth mowing after that.
Once again I'd recommend this mower.


First impression - very heavy, at least for me anyways. Set up was quick and painless - took about 20 minutes to figure out how to get the handle on the right way, but that's just me...
This is an impressive mower and I am normally one for gas mowers but have used electric in the past - I do love this mower because once it is out of the box and I don't have to lift it anymore it isn't so heavy that it can't be pushed with ease. The entire bottom part is metal, the only plastic on here that I have found is the motor cover and that seems to be sealed on there tightly so there's no need to remove and clean the motor.
Basically everything you need except the cord is included in the box. I have a medium size yard in a very dry climate so bagging the grass clippings is not an option for me with all the dirt and emptying the bag just slows me down. I'd rather mulch the clippings and be done with it.
I don't mind the cord either, because it sure beats having to mess with tune-ups for a gas mower and pulling the cord to make a gas mower start. All I have to do here is push a button and this mower starts up. Easy. And it is less noise than the monster gas mower I had before that literally could be heard 2 blocks from my house, it sounded like a tractor every time I mowed the yard - couldn't mow first thing in the morning without waking my neighbors. Well, now I can mow anytime without waking anyone up.
Something tells me that this year I will have one of the best cut yards on the block.

This is a terrific mower. It arrived in a large package as it was mostly assembled. The very clear instructions guided me through a less than 30 minute final assembly and learning-to-operate process. The diagram for the mowing pattern seems ridiculously odd and yet very obvious, however, it is not to be overlooked as it is your key to not mowing over the cord and electrocuting yourself. The mower operates wonderfully. I might have bought a lower priced model with fewer height adjustments as there is no way I'll ever set it higher than maybe half way. My teenage son greatly enjoys mowing with this mower. Well, that's surely an overstatement, but he doesn't complain much.

There are always trade-offs when considering what sort of lawnmower is needed for a given situation. I think for a corded electric to be viable, you have to have a relatively small lawn, which mine is. Even so, I fully utilize my 100ft extension cord, and most mowers require a heavy gauge cord. 12 or 10 gauge cords are expensive and heavy, another thing to consider when deciding between corded, cordless, or gas. The cord I have weighs in around 16 pounds. I'd prefer to have the freedom of a cordless mower but, when comparing inital costs (cordless tend to be 3-5 times more expensive than this unit) and the somewhat undetermined factor of rechargeable battery managment/lifespan (IMO, rechargeable batteries rarely, if ever, live up to manufacturer claims), I was heavily leaning towards a corded model. Also, when I need to purchase a second or replacement battery, will it still be available, and how much will it cost? Corded was the way to go, for me. One final factor to consider is cord management (proper utilization of the extension cord to make your mowing patterns safer, quicker, and as hassle-free as possible), which may be a deal breaker for some. It'd be worthwhile to research the subject. You can find at least a few decent videos on Youtube. By the way, I also got my cord from Amazon, and think it's a great cord at a great price.

Unboxing (it is a bit of a large, awkward box) and assembly is pretty straightforward, and the single lever height adjustment is a nice feature. I didn't feel the need to go with a deck anymore narrow than 20" and, as far as I'm concerned, the fewer passes I have to make, the better. I decided to go with the mulchng method, and was very pleased with the results. In fact, if I can avoid it, I'll never bag grass again. Even with heavy growth, the mulching left little trace of visible cut grass on my lawn. Like the manual says, always start the motor with the front end tipped up a bit, and don't overtax the mower in heavy growth spots....just slow down some and allow the motor to keep from bogging down. I also read up on this mower's replacement blades, and when it comes time to sharpen the blade, I just may choose to replace it instead, as the replacements are so affordable. It's currently just under 20 clams, and can be found here -

Again, getting a feel for good cord management will make using this mower much easier. If you're constantly repositioning and guiding the cord with one arm, it will be a little slower and more frustrating constantly mowing with just the other arm. It's a pretty light unit but, as anyone who's ever mowed a lawn before knows, there are ground factors involved in just how difficult it may be to push a mower around. You'd think that with a corded mower, it'd be pretty logical to have a self propelled feature as an option, but I don't recall seeing ANY corded mowers with it. I'm guessing manufacturers want to save this feature for the much more expensive cordless mowers, even though that undoubtedly shortens battery life. I also purchased the cord I have for use with my leaf blower, and when I'm done mowing, with the cord still out, I just use the leaf blower on a low setting to get any stray dirt and debris off the mower. You might think higher on the blower is quicker and easier, but I feel there's a chance you'll actually blow debris into the grills that allow the motor to breathe, and you certainly don't want that. Properly cared for, it should last for many years.

No gas, fumes, or engine maintenance, and relatively quiet, all at a great green color, too.

I was a little bit nervous about switching from a gas lawnmower to an electric, so I took a gamble and I got the upper hand. If you follow the recommendation of using the correct gauge extension cord, the task of mowing the lawn will be a breeze. It is light weight and easy to maneuver. the cut adjusting is fantastic as one level controls all the wheels. The safety mechanism works as intended (it took me a while as you have to keep the button pressed while actuating the handle). It is easy to clean up afterwards as you can tilt to the side without the risk of any leakage. It performed great cutting a grass not cut for about 1 month!!!, no hesitation, the mulching adapter worked wonders and it is quiet compared to the gas mowers.

Good mower for a good price. I like the size, it's 20-inches wide so I can get more grass cut with fewer passes, which saves time & helps with getting the lawn mowed much more quickly. Wheels are large, and that makes it maneuverable. The foam cushion on the handle is starting to wear after only 3 full uses of the mower, but we knew that was going to happen from other reviews. That has not been a significant issue, though. Overall, a great mower for a great price. We're happy with this mower.

I really like the mower. It was easy to assemble and it's easy to use once you get used to having a cord following you around the yard. I'm giving it 4 stars because after 4 uses the foam padding on the handle is ripping off already. Really? This is such a silly oversight on the manufacturer's part. Why not just spend a few extra dollars and use a more durable type of padding?

Perfect for the city farmer like myself -
I hate to mow out small city yard - and it use to be extra painful because I would never have gas for my lawn mower which was a convienant exuse not to mow -
Well I now plug this in and basically vacuum up my small yard - it's super light yet very tough on branches and other debris -
Good price - but I will tell you I have already bought two because they fall
Apart easy ! But for the price lasting for two seasons suffices - and is way cheaper then paying someone 50 bucks ever two weeks to cut for me !

Awesome mower! Unlike some other electric lawn mowers, this one is full size and gets the job done just as well as its gas cousins. Extremely easy to put together and starting it up is as quick as holding a button and pulling the lever.

I took it for a spin for the first time in some thick grass near our pond and it chewed through it without a problem. Using a 100' extension cord allows me to mow the entirety of my yard while only switching plugs once. I called Snow Joe/Sun Joe's customer service for a quick question and it was answered by a REAL PERSON almost immediately! It seems as if they take pride in their products and now I see why. This thing is AMAZING and the price/quality ratio absolutely cannot be beat!

This is a very nice machine that will perform as advertised I give it 4 stars instead of 5 because I just got it and have only used it 3 times. There is a learning curve wrangling the cord but that became only a minor irritant quickly. If money is not an issue get the one with a rechargeable battery, if I had it to do over again I would. If Sun Joe doesn't let me down I will probably get the cordless snow blower. Very Pleased with this purchase

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