Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp Side Discharge/Mulching Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8-Amp Side Discharge/Mulching Corded Electric Lawn Mower

Product Description

The Earthwise 14-Inch Corded Electric Lawn Mower requires no gas, no oil, no fumes and starts every time. The 2 in 1 system has a side discharge and mulches. A single lever height adjustment makes it easy to change the mowing height for any yard. The 14-Inch electric mower is the clean air choice

From the Manufacturer

The 14 inch corded electric lawn mower requires no gas, no oil, has no fumes, and starts every time. A single lever height adjustment with a range of 1.5" to 4" makes it easy to change the mowing height for any yard, while the poly deck and versatile 2 in 1 side discharge and mulching system provide the look of a professionally cut lawn. Mow comfortably with the comfort V handle with cushion grip that folds for easy storage. Earthwise is the Clean Air Choice!

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Comments / reviews:
Small, light, powerful, reliable, and sucks up grass and debris like a vacuum. The cord did get in my way a few times but that was nothing compared to the hassle of my old gas lawnmower. I have a small yard with outlets fairly close by. I did consider a battery operated mower but didn't want to have to replace expensive batteries every couple of years. Very happy with the purchase.

Very, very good. Mulching ability is superb. I no longer have to bag heavy grass and there is no evidence of lawn clippings whatsoever. I didn't want to bother with oil and gas! I am still trying to get used to the cord and how best to mow back and forth as my yard is odd shaped. It took me about 5 minutes to assemble (super easy). The hardest part was the weight (it is heavy) and getting it out of the box by myself. It is very well packed so removing the stuck in materials and lifting it from the box was tricky.

i'm a senior citizen that replaced a very heavy mower for this one. i love the light weight, which renders it very easy to maneuver it is also easy to store. i have a hilly lawn - my heavy mower made it impossible to mow cross-wise - i had to pull it up and down. this one i can push and pull with one hand and easily mow across the hill. the 5 levels (hi to lo) make it more versatile.

miss the power of my heavier mower but prefer the light weight to the power. This one gets the job done ALMOST as well.

It's light, quiet, & cuts my grass very well. Mulching is a treat; my old (dead) electric mower didn't mulch, and for me hauling bags of cut grass away was always the worst part of mowing. I narrowed my search to mowers that did not have a bagging option, and this was the lightest available with this size cut width and mower. It does its job, much easier than with my older, heavier, louder mower.

When you pull this one backwards, the safety flap across the back gets pulled under the mower; I expect it to break off eventually and need replacement, but that looks simple enough. Yes, the directions say don't pull it backwards, but that's not realistic on my odd-shaped lawn. Build quality seems pretty good, so the flap may last longer than I expect, and it's not a big deal. So far so good, and I have a manual reel mower made by the same company that has held up well for many years.

Bought and received this 14 inch mower in 2012. It was a snap to set up and use, no put-away maintenance over Winter, and just ran it for the second time this Spring without any snags cutting, runs perfectly and cuts nicely!! Small things matter to me at 73 years of age so I like the foam covered handle, the one knob to lower/lift the deck, and the easy clean-up of the mower using a brush. I'd expect three years use so if I don't get that I'll report back here.
13 March 2014 UPDATE:
Warm winter and recent rain and snow made a patch of replacement grass planted last September grow to six inches high, so decided to get out the Earthwise 50214 and mow my small 16 by 24 foot irregular oval-shaped lawn. No prep to the mower, original blade is still sharp, nothing to tighten up, plugged in the 50 foot extension cord, connected the 50214, and in less than ten minutes the job was finished. VERY HAPPY with this model and brand mower for my small front yard.
30 May 2015 UPDATE
Noticed the original blade wasn't cutting well, called a local equipment sales-and-rental store [Ahern Rentals Hardware and Supply in Gardnerville, NV] with a great reputation for helping people and asked if they sharpened lawnmower blades. They had me bring the mower in and it took all of 30 minutes for them to work my mower into their workflow, remove and reinstall the blade after they sharpened it, and all for six USD! No other service need or problem noted in two years of cutting my small lawn. Still five star rated.
Final Update-21April2016-14 inch mower being replaced because mower is beginning to struggle cutting grass due to cutting blade shaft wobble from wear and use. Good use for 3.5 years or appx. 50 mowings, satisfied this mower was a good buy for my use and it worked well enough for the purpose. Replacing it with a with Greenworks corded 20 inch model 12 Amp model with wider blade and stronger power motor along with a grass clippings bag for added convenience.


This Is a very small piece of equipment. It would take you are long time to cut a large yard but, if all you needed to do is to cut a small yard or to do trimming with it is great. We have a large yard but, we are too old to cut all of it. We hire someone to come and cut the large yard but, there are times when the only part that really needs cutting is near the house where we sit a lot. This works great. We just plug it in and within minutes it is cut and ready to enjoy. I don't like the grass to get high around the house because of snakes. This tiny mower takes care of that problem. Oh, you could cut a large yard if you had to but, you would need a long extension cord and lots of time. I would not recommend it for that.

just received today and love, love this lawn mower. It is on the small side and lightweight but cut was decent even though I had to go over the same areas again and had to lower wheels to lowest setting on one side of the yard for a nice, uniform look. That side of the yard is not level. Purchased a 14gauge 50ft extension cord for this mower (as recommended in owner's manual). The box did have a slight smell to it but nowhere near what others have mentioned. Manual says to wipe mower w/ dry cloth to clean after use. I found that a dry cloth was not getting underneath clean so used a slightly damp cloth and that helped w/ a little elbow grease.

I opened the box with a bad feeling because it was beat-up and taped all over. It suggested a second trip out to a customer. On taking out the mower one wheel was crooked - more bad feeling, but my neighbor who was helping extract the mower bent the axle straight. I'm keeping the Earthwise because it seems to work OK and mulches very well as mentioned in other reviews. The lighter weight feels good to this older gardener and 18" feels plenty wide. On the minus side I find turning this mower very awkward. The rubber guard gets under the low rear wheels easily, and this is a problem because a cord mower needs to be turned often rather than mowing in circles. it leaves many uncut grass blades, especially near the wheel tracks but also at random. The sod is new and the grass not uniformly erect, so I hope for improvement. I would have liked to know how other cord mowers felt and worked before making a choice.

Easy to assemble.

Light weight but sturdy.

Perfect for my small town house yard.

Quiet. I am a petite woman and was able to pick it up and move it easily.

The blade is metal not plastic.

If you don't abuse it, by banging it, or not maintaining it by cleaning it after each mow, it will last a long time.

Get some light oil for the blades. Use paper towels to wash underneath and the blades BE CAREFUL THEY ARE SHARP!

DON"T HOSE IT DOWN or you will get water in the engine. I use a small bucket and paper towels and clean up right away so that the grass won't get dry and hard.

I don't remove the handles after but it fits in my single car garage just fine.

I cut the lawn at 2 Inches. The height lever is easy to move.

The blade stops instantly if you drop the lever or the cord becomes disconnected.

I wouldn't cut wet grass with it. You need a really heavy duty mower for that or it will clump or jam.


Earthwise 50214 14-Inch 8 Amp Electric Lawn Mower
I have used this since May and am thoroughly delighted with the product. From the multi-adjustable handles, the child-proof power lever, the power cord attachment and cord keeper, the slightly larger rear wheels, I am impressed! The 14 inch blade is unstoppable in thick Bermuda grass due to its 8 amp source. My old 18 inch 9 amp was a terror to manipulate and though only slightly lighter, the weight distribution and the slightly larger rear wheels of the Earthwise make it feel much lighter. Oddly enough my old 9 amp would heat the power connection in my storeroom but with this mower it does not heat up at all! I would highly recommend it for mid-size lawns.

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