Classic Accessories 52-152-043201-RT Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Seat Cover, Large

Classic Accessories 52-152-043201-RT Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Seat Cover, Large

The Classic Accessories Tractor Seat Cover offers water-resistant coverage to new seats and makes older seats look and feel new again. Storm-X fabric has a water-resistant backing for maximum strength, abrasion and weather protection. The tractor seat cover features a thick cushion providing extra comfort. Getting a snug fit is easy with an elastic shock cord in the bottom for a quick, custom-like fit. Seat back cover features handy tool and gear pockets. Storage bag included. 1-year warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
My Sears/Craftsman Lawn Tractor is the 46" Deck, YTS3000 purchased in 2010. The seat measures (seating-surface side is measured) 12"H 14"L 18"W and I ordered the SMALL cover. It arrived as promised and was well-packaged. The material is rolled/pleated/stitched very nicely. It is a very tight fit (which I wanted due to the reviews which complained of being loose on other tractors. Unfortunately those reviews did not mention the MODEL tractor or the seat measurements in most cases, so the info was almost useless.) In order to avoid slippage on the slick vinyl OEM seat, I first laid rubber cabinet shelving fabric on the seat and used Gorilla Duct Tape to secure that fabric, THEN stretched this seat cover over it. It is a WONDERFUL, tight fit and I have test driven it on steep slopes and do not slide around as others complained. The mfr'r (Classic Accessories) has an easy warranty-registration online and they seem very professional and helpful, having responded confirming my registration and offering several methods of contacting them if necessary. I do not expect a problem with this well-made product. The cover does have a zippered top which is likely intended for a head-rest type of tractor seat. I do not think that is necessary for any lawn tractors of which I am familiar. I would not leave this stored outdoors in weather and expect long-term durability, and apparently they do not either, as it comes supplied with a nice storage-bag (which I plan to use for another purpose.)

I don't have a traditional riding mower. I have a tried and true, 30 year old, 2 wheel Gravely walk behind tractor, with mower deck and a riding sulky attached. The sulky is about 15 years old, and the seat has a couple of cracks in the black vinyl, exposing the foam. I needed a cover or a new seat. I wasn't sure this would fit, but it does - beautifully! This is better than a new seat, because of the "perks".

Based on the measurements, I ordered the Medium sized cover. It was a snap to put on. Took about 10 seconds! An elastic hem encircles the seat is for a good fit, and is substantial. Imagine that it will weaken in time, but that's what bungee cords are for! Used the seat cover it for 1.5 hours of mowing so far.

Perk #1: Cover does not get hot. The tractor was sitting in the hot sun when I went outside to mow. Temp was over 85. Seat cover was NOT hot. Appreciated that since I was wearing shorts. Note that the seat cover in the ad looks black. Mine is black too, but the seat and backrest portion are silvery-gray, helping to keep it from getting scalding hot.

PERK #2: And I used to slide a bit on the old vinyl seat - my yard has a few hilly turns. This didn't happen with the cover in place. It moved a tiny bit, but not enough to be a problem or annoying. Has some cushioning and a texture that makes sliding less likely.

PERK #3: I LOVE the pockets on the back. I stuffed a hand pruner and a 30 gallon trash bag into the pockets. My rural 2 acre yard is bordered by a stone fence grown over with trees, brambles and vines. A lot of unwanted vegetation tries to creep into my yard. As I was mowing, I encountered a few small low twigs and brambles protruding where they shouldn't be. Hopped off the mower, grabbed the pruners and made quick work of them. At one point, I just paused the mower, grabbed the pruners without getting off the tractor and got rid of the offending twigs. I used to carry the pruners behind me on the seat, not so comfortable as the pouch! <grin> When I was finished mowing (I am temporarily storing my mower outdoors this summer) I parked it, grabbed the trash bag from the handy rear pocket, and used it to cover the seat, pulling the drawstrings to secure it against rain. The manufacturer claims the seat cover is weather resistant, but I figured dry is better. (I cover the rest of the tractor with a plastic tarp.)

Love those pockets. I'm sure I will find other things to stuff in there as time goes on. (Water bottle? Ear protection? Spare tractor key?)

It does come with a one year warranty which can be registered on line or through the US mail with the enclosed paperwork. (Save your receipt - its required to register.) It appears to be well made and sturdy. Certainly not flimsy. Of course, only time will tell.

**** The instructions that come with it do caution: Do NOT use this product within the first four weeks of ownership, since compounds in a new mower can release gases that will cause dyes in the cover to transfer to the mower/seat and stain. That said, it did not have any "funny" smell that I noticed, if that is a concern.

I bought the small for my Craftsman 917.257660. My seat has a <12' rise on the back. This cover fit it perfectly. I duct taped over the big cracks on the seat so that they didn't damage the fabric of the cover, they're pretty sharp gashes. I rebuilt a bunch of stuff on my mower and this seat cover makes it look sharp again. Not to mention it will feel way better on my bum!

I only paid about 12-bucks for this item last year so I’m not too annoyed that the seat seam is splitting right in the middle of the seat… a little sew job should do the trick but it lost a star for it. Otherwise, it’s a nice little seat cover and the pockets on the back are really nice for some small hand tools and the zippered one is good to store the key. It fit my John Deere STX-38 perfectly so no complaints other than the seam and it is fading pretty fast but it does sit out for the summer months since we never get rain during those months. It spent the winter in the shed and if I sat on it more than 8-times last year for more than a half hour each that’s probably a fair estimate of how much butt time this cover received. I doubt that I pay the current asking price of about 25-bucks but I’m a happy camper with what I received for the price paid.

still in use no damage after 3 years

Replace a tatered seat cover on my mower. Looks good fits according to the instrfor choosing the correct siz and its comfortable. No more burned butt from sitting on a black seat out in the sun either. Would recommend. I already purchased a second one for a different size seat and am happy on both purchases

I'm using this seat cover on a Mahindra Max tractor/loader/backhoe and it fits pretty well, although not perfectly.The seat cover bottom has slipped off a couple of times with the numerous mounting and dismounting I do on my tractor but it'not a big deal, it slips back on in half a second. It stays in place well when I'm sitting on it and in high wind when parked.

The rear pockets are very convenient for storing personal items such as gloves, water and phone while working. As an added bonus, rain water doesn't pool up on it like on the factory seat!

At half the price of locally sourced seat covers that didn't even have storage pockets, I feel this cover is a good deal.

The ad copy keeps referring to this as a garden tractor seat cover, but it fits my industrial Massey Ferguson loader tractor perfectly. The picture looks like, and the description refers to this as "a padded" seat. It is not. The way in which it is sewn gives it a textured look that makes it appear padded. Regardless, it works very well in covering up the old cracked and weathered seat I have on my full sized tractor.

1/3/2016 This has been on my tractor for some months now, and it has proven to be a good cover. The pouches in the back hold a few hand tools and a rag or two, and the seat is holding up well out in the weather through the sun, rain, dust and dirt.

I wanted to get this because I wanted to protect my tractor seat. I also wanted it for the pockets so that I have a place to put my first aid kit and tools. If you ever have a miner breakdown out in the field and not have tools, you will know what I mean.

This seat cushion is excellent because it fits my 15" seat perfectly and it adds more cushioning to the seat so its a more comfortable ride. ;) I love the pockets in the back cause I have a place to put a few tools so if I have a miner break down, I don't have to walk acres just to get the tool I need and then walk acres back! I like the middle pocket because its large enough to fit my small soft first aid kit! And that is a must cause if you hurt yourself, you want first aid ASAP!

This seat cushion is easy to clean too, you can either just brush it off with it on the tractor or you can wash it with warm water if you take it off. Make sure you let it fully dry though before you put it back on. Its a great seat cushion, a must for any landscaper! :)

The seat cover fit on my mower seat perfectly. I have had the item for some time now and can say that it truly does last. It is durable and really hides the ugly seat that I had before. It has a cool little pouch behind to put things that you may need or forget that you had in your pocket to store.

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