Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

Sun Joe iON16LM 40 V 16-Inch Cordless Lawn Mower with Brushless Motor

Mow Power to Ya! Ditch the gas, oil, noxious fumes, pull-cords and extension cords and meet the newest addition to the iON tool series - the Sun Joe iON16LM cordless lawn mower! Powered by the same rechargeable 40 V EcoSharp battery system, the iON16LM utilizes the most advanced lithium-ion technology to deliver up to 40 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime with zero carbon emissions for cleaner air. This cordless dynamo is also engineered with a powerful brushless motor for increased battery efficiency, optimal motor performance and extended motor life (up to 2000 hours!) to keep your iON mowing strong season after season. Ideal for small to mid-sized lawns, the iON16LM starts instantly with a simple push of a button and its ergonomic handle maximizes user comfort during use. Its compact design features rugged front and rear all-terrain wheels that make it easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Quickly adjust the cutting height of your grass with the 6-position height adjustment lever, which tailors cutting heights from 1.18 Inch up to 3.15 Inch. The 9.25-gallon grass bag conveniently detaches to dispose of grass clippings. The iON16LM is backed by a full two-year warranty, is ETL approved and Energy Star certified. GET EQUIPPED this spring with the Sun Joe iON16LM - the easy, convenient and cord-free way to care for your lawn.

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Comments / reviews:
Kudos to Sun Joe for making a cool, little mower that can get the job done (within reason) and make mowing the lawn a relaxing, environmentally-friendly task.

I am 65, and have mowed too many lawns in my lifetime (thanks, Dad). Oldest son, analytical, high self esteem, and Dad knew he could count on me to mow not only our lawn, but the neighbors’ for a pittance. So, experience I have.

Spouse and I love our Michigan summers and mowing the lawn is not one of our favorite things. I could hire it out, but our lawn is only 5000 sq ft. And, according to my calorie-counting app, I can burn 375 calories per hour mowing a lawn.

Four years ago, I realized that my gas-burning Husqvarna would be the last gas-consuming mower I would own. So, I bought a Black and Decker MM875, Corded, 19 inch mower. I used (suffered thru) it for 3 years. It wasn’t long before my spouse refused to mow the lawn, no matter how many calories were involved. So last December I got a Black Friday special on Amazon and purchased a Worx WG788, Cordless, 19-inch mower. My first few months of mowing with Worx have been bliss, but that is another review.

The Sun Joe is a different beast. When it arrived, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to set up. I didn’t even need the manual to assemble it. Just make sure the lower arm is positioned correctly, or the height adjustment won’t work properly. The �fit and finish’ of this mower is admirable. It doesn’t reek of cheapness. The design has been engineered and I think this is a cool looking mower.

I finally did look at the manual because I didn’t want to abuse the battery. This is a 40V lithium battery and the manual has quite a bit to say about how to maintain it safely. I plugged it in to make sure it was fully-charged for the maiden voyage. There are indicators on the charging station that let you know when the battery is charged. Additionally, there is a button on the battery itself that you can press to see the charge state of the battery.

The Mowing experience:
Plug in the battery, and the safety key, you’re ready to go. Forget about oil, gas, spark plug. This little servant is at your beck and call with just an overnight charge of the battery. Press the start button and squeeze the start bar. A momentary silence and the mower starts up. The blade spins and spins. And, spins. This mower is a bit louder than the Worx mower I have used. In fact, I felt the need to put on my ear mufflers to block the sound. It is much quieter than a gas mower, but not as quiet as my Worx. A neighbor questioned why I was wearing the ear muffler, since she thought it was quiet. Everything’s relative.

With this mower, you have a choice of �mulching’ the grass, or picking it up in the bag. It will not let you shoot it out the side. There is no mulching plug if you decide not to use the bag. The bag is another sweet unit. It is small, but nicely designed. It has an indicator that shows you when it is full. Sorry, but I did not test the bag….I am a mulcher.

I had the grass setting on 3 and started mowing our back lawn, which had a good week’s growth. It was obvious that the Sun Joe struggled thru the thicker grass sections. The mower speed would slow down and even my wife noticed this.

I noticed that the mower was not mulching the grass as well as the Black and Decker or the Worx. It was leaving some nice piles of grass behind, which maybe I could get my spouse to rake up. (wishful thinking). I realized that the height setting should be set higher, since you should maintain at least a 2” length on your grass according to the powers that be. I set the mower to a height 0f 5 for the front lawn.

The Sun Joe was so easy to push, being so light in weight. I could walk at a fast pace, and the mower kept cutting. The Black and Decker was not good at this, requiring me to slow my pace to get an even cut.

With the Sun Joe, the cut was even, and I did not see any missed sections in the overlap. That said, the 16-inch width required a few more passes than the B&D or Worx models. I can’t say it added a lot of time to my mowing job; a few more minutes at most.

Did I finish the job? Well, I mentioned I have about 5000 sq ft of lawn. With 100 sq ft left, the mower just stopped. This was about 40 minutes into the job, which is what the manufacturer claims is the battery life. However, I stopped for about 5 minutes to talk to a neighbor about this mower. So I think my battery life was 35 minutes. Mind you that I mowed through some thick lawn at a low height setting for the first 10 minutes of this job. That may have depleted the battery more than usual.

Would I trade my Black and Decker corded unit for the Sun Joe? Yes, definitely. Cords are a pain and the B&D required me to use a slow pace to get an even cut. BTW, I had to donate the B&D to Goodwill, as I could not even sell it at our garage sale last weekend. The Sun Joe beats out the B&D corded unit, in my opinion.

Would I trade my Worx cordless for the Sun Joe? No. The Worx is heavier, but the battery could do 2-3 times the lawn I have before depleting the battery. And, the Worx is quieter and will shoot the grass out the side.

The Sun Joe is a great mower for someone who has a 4000-5000 sq ft lawn that can be mowed in under 40 minutes. It is light and easy to maneuver. The build is great, maybe better than the Worx. I like this mower, and would recommend it to someone who has maybe a cottage or small home that needs a dependable cordless unit. I wish it had a better mulching capability, but the engineering behind this unit is admirable. I think the price is good for a mower like this.

My advice, for those of you with smaller lawns, get rid of your gas mowers. Electric mowers are so much better and they won't pollute your neighborhood with sound or gas fumes.

Thanks for reading this, and I hope this review has been helpful to you.

I went from a corded electric to the cordless, and I couldn't be more pleased. For those of you with a corded you may miss playing rodeo by slinging the 100' extension cord over obstacles and chasing down tangles - but I don't. I still wear my cowboy hat though to block the sun.

I took a box cutter out to the garage to unpack the Sun Joe and found I didn't need it. I could lift the mower right out of the box - I'm a 63-year-old female, so don't think I needed a lot of muscle. I mowed the front yard with one charge - the battery came fully charged. I say 'I mowed', but my neighbor and his 9-year-old daughter had to take turns trying it out. I had to fight the 9-year-old to get my mower back!

We've had a record rain this year and the grass was a good 8" to 9" tall (yes, I's my specialty) I did not have any problem mowing...not a one. Yes, the bag isn't large, but I had my collapsible yard waste receptacle in tow and filled it to the rim.

A G R E A T buy, and I'd recommend it for anyone with a city lot!

**UPDATE** Nearly 2 years later and I still actually look forward to mowing the lawn. This remains one of the best purchases I have made!

Just did my first mow with this. I was anxious about running out of battery so I hustled to get the yard done. I have about .2 acres so not a large yard but there was landscaping that I needed to maneuver around. I believe the manufacturer claims about 40 mins of battery life and I would agree that's a pretty accurate guess.

So I completed my yard and still had 1 bar out of 3 left indicated on the battery even after going back over some spots I missed because I was in such a hurry to plow through it. The mower is very light compared to a gas mower, but it also kind of jumps around if you have a lumpy yard, not a big deal. The cut was really good. Better than I as expecting any spot that I went over there were no stragglers. Mower is pretty quiet, honestly it sounds like a gas mower off in the distance when you are using it. My wife had no idea I was mowing the lawn.

I would recommend getting a second battery just for the peace of mind that you won't get stuck with a half mowed lawn, but overall I love it.

I have used this to mow a heavily over grown yard of a house I just bought. I set it to 4 on its height adjuster, and mowed the lawn with ease, despite the grass and weeds being at least a foot tall, and a number of the weed types being 2 to 3 feet tall. Of course, with the grass being so tall, I was having to stop to empty the grass bag about every 50 feet or so, but this was still far better than having to rake the yard after cutting! With regular mowing I am anticipating having to empty it maybe 3 times, hopefully less.
I did the mowing over two days, due to my time limitations, not the battery. However, the battery definitely lasted about 40 minutes, and again,
i quit due to my time limits, not due to loss of battery power, so I don't know how much longer it would have lasted, 30 seconds longer, or maybe several more minutes. I just know I was out there for 68 minutes, mowing most of the time, but also using a trimmer, and the mower had power the whole time. The next day it took me less than 30 minutes to finish up. I also like how easy they made it to carry this with the handle they put on top of the main body, so between that handle and grabbing it by the main handle, I easily carried it up and down stairs. The grass bag was easy to take off and put back on, and it holds I would guess a solid 2 cubic feet of lawn clippings. For a well cared for lawn, I am guessing I will only have to empty it 2 or 3 times. The only time the motor slowed down on me is when I had it set to 2 and was going over uneven ground, so it was getting too much contact with the ground. When I raised the height to 3, it handled the lawn just fine. I am very, very pleased with this machine. Its the first time in over a decade since I last used electric yard machines, and I have to say the technology has finally gotten on par with the gas powered motors, and better yet, no messing with fuel or oil, just a battery pack. So no fumes, and no getting any of those fluids on your hands, etc...
Plus another thing I noticed, I usually get a bad allergy outbreak when I mow the lawn, but despite emptying the bag numerous times, etc... I never had an allergy attack, and no, I didn't think to take allergy meds before going out to mow, on either day. The only thing I can assume, is the bag kept the grass so well contained, that not enough of it got up into the air for me to breathe in and have a reaction. So I certainly hope that keeps happening!

I have never liked gas powered mowers. The smell, the maintenance, changing the oil, the noise and the weight of the mower. Therefore, I would pay someone to mow my lawn, even though I love working outside. I was very skeptical about buying this battery operated mower. They claim it is lightweight, quieter than traditional mowers, and the quality of the mow is very good. I finally decided to buy it, and I am SO please with the performance. I have only been using it for a couple of months, but I am confident that it will be a long lasting machine. Virtually no maintenance, very lightweight (I can pick it up myself to take it to the shed), and my lawn looks great. I don't mind a smaller deck than I'm used to because it is a joy to use if you like working outdoors. When my friends saw it, they thought it looked like a then I had them try it out. They were very impressed, as am I. I would definitely recommend this product for people with smaller lawns.

This thing is just amazing!!! I was a little skeptical at first. No way can a battery powered mower compete with a gas. Boy was I wrong. I remember using my gas motor mower after a week or 2 of straight rain. The grass boing almost a foot long. And the gas motor almost stalled and died. I couldn't use the self propelled wheels. I had to push it. Which took forever. So after another 2 weeks of rain. I pulled this out. Thought "oh great, this isn't going to work" and just like a hot knife through butter. No hesitation, no grass uncut. This powered through.

After using this for around 2 months. I've noticed I can mow twice with the battery it came with. And about 3-4 full mows with the battery from my snow-joe. The bag looks soo small. But it's quite large. The indicator on the bag is also nice. Airflow through the bag = flapper is open = bag isn't full. I didn't read the manual so at first I didn't know what it was. I'm more of a "let's put this handle on, I want to see and hear this thing work" kind of guy. Now this says whisper quiet. It's whisper quiet… if is a bear whispering. It's really not that loud. Much quieter than a gas mower. The only sound you really hear are the blades moving around, which makes a very distinct sound. Basically it sounds like a regular mower, three houses down.

It doesn't have any self propellers. I was disappointed, because I didn't look into the description. Once I picked up the box and put it together, that disappointment was gone. This thing is so light, you can mow one handed and still get those straight lines you want. You can also mow as fast as you want.

It's also great to see my neighbors looking over with the confused looks on their faces. I hope this review helps.

Light as a feather. Push button and go. Stores small and easy. Cuts fine, quietly. The bag is small but I don't use it and it doesn't seem to clump grass to the point of looking shoddy. The deck is narrow (more passes) and the torque is so-so (not for deep grass). If you have a big yard, you'll want a second battery (I alternate the identical Snow Joe Ion battery) to finish in one go. With two batteries (the standard amp-hour ones), I can finish a 1/3 acre with charge remaining. Expect 30 minutes (plus) with the standard battery. If I had to make due with one battery, I'd be unhappy. If I didn't like mowing and let my grass go to hay-field between visits, I'd be unhappy. Like with the snow-blower, if your expectations about what a battery-powered machine can do are realistic, it's a walk in the park. I'm not a Prime member but this shipped free, for less than Sun Joe's direct price.

If you look purely at energy costs, you pay about a dollar to mow 1/3 acre with gas or a few pennies with this machine ($0.07/kWh x .16KW x 2 charges). Assume Sun Joe costs $100 more than a comparable gas machine, mow once a week for six months and it's break-even on energy in four years. To the extent that you have to maintain a gas mower (oil, plugs, your time to get gas) and/or that you care about indirect costs (air quality, noise), the payback would be shorter. FWIW.

This ia a bit of a long story. Please, bear with me.

I moved to northern Illinois from Texas in March of '15. After a late March snow, I bought the Snow Joe snow blower. It has worked beautifully so far. When we had an accumulation of around 9" of sleet in December and the 40 minute battery was insufficient, I bought a second battery.

Up until now, I've used a reel mower to mow my 1/8 acre; however, I am middle aged and with a particularly warm summer coming, I decided to try and make mowing easier while feeling like a sell-out. I bought the core tool since I already owned 2 batteries, and I LOVE IT!!! This mower provides a more even and shorter cut on level 4 than my reel mower on the shortest setting. I don't mow my measly 1/8 acre all at once. I usually do my backyard on the weekend and the front on a weeknight. The back is larger and I have no problem finishing on a single battery.

Some reviews have had negative comments about the collection bag, but I like it because it easily fits in the mouth of the paper lawn and leaf bags required by my city for yard waste (no plastic). On my second mowing, I emptied the collection bag 3 and a fraction times filling just less than a full paper leaf and lawn bag.

Yes, I still feel like a sell-out and yes, the power "cut" leaves my lawn looking less green than my reel mower, but this is so much easier for my middle-aged, less-than-fit self! I am so happy to have purchased. I cannot speak to longevity; however, at $200ish, if it lasts only one season I will not be upset. If it makes it 2 seasons, I will be delighted.

I have looked at the replacement parts available on the Sun Joe/Snow Joe website, and as long as the motor keeps going, I am sure i can keep the rest running. I believe this is a good purchase. I have nothing but positive things to say about the brand.

This mower is pretty sweet. It's light and maneuverable. Can easily be picked up by the handle. Battery lasts a long time. It's quiet. It does feel a little bit cheap though, the wheels seem pretty wimpy and the back doesn't sit quite right. Concerned about durability. Hopefully it holds up because it's pretty expensive. For now it's serving my needs though.

Love, love, love this mower. Quiet, powerful, and when you use the bag, the bottom of the mower stays clean. The charge holds really well for my small lawn, and I can go 2 mowings before recharging. I actually bought the "Classic Accessories 71992 Veranda Rectangular Patio Ottoman/Side Table Cover, Small", to cover it, which fits perfectly with the handle folded down and the grass bag placed on top. I have it chained to my deck support post when not in use. Love the fact that there are no cords to run over and no gas to deal with. Very happy ......... :)

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