BLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-in-1 Removable Mower Deck

BLACK+DECKER MTD100 3-in-1 Removable Mower Deck

The Black & Decker MTD100 3-in-1 Removable Mower Deck is actually 3 tools in 1, which can easily convert a 12" trimmer/edger to a mower. It has an adjustable height deck (2 settings) for ideal cutting height. This unit is designed to be compatible with NST2118, LST220, LST300, LST400, providing many options to convert from trimmer/edger to a mower. It also features a wall hanging option to make storage much easier when not in use. This mower deck is ideal for smaller sized yards (ideal for properties up to 700 sq. feet) and also great for inclines or areas difficult to mow with standard mowers. Unit includes: (1) MTD100 detachable mower deck. (String trimmer not included).

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Comments / reviews:
I've never lived in a house where I had to do mowing myself. Either we didn't have a lawn, or HOA took care of it. Now I moved to a house where I'm responsible for it, I found out how expensive($100~$150 a month) it is to hire a contractor to do it.
So I was going to mow by myself. Everyone told me I would give up because it's too hard. Also, all my neighbor just hired contractors.
I was afraid that I might just by tons of tools and give up first time I try to mow.
I tried this deck with 20V B&D Trimmer yesterday. Well, it was as easy as vacuuming! I did my small front yard (~400 sqft) in about 15 minutes and I still had batteries left. There were loads of grass stuck under the deck and trimmer guard, but I just washed them with a garden hose. Dried them under the Sun for half hour, it's good to be stored.
It feels really good to be saving more than $100 a month with $100 dollar tool and 15 minutes of work a week.
BTW, build quality isn't too great, so I'll update this post if it ever breaks or malfunctions.

Wow, what a life saver. I have a large culvert at the front of my yard and its pretty deep in a few areas especially towards the side yard (see picture). Picked this up with the matching Black and Decker LST220 (refurb for $60) trimmer and amazing job, no longer do I need to kill myself with a push mower or stand alone trimmer! I do use weed killer inside the culvert but don't want to kill all grass on the slope because it looks bad, this thing is genius and the price is fantastic, I do recommend getting the fast charger for another $30 and it charges in 30 minutes instead of 4 - 8 hours with the included charger. It works AMAZINGLY!

This works much better then I expected. I have an old 18v NST2118 weed eater. Seeing that it was actually compatible, I ordered this. Great move! It connects just fine and works on the hill and garden where our gas mower can't go. This saves me so much time when we mow. I was reading some of the reviews and people with the 18 volt NI-CAD battery tools were saying they don't get much battery life. Do yourself a favor and ditch the NI-CAD batteries that Black and Decker sell and get the ExpertPowerВ® 18v 3000mAh NiMh Extended Battery for Black & Decker. I have 2 of these batteries and it replaced 6 of the Ni-cads that they sold with the tools. The batteries work with my Black & Decker FSMVC 9.6-Volt to 18-Volt Slide Style Battery Charger. I would recommend this mower deck. Great Idea!

Can't believe how good this actually works, and only took a minute to figure out how to snap by trimmer into it. Was in between mowers and bought this as a possible backup til I got a new cordless mower, and in case the new mower wasn't up to snuff, or it's batteries didn't hold a charge long enough to finish my lawn. The gist of it is that it was purchased as a BACKUP, but it COULD do your whole lawn. It did 80% of my front two weeks ago, and I could not believe how good it looked: Looked like I had mowed it with a real mower. Keep in mind that if you should use this as your main mower, that you would almost definitely be going through some new reels of string for your trimmer a lot quicker. Otherwise, this attachment works great, is very light and maneuverable, and is pretty sturdy. Feels more like you're vacuuming the lawn instead of mowing it. Glad to have this in my lawn tool arsenal.

I "hate" this! Actually, I "hate" that I bought an almost $400 20-inch cordless mower when this, and the string trimmer from Black & Decker I had already, did ALMOST as good of a job of mowing my small, ~1/8th acre lawn.

Truth be told, I am actually happy that I have both as it gives me more options and I will definitely need it when the high heat of summer hits but I can easily say that if I didn't have the larger cordless mower, I could easily have made do with this.

I found this to have absolutely no issues as others have described, such as it being flimsy or becoming unlatched or difficult to adjust in cutting height or, being able to wack its way through taller grass or, not being able to get it latched again after using it for a bit and then removing the trimming to do some side trimming and then inserting it back into the cradle.

On the 'taller grass' note, this makes it through easier than my larger cordless mower and my larger cordless mower is no slouch either.

As an experiment, I tried cutting the grass when it was VERY wet and sure enough, when I removed the trimmer and then tried to reattach it again it wasn't as easy to lock in to the cradle but, just do NOT cut very wet grass, which one shouldn't do anyway, and as far as I can tell, one should be good to go.

Also, I used the "carpet vacuum" technique of mowing around me in all directions as opposed to going in straight lines across the entire width and length of the lawn and never once had it unlatch on me when turning it around by partially dragging it sideways.

One suggestion I could make to people using this is to not actually install the screw in the string trimmer that "holds" the trimmer shield on so that when it comes time for clean up, one can remove the shield and hose it off, along with this trimmer cradle, without having to use a screw driver.

To be honest, I don't know why that screw is needed in any event because it latches to the power head of the trimmer very securely anyway.

Also, get yourself a 4.0ah battery. I didn't even bother trying to use this with the stock battery, which is only a 1.5ah battery. Get a 4.0ah battery and you will be MUCH happier!

The only negative point about this unit is that it only provides two different cutting heights, "short" and "too short". ;-) Seriously though, the turf on my lawn is comprised of a tall fescue and so during the height of the summer is best cut at a height of 2-1/2 to 3 inches.

Seriously though, the highest setting is, if I remember correctly only 2-1/4 inches which is fine for me for the Spring time when the grass is growing quickly and there is sufficient rain so that shorter grass blades which lead to shorter roots are not a problem but in the summer, if my grass is cut that short, it is guaranteed to brown out. Even just going to 2-/12 inches, which doesn't seem that much different would be enough. Maybe I can figure out a way to transmorgify it to allow for a higher cutting setting but then again, I've got too many projects to get to before worrying about that.

In any event, this thing ROCKS, HARD and practically everyone on my block who has seen me using it all have said that they want one!

Being a disgustingly out of shape 66 year old, I found using the B&D NST2118 trimmer I bought from Amazon last year a two day burden to mow down my high desert New Mexico "lawn" (groomed weeds of about 700 square feet). Then I saw the MTD100 Mower Deck while shopping on Amazon and saw that it worked with my trimmer, well, by golly, I did a cartwheel! (It wasn't pretty.) The other reviewers pretty much cover the benefits of this attachment. I just wanted to add my 2 cents and to suggest that B&D give the person that brainstormed this deck be at least be given a personal parking spot and stock options. What an idea! Question is, why did it's invention take so long? I could have been disgustingly out of shape ten years ago.

While trying to invent something on my own that I could attach to my B&D "weed wacker" to cut a bit of grass I thought, "Maybe someone has already invented this" and went to Amazon and sure enough here it is. HOWEVER, I didn't expect much for a "cheap plastic" attachment but I just returned from doing my first run and have to admit this little device is amazing for little lawns! I live in a Florida condominium where all the major lawncare is done for me, but I have a private "backyard" of 400SF that I choose to do myself and this works -- 10 minutes later, POOF! it is finished and all level (using the weed wacker I could never get it all even). What a clever attachment! And for the reasonable price I can but another one in five years when this one breaks--if it does. Thanks B&D!

I splurged on this thing to attempt to deal with the hill in my yard. It was either find something that works or build a landscaping wall or something.
I am shocked that it actually does work. This thing would be useless as regular mower because the angle of the handle sits about 25 degrees from the ground. So for flat terrain you would basically need long monkey arms in order use it. But for mowing the hill it works fine. My technique is to stand on the ground level and then mow upwards. I can mow a fairly large hilly area in about 15-20 minutes. You have to buy a compatible black and Decker weed wacker and it's not perfect. It doesn't lock in place so it pops out every five minutes (can't they change this?) but I'm just thankful that something.. anything.. works. Praise jeebus.

This thing is awesome. I bought it to "mow" the strip of grass between the sidewalk and the street. I added some special Scott's soil(Lawn Care?) to encourage thicker Floratam(St. Augustine) grass. Its hard to mow this area without scalping when coming off the concrete onto the grass. Enter this little gizmo. It holds the string trimmer at constant height and allows for easier articulation around the grass edges and tree ring/wood chips. Also a nice emergency backup in case my mower fails for a quickie front yard cut. Its perfect to follow along the contours of my rubber edging too. This has me wondering if a wider swath version could be created, maybe with 2-3 staggered trimmer heads? Norelco are you listening? Have fun with it!

I do like the simplicity of this product. Just place my B&D weed whacker in it and go. However, I feel like I am vacuuming my small front yard. I am unable to get my regular lawn mower to the front of our house, so I always have used a weed whacker to cut the grass down. I do a plot apprx. 30 ft long x 7-8 ft wide. The product when pushed forward knocks the grass forward as well so you have to bring it back towards you to push it back up and cut it down. I do like it though since passing the whacker back and forth between arms has gotten to be too much for my joints. The weight of the weed whacker is relieved when placed into product, so that is why the 4 star rating is given. .

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