WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower, 19-Inch

WORX WG719 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower, 19-Inch

The WORX WG719 19-Inch 13 Amp Caster Wheeled Electric Lawn Mower is a 3-in-1 mower that mulches, bags and side discharges. The caster wheel design provides extra maneuverability for an easier, more efficient cut. The Steel cutting deck provides premium mulching capabilities. When you are not mowing with the WG719, the handle fully folds in and allows the mower to be stored standing up, using a much smaller foot print in your garage. The mower has 7 different height adjustments so you can find the optimal height for your type of grass and the look you want.

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Comments / reviews:
So far, so good. There was little assembly required. While I have only used it a couple times for mulching my small yard, it does a fine job. I can't give it 5 stars until I've used the catcher and I've had more time with it. The cord holder -- the device that holds the extension cord so that it doesn't unplug from the lawn mower's power cord -- is made out of plastic. I can't imagine it will endure. The caster front wheels are an interesting feature. It does seem to improve its maneuverability which is especially helpful in my small yard. The devices that enable the folding handle are just threaded knobs -- there must be a better way -- I have a snow blower with a similar assembly and they continue to unscrew themselves and get lost in the snow. Wheel height adjustment must be done @ each wheel but the heights are clearly marked. I've had a gas mower, battery powered mower, push mower and now this corded mower. Dealing with the cord is not a problem and it's a pure joy not to mess with the smell, noise, start-up and maintenance issues associated with a gas mower.

This Mower mows better than any other Gasoline Mower that I have owned. I have puchased 3 previous Gasoline Lawn Mower in the past and this Worx Electric Lawn mower is better because 1) it has a metal with the Height Numbers by the Wheels from 1 to 7 which is VERY HELPFUL. 2) It has a plastic Handle on the Level that lifts the Wheels Higher 3) This Mower has the Level Handle that lifts both Rear Tires at the same time 3) This Electric Mower is NOT as loud as our previous Gasoline Mowers 4) This Mower cuts our lawn better, and the credit goes to the position of the blades underneath 5) the Front Wheels can make turns but you have to start turning the wheels before you get to the corners BUT make sure the WHEELS IN THE FRONT AREN'T LOCK (I guess the lock feature is for storing so the mower doesn't move) This mower has a orange tab on both wheels so you can lock it from moving but it wouldn't matter to me if the manufacturer did without this feature. 6) BEST OF ALL, this Lawn Mower cuts the heightest (7) so you can cut very little grass if you choose to. According to Experts, you are ONLY supposed to cut 1/3 inch at the top of your grass, leaving a BEAUTIFUL GREEN GRASS.

The mower works great. It's easy to turn without lifting up every time you turn around. I've used the mulching feature and it worked very well. My yard was full of weeds that were several inches above the cut height and it had even rained less than 24 hours before, but this mower powered through them. At some of the thicker areas it would miss part of a weed that was pushed over, so no fault of the mower. Since the grass was still slightly wet, some of it stuck to the under side of the deck, but this didn't impact performance, just required a little more effort cleaning the mower after use. The caster wheels definitely added to the ease of use. The build quality seems superb and should last well beyond the 3 year warranty. I'll update this review after a few months of use.

Having just had my Honda mower die after 10 years I wanted something lighter and powerful enough to do my half acre lawn.
this mower is the best mower I have used (gas or electric including my great Honda gas mower)
I've lived on a farm and now a home with a big yard with multiple types of ground and grasses. this mower can do it all.
I highly recommend this mower. So far it is by far my best lawn mower and makes a really nice even cut...
got my lawn looking like a groomed Baseball field the first day out of the box!!!!

Love the mower. Bought it to replace my 10 year old Worx electric mower that still works, but I wanted to try the caster wheels mobility. As light, easy, and compact as my old one and the new feature makers going around fence posts, trees, etc in my small yard even more easier.

ALSO... VERY impressed with Amazon service. First time I ever bought and had a large item delivered to my home. Always was concerned about problems if I had to return. The first lawnmower delivered did not work. With one email Amazon had both the defective lawnmower picked up at my house AND a new lawnmower...that works great...delivered the next day! With no extra coast or work to me! I will never be hesitate to order big items from Amazon again!

GREAT product... definitely worth the extra money for the 145 dollar competitors.... the caster front wheels are big, cuts and mulches better, but the stand upright storage is HUUUUUUGE

don't get cheap, get this one

Been using this so far for one season. It's great. I never have to buy gas and my emissions are nice and low.

I just got a 100 ft extension cord and got moving. Once you do your lawn once or twice, you find a good pattern and moving the cord isn't a big deal. The mulch feature is great. The waste bag is large. Overall, just a great product. The only downside is that it's a little short for me. However, I'm 6' 2", so not many mowers would be the proper height for me. Great buy!

I've liked this very much so far. Knocked off a star for something that may never be a problem: a number of the parts are plastic (most everything but the deck, handle, and the L-shaped tubes from the deck to the front wheels, including everything that's orange, and all the parts that lock/unlock the front wheels into straight versus gimbal mode). I bought the corded version because I don't want to replace it every 3-5 years when the battery goes bad. I just hope that the plastic parts hold out for the 10-15 year life I want.

This thing is great. Easy to pull out of the box, plug it in and get going. The only trick was to hold down the button first, the close the arm at the handle to run it- complete opposite of regular mowers- LOL. And I had to figure out how to manage the cord. I love NO GAS smell. Cut through 7 inch New grass with ease. I would like to get a retractable cord to go with this. Easy clean up, stand up on the end to store. Great buy!

Been using it all summer. Quiet, reliable, light, easy to use, the casters would be better if we had more obstacles or on a gas mower. A good experiment but will skip them next time.

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