Maxpower 331981S 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade

Maxpower 331981S 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade
Universal Replacement for 21-inch Cut Mowers; Proudly Made in USA
Commercial Gold Metal Mulching Blade with sharpened cutting teeth for a cleaner, finer cut
Greater cutting surface for increased mulching
Centrifugal air lift design for uniform chopping distribution
1-inch Center hole with reducing washers in the following sizes: 3/8-inch, 7/16-inch, 9/16-inch, 1/2-inch, 5/8-inch, and 13/16-inch

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Comments / reviews:
This is a great blade. It fit on my old 21" Troy-Bilt push mower without issue. The center hole is round, instead of the bow-tie, so you'll have to pay attention to centering and torque it down well.

Out of the package this didn't have much of an edge. I gave it a couple of quick passes with an angle grinder and it sharpened up nicely and held the edge well after the first mowing. This thing is HEAVY. I used it on my first spring mowing and the grass was tall and slightly damp. The blade powered through the grass where the old OEM blade would have bogged down. I was able to make a single cutting pass through grass that I previously would have needed to ease the blade in and make multiple passes. It lifts the grass well and gives a fine mulch.

Be aware! This blade will make your lawn mower harder to start. The mass of the blade makes pulling the cord more difficult. My 10 year old son is strong for his age and he struggles to get the mower going from a cold start with this blade mounted.

Overall, it's a good blade for the money and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for more cutting power.

Pretty pleased with this blade so far.

I've been looking for a "Gator" style blade, for my mower:

21" Troy-Bilt mulching mower model #34345
with 21" blade p/n #1764381
(1/2" center hole, 2 1/2" bolt hole spacing, 3/8" outer bolts)

No one makes a "gator blade" built specifically for this mower.

I received this Maxpower 331981S 21-Inch Universal Gold Metal Mulching Lawn Mower Blade today, and fitted it to my mower successfully. Tried it out, and it seems to work as well or better than the stock Troy-Bilt blade #1764381. I'm happy.

The stock TB blade would load up with grass clippings and leave a lot of cuttings stuck to the inside of the deck, and bog down the mower- especially when the grass was tall or slightly damp. I had to leave the "grass chute" opening uncovered, so that some of the mulched clippings would be thrown out (in a clotted messy chunk), to avoid totally stalling the mower in these cases.

The Maxpower Universal installed just fine to this mower, and on first use, it not only didn't bog down, but actually cleaned out the deck of old stuck-on grass clippings from the stock TB blade. It seemed to cut and mulch as well or better than the stock blade, and did not spit out large clots of mulched grass as the old blade did- and I think the lack of clipping build up under the deck, and the cleaning action, is a very good sign.

One of the reasons I wanted to try a "gator style" blade was that the stock Troy-Bilt mulching blade has a wavy and convoluted cutting edge, designed to lift and recirculate the cut grass for mulching. That works OK, but it means that the blade is very difficult to sharpen with a grinding wheel- the cutting edge is not straight, but waves up and down over it's length. This Maxpower blade has a straight cutting edge, very easy to sharpen, and provides lift and mulching via the "gator teeth" at the back edge- a better design IMHO.

There are some negatives worth mentioning (below), but overall I am very happy with this purchase.


1) The retail packaging is awful- there is a very heavy shrink wrap that requires a very sharp, thin, strong blade to remove. BE CAREFUL! Cut *AWAY* from yourself at all times! I didn't lose any fingers unpacking this blade, but I can imagine folks doing serious damage to themselves, cutting the shrink wrap off. Bad packaging design.

2) The cutting edge of the blade is pretty dull as shipped- needs a quick file or grinder touch up before use.

3) There is a large flat washer provided, meant to be used to keep the center adapter washer in place- but that large washer was not large enough (inside diameter), to fit over my TB center bolt- I will probably need to buy another washer to serve that purpose.

4) There are no washers provided for the two outer slot mounting bolts- since these bolts are fitted into slots on the Maxpower, rather than 3/8" holes as on the original TB blade, I think they probably need additional washers for mechanical security. I'll be purchasing extra washers for that purpose.

Bottom line is that I like this blade- it's worth the extra effort and cost of making the above adjustments, I think. I do however wish that someone would make a "Gator" blade designed specifically for my TB model #34345...

Great clean cut. I just mounted this in my Troy-Bilt TB130 and I'm happy so far with it's performance.
Given the mower has a "star" shaped attachment, I didn't need to use any of the provided spacers (see instructions).
I'm happy with it's performance so far, it's mulched roughly 1.5" clippings down to around .25". I can live with that!

Let me start off by saying this - Your style mower deck, Power, Grass type, and moisture content of the grass will have much greater factors on how your final cut turns out than any blade you buy.
All I can say is this: For my style mower deck I have, for the grass I'm cutting, and for the engine size I have, this blade works wonderfully in most conditions. Obviously don't cut grass when it's wet. Don't wait until its 28" tall to cut it.
No blade is a miracle cure for a crappy mower.

This blade, for me, has performed better than the factory provided blade in both mulching and bagging conditions.
I will say that with this blade, I have to bag less frequently because it is much more efficient at spreading the cuttings evenly than the factory blade was.

As for mounting - I had no problems installing this blade on several mowers. The adapters included seem to cover a very wide range of bolt sizes.

This blade works too good! I had the factory blade on my Craftsman mower for years and it was a POS. It has an odd pattern and I could not find a replacement except for the blade made for it at Sears. Bought this on a whim and it fits great! I don't think there is a blade of grass bigger than 1/4" after this thing is done.

I only wish they would sharpen it a little more when they send it. It wasn't dull like the Sears brand, but it wasn't really sharp either.

Incredible mulching performance and extremely durable. Even tall grass is so finely mulched that no lumps of cut grass are left behind. The fine particles of cut grass will quickly decompose, adding nutrients to the soil, and preventing thatch buildup. This blade must be at least twice the thickness and weight of the original, meaning it will last the life of the mower. I did use a good flat file to remove the paint from the cutting surfaces before using the first time, so I was getting a premium cut right off the bat. Our lawn has never looked better!

I'm far too lazy to empty the bag on my mower every 5 minutes, so it's a mulching life for me. I've found that unless you have a blade specifically made for mulching, you end up with lines of grass along the edges of the mower's path, which is no good. The aggressive design of the Maxpower blade ensures that the grass gets tossed around and chopped up enough that it won't clump up along the sides.

I have a Troy Bilt mower, made by MTD with a Honda motor. Having no clue at all which model I should be looking for, I opted for this universal model, which fit right into place with no fuss and holds steady with the addition of a washer. I didn't observe any chugging or slowdown when hitting heavy growth, and the yard looks great. I guess the true test will be how long this lasts. If it makes me through the mowing season, I'll be happy, and order another one next year.

I have a Craftsman 21" walk behind mower that came with a "Multi-purpose" blade. That is, this one blade could be used for mulching, side discharge or rear bagging. The mulching function left a lot to be desired, so I was typically bagging. But that gets to be a hassle. So when I saw this blade on Amazon I thought it would be a great upgrade. Then I read the reviews. Some said this blade left their grass uneven, or in clumps. Others stated that the blade was not sharp upon receipt. I had reservations, but the positive reviews far outweighed the negative reviews, so I bought it. I experienced none of those issue with the Maxpower blade I received.

Regarding the comments about the sharpness of the blade, it seems the blade is fabricated and sharpened, then painted with very thick coat(s) of gold paint. A few passes with a file was enough to remove most of the coating and revealed a nice sharp edge. In fact, it seems to be nice that the edge was coated - it probably protected the steel blade from rust and corrosion during storage and shipping. There may be better ways to prevent rust, but it is probably more cost effective to just paint the entire blade in one shot. Even if you don't file off the paint, it will wear off after a few uses. In any case, I had a sharp blade in a few minutes.

The new blade cut as evenly as the original blade, but left no clumps when mulching. The grass was well-chopped up into pieces about 1/2" long, much better than the Sears blade. I couldn't even see the mulched grass after cutting. By running my fingers through the fresh cut grass I could gather a few clippings to see how short they were cut. With this new blade, I cannot tell the difference between bagging the grass as I used to do - and now mulched with the Maxpower blade.

You people are GREAT! Imagine buying a blade that fits any mower with just using the reducing adapter washers that are included. I purchased three of the blades, all 21 inch size. My rider and push mowers use the same length blade. One is a TroyBilt made by MTD. The other is a craftsman with a Honda GCV160 engine. The blades went on with ease using the reducing adapter washers. I can honestly say that I will be buying and recommending this brand. No more having to go searching for which blade fits which manufacturers mower. I realize that they may not all lengths. However they have 16" 18" 19" 20" 21" and 22" on Amazon. Thank you very much! You have a new long time customer.

Fit my Troy Bilt 21 inch mower without any of the washers provided. I purchased because I wanted to replace the stock blade in an effort to mow less frequently. It arrived in plastic that was extremely difficult to remove and you could very easily cut yourself removing the plastic so cut away from your body. The blade is coated in some sort of lacquer. I was going to sharpen the blade but instead, got very lazy and decided against it. By the time I was ready to use it for the first time my grass had been growing for 3 1/2 weeks in the Florida summer so my backyard was about 14 to 18 inches long. Now if I did this with my old blade, my engine would stall out ever 10 feet. This blade took down the entire backyard without a single stall of the motor. Needless to say I was pretty impressed. Now I can let my yard grow out 2 to 3 weeks and not worry about the grass being too long. I should also mention that the grass was wet when I cut it.

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