15x6.00-6" Front Tire Assembly Replacement for 100 and 300 Series John Deere Riding Mowers

15x6.00-6 Front Tire Assembly Replacement for 100 and 300 Series John Deere Riding Mowers

"Marastar’s 15x6.00-6 air filled (pneumatic) front tire and wheel assembly is the perfect replacement for John Deere 100 and 300 series riding mowers with 15x6.00-6 tires (check your existing tires sidewall). You don’t need to insert a tube or visit a professional tire shop, simply replace the entire old or damaged tire and wheel assembly with this one. Marastar’s easy install replacement comes with a tubeless 4 ply rated tire with Multi-Trac tread pre-mounted on yellow powder-coated steel wheel with a 3” offset hub length, high-quality oil impregnated bushings installed and a grease fitting. Tire repair and replacement made easy - also included 1 x 1/4"" wide sintered iron spacers, 2 x 0.08” thick washers and an extra e-clip to make this the practical tire and wheel solution for D100 and D300 Series mowers. Marastar is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Carlstar Group, a global manufacturer of original equipment and aftermarket specialty tires and wheels for the agriculture, construction, outdoor power equipment, powersports and high-speed trailer markets. The diverse portfolio of solutions are offered under several leading brands, including Carlisle tires and wheels, ITP tires and wheels, as well as Cragar, Black Rock and Unique wheels."

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Comments / reviews:
These were an exact replacement for my John Deere L118 mower that I bought in 2004. They would not hold air for a very long period of time. Had the issue since we bought the mower. You'd think John Deere would put better quality tires on their mowers.

These have grease bushings, not ball bearing bushings. I'd suggest pulling off your old tire assembly to verify which bushings your rims have. Mine had the grease bushings. I had a few issues getting the old rims off. The snap ring had worn a lip around the front of the groove that it fits in. Had to use a rotary tool to grind it down. Once the lip was removed putting these on were very easy. I'd suggest lubricating the axle with grase before putting them on. Make sure you grease the bearings after assembling. I've seen complaints about the dust cover not working with the new rims. You need to reuse the original washer that goes in front of the rim. This washer is what the dust cover snaps on to. It's a larger washer than the ones that come with the tire assembly. The tires look like very nice quality. Had considered buying just the tires, but for a little more buying the whole assembly was more appealing. Will have to readjust the deck height with the new tires.

Cannot wait to get these put on, they are beautiful and come with all the bolts and nuts to install. Great buy.

The replacement wheels are fine, however the do not come with replacement hub caps.
The original hub caps do not fit the replacement tire hubs.
Wondering if replacement hub caps are available.

These tires were an exact replacement for the front tires on my L118. They seem to be a little harder than the original, but the grass has not complained about it. Price was great plus free Prime shipping.

John Deere stores gouge you when you buy parts for your tractor. Shame on them.

Great replacement front tires/wheels for my John Deere riding mower. The old ones were worn out and badly needed to be replaced. These are high quality, well made, easy to install, and priced well. Look like the original tires/wheels and perform well. Would highly recommend and buy again.

Replaced original worn front tires on my John Deere LA105 with these. Perfect fit, great price, nice aggressive tread, money well spent. Be sure to tighten grease zert fittings and lube well after insallation.

Exactly as pictured. Great deal and they match my mower.

This tire is excellent and fit my John Deere D125 tractor without issue. In case you want to know a simple way to change it, please check out YouTube. On a side note, the easiest way to take off the yellow call without damaging it, is by using a great gun or hair dryer. Great the cap up just enough to remove it by hand. Works like a charm.

Used these on a custom garden trailer. Paint was flawless, tires have nice tread. Didnt even have to put air in. Would buy again.

Worked perfectly on my John Deere L110. Rubber caps fit fine and they have multiple washers for axle fitment. Also, the old center caps fit just fine.

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