Classic Accessories 73117 Black Lawn Mower Cover

Classic Accessories 73117 Black Lawn Mower Cover
Cover conveniently protects your push, gas, or electric lawn mower from weather and debris
Long enough to cover catcher on rear discharge mowers; elastic shock cord provides quick, customized fit
Heavy-duty fabric coated for maximum water resistance and repellency
Click-it closure on back makes installation and removal a snap
Fits wide assortment of mowers; measures 75-by-27-by-23 inches (LxWxH)

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Comments / reviews:
This cover lasted over 2 years ans is now priced at around $15. Less than $1/mo. Nothing else comes close. I plan to reuse the same 10 foot para-cord from the old cover to the new one I just ordered,

After 10 months this cover will end up lasting longer than the more expensive Honda cover I tried. It still shows no sign of wear in the fabric. I also prefer this one to the Toro heavy canvass cover which was awkward to work with and lasted about 2 years before the wind tore it to shreds. The only down side so far is the para-cord wearing out.
I have just replaced the original 1/8 inch para-cord with a new 1/4 inch para-cord 10 feet in length which is a bit tight. 11 feet of cord would be a better length if you come across this issue. Also take note that the canvass flaps that hold the ends of the clips were designed for 1/8 inch cord, so try slipping the blunt end of a 1/4 inch drill bit through the opening before buying a replacement cord or use the more fragile 1/8 inch cord.
Cord can be found on Amazon (Bungee Shock Stretch Cord 1/4" (6.35mm) Diameter in Various Colors - Choose from 10, 25, 50, & 100 Feet, Made in USA )

I am curious about the product photo being used as it does not match the product that I received. The difference is in the back or bottom side that comes over the handle and over the area where the bag is attached to the lawn mower. The cover stops at the handle bottom and leaves a part of the lawn mower back side open. For the most part, it does the job to cover the important part of the lawn mower - but you have to be careful when you put the front wheels under the lawn mower and then try to pull the fabric to cover the rear wheels -- you might rip it!

Our little shed is already full of other stuff we can't turn loose of, so when we inherited this mower, the question was how to rig a tarp to keep it dry. Fortunately, before rigging said tarp - and finding all the ways it could blow loose, blow away, or let water pour into a bad spot - I thought - "Someone else has surely had this problem and I bet there's an elegant solution."

This was it. It fits well, but not perfectly. For some reason I can only get it sort of over the last wheel. But it is over all wheels ENOUGH to keep it taut and in place and to stop water from going where it shouldn't. We've had some significant rain since I put in on, and so far it's keeping the mower nice and dry.

Seams seem well stitched, the fabric seems durable enough. I have a feeling its waterproof coating may not last forever because they usually don't - but that's all right. It's doing a remarkable job for now.

Needing a high quality cover for my push mower, I searched through Amazon looking at various products, and of course the reviews. After looking at the reviews, I found that the covers from Classic Accessories were the highest, so I focused there.

I chose this one based on some of the features, but a couple that I didn't know about was the quick release clip and the attached storage bag until I took it out of the box. Both of these features were a +1. Over the years, I've come to dislike the tie strings you see with some covers that eventually tear off.

As for the cover itself, it has a high quality fabric that also has a additional layer of padding on the inside in stress and contact areas. The attaching was quick and easy due to the thick elastic and cording sewn inside the cover. After installing the cover, I turned the hose on it. Carefully pulling up the edges, I found that all of the seams remained sealed and the water just beaded off.

This is a product I will NOT be returning.

Works great. I bought two, one for each of my push mowers, at different times. Oddly, both came inside out...

The fabric is nice; not too thick, not too thin. It really does repel the water, and one cover has spent 3 months exposed to the weather (no effect on the mower). The bungee around the bottom keeps it nice and snug in the wind, and fits right over the wheels/chute. I did take off a star for the rear buckle. It works great on my standard side discharge mower, but on my bagger it cannot go around the bag. I have to clip it above the bag, leaving it exposed. It would be nice to adjust it a little more.

Overall a great purchase, and I will continue to use it, even after I build a small shed to house my yard tools.

This cover has worked great over the years. It now has a few small holes in it, but it is still doing a great job of protecting my lawnmower from the elements. While I would prefer that the fabric be a little bit thicker, I like the low price enough to forgive that. I think I have had this cover for almost ten years and it has been kept outside the entire time. That should give everyone an idea of how well this cover holds up. My lawnmower is still looking pretty good as well.

We bought this so we could store our lawnmower in the back yard this winter rather than in the garage taking up space (as we needed the space for 2 tons of pellets).. It stayed covered all winter and I haven't noticed any tears,etc.. It did it's job. It wasn't the easiest thing to put on, but not the hardest, either.. Just took some messing around with it to get it on snugly, but very doable.

This snug fitting cover was just right for my TroyBilt mower. An elastic quick release buckle kept it secure during the winter storms when some of the covers I have on my bikes blew off. So far the fabric is holding up well to UV exposure and not fading or becoming brittle. In some sort of reverse logic, the local big box stores had taken all lawn mower accessories off the shelves in the fall when people are starting to think about covering their mowers for the winter.

This is my second one of these. The first did just fine for over 3 1/2 years. The black faded to light gray, but it all held together and kept the mower protected from the elements. Pretty good value too. My only complaint is that it's not very tough. I ran over it with my lawnmower JUST ONE TIME and it shredded it. Almost broke the mower. I would return it but I can't find all the pieces. <grin>

I had purchased a lawn mower for my husband for his birthday this year. Although we had purchased a nice Sears model 2 years prior, my husband swore it was junk and broke all the time. Keep in mind, although we have a large storage place to keep it in, he left it out in the elements all year long (through the worst snowfall in years and the wettest rainy season I can remember).

I wanted to be sure that this one had a better chance of survival, so I set out to see if a cover for a lawn mower was even something made. I found it on Amazon, and compared it with other sites, and this one was a great price!

When it arrived, I proudly handed it to him and he looked puzzled. He asked what it was for initially and I boasted "THAT COVERS IT!" We had a great laugh and he finally had to admit the weather probably did aid in the demise of the other one.

I was very happy with the quickness that I received it and it was well worth the price. The quality is great and it came with a bag, attached to it so it will not get lost, so that if it is off, it can be tucked neatly in there until it was ready to be put away. It covers the lawn mower entirely! Including the wheels. I would recommend this to everyone. We use it in the storage shed for extra protection.

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