Classic Accessories 73910 Lawn Tractor Cover, Olive, Up to 54" Decks

Classic Accessories 73910 Lawn Tractor Cover, Olive, Up to 54 Decks

Product Description

All-season protection for your lawn tractor, this cover is made of durable, weather-protected fabric. Coated for maximum water resistance and repellency, it protects against rain and snow, sun damage, dust, tree sap and birds, while dual vents let air circulate and prevent lofting in high winds. The heavy-duty fabric won't shrink or stretch, and the elastic shock cord in the bottom hem provides a slip-on, custom-like fit. Includes a handy integrated storage sack. Fits most lawn and garden tractors with a deck up to 54".

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Comments / reviews:
I just ordered my third one in 5 years in my moderate NC climate. This will give you a good idea of what to expect in terms of durability and value. Fit is very good on my 48" deck Husqvarna lawn tractor with some room to spare. Do find puddles on the seat fairly regularly but don't know exactly why as the rest of the tractor shows zero signs of accumulated condensation, leakage, or rust under any conditions. Cover RARELY ever comes loose. In other words, this thing really does its job...except for the minor inconvenience of the puddle on the seat. I suspect somehow the two rear vents must let in some moisture either in the form of rain or condensation that has only ever accumulated on the seat. Not a huge deal since the tractor, including the deck, has been well protected for all the years I've been using this exact model of nylon cover. I only give 4 stars because I think it should be made to last longer than two years with much of that time, in previous years at least, spent in open shade and not in direct sun. Please note that this past year I did leave the covered tractor in the sun for the whole year and the cover disintegrated after about 1 year. Thus, this was a "rush" order since my tractor is presently unprotected and the shredded old cover is in the trash. Cover gave way without warning.

We've had this cover for about two years, and are now buying a replacement. After two years of exposure to the elements, the fabric became weak and it tore when installing it (snagged on part of the lawn tractor). I suspect that's about what one would expect from this kind of material

On the plus side, this is an easy-to-use cover, and I really like that it has a sewn-in tab at the front that says "FRONT." Sure makes it easy to know which way to put it on! :) It has done a good job in keeping the lawn tractor out of the sunshine and wetness.

On the negative side, there were a few times when we had the cover installed in what appeared to be the correct manner, but it still got water on the tractor seat. I'm not sure if we had it on crooked and it rained, or what, but it only happened on occasion.

Overall, we're buying it again, so I guess that means we like it!

When I bought this cover it said in the ad that it was waterproof. However when I got it there was a paper inside the bag saying that it was not waterproof. If your goal is to get a waterproof one, you may want to go to the deluxe version. Saying that though, I really like this cover. We have a Husquavarna (spelling?) 46 inch rider and this cover fits completely over it including the wheels. I like the elastic around the bottom to keep it snug. It got a bit of rain on it today and I checked underneath. All seemed to be dry. So it does have a bit of coverage in that regard. For the money, it is a great cover. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to keep their mower looking good and protecting it from the outdoors.

I love this cover. I've covered my tractor for two winters with this and it remains flexible and unaffected by the weather. Granted, I park my tractor under my deck, but the deck is covered in planks that let rain and snow drip fall onto the tractor. I can tell that it has faded slightly (comparing the inside to the outside color,) but I get a reasonably price piece of protection that allows me to avoid erecting a shed for the tractor. I will definitely purchase another, if this one ever wears out.

Cover is sturdy and easy to slip on and off. Fits my tractor mower
perfectly which sits outdoors in all weather. Had one for 20 years, had to replace it.
The rodents liked it too much, had it chewed full of holes.

Really nice. I bought it for my very old SEARS mower tractor. Covers well. Easy to put on/off.
BE SURE THAT THE ENGINE, ETC. IS COOL so the exhaust doesn't burn the cover. NO, I didn't do that. It's just common sense!
Not completely water proof, but darn close.

This product covers my 2003 John Deere L130 lawn tractor completely. I used a tarp before which kept blowing off even when strapped, but this form fitting cover in army green fits securely even in high wind and looks like it belongs there. The quality is good though not as rugged as the John Deere brand cover on my new garden tractor, so I dropped one star due to the fact that I'm comparing to a cover that costs more than twice as much as this one. I do recommend this cover if you don't want to go into the $90 - $100+ range. It will shed water and keep damaging sun off your lawn tractor, also it's much less expensive than building a structure to cover it.

Great quality and size. I have three mowers and bought one for each and they look great, considering two of my mowers are not that attractive..the color is nice and blends in with the grass and trees so they sorta disappear. I would definitely buy again!

At this time - following some heavy rains and winds - the product is holding up very well. The harsh sun and winds of New Mexico will put this cover to the test over the next few years. Delivery was excellent and arrived before stated. The fit on my 54" mower deck is perfect. Hopefully it will last longer that the original.

March 30, 2017
I'm a little late on this addendum, but wanted to say I'm a little disappointed in the durability of this product. However, it did last about two years before starting to tear and come apart - pretty much like other covers. Like I said, NM UV rays are brutal. Going to look around to try and find a more durable, long-lasting material even if it costs a little more.

I bought this to cover a John Deere LT160. My impression is that it will fit nearly every riding lawn mower sold at Home Depot or Lowes. Mine has a 42" deck and it's easily large enough to cover the entire mower deck and all four tires. For the price at Amazon, there is no reason to buy the one with the John Deere logo just for looks. In fact, the drab green color blends in good with the natural surrounding out back vs. a dark black cover.

Definitely will buy another one once the sun and UV wears this one out.

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