MoJack MJEZ 300-Pound Lift For Tractors And Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

MoJack MJEZ 300-Pound Lift For Tractors And Zero Turn Lawn Mowers

Product Description

MoJack Distributors is a company founded by one invention and two young entrepreneurs. Beginning with the development and distribution of a patented riding lawn mower lift, MoJack has leveraged its manufacturing and distribution model to diversify its product offerings. Specializing in the import of heavy duty steel products, MoJack produces innovative products that are designed to make work easier. We are growing by using global resources to bring our customers and consumers the best value in new products. Our innovative lawn mower lifts can take on any riding mower around. Plus, these versatile lifts are perfect for servicing ATVs and golf carts. MoJack is the name more and more do-it-yourselfers trust to pull off the biggest job. MoJack EZ is a smarter way to maintain your lawn mower. This lift is precisely engineered to lift most residential riding mowers and lawn tractors, including zero turning radius models. MoJack EZ is ideal for blade sharpening, belt replacement and debris removal.

From the Manufacturer

Stay on top of mower maintenance with the MoJack EZ пїЅthe newest consumer friendly lift in the MoJack family. Custom designed to provide an easy way to lift and secure your mower, the MoJack EZ is adjustable to fit most residential ZTRs and lawn tractors! MoJack EZ is ideal for blade sharpening, belt replacement and debris removal. Safer and more convenient than car ramps or blocks, it features a screw jack and safety-lock pin system to prevent the machine from slipping or becoming unstable while performing maintenance. Drive it on. Crank it up. ItпїЅs that easy and safe! MoJack EZ can safely lift up to 300 lbs and raises up to 24 inches for easy access to the mower undercarriage. And when youпїЅre done, fold it down to just 6 inches height for easy storage.

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Comments / reviews:
Fast shipping for this heavy package by Amazon. Sturdy, well built, very safe and will be a significant time saver for doing routine maintenance on the deck and blades. With three blades, maintenance or changing the blades can be a real hassle. The car ramps I had been using did not give enough working room. Took about thirty minutes to assemble. Please go to the MoJack website to see a calculator, MoJack to Mower sizing chart. It states that only 30 to 50 percent of the total weight of the mower is on the front of a front engine model, so the 300 lb. jack is plenty strong enough to support my 468 lb. mower.

Just a fantastic device that makes removing mower blades safe and easy. Make sure to get the Arnold blade removal tool as it holds blades in place perfectly and allows you to safely remove and reinstall blades. I have a Husqvarna GT with the Kawasaki motor, fabricated deck, and the front bumper. The front bumper does get in the way of the handle of the MoJack, so you'll need to use your impact drill with a 7/16" socket to wind it up and down, but that makes it go so much quicker, I've removed the handle all together and don't even plan to use it.

I ordered, but haven't tried yet, the workbench accessory. I have put it together and it, too, appears well built and engineered and should be a perfect item to help me work on my 1995 Honda Masters Series, cast aluminum, hydrostatic, Honda GX mower.

When this arrived I said to myself uh oh this is gonna be trouble. The UPS guy was as big as my house and he had a load getting the box from his truck in the street and up to my front door and into my front hall. But, when I opened the box I and saw all the sturdy parts it was no surprise that the total weight was significant. As expected, the individual parts are solid and somewhat heavy but not unmanageable. Along with the parts came a booklet that contained a parts list, a hardware list, assembly instructions and operating instructions. All sections are well illustrated. This was quite a pleasant surprise because these days you usually don't get any documentation and are expected to go online and try to find useful information. Assembly was easy and quickly accomplished. Once assembled the MoJack was easy to maneuver.

My zero turn is a 50" Toro and the MoJack wheel holders are easily adjustable which allowed me to set up a perfect fit for my Toro's front wheels. I needed to get access to some bolts under the mower so I could install the weight that is required for the bagger installation. Turning the handle on the MoJack was a simple task and all went well. If turning the handle is not preferable the handle can be removed and a power drill with an attachment can be used to raise and lower. There is a safety pin which slides into the tower to prevent accidental slippage of the wheel holders. The mower was easily lifted and when I was finished it was another easy process to fold up the MoJack for storage.

This is the first time I have ever used a lawn mower lifter during my many years of mowing and using a variety of lawn mower types. The days of using jacks and wood blocks etc are over and MoJack has come to the rescue. I highly recommend this product for its usefulness, for the quality parts, the excellent documentation and its easy assembly and storage. I also recommend getting a pair of wheel chocks. They cost just a few bucks but are an added safety feature.

Package received in normal time frame for free shipping option and with no damage. Be aware that it is very heavy and you need two people or hand trucks to move box.
Our UPS driver is a young strong guy that that took it off is truck by himself but I would not try to move it without help.
Assembly is simple and instructions are clear. Used it same day to lift three tractor type mowers and it worked as described with supplied crank handle.
However, if you have a tall brush guard on your mower, you cannot use the crank handle even in the shorter position without removing the guard first. The jack has a separate lifting option which uses a 7/16 6 point socket on a heavy duty electric drill that you supply to operate the jack. Mine worked the first time I lifted the mower but when I let it back down and then tried to lift it again it would not work. Called the toll free number for MOJACK and the guy I talked to was very helpful and shipped me a new winch unit at no charge. It is not very difficult to replace but I have not used the drill motor lifting option yet, so do not know if the new one will work. However I will plan on removing my brush guards from my mowers before trying to lift them and thus will use the regular crank handle. The drill motor option is a nice feature for someone with no arm strength, but you have to have a strong drill and really hold it securely to use it.
Jack lifts mowers plenty high enough to gain access to underside of cutting deck to service blades and seems very secure.

I purchased this item to lift mt ZTR and I choose the pro model over the standard for the heavier lift rating since my ZTR is one of the heavier ones and I do plan to even have a heavier one in the future. I ordered from the Amazon store and of course it was packaged well. They put another box around the original MoJack box with packing material around it. The outside box was damaged pretty good but the original box was i perfect Condition. 5 Stars for amazon shipping and packaging. Amazon also had the lowest price I could find and being a prime member with free shipping made the deal even sweeter.

First impressions? This thing is heavy! I didn't read beforehand but this product weighs 125LBS! Putting it together was a breeze and the instruction manual is well written. I say it took about an Hour to put together. Very well designed and engineered! Breaks apart easy with push pins for easy carrying and storing. Can be put back together in 5 minutes or so. It is also very sturdy. I don't have to worry about unsteady jack stands anymore and it also lifts higher than a standard jack and stands. Did I mention safety? I feel much more comfortable now being under a 1200 pound machine.

I heard some state in reviews it is hard to fold? It is very easy. Pull safety pin and rotate a quarter turn and lift on handle and fold. I know this device is fairly expensive but once you see how well it is made I don't think you will regret purchasing it. Plus the benefit of quick lifting and lowering and the extra safety of traditional jacks and stands. I only will use it about 4-5 times a year I imagine someone who uses one more often would love it even more!

I've used this unit several times now to lift my 61" Husqvarna, 28hp zero turn mower and do the basic things you need to do with a mower. Makes it so much easier to take off the blades and sharpen them, then be able to do a good cleanout under the mower deck. I called MoJack and inquired about the unit I needed for my almost 800lb mower and the very friendly gentleman on the other end of the phone said I could "probably" get away with the next smaller unit, but would feel much safer with this 500lb lift. And he was quite correct as I do feel safer with this one. Nothing like having 800lbs fall on you while you're underneath and just ruining your day. When the mower is up in the air this unit is quite stable and once the wheels are strapped in place you feel much better about getting under the mower deck.

The only reason for the Four Stars is I think this jack is just a tad too pricey, but I suppose safety comes at a price. I would not hesitate to recommend one of these units.

Changing the blades or cleaning the underside of the mower deck on my Cub Cadet RZT used to be a pain in the rear. To do it right usually meant removing the deck from the mower, a process that usually took 45 minutes or so from removal to return. The first time I used the MoJack EZ 300, it took me all of 15 minutes to change the blades and clean the deck! This is by far one of the best tool investments I've ever made!!

The Jack came well packaged (double boxed and all internal items wrapped and secure) and was a breeze to assemble. It took about 20 minutes to put together with simple tools. The jack, once assembled, is very well built and I felt secure being under my mower while using it. The crank handle that raises and lowers the mower jack moves easily and doesn't require a lot of effort to lift the mower. It can be broken down into it's main components and stored fairly easily...I hung the two main pieces from a hook on my garage ceiling.

I highly recommend this to any homeowner or lawn mowing business owner who might be looking for an easy solution to mower maintenance!

Was mowing rough terrain this afternoon, hit a hidden 4 inch stump and one of the blades loosened. Instead of removing the 90 lb deck and sliding it out and flipping it upside down not to mention putting it back together, I merely jacked up the front end and tightened it in 5 minutes. You don't even need to take off the front wheel bars, the tractor will ride right over them and seat into position. I also own a ztr and the deck on that must be 300 lbs. There is no way I could sharpen/change the blades on that myself without this jack. Another benefit is I will be cleaning the underside of the deck more often so there won't be any rust out problems. My old tractor deck rusted out because I just couldn't be bothered to clean out the grass gunk after each mowing. To much work. The only down side is this jack is so pricey.

This is an Edit of my First review, which was not good, Thanks to the Customer Service at MOjack, the rating, and the review, has greatly improved!! I used this to lift the Front end of a John Deere 115A Lawn tractor, It worked very well, I swapped out the blades in no time. I then used it on another Lawn tractor and it performed equally well. Then when the break down for storage came, I took the bottom apart, I removed a bolt that I have now found out that I did not need to remove. That turns the table on ease of storage. I have now ordered the Workbench for this as well as I have my own outdoor power equipment repair business on the side and this, along with my Handi lift table will make life easier. I highly recommend this lift, though I went with the pro version due to the business I am in, if you are a homeowner then maybe think about the cheaper versions of these that will work just as well and for a little less money.

Lift arrived from Amazon two days after ordering (Prime member). MoJack did a good job of the inner packaging, and assembly was fast (under an hour) and very straightforward (hardware is metric). My unit is the 750 pound-lift model.

We have four acres of lawn, and our commercial ZTR mower has a 60" deck, and the mower itself weighs 1,175 pounds, fueled, and ready to run. Driving onto the wheel pads proved a bit of a challenge, since the front deck roller did not clear the unit's base arm. I could have raised the mower deck an inch or so, but chose to put two short lengths of 2" X 12" board on the machine shed floor, to serve as a small ramp.

With that done, driving the tractor onto the unit was simple, as was the winching and other features of the MoJack. With our mower in the elevated position, we then cleaned the underside of our three-blade mower deck. Wow, what a difference! Much easier than the automotive ramps we previously used, and a greater height, too. Very easy to clean the deck, drop the blades, etc.

The MoJack is very well made and built to last. With 500 or more pounds hanging above our bodies when my wife and I clean the deck, I have never felt safer. I have high confidence that the unit will continue to perform as designed.

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