Classic Accessories 73967 Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Cover, Black, Up to 54" Decks

Classic Accessories 73967 Deluxe Riding Lawn Mower Cover, Black, Up to 54 Decks

Product description

Deluxe cover is made of mildew-resistant, heavy-duty fabric, coated for water repellency. Features dual vents for air circulation, side handles, handy back opening and muffler heat shield. Also has nonscratch hood liner and wipe-clean reinforcement along mower hood. Fits all lawn and garden tractors with a deck up to 54in. Application: Cover, Material Type: Fabric, Compatible With: Deck up to 54 in.

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Comments / reviews:
The most expensive of the list of covers I purchased it because of mostly good reviews.
Received it and put it on my craftsman mower the same day - it was a perfect fit. I really
like the looks and fit but worried that some said it wasn't water-proof and my mower sits
outside except in the winter. I had a bottle of Hydro-Lock water proofing and sprayed it
on as a safety measure but most places it beaded up telling me it was already water proof.
I'm sure it'll be water proof now and will spray it again next year. My only worry now will be
fading from the sun but it can't be any worse than my old cover which lasted six years.
Addition: I purchased this in June of last year so it's been tested under sun and snow. rain & hail - still looks good. The elastic is still good as new, it's water proof yet. It is just slightly faded - less than I expected.

I've used this mower cover for six months so it's gone through one hot weather season April-October. The cover functions as advertised and is easy to remove and put on. It has kept my riding mower protected from the elements so I have been able to keep it outdoors, therefore eliminating the need to keep the mower in the shed so the shed can be used for storing other items. The top of the cover has faded from black to medium gray color in six months, but the integrity of the fabric seems as good as new. I guess that the cover will endure for several years, although only the passing of time will prove that true or false.
UPDATE: I've now had this cover for one year. It's faded a bit more to a lighter gray but functionally appears as new. It is mostly waterproof with little water found on my mower after rain (and I often get strong wind rainstorms). At this rate it is reasonable to project that the cover will last several years.
UPDATE: Getting close to 1.5 years and the cover is still intact and strong. It hasn't faded any further since my previous update. I find water on the seat only occasionally and then after a very hard rain, so it is pretty much waterproof. This is a very good cover and I feel it will last for many more years.
UPDATE: The cover has been in use for nearly three years (34 months) through sun, rain, wind, snow, etc. It continues to protect my mower as well as it did when new. The color has faded to light-medium gray but it remains flexible with no holes and the stitching is fine. At this point I feel the cover has proven to be very good and I will be surprised it it doesn't last at least a couple more years (hopefully longer so as to lessen my contribution to the landfill). Because of this I have upgraded my rating from 4 to 5 stars.
UPDATE: I've been using the cover for 42 months and it is showing its age a bit. The fabric seems a bit thinner now, and one small rip is present. I think it will last over winter but might need replacing after that. So my revised projection is that it will have lasted four years, maybe five if I'm lucky. If so, that will be respectable, given the environmental conditions that it is constantly exposed to. I'll update later.

I purchased this drop cover to replace one that was stolen while I was on vacation. I was concerned that this drop cover would be less than the one I had, but as it turned out, it is actually better in many ways. With the previous cover, for example, I would always find that the lawn tractor seat was wet and I would usually have to spend some time and effort to first wipe off the seat, etc. This is not an issue with this cover. It is made very well and goes on easily and provides very good protection. It met and exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend it.

This cover fit my Cub Cadet 1050 with a 50" mowing deck perfectly. Sheds water very well. Comes with two handles that aid and putting it on and off. Better then the classic accessories cup cadet cover that I originally bought for the mower ( which I inadvertently ran over...oops).
Only issue is that it seems one fabric panel is installed backwards, see pic. Look closely at lower left panel in picture. This is not a big deal is still sheds water and its not in a clinical area, but does stand out a bit because the inside is slightly different color than the outside material.
If it wasn't for the small fault I'd have given it a five star rating.

Needing a high quality cover for my Craftsman 22HP riding lawn mower, I searched through Amazon looking at various products, and of course the reviews. After looking at the reviews, I found that the covers from Classic Accessories were the highest, so I focused on this company for both the riding and push covers I needed.

The it has a high quality fabric that also has a additional layer of padding on the inside in stress and contact areas. The attaching was quick and easy due to the thick elastic and cording sewn inside the cover. The bottom elastic and cords helped the cover fit firmly all the way to the ground, including going over the discharge chute. The bag itself had plenty of room left over to fit even a larger mower.

After installing the cover, I turned the hose on it and covered all of the cover including the sewn edges. Carefully pulling up the edges, I found that all of the seams remained sealed and the water just beaded off.

If you want quality and what looks like will last a long time, get this cover.

You're not going to receive this cover and say "Why did I spend 60 bucks on this?" You're going to say "I'm glad I spent 60 bucks on this"

The bottom is an elastic perimeter like a fitted sheet. It pops right on and hugs all the contours of your tractor. The material is very thick and is vented so there is airflow preventing mildew.

Don't bother with a $25 cover, the wind destroys them in one season.

from this rugged heavy duty cover... and looks to give another good three years of dependable service. The price has gone up almost $17 since I bought mine in December of 2006... but this is less than John Deere charges for their logo cover and less than Sears & Roebuck for a tractor cover. The John Deere weather cover is woefully thin and doesn't appear nearly as durable. The cover bought from Amazon fits my GT Series John Deere like a glove... and pulling it down taut to fully cover the deck and wheels seems to ensure the best protection from wind blown water entry. I would not hesitate to buy another of this item.

I don't write reviews EVER... but I love this cover. Did a bunch of research and was hesitant with the other products and their weather resistant qualities. Another person left a review on this one, and said he had luck with it. Well they were right! I live in a very windy area and have had a couple of rains now. This cover has stayed on and kept my ride dry. I do leave the seat tilted up as was recommended by others. I have John Deere D170 with 54" mowing deck. The cover fits like a glove and not like the one OJ tried on... you do have to put the mower discharge flap up.

I needed two covers for a Cub Cadet & Sears mower, but ordered just one first to check it out and it's definitely two thumbs up! I was amazed to find that both Home Depot and Lowes have discontinued carrying any mower covers (in store or online), and the cover I got at Sears for about the same money is nowhere near the quality and fell apart in less than 2 years. This is the exact same cover Wal-Mart sells for $59, but with Amazon I don't have to waste time and money driving or pay sales tax. The best feature is the split in back that allows it to fit properly over a mower with a bagging system, which is something the Sears cover didn't have, nor does the OEM Cub Cadet cover have. If you plan on getting anything other than this cover, I would recommend you just buy a tarp.

This is the 3rd cover I have purchased over the past 9 years for my John Deere 135 riding mower. I keep the mower covered in and out of the barn dependng on the time of the year and how often I am using it. This cover is by far superior to the others. The material is sturdier, there are muffler heat guards, heat vents, and the elastic snug line seems to be very sturdy. I would definetly recommend.

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