Stens 750-042 Blade Balancer

Stens 750-042 Blade Balancer

Stens 750-042 Blade Balancer OD: 2.385" Height: 2.106" 2-piece part--base with a pointed pin and a cone-shaped top Made of high quality, die cast zinc.

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Comments / reviews:
Delivered quickly and in fine condition. It was just as I was expecting and was accurate right out of the box. Some others have said they needed to "fine tune" the tool for good performance, not so with mine. After balancing a blade, I used a dime as a counter weight, placing it half way between the center and the end of the blade, it registered out of balance by equal amounts switching from first one side then the other, telling me the tool is accurate. Would buy again or recommend to a friend. (used on stock Kubota 20 inch blades X3)

As other reviewers have mentioned, this product is not that great as-shipped. It takes a little rework to get it to function at a useful level. A key factor of any measuring device is "repeatability". If you get a different result each time you measure something, then your measuring device has poor repeatability. That's the problem with this device. Each time you place your blade on it, the results can be a little different. They should be the same each time, or you won't know if the results you are seeing are due to the blade balance, or the error introduced by the balancing device.

From my observation, the problem is that the socket at the inside tip of the "bell" doesn't match well with the tip of the spike. There is some play in there, as well as too much friction, so you may get different results depending on how it is sitting, and the friction reduces the sensitivity of the measurement. I was able to get mine to work better by making a more well-defined recess in the cone with an automatic center punch, and then carefully sharpening the tip of the spike to a finer point. Now when I place a blade on the balancer, I get the same, or nearly the same, result each time I place it. It's not perfect of course, but it is much better than when I first received it. And as a sanity check, I also place the blade on the polished shaft of a screwdriver to make sure it balances that way too (same principle as the nail in the wall). While the modifications I've described here worked well in my case, you should be advised that any modifications you make could also make the situation worse, so think carefully beforehand.

Good quality and feels professional, even for homeowner use. I'm glad I found a metal one for the same price as the plastic ones also available.

Seems to be solid Zinc, or at least very heavily galvanized. Not aluminum. Mine came with the balancing pin about the same shape as the inside cup of the cone. Consequently, it would bind up right at level, which I felt would be misleading. So I ground the pin to a sharper point. It started at about 45 degrees, and I made it more like 25-30 degrees. I wish there was a version of this that worked for blades with the star type holes. My John Deere blades don't fit these stepped-cones snugly, which always makes me wonder if I've got things centered.

This is a very essential tool when sharpening mower blades. It is a simple device and works well. I have used other tools like this made of plastic but this one made of metal is much more durable. I will never sharpen a blade without it again.

This is a really cheap alternative to balance your lawn mower blade. As it works. Most of my blades were pretty close but one was way off and I didn't know it till now.. (ZTR 5 ft deck). Bigg yard (5 acres).....

Simple design. Keeps your blade balanced when sharpening it. While you could rig up another way to test blade balance, this tool speeds the process.

Works as it should. Unbelievably my brand new Simplicity mower had a blade severally unbalanced, almost hit the table when using the balancer. Fixed the blade with this balancer and the drone form the deck went away.

It's a the same old balancer and about time I had one instead of a bit on this blade and a bit on that. thrown in a bag by Amazon but survived, prime so who can complain.

bit of a problem with it it works fine but its not metric add tape on 2 sides of it does help but its still a bit off center

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