Good Vibrations 170 Hitchin' Lawn Mower Post Ball Connector

Good Vibrations 170 Hitchin' Lawn Mower Post Ball Connector

The Hitchin' Post from Good Vibrations is a versatile new 3-way hitch plate.пїЅ The Hitchin' Post will turn your tractor or ATV in to a workhorse and пїЅallow you to tow it all without ever having to change hitch plates. The unique design allows for a elevated Ball Hitch mount which is great for pulling utility trailers, boats, log splitters, etc.пїЅ It also can be used as an extra strength pin hitch. There is even a pin storage handle.пїЅ пїЅIt also allows for dual tow hooks which are ideal for chains, rope and winches.пїЅ It comes with an anti-rotation plate and a protective bumper.пїЅ It is made from heavy duty cast steel and is powder coated .

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Comments / reviews:
Heavy duty!! Awesome piece of hardware! Way better than other hit options, and has molded tangs on the bottom side to prevent twisting, as well as an adjustable toothed lock to hold it in place. Definitely the best choice for the money!! Replaced a very frustrating mount that refused to stay straight. This thing is solid!

As others have already said, great idea, definitely room for improvement. The main body itself is rock solid, very heavy duty, more so for an ATV/UTV than the flimsy hitch plates of most garden tractors. After installation, the darn thing would come loose every 15-30 minutes of use. The single point of connection is off center of the ball hitch center point which causes constant torquing of the mounting bolt. The only negative that I have to mention is the piece that is the core of all it's negative issues. A very flimsy, light gauge anti-torque flange/tang ( first picture ) that bends under light use. I understand that this is one of limited, or maybe even the only solution for "universal" fit, but it could be made heavier duty. I tightened mine several times, then started using the impact. By the 3rd impact use, the mild steel bolt snapped. By now I am fit to be tied and very easily went through the proper use, annunciation, volume, and pronunciation of the entire dictionary of cuss words, and was probably 10 points away from a stroke with my blood pressure. My only option now is to fabricate a proper anti-torque device specific to my application. I picked up a 1/4" piece of key/bar stock, heated it, and then formed it to the curve of my Kawasaki Prairie 650 hitch plate. Purchased a 3/4' to 1/2" bronze bushing, which is to reduce the 3/4' hole in the hitch plate to accommodate the smaller Hitchn' Post 12mm bolt. I then tightened the Hitchn' Post to the ATV, and tack welded the key stock to the Hitchn' Post, emoverd it, then finished welding it solid. I then took a die grinder and cleaned the edges and flux spatter, brake cleaned it, and painted it with appliance epoxy. I also found a 12MM X 1.75 engine bracket bolt which is very hard, cut it to length, then re-threaded and tapered the end. After the epoxy dried, I re-installed the unit, using blue threadlocker compound and a lock washer. Before, during, and after pictures included. I was able to pull the 125 gallon Maple sap cart around for the rest of the season as well as several other tasks and it never budged a bit. In the past few weeks, I was able to use, without stopping to re-torque, and cuss, more than I was this entire past 10 months. It was a bit of a pain in the A$$ to to do, but not that it works properly, it is so worth it because I can use it for a ball hitch, chain or tow strap, or a standard pin style hitch application without the hassle of switching ATV's, or the hitch itself. I also have the Good Vibrations 150 King Pin Lawn Mower Quick Connect Hitch Pin, that fits into a special hole incorporated right into the Hitchn' Post when not in use, so it is always right there. No more searching for a pin.

Good Vibrations 170 Hitchin' Lawn Mower Post Ball Connector

Love this beast, custom fit the end of my new 2" Hitch (See Pictures) there so the new *170 Hitchin Post* fit's perfect pushed all the way back on the 2" Hitch. I have not set anything down on it yet and won't until I get two top kickers mounted going to the top to keep it from dropping under load.
This set-up is on my John Deere "The Beast" X730 Tractor, J.D. Has a 1 1/4" Stock Hitch that I converted to 2" buying all the parts here on Amazom.
MaxxHaul 70355 1-1/4" to 2"/Towever 84701/Master Lock 1415DAT/Master Lock 1465DAT/MaxxHaul 70067/Reese Towpower 21792
And of course this 170 Hitchin Post, I will add a couple more pictures when I get the kickers made If there is room.
This thing Rocks!!!
Buy with confidence

Purchased this item to enhance the towing options on a John Deere X300 tractor.

The hitching post is a reasonably heavy steel casting which allows the use of a towing ball, has two hook ears for chains and a half inch hole for standard tractor tow behind attachments like rollers and spreaders.

Since most lawn tractors have a half inch hole for towing I assumed the hitching post would come with a 1/2-13 UNC bolt to attach it to the tractor - but NO - this is made with a metric 18 MM bolt of unknown quality. So off to the hardware store to get a 1/2" to 3/4" flanged reducing bushing (my X300 has a 3/4" towing hole) and a grade 5 equivalent 18 MM metric bolt so I could torque the bolt to 80 foot pounds to prevent the loosening encountered by other reviewers and on the tractor it went. I installed Reese Towpower 74308 1-7/8" and 2" interchangeable ball (3/4" diameter by 2" long threaded shank) to the hitching post using two 3/4" ID washers as spacers under the ball post and removed the plastic hole plug for extra ball shank clearance per the hitching post instructions. Well with these slight changes everything fits perfectly and it works fine without loosening up.

I took a star away because of the metric fastener which even in a 1/2" hole on a smaller tractor would be sloppy -- this item really needs to have a real 1/2" grade 5 mounting bolt supplied with it and the method of keeping it from shifting from side to side should be improved so that applying 80 foot pounds of torque to the mounting bolt is not needed. It would also be nice if they made a larger model with a 3/4" mounting bolt for the larger lawn tractors.

My first thoughts on this thing when I took it out of the package was, this thing is heavy, looks to be cast iron, pretty durable! As to its actual towing capacity, I don't know, as the website does not state anything about it. However, feeling the weight of this thing, I would have to guess its limit is probably 5 tons.

I don't have the ball top for this thing, so I can't say as to how well it works on towing vehicle trailers and boats. However, considering the durability of this thing, I have no doubt that it will work well. I have this thing installed on a restored Craftsman tractor with a standard single hole hitch.

Right now I am using it to haul a trailer and a lawn roller. The towing hooks are very useful in that I can wrap a chain around them and pull a very heavy tree, or I can pull a vehicle out of a ditch. I have super lug tires installed on my tractor so they really bite well, that combined with this and a strong transmission, makes all the difference in the world.

Installation of this attachment was pretty simple, all you need is a 3/4 inch wrench. However, I would like to point out that you need to get that bolt extremely tight, otherwise it will allow the attachment to rotate. Luckily I had a breaker bar with my 1/2 drive socket set, I used the extra leverage to allow me to get it super tight. So far I have not had a problem with it rotating.

CONCLUSION: I really like this attachment, as it allows me to expand my tractors towing options, which in the end, makes it more versatile to handle different jobs. I gave it 4-stars because not everybody is going to have a breaker bar for extra leverage for the installation, so I think they should come up with a better solution for the anti rotation feature. Other then that, its a quality durable piece and I would recommend it!

Very well built item, almost certainly WAYYY tougher than what you will attach it to. I put it on my cub cadet riding mower to tow around a small trailer. Other than the ball being too low (by about 4 inches or so) compared to the trailer it works good. The plate you would mount this to will likely bend some, so it may need to be reinforced. Doesnt seem to move around or rotate at all like some people complained about, you just have to get it very tight and put the anti-rotation plate in the correct spot.

Works great , have not had it move side to side like others have said as of yet. It's built very well and is easy to install. Great if you have multiple towing attachments that have a ball hitch and some with a hitch pin. Great buy!

This was just what I needed for three chores for my John Deere LA135 mower: Move a trailer, drag stuff with a chain/strap and attached accessories like a de-thatcher or heavy-duty cart. Installation was really easy. I installed the correct ball (purchased separately) with no trouble. That allowed me to move my flat-bed trailer easily. It feels well-built and seems to have the capacity for my needs. (It helps that the JD has a very strong tongue.) The Amazon purchase was fine and I'm satisfied after a month. So far so good.

The only comment I'd have is that the actual packaging makes it look like the hitch ball is included (except in a small print disclaimer). The ad on Amazon makes it clear that the ball is additional accessory. If you see this in a hardware store, don't be fooled by the photos on the package.

I read other reviews prior to ordering and haven't experienced the same problems. I used some Red Threadlock on when installed and have made it through my first season without having to tighten.

This is one of those products you will wish that you had thought of. It lets you hook anything to a lawn tractor. Just don't put too much weight on the hitch just because it has a tow ball. It's mounted on a lawn mower, not a four wheel drive pickup with a frame hitch.

Installation is simple. Pull the pin the yard trailer attaches to. Place the anti-turn fitting and hitch on top of the pin hole. Insert the mounting bolt through the pin hole from the bottom and screw it into the 3-way hitch. If you are going to move a trailer with a ball hitch, install the proper size ball with a 3/4" shank in the top mount above the manufacturer's logo. That's it. Your yard trailer attaches to the new pin mount at the end of the hitch. Chains hook over the ears on the sides. A tow ball goes on top.

You will ask yourself why every lawn tractor doesn't have one. Besides, it looks cool.

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