Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

Remington 22-Inch Trimmer Lawn Mower

Tidy up your yard with the Remington 22-Inch High Wheel Trimmer. Equipped with a 159cc OHV engine that allows you to handle the toughest yard challengers. The Trimmer's unique shape makes trimming around fences, garden beds, and other landscaping borders with ease helping you cut big jobs down to size. Its compact size, 22" cutting diameter, and 0.155" trimmer line lets you get into those hard to reach areas and clear the tallest, toughest grass and weeds. The 14" high rear wheels allow easy manueverability to create a intricately manicured lawn and garden. This Wheeled String Trimmer Mower can be moved into three positions with a single-lever height adjustment so you'll have even more control over the look of your lawn. Backed by a 2-year limited warranty.

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Comments / reviews:
This is a great machine. Wish I'd bought it years ago. I want to echo what others have said about the wheels. I also replaced the wheels on mine and it's much better - but I also wanted to share information on what to buy and how to do it so you don't have to do the measuring, guessing, and fitting I did.
Here was my parts list:
- 2 x Universal Flat Free Wheelbarrow Tires here:
- 2 x 1/4" bolts, 1 1/2" length
- 2 x 1/4" fender washers
- 1 foot length (or so) of 1/2" copper pipe (I had some lying around)

Removing the original wheels is simple. Just one bolt and the axle is exposed. Because the new wheel is 5/8" bore and the axle is 1/2", you'll need to cut a length of copper pipe to slide over the original axle. Also slide on one of the black spacers that comes with the new wheels. I used the 1/2" width spacer and it was enough to prevent the wheel from rubbing. Because the new wheels are wider than the original wheels, the copper pipe will need to be about 1 inch longer to extend the axle. To help with this, I used one of the nylon bushings that came with the wheel inside the copper pipe. Slide the wheel on the copper pipe and use the new 1 1/2" length screws with washer. That's it. The photos are probably easier to understand. Enjoy!

My Husqvarna handheld weed eater cost $50 more than this. In one day this thing has paid for itself. Our yard man was able to weed eat almost 3/4 of an acre in 6 hours. Normally it would have taken him 4 times as long. Only drawback is it doesn't cut quite as low as a handheld, but I was aware of that in advance. Thing started on second pull without priming, and has started on first pull every time since. Just remember to change oil after first 5 hours of use. After that every 50 hours or once a season (whichever comes first).

Hate giving this 5 stars since I only used it once so far. But for something at this price point, this little thing has really impressed me. I had the trimmer up and running in about five minutes. It started on the first pull!

I trimmed up about 1/5 of an acre, including some fencing, and only went through one set of whips. I was a bit concerned about the size of the motor, but it has more than enough power for my needs.

Pleasantly Surprised. Okay, I don't review often unless I really have something to say good or bad. In this case mostly all good. We have a piece of mountain property with 3 creeks and it has been a real pain weed whacking even with a brush cutter blade so I have been eye balling these wheeled versions for a while. Also there is plenty of perimeter whacking to boot so one of these seemed to fit my needs. I'm getting pretty old so a guy that helps me out has been doing much of the heavy whacking, I get to stay on my tractor with the trim mower or my rider for around the house. The Remington arrived in perfect condition, assemble the handles, pour in the oil, gas it up and your ready to go. Let me say first off I'm a GOOD tool guy, worked all my life with my hands and know what good is. Own many fine tools and I take care of them. Remington has NEVER held a spot in my tool vocabulary, my only experience has been with their pole saw which is a joke compared to others. But after reading the reviews I decided to try it. Amazingly this beast cranks up just about every time on the FIRST pull. Unlike some reviews I've read we haven't even used up the extra cutter cord that came with the unit and let me tell you it got quite the work out the first few days. Yet I digress we were not cutting against any fences which I can see might eat it up much faster. I wish I had taken some pictures to post here because you wouldn't believe how this thing rolled through 5' high weeds! Really fun to watch this thing cutting a path, awesome in fact. Word of warning stay clear of the open side of this thing or you could be permanently wearing whatever it throws, so no kids around. Secondly we are starting to get a small hole in a spot on the shroud side, probably from a rock thrown against it I'm guessing. Oh, and by the way the spindle height is adjustable and as I recall it came all the way down and we adjusted it to be in the middle. Not sure what difference it would make but I was concerned about scalping so moved it up a bit. Now on to what would make this monster even better to us; the wheels. I had read that most folks didn't care for them and we can see why. They are just too narrow making it harder than it needs to be when pushing the unit through any kind of uneven terrain, ruts, sticks, etc. I also read from another review that he retro fitted wheel barrow tires on his by changing to a longer axel and adding a few necessary washers for clearance. I think we will definitely be modding this one similarly. I have been thinking about it and believe one might be able to use pneumatic lawn mower wheels so I will be going to the store soon to check out which I think would work out best. Obviously if wheel diameter changes it would lower the unit so I will be reticent to that. But let me say in the big picture I can see using a wider pneumatic tire would GREATLY increase its mobility and ease of pushing and pulling around all day. Will try and remember to update review when accomplished.
Eats high weeds like a goat on meth
Easy to load new cord
Cranks easily every time
Adjustable handles could be improved for taller operators
Gas tank is pretty small yet it could probably use the break by the time you use it up.
Gas tank is too close to hot motor when refueling
Pretty expensive for a glorified weed eater yet... pretty awesome

I followed the instructions for unpacking and set up and then held my breath as I tried to start it. First pull and it fired up immediately, purring like a lion. (It's kinda loud, but then again I suppose it should be!) I am a 68-year old woman who has lost most of my strength due to arthritis, and I am amazed at the ease with which this trimmer started for me!
The wing nuts to raise and lower the cutting height were very difficult to loosen and I'm thinking they were tightened with an air compressor tool. Since I couldn't do it myself, I used my Dremel to fashion a wing nut driver out of an old socket. Once I got the sides drilled to fit the rather large wing nuts, my socket wrench with my modified driver/socket did the job very easily!
Amazon sells the same size string in bulk, at a price which is much better than the smaller packages. I use my wire cutter to cut extra string at a 19" length, so I won't run out as I used my trimmer. Can't be much easier than that!
I LOVE my new Remington trimmer!

This thing is AMAZING. I absolutely LOVE this and am SO happy that I purchased it! For those who say they don't like it or that it doesn't cut evenly, they are probably not using it for its intended purpose. THIS IS NOT A LAWN MOWER no matter what the title says. This is basically a weedeater on steroids and it does the job EXCELLENTLY. I was able to cut down weeds and brush in the backside of my property that were as tall as my waist and higher, with absolutely no problem at all. It is a workhorse and gets the job done! I hate using the regular weedeater as it is hard on the back, and frustrating to start... THIS started up FIRST PULL each time and runs until I shut it off. I really couldn't be happier with this machine! If you're hoping to mow your lawn with this, save yourself the disappointmet and BUY A LAWNMOWER. If you need to take down brush and weeds and overgrown areas, THIS IS YOUR GUY!!

Love the adjustable spindle. Started first pull. Everything about this unit is great quality. (Get good comes with decent square string but works much better with great string like gator line.) I would have given 5 stars but one thing would make this a true powerhouse and completely unforgiving to weeds...higher available RPM on the line. This machine turns with the powerful engine vertical shaft that turns the same as a push mower. This machine would be unstoppable and twice as good with the speed of a quality gas handheld trimmer! The shaft/line should be spinning much faster than it goes. This would be perfect for high grass or yard trimming and is great that from a little tilt you can take it right to the dirt if you wanted...but not by accident. It is VERY controllable...which was a bonus surprise for me. I was expecting much more ease of...OOPS. goes and does what you want with little learning curve. The only reason for 4 stars is because I want to see a faster rotation. Overall it's a good unit.

What a great machine!
- Uses regular gasoline NOT 2 cycle mix
- Easy pull start
- Not a loud machine. I still wear hearing plugs. But it's just not a loud machine.
- Doesn't spray microscopic plant debris in your eyes like a regular weed eater
- Cuts even height and is adjustable
- Plastic string is a piece of cake to replace when needed. Used one string all summer myself because I'm careful.
- Since you are not carrying it, there is not the same type of effort/strain on shoulders and back
- This is a self-paced use piece of equipment that is great for everyone that has weed eating.
- Chewed through some heavy ditch weeds too

- I'm really not trying to slavishly worship a yard machine.
But I cannot think of any major or minor drawback. I only wish I had bought one years ago.

NEVER EVER going back to using the 70 dollar 2-cycle trimmer with the wound up trimmer line that gets tangled.

After buying the Poulan Pro 961720015 190 cc High Wheel Lawn Trimmer Mower, 22", several years ago, and being quite disappointed with it's performance, we took the advice of our mower mechanic and bought the Remington. WOW! What a difference.
It arrived in a timely manner. Was easy to set up, and away it went.
We have 4 acres of Arizona desert that grows nothing but weeds and rock, and this baby does the trick for us. ;-)
7/25/17 So after moth balling as per manufacturer instructions, and sitting dormant for 9 months I went to the shed, set this baby to rights and she fired up on the third pull. Never happened with the Poulan! So, still loving the Remington..........the work..........not so much. ;-)

I received my Remington 22-inch Trimmer on time without damage, however the top of the shipping box was opened, all items accounted for. Weather started getting bad and had to wait until the flood waters receded until I could start it. 1st this product does not have any plastic parts on any part of the spindle where the line is attached, all metal. Height adjustment wingnuts if tightened enough will not back off the bolts due to the bolt being scared to prevent that. It is built very sturdy. The only thing that slows this down is woody weeds, Bermuda and Johnson Grass. If that is what you have get ready for more effort mingled with Patience and Commitment! My yard has turned to pasture over the last year and it has proven tough to get back. This trimmer is doing the job though! It starts fairly easily at times taking several pulls mayhap due to humidity/fuel. For the money this product has a lot of bang-for-the-buck. I did purchase this line and am glad I did. It is a little harder to thread in the machine but worth it. Crimping the 19-inch length of line in the middle with a small pair of channel lock pliers saves a lot of hassles when installing making sure both sides are equal. You will use up more line if you have overgrown grasses as mentioned above but once tamed the line last a Long time. I seen one of these machines several years ago in Lowe's and regret not buying it then. Live and learn! I plan to latter improvise the wheels with the rear wheels of an old MTD riding mower to insure it's ready for the marshy ground. In combination with a handheld weedeater that can mount a blade it makes for an unbeatable team. Also if one uses this just for the major meaty part and finishes the close trimming with the handheld weedeater the line last longer on both and the job finishes quicker.

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