Marathon 15x6.50-6" Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3" Hub, 3/4" Bearings

Marathon 15x6.50-6 Pneumatic (Air Filled) Tire on Wheel, 3 Hub, 3/4 Bearings

15x6.50-6"-Inch Pneumatic (Air-Filled) Lawnmower Tire. Comes standard with a 3"-Inch Centered Hub and 3/4"-Inch Ball Bearing. Turf Tread.

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Comments / reviews:
I ordered a set of these for my old riding mower. I was hoping to be able to just change out the bearings, but the inner wheel was shot from months of abuse without bearings (I had no idea that they had failed until they were totally destroyed).

I took them out of the box and they were exactly what I needed. They are made well, they were properly filled and the bearings were included.

Unfortunately, I misread the size and got a 6.5" instead of a 6" like I needed. That's my fault though and doesn't reflect the quality of the product. IF I had needed a 6.5", this would have been perfect. You can't beat it for the price either.

So far this has been a great tire/rim, installed in less then ten minutes. I've mowed with it twice with no problems at all. It is so nice to jump on the mower and mow without having to air up a flat tire first.

If you've ever tried to mount one of these little tires to a hub you know what a pain it is.....these fit perfect on the front of a Craftsman LT1000 lawn mower. Great to just take them out of the box and slip them on the mower. Now if they would only make available the back ones as well!

After several weeks I have no complaints about this purchase. Replaced both front tires on s Murray ride on 42" mower. Easy changeover and herrings seem fine. If they hold out I'll be ordering these again.

I ordered two new wheel and tire assembly's, a little issue with the initial order (received one air filled and one solid tire) that was fixed with in two days, none of the tire places around here would change tires on lawn tractors and getting them off and on without the proper tools is a pain (old tires had been on for 8+ years) This saved me a lot of time and heartache for sure!

These are an exact replacement for John Deere #AM121915 (15x6.00-6) Front Wheel Assy.

Simple and quick replacing, completely assembled, filled with air, and with no spacers and adapters required. Just remove the old stock wheels and replace with these.

3 fit on my tractor no problem have an old craftsman 20 years old. Was cheaper than buying a tire from Craftsman and Craftsman only sells the tire not the rim. So if you break a rim this is where you go to get it. Quality is as good as original.

Good price, easy order.

Perfect replacement. No trouble using this 6.5" replacement for the old 6.0", and the price was perfect as well. I don't think I'll bother replacing the other tire -- I'll just get another of these complete wheels for about the same price.

The tires and rims arrived and in good condition. The bearings, as planned, were replaced with another set because of my 5/8" axle size. Unlike some other posts complaining about the bearings: 1. yes they cheap, but expected for a low speed application 2. yes they are sealed and there is a grease zerk, any mechanic like myself knows you simply remove the inner seal before assembly, grease the inner races and grease the heck out of the hub and shaft after assembly.

The bearings were still a little rough but they are not high speed needle bearings.

The tires (2 of them were ordered) were fully inflated and the size needed as a direct size replacement.

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