Classic Accessories 52-136-380201-00 Lawn Tractor Contoured Seat Cover, Small

Classic Accessories 52-136-380201-00 Lawn Tractor Contoured Seat Cover, Small

Classic Accessories tractor seat covers protect new seats and make old ones look new again. Keep your seat in excellent condition for years with a lawn mower or tractor seat cover from Classic Accessories.

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I have this on the seat of a Craftsman 42" Auto 17.5 HP Briggs & Stratton Riding Mower (referred to as T1400 Lawn Tractor and Model No 247.203730 on the manual cover). The back of the seat measures, from the inside, about 9" high, from the rear of seat back it's about 11 1/2" high, and is 16" wide at the widest point. The seat itself measures from edge to where the back starts, about 12", and is about 16 3/4" wide.

This cover fits the seat portion snugly and perfectly, but it is a bit too tall for the seat back so there is some slack, but it doesn't seem to affect the usability of this seat cover.

My lawn tractor seat does not have armrests, and the seat cover I received does NOT have holes for armrests. And there is a tag on the inside of the seat cover identifying it as model 52-136-380201-00, as in Amazon's description, which supposedly "includes holes for armrests."

It is comfortable to sit on, but this is not a seat cover for folks who want relief for their backside. I suppose one could put an appropriate sized cushion between it and the seat if one wanted more cushioning.

What keeps the part that goes onto and around the seat tight is a bungee-cord like piece of elastic that's referred to as an elastic shock cord on the carton, and I took a photo of it, next to my hand, a pencil, and a dime, so you can see how thick it is. Elastic loses elasticity over time, so I figure the elastic in this seat cover matters. This shock cord is relatively thin compared to many bungee cords, but it seems sufficiently strong to last a good while and maybe the life of a lawn tractor.

This cover would be ideal for a lawn tractor seat that's cracking, and would be a whole lot better than putting Duck Tape on the crack (I'm sure that wouldn't work but here I am I'm sitting on an old Herman Miller chair the cracked armrests of which I've patched with gaffer tape ;), and would be a whole lot cheaper than buying a replacement seat.

I like that there are mesh pockets on the back. I can keep a spare copy of the manual in there (so it will be always handy when I need to replace a belt and go through the whole deck removal thing, etc.). And I can keep my oil changing record there, and a bandana, sunglasses, etc.

This cover will protect your seat from the elements, it will be useful over a seat that's cracking, and although it will provide a bit of extra comfort over that of the bare seat, don't expect anything too significant as far as that goes. You could do just as well if not better with a folded towel if you just need cushioning between you and the seat.

Fit well and saved buying a new seat! Hey it's not a high end solution but it appears durable and stay sin place nicely. Definitely would recommend it. Make sure you buy the correct size as it comes in three sizes.

Fits my New Holland TC30 seat perfectly. Really like the storage area on the back of the cover, holds my jacket when it gets warm, etc. Well made seat cover and adds just a bit of padding to make the seat more comfortable. Definitely worth the money. Shipping was quick and packaging was spot on.

I bought this cover for my Husqvarna RZ5424, I got the small one and it fits perfectly. Much better than spending $150 on a new seat which I am sure would have torn at some point just like my original one. Quality seems good - Very Happy ;)

Fit just right like a glove on my kubota!!I got the large size if any one here has the same tractor. I'm happy with product well made!!!

fit like a glove, We will see how it holds up.

Fits perfect on my Craftsman LT1000

Fits good

It is a tad big but fits well enough. The quality is very good.

Exactly what I was hoping it would be and seems well made for the price.

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Classic Accessories tractor seat covers protect new seats and make old ones look new again. Keep your seat in excellent condition for years with a lawn mower or tractor seat cover from Classic Accessories.
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Classic Accessories tractor seat covers protect new seats & make Old ones look new again. Keep your seat in excellent condition for years with a lawn Mower or tractor seat cover from Classic Accessories. Storm-x fabric with water-resistant backing for maximum strength, abrasion & weather
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