Maxpower 331737S Mulching Blade For 21 Inch Cut Poulan/Husqvarna/Craftsman Replaces 165833, 175064, 189028, 406712

Maxpower 331737S Mulching Blade For 21 Inch Cut Poulan/Husqvarna/Craftsman Replaces 165833, 175064, 189028, 406712

Replacement Mulching Blade for 21-inch Cut Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna and other brand mowers manufactured by EHP/AYP. Replaces EHP/AYP #165833, 175064, 189028, 406712.

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Comments / reviews:
I see some reviewers have stated this blade doesn't provide enough suction/lift and it cuts unevenly with the upper blade cutting but not the lower. While I don't mean to insult anyone's intelligence if something can be installed in two different ways then perhaps one of those may be incorrect. I can see how easily that mistake can be made because most mower blades, including this one, don't have instructions, an arrow pointing the correct up side nor anything preventing it from being installed incorrectly. The pic shows it correctly so the label points toward the motor and the outer blades will tilt down toward the direction of cut. If you flip it over, those blades will not be cutting and the angle of the blade will actually be pushing the grass down and creating very little suction so that's why mulching/cutting are less than desirable and/or why the bag won't fill. I have a Craftsman and since I'm not a repair shop I can't say if some engines run clockwise and others run counter-clockwise but that's the only reason I can see for a blade being reversible. Check to see which way your blade turns... if there's a discharge on the side it turns in the direction of that discharge... on a mulching only mower the side of the motor the cord is on will be the direction it turns because you're pulling it that way to start. Mine is working much better than the abused rock chipper that's been there for years so I'm going with 5-stars... and it fit my mower that requires a 189208 blade.

Have a ten year old Craftsman mower with a Honda motor and a 21 inch mulching blade like this one. Over the years I have kept the original blade in sharp condition using a drill-mounted grinding stone, a file and honing whetstone... but it is just about worn out now.

Bought this Maxpower 21 inch mulching blade to replace the original (which is now the back-up), and it seems to be quite sturdy. This blade was a perfect fit for our mower and, like another reviewer noticed, it does seem to have a slightly greater angle than the original. I think that increased angle must create more turbulence under the deck, causing the cut grass to circulate more, therefore, get chopped up into finer pieces. The first things I noticed were how cleanly it cuts the grass (clean cut, no tearing) and how little residual clippings I could find afterwards. It really does a good job mulching the cut grass.

That said, upon delivery it seemed that the cutting edge of the blade was ground at a perfect angle and there was a nice edge... but it just was not quite as sharp as I like my blade to be. Since it shipped with some key lime juice in glass bottles... maybe that was a good thing! Honing the edges to my desired sharpness was performed in just a few minutes with my favorite whetstone.

As noted, this blade was a perfect, balanced fit for our mover and it was easy to hone to a sharp edge. It cut very cleanly and did a fantastic job mulching the clippings. Could not ask for more.

If you are looking for a 21 inch mulching blade and have confirmed that this one will fit your mower, we recommend it.

Why did I give this lawn mower blade five stars?

1.) It was significantly cheaper than anything at any of my local hardware stores i.e. Ace Hardware and Home Depot.
(I live in Hawaii on the island of Kauai and these are the only two places that have hardware and they gladly rape everyone on their prices) *This was $15.49 with free shipping as opposed to $25.00 locally and they were all generic store brand blades that were not mulching blades.

2.) It made my lawn mower quieter? This is totally a personal opinion. I put the blade on and it seems as though the mower is quieter.

3.) Like the title says it chops grass like a boss. My old blade was the standard Craftsman 21" and it mauled the grass to death and didn't produce a nice clean cut like this blade does. This blade cuts through thicker grass then my old blade and does so with ease. Even wet grass isn't a match for this blade.

I would recommend this blade to anyone looking to replace their current blade on their mower.

Arrived in a huge box, but the manufacturer sealed the sharpened ends in a dense heat-shrink thermal plastic that was very effective at protecting the blades. I removed the plastic and scrubbed off the stickers to test the balance. Holding the blade horizontally with a screwdriver through the center hold proved that the balance was PERFECT. I had actually expected to have to shave one end down, but didnt, it was perfect. It bolted right up from there and did exactly what it was supposed to do - cut grass.

I just installed this blade and when removing a sticker to uncover one of the holes I noticed another manufacturer's sticker underneath. It was for a Copperhead 15-9810.

Fit great, engine definitely feels much smoother as my old blade was original (from 03), resharpened many times and apparently way out of balance. The only gripe I have is, it seems to rip the grass instead of cutting. Going to pull blade back off and sharpen in myself.

This was better than the blade that came on my expensive mower. The grass was wet from morning dew, and about two feet high. I had no issues, zero stalls. Very smooth.

Fit my Craftsman mulching push lawn mower perfectly. Nice heavy duty plastic shrink wrapped around the blade ends for protection. I understand that the blade edges are not suppose to be razor sharp but more like a butter knife (which this one was) so the edges do not curl up as they get dinged up by little pebbles.

Good price, decent heft, sharp! The trick to this blade is getting the plastic covers off the ends of the blade. It is very unforgiving. The good part is that it is impossible to cut your hand when the plastic is on. A zip strip like on frozen food would be great. You need something thin and very sharp to get the plastic off. The plastic itself sliced me and drew blood. Good product, packaging needs improvement.

This works perfectly in my Craftsman mower with Honda engine. I was worried about clearance being off a little but is a perfectly suitable replacement for my original blade.

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