Greenworks 10-Inch Mower Blade Replacement Set 29712

Greenworks 10-Inch Mower Blade Replacement Set 29712

Greenworks, 10-inch Mower Blade replacement set for Greenworks 10 inch Twin Force Cordless Lawn Mower (25302), Blade Set Model Number 29712.

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Comments / reviews:
My old blades were getting dull, and it was time for a replacement. As always, I went to Amazon, and as expected, I found the Greenworks 29712 blades replacement set at a great price. My only complaint is the fact that they are not sharp enough, Perhaps the manufacture don't want to take any chances with super sharp blades, due to lawsuits or having customers hurting themselves in the process of installing their new blades.

In order to remedy this problem, I purchased a Black & Decker 7750 4-1/2-Inch Small Angle Grinder and sharpening the blades to my liking. Having a grinder, will help me prolong the life of these blades.

These are pretty dull blades out of the box that apparently sharpen as you mow. I didn't realize that until I saw the comment. I'll test that theory this spring.

Original blades lasted me 2 years, with occasional sharpening via hand tool. These blades are identical to original. Installation is straightforward once I realized the green works directions I had were wrong (reversed the nut direction). Blade I, the top blade with the mower on its right side had standard direction for removing the 15mm nut (lefty-loosen) but Blade II on the bottom had reverse thread (righty-loosen). One thing I noticed, is the motor shaft has 2 flat spots, need to be sure the blade is installed aligned so that it sits flush. My torque wrench only clicks in 1 direction, just a reminder for folks who have a similar torque wrench not to over tighten Blade II. I torqued to 32 ft-lbs, recommended was 350-400 in-lbs.

If, like me, you have the Poulan Pro version of these Greenworks electric mowers (they’re made by the same manufacturer or so I’ve been told), then you’ve had trouble locating replacement blades.

Being that the mowers are so similar, I decided to give these blades a try and can confirm that they are identical to the Poulan Pro OEM blades. An exact match with no modifications needed.

Now, just like the Poulan’s, they aren’t the best blades; they’re cheap and lightweight and won’t last very long. There also next to impossible to sharpen correctly. With that said though, we have battery powered mowers and hence the need for lightweight blades. Personally, that’s okay with me so I’m not knocking stars for it.

Save yourself the trouble of endless searching for Poulan blades, these are just what you need.

I was expecting the price to be double of a single blade for my Black and Decker mower. I was very pleased and surprised that the set of 2 blades was actually CHEAPER to buy than the single blade! So far this has been the best mowing system I have used. I definitely will buy another set when I need to replace these.

Made my mower work like new again--what a difference! I plan to sharpen my old set, for when these get dull, but these were cheap enough that I might just order another set (especially since they are so specialized--if my mower lasts forever, I don't want to risk the blades getting discontinued). Easy to change, once I realized that one of the bolts is threaded in reverse (i.e. righty loosey)!

The blades work great.
and are cheaper than taking my blades to a lawn mower repare shop.
also the advantage of not having to leave for days or weeks
down side it's much greener to have your blades sharpened

Great mower and very easy to sharpen and change blades. Doesn't take much to ding up the blade edges but if you are careful it's not bad at all.
I have the mower, blower and string trimmer....all of them excellent tools for home and garden.

Yes, the new blades are a perfect fit and will be a welcome addition to my electric mower next spring.

These exactly match the original equipment. Nice and sharp! I had a mower shop torque them on for me. They also sharpened the old blades, so I'll have them when these inevitably get dull and knicked.

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