MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift w/ 450lbs Capacity

MoJack EZ Max Mower Lift w/ 450lbs Capacity

The MoJack EZ MAX is a 24" collapsible lawn mower jack. It features a unique clutch system for easy lifting and automatic safety system with smooth release handle. The clutch system provides the right amount of torque when lifting a light or heavy duty lawn mower or tractor. The lifting Capacity 450 lbs (lifting the front of the mower, not the total mower weight. Supreme lifting height of 24" high. Wheel span measurement: 18.5" - 47.5" (inside to outside front tires) to fit most residential tractor and ZTR mowers.

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Comments / reviews:
I was a little nervous about purchasing this unit as there were no previous reviews. I bought it strictly on comparing the price difference of the 300lb Mojack at about $200 compared with the 500lb Mojack at over $300. When it arrived, I immediately noticed the quality of the metal and good instructions. Putting it together was fairly easy. On the outside of the box, it states that it can hold 450lb which Amazon made clear. They also made clear that the span of the lift for the tires etc... However, I noticed that the box also states that the jack is good for a tractor up to 54" and a Zero Turn of 66". There is more front end weight with the tractors. This concerned me as I have a 52" Husqvarna which is pretty heavy duty with the thicker gauge welded deck. My particular tractor has a front bumper which comes out a few inches. When I lined the wheels up, the bumper touches the jack screw which scratches the bumper. Granted, the instructions say to remove any attachments in the front prior to lifting. However, this would be a huge pain. When I started to jack the angle of the bumper tilted which brought it away from the bumper. Then when I reached the top, the hand crank hits the bumper and there is really no way around this. Therefore, I was forced to remove the crank and use my drill to lift and lower, which is AWESOME! I then had great access to clean the inner deck and replace the blades. This will pay for itself in two service calls. I would of given in 5 stars if Amazon would of stated in the specs the tractor width limit guideline of 54" and if Mojack would of designed it to extend past my bumper. Which are on several tractor brands out there. Husqvarna makes many of the Craftsman tractors. Just look at the Craftsman tractors and you'll see the bumper I'm referring to for reference. Good product.

Easy to assemble, quality materials great responsive Customer Service .. Everything was 5 stars BUT it would not work with my Cub Cadet GT2544 garden tractor so thats why I rated it 4 stars... I contacted MoJack and a Customer Rep called me in two days to discuss my problem .... Their solution to my problem is returning the EZ Max and purchasing a special Cub Cadet model. Sadly the cost of the new unit is well out of my budget.. I will recommend MoJack tractor lifts but would also advise you contact them if you cannot verify the model you selected will work with your tractor.

I just received this as a gift to use on my SCAG 52" Liberty zero turn mower. Assembly was very easy. No issues.
After getting the wheel supports adjusted to proper width for mowers front wheels and securing the straps around them for security, The mower was very easy to lift using hand crank (I have not tried to use a drill on it yet). The yellow handle on the main support locked into all three places and would not allow the mower to be lowered once locked in. This lift was able to lift mower high enough that it rested on rear skid plat and brought rear tires off the ground about an inch.
Lowering mower was just as smooth as lifting. I did not experience any binding that some reviewers have stated. I did not use the parking brake, nor did I pull the levers on the transaxles to put them into neutral.
I will have to try this on my father-in-laws Simplicity Broadmoor.
I am very happy with this lift and would recommend to anyone.

Love my new EZ Max Mower lift. Only takes about 15 minutes to assemble. Directions are clear and easy to follow. take 5 minutes to read the assembly instructions. Paint is nicely done, few scratches due to shipping. Easy to disassemble for storage. photos below show the assembly instructions.

I have used this numerous times this season to clean deck or change out the blades. I wish I had bought this years ago, it is so easy to use. Only takes a couple of minutes to place, secure with the wheel straps, and crank into place. the safety handle clicks into place at several places along the main vertical pole, which prevents the unit from accidentally cranking down.

One concern I have seen is the fluctuating pricing. I paid 149, now see that it is 198? What the devil is going on there?

Can't say enough about this lift. Customer service communication was prompt and most helpful in determining which model of lift I should order for my zero turn mower. Packing was excellent. Assembly and use instruction booklet couldn't have been better. Assembly was a snap with clear instructions and illustrations. This is a sturdy, well designed and smoothy operating unit. Easy to break down between uses for storing flat against a garage wall. Option of raising and lowering using either the manual crank or 18+ volt power drill also a plus. Just got it today so have only had a chance to use it once, but judging by how easy it was to use that first time, I can only see it getting even quicker and easier as time goes on. Wish I'd gotten one 20 plus years ago when I got my first lawn tractor.

Really not hard to assemble at all. The small hardware parts were labeled and vacuumed packed, and the instructions were clear enough.

The hand crank is a little tedious, and while I do have a drive bit that fits the crank shaft it just seems a little too much effort to take the handle off to use it that way.

Once cranked up there is a latch lock to keep it up, ... Not that there is any hint that it would even like to slip back and unspin the crank.

I noticed in use that the base had slipped on the garage floor after cranking the mower up and back down. With the wheels chucked in the up position it exerts a horizontal thrust when lowering, which is something to avoid doing, ie. don't snug up the chucks after you start to raise the mower.

Overall it is a great way to get at the undercarriage to change the blades or whatever else needs doing.

Assembled in about 20 minutes. Used the electric drill and socket adapter method to quickley lift my lawn tractor to a comfortable level. I changed both mower blades, cleaned the mower deck (which was next to impossible before) and was back in business in about an hour. The MoJack Lift is made from heavy duty steel and should last forever thus justifying any concern on cost.

So far (I have only used it once) it is a very nice lift. Easy to use and seems to be well built. I read where people were having difficulty lowering the jack but I believe these people either left the mower in gear (or did not disengage the hydro-static drives) or left the mower's brake on while lifting the mower. Any of those could cause the jack to bind. The safety straps are very awkward to use on my ZT mower so I will be adding hooks to them to reverse the direction and make it easier to thread through the caster framework. Lastly, (a very minor issue that does not impact the performance of the unit) the way the parts are packed caused the Model number/Serial number label to be damaged (see photo). I did contact MoJack and they informed me that they would validate the warranty registration with a copy of the receipt.

I have borrowed the same model (that's why I bought this one) and it does get the job done... I think the slip pins (on the lower portion of the vertical tower) allow a little bit of slop in the fit. I think adding a couple plastic washers (or just using bolts) will tighten it up a bit. When I assembled the unit I had to grind the bottom of the "T" post to allow the holes to line up... perhaps the welded insert was maybe 1/8" too far out... it was very minor but would not have been able to align the holes without grinding the metal. the main thing for me was the infinate level of adjustment using the screw jack versus the hydraulic & pin jack style. I have 2 rear engine ZTR mowers where most of the weight is in the back, so #450 lbs capacity is a bit of overkill.

Purchased so that I could service my ZT Elite BadBoy mower. It works great and seems to be made very well. I was not afraid to crawl under my mower at all while it was on this lift. I was not overly impressed with other lifts that were hydraulic and would rather have a screw and a positive lock which is what this lift offered. It doesn't store real tidy and neat but that is acceptable to me. I kept it in my wish list and checked daily to see if the price dropped. The price dropped one day and I bought it and don't regret it for a minute.

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